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A project report on customer satisfaction on vijay karnatakanews paper


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A project report on customer satisfaction on vijay karnatakanews paper

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERCONTENTS PAGE NO • Executive summery 01 • Introduction 03 • Industry Profile 06 26 • Organization profile 36 • Need for the study 38 • Literature survey 55 • Study of objective 56 • Scope of study 57 • Sample design 76 • Findings 77 • Suggestion and recommendation 78 • Bibliography 79 • Conclusion 1 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  2. 2. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER EXECUTIVE SUMMERYThis report is based on the market research conducted on the topic “customersatisfaction on Vijay Karnataka a daily news paper at bagalkot”As the customer are treated as king of today’s business world so it’s mandatory to seethat our is customer kings are satisfied. The study attempts to analyze and determine“A study on advertiser’s preferences towards Vijay Karnataka as an effectiveadvertising media” and also find out the satisfaction level towards quality, service,and Price of the V.K. The research was purely based on the survey conducted inBagalkot. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling of advertisers.The data was collected through personal interview and structured questionnaire. Theresearch instrument used was a questionnaire which helped in knowing the pulse ofthe advertisers. So whatever services are provided to the customer his satisfaction is amust. Otherwise within no time the company will loose its customer. Now as in caseof news paper depending on the information including national and international andlocal news, people prepare the news paper. So the study explore the needs andrequirement of customers so by the study that too by the survey one can get the clearpicture about the satisfaction of customers towards the Vijay Karnataka news paperand one can know what are the additional things to be added so that customer will bedelighted. “A customer is the most important visit our premises. He is not dependent on us, weare dependent on him. He is not an Interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it.He is not an outsider on our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing him, aFavour by serving him. He is doing us a Favour by giving us an opportunity to do so” 2 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  3. 3. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERCustomer was the kingGlobalisation, which brought in competition in different sectors, has made peopleremark that ‘earlier customer was king, now he is dictator.’ Sadly, this is not so.Many new-generation banks and other firms go all out to woo customers. Theirpleasing ways and refined manners end once the customer avails of a loan or buys aproduct.Recently, a customer found his wireless phone battery, provided by a privatetelephone company, out of charge.The firm’s ‘customer care’ centre did not have a clue about formalities forreplacement.The customer contacted a local office and was told to purchase the battery from‘outside.’The employee who directed the customer also did not know where to find a batterywith company specifications. 3 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  4. 4. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER INTRODUCTION Press is called the fourth estate the three others being the legislative and the judiciary. The press is supposed to play the crucial role of a watchdog to see that the foreside institution function fairly within the constitutional framework and serve the people for that welfare they created. The moment press ceases to perform this function, it looses its credibility. India land of kings and emperors was than ruled even though in absence widespread education means of communication and transport in somewhat the message of the rulers had a reach every corner of the territory. There was no press or newspaper ashoka the great Indian emperor had devised his only means of communication he used to publish the imperial edicts on rocks stone pillars the news of the day was published in small picture drawn on the walls of temples in ink or colour which could be removed easily even the moral code was proclaimed through the art of the monarch to his loving people. The establishment of the Moghul empire in India ushered in a new area in the filed of journalism. The Moghul rule organised communication written newspaper of kind were in circulation Aurangzeb one of the last and great Moghul emperors had an efficient system of information officers. They had maintained a bureau of intelligence in every provincial capital news writers were appointed there. FINDINGS 1. 60% of the respondents read Vijay Karnataka because of its coverage. 2. 36% of the respondents prefer political news in Vijay Karnataka . 3. 68% of the respondents prefer Vijay Karnataka for advertisement because of its circulation. 4. 46% of the respondents prefer Saptahika Vijay supplements of Vijay Karnataka. 5. 55% of respondents opinion is that Vijay Karnataka paper is extremely good. 6. 52% of the respondents are satisfied and 25% of the respondents are mostly satisfied. 14% of the respondents are neither satisfied nor unsatisfied and 9% of the respondent’s ars mostly unsatisfied. 4 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  5. 5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPEROBJECTIVE OF YHE STUDY 1. To know the satisfaction level of readers towards Vijay Karnataka news paper 2. To know which type of news and supplementary are prepped more by the reader in Vijay Karnataka news paper 3. To provide information to company about why reader prefer news paper as advertising media 4. To know why people prefer vijay Karnataka news paper whether for • Its local news coverage • Price • Advertisement 5. To know why people go for Vijay Karnataka news paper as a mediafor advertisementLIMITATION 1. The study is limited to the news paper readers of Bagalkot only 2. Time is the major constraint of the study. 3. Since sample is only 100 which is not a true representative 0f the population as a whole. 4. Level accuracy of the result of research is restricted to the accuracy level with which the customer have given the answer and the accuracy level cannot be a prediction. 5 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  6. 6. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 5. The survey is not done throughout the census.CONCLUSIONWhat customer wants needs to write in news paper and different different type mediaTo print in news paper and present what customer need and wants to write it. Forexample unemployment people more than in city or place, to news only employmentto more than call form news to write in news paper. VIJAYANAND PRINTERS LIMITED BAGALKOTVIJAYANAD PRINTERS LIMITEDS.P.L.9, KSSIDC INDUSTRIAL ESTATE BAGALKOT -547101 08354-2341061 6 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  7. 7. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERINDUSTREIS OVERVEIWHISTORY OF NEWS PAPERThe newspaper can initially be defined as a written means of conveying currentinformation. In this sense the first organized attempt to provide such a serviceoccurred in ancient Rome Empire. During Julius Caesar’s reign their was also the“actadiurna” daily announcement of the government and other activities that wereposted in the capital public place.The earliest printed news bulletins appeared in china, with a court gazette issuedduring T’sanga dynasty (618-906BC) and read primary by government officials,although scholars were later added to its readership. A latter significant developmentafter cited by historians was the issuing of news latter by the fugger family ofgermany, a powerful clan of merchants of bankers in 15 th and 16th centuries thereagents operated in nearly every part of the known world and sent in reports ofbusiness of other affairs from their posts. The reports were combined and circulated by means ofthe news latter’s to all the units in fugger an organization newspaper history in Indiais inextricably tangled with political history wrote A.E.Charltone (Wolseley 3). JamesAugustus Hicky was the founder of India’s first newspaper the Calcutta generaladvertiser also known as Hicky’s Bengal gazette in 1780 soon other newspapers cameinto existence in Calcutta and madras:The Calcutta gazette, the Bengal journal the oriental magazine the madras courier andthe Indian gazette. Enjoyed governmental patronage including free postal circulationand advertisement, Hicky’s Bengal gazette earned the rules wrath due to its criticismof the government. In November 1780 its circulation was halted by governmentdecree. Hicky protested against this arbitrary harassment without avail, and wasimprisoned the Bengal gazette and the India gazette were followed by the Calcuttagazette which subsequently became the government’s “medium for making its generalorders” (Sankhdher 2432)The Bombay herald, the statement in Calcutta and the madras mail and the Hindu,along with many others rivals in Madras represented the metropolitan voice of Indiaand its people. While statesman voiced the English rules voice, the Hindu became thebeacon of patriotism in the south. The Hindu was founded in madras as a counter tothe madras mail. Patriotic movement grew in proportion with the colonialruthlessness, and a vehicle of information dissemination became a tool for freedomstruggle. In the struggle for freedom, journalist in the twentieth century performed adual role as professional and nationalists.Indeed many national leaders, from Gandhi to Vajpayee, were journalist as well.Calcutta, Madras, Bombay and Delhi were main four centres of urban renaissancewhich nourished news in India. It was only during and after the seventies especiallyafter Indhira Gandhi’s defeat in 1977 that regional language newspapers becameprevalent. There were nationalistic echoes from the linguistic regional provinces.Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil, Karalla, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh produced dailies in 7 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  8. 8. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERregional languages. Hindu and Urdu were largely instrumental in voicing theviewpoint and aspiration of both Hindus and Muslim of the Northern provinces.As communalism and religious intolerance increased before and after partition, Urduremained primarily the language of Muslims as Pakistan choose this language as itslanguage as its lingue France. After partition the cause of Urdu and its newspaper,suffered a setback as Hindu reactionaries be gan to recognize the association of Urduwith Islam and Pakistan.BASIC DATAOfficial Country Name Republic of IndiaRegion (Map name) East, South & AsiaPopulation 112,36,68,199Language(s) English, Bengali, Telugu & MarathiLiteracy Rate 55.00 %Area 3, 287,590sq kmGDP 456,990 (US Million)Number of Daily News Paper 400Total Circulation 30,800,000Circulation Per 1000: 60Number of non daily news paper: 98Total Circulation: 7,874,000Circulation per 1,000: 13Total news paper Ad Receipts 37,884 (US Million)As % of All ad Expenditure 55%Number of Television station: 600Number of Television sets: 65,000,000Television sets per 1000: 65.5Number of cable subscribers: 40,000,000Cable subscribers per 1000: 40.5Number of Radio station: 318Number of radio receivers: 116,000,000Number of individual with computers: 4,600,000Computers per 1000: 4.5Number of individual with internet 5,000,000access:Internet access per 1000: 4.9 8 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  9. 9. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERBACKGROUND & GENERAL CHARCTERSTICSIndia is the world’s largest democracy its mass media culture a system that hasevolved over centuries, is comprised of a complex framework. Modernization hastransformed this into a communications network that sustains the pulse of ademocracy about 1.1 billion people. India’s newspaper evolution is nearly unmatchedin world press history. India’s newspaper industries and its westernization ormodularisation as French would call it go hand in hand. India’s press is metaphor forits advancement in the globalise world.The printing press preceded the advent of printed news in India by about 100 years. Itwas in1674 that the first printing apparatus was established in Bombay followed byMadras 1772. India’s first newspaper, Calcutta general advertises, also known asHicky’s Bengal Gazette was established in January 1780, and the first Hindi daily,Sam char sudha varshan, began in 1854. The evolution of the Indian media since hasbeen fraught with development difficulties. Illiteracy, colonial constraints andrepression poverty and apathy thwart interest in news and media. Within thisframework it is instructive to examine India’s press in two board analytical section:pre-colonial times and the colonial, independent press (which may, again be classifiedinto two: preceding and following the emergency rule imposed by Indhira Gandhi’sgovernment in 1975.) the post emergency phase. This continues at the present, Maythe third independent phase of India newspaper revolution (JEFFREY????) 9 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  10. 10. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERTHE NATURE OF THE AUDIENCEWhile a majority of the poor working people in rural and urban areas still remainoppressed and even illiterate, a significant proportion of people – roughly about 52percent of the population over 15 years of age were record as being able to read andwrite. That breaks down to 65.5 percent of males and an estimate of 37.7 percent offemales. After the liberalization of the economy, the growth of the industries, and arise in literacy, and consumerism. Since private enterprise began to sustain pay off,mass communications picked up as a growth industries.In 1976 the register of newspaper for India had recorded 875 papers; in 1995 therewere 4453 Robin Jeffrey comments:“Newspaper did not expand simply because the technology was available to makeIndian scripts live as they had not been able to live before. Nor did newspaper growsimply because more people knew how to read and write. They grew because morepeople knew how to read and write. They grew because entrepreneur detected agrowing hunger for information among over- widening section of India’s people, whowere potential consumers as well as newspaper readers. A race began to reach thisaudience advertising avenues were the prizes and these would come largely tonewspaper that could convince advertisers that they had more readers than their rivals.Readers, meanwhile, were saying implicitly: we will read newspaper that tell us aboutourselves and reflect our concerns.”(48)Common contenders for readership and advertising are: the national herald, theHindustan times, time illustrated weekly, e pioneer, and film fare.DIVERSITY AND THE LANGUAEGE PRESSNaresh khanna summarizes the trends in circulatory growth and decline varied inregional language paper during 1998-2000: In the three year period from 1998-2000,circulation of dailies in the country increased marginally from 58.37 to 59.13 millioncopies. This represents a growth of 1.3 percent on the basis of data published by theregister of newspaper for India in its annual reports.In this time, two distinct group of newspaper emerge the first including five languagesthat have collectively grown in copies. Amongst these newspapers, those inMalayalam and Bengali grew fastest at 12.9 percent and 12.8 percent respectively,while Hindi dailies grew by 5 percent and English dailies by 4.7 percent over the threeyear period. Although Marathi newspaper increased circulation by 2.75 percent overthe three years it would seem that they are in danger of falling out of this group andperhaps entering the phase of stagnation and circulation decline (Khanna 2002)The second group 0f stagnating and declining circulation includes newspaper sevenlanguages with a combined circulation of 14.8 million copies in 2000. These dailieslost almost 1.8 million copies(10.62 percent)of their combined circulation in the 10 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  11. 11. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERlast three years. Daily newspaper circulation plummeted most dramatically in Telugu,which fellfrom 2.28 million to 1.68 million copies, a fall of more than 26 percent. Urdunewspaper circulation fell by more than 12 percent and Tamil dailies circulationdeclined by 10.8 percent with circulation of Gujarat dailies falling by 10.5 percent.Over the same period circulation of Oriya dailies declined by 2.8 percent and that ofPunjabi dailies by 3.2 percent. Although over the three years Kannada newspapershow an insignificant fall in circulation seem to have entered a period of stagnationand decline of their awn. It would seem that in spite of new edition being added byHindi, English, Malayalam and Bengali dailies, the print media is loosing itsdominance of advertising market share to television, radio and outdoor media(Khanna 2002).India’s language newspaper enjoy relatively new entrepreneurial prowess. A mutuallyconvenient relationship between the owners and capitalist keeps a financial balancebetween local / regional and national spheres in both private and public sector. “Likecoral in reef newspaper grew and died in a process inseparable from the creation of a‘public sphere’ in the classical liberal sense. Individual proprietors sometimes broughtto their newspapers a crusader’s zeal for a particular cause or a diehard’s loathing fora rival” (Jeffrey 105).The second press commission in 1982 tried to liberate the press from the monopolyhouses. In 1995 the audit bureau of circulation had 165 newspapers as members, witha combined circulation of about 16 million copies a day. The top ten newspaperscontrol roughly 50 percent of daily circulations (Jeffrey 108).While capitalist sustained national newspaper, the big houses, dalmias jains, Geonka,monopolized and corrupted free journalism. The family and caste controlled smallnewspaper regionally maintain their freedom from big monopolies, thriving on theirloyal supporters in north and south India. Diversity of ownership is reflective ofcultural variation in India’s multilingual landscape. Twenty – one newspapers controltwo – third of all circulation. 11 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  12. 12. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERPRESS IN INDIAMuch of India’s legal framework is built upon its colonial legacy. Legal statutes andregulations have been undergoing certain changes as India’s freedom came at a highcost. The country was divided. India’s border conflict with two hostile neighbourswhich forced at least three large scale wars eclipsed other political issues. Thedemocratic process, corrupted by criminals, unscrupulous bureaucrats and politicians,created a social climate that widened social and economic inequality.Freedom of speech and expression is a constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rightof the Indian people. Article 19 (1;a) ensures the implicit freedom but Article 19 (2)qualifies this in explicit terms. The parliamentary proceeding (protection ofpublication) Act of 1977 and the prevention of publication of objectionable matter(Repeal Act) of 1977 further reinforce and restrict these freedoms. Whileconstitutional guarantees ensure freedom of the press and expression, press and mediaare obligated by self regulatory systems of ethics that protect individuals andorganization from libellous behaviour. “Freedom of the press is an institutionalfreedom” wrote sachin sen (19). The press council bill of 1956, introduced in theIndian parliament, stipulated the establishment of the press council of Indiarepresenting working journalist, the newspaper management literacy bodies and theparliament. The Indian press commission.Accepted the following postulate: “Democratic society lives and grows by acceptingideas, by experimenting with them, and where necessary rejecting them ….The pressis responsible part of democratic society” (quoted sen 42).While the central press accreditation committee seeks to ensure quality and self-renewal, the press council of India was established in 1966 to uphold editorialautonomy. Restriction on free speech was imposed after Indhira Gandhi’s Infamousemergency rule. The press council off India was abolished after Editor GeorgeVarghese’s criticism of the Indhira government. The minister of information andbroadcasting carefully regulates the press and its liberties.The maintenance of internal security Act (MISA) Was enforced to intimidatereputedly autonomous newspaper in the seventies. The press council, resurrected in1979 has no legal standing to impose penalties.The Indian press generally believed as “managed” is a self – restrained institutiongenerally reluctant to take on the governmental policies. All India Radio (AIR) and itsmanagement exemplify this “man – aged” system. The credit for the bringing out thefirst full fledged printed newspaper in India goes to jams Augustus Hicky. The firstissue appeared on January 29, 1780 in Calcutta bearing the title The Bengal Gazetteor the Calcutta general advertise”.But before Hicky started his newspaper an attempt was made by William bolts asincere sevant of the east India Company, who have registered earlier to start a 12 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  13. 13. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERnewspaper to give expression to the difference existing between the opposing groupsin the east India Company. But bolts attempted to start a newspaper.Bengal Gazette was also called Hicky’s Gazette because Hicky was the founder editorprinter and promoter all rolled in one – that paper. It was a weekly paper. The paperwas clumsily printed. The reading matter was less and the advertisement was moreand there were comments on the personal offers of individuals. When Hicky startedhis newspaper he announced his motive:” I have no particular passion for the printingof newspaper, I have no propensity, I was not bred to a slavish life of hard work, yet Itake pleasure in enslaving my body in order to purchase freedom for my mind andsoul. Hicky Gazette was published in English language. This was the first regularnewspaper in India. Hicky’s first issue carried out news but not fresh and up to datelike the newspaper of today. In those days of difficult transportation for eignnewspaper usually took months to reach Indian shore; subsequent issue of the BengalGazette enlightened the readers with comment on people’s domestic affair’s a speciesof service, which kept society gossiping. Hicky announced the policies of his paperand declared that this was a “weekly political and commercial paper open to allparties, put influence by none”.This paper was primitive one from the point of view of contents printing andpublication. But it has the significance of a historical newspaper with the firstnewspaper in India started the area of Indian journalism, which has developed as theagency for the saving of democracy in the country today.The history of journalism in the pre independent period in India can perhaps be periodized as follows. The phase 1780 – 1818 constitutes some kind of pre history, apreparatory phase.A GUIDE FOR NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERSTHE REGISTERAR OF NEWSPAPERSThe register of India newspaper among these officials and professional agencies,regular and records the status of newspaper. Electronic news, web site, magazines andhouse publication, a number of professional organizations (like editor guild of India,Indian language newspaper association and all India newspaper’s editor conference)enrich the self-renewal process of the news enterprise. Educational and trainingprogramme are gaining importance as professionalization.THE OFFICE OF THE REGISTERThe of the register of newspaper for India popularly known as RNI came into beingon July 1,1956 on the recommendation of the first press commission in 1953 and byamending the press and registration of books act (PRB act) function of RNI involveboth statutory and non statutory function.Statutory function the RNI compiles and maintains a register of newspaper containsparticulars about all the newspaper published in the country it issues certificate ofregistration to the newspaper published under valid declaration. It scrutinizes and 13 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  14. 14. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERanalyzes annual statement sent by the publishers of newspaper every year undersection 19D the press and registration of Books act containing information oncirculation ownership etc.The RNI informs the district magistrates about availability of titles to intendingpublishers for filling declaration and ensures that newspaper are published inaccordance with the provision of the press and registration of Books acts. It verifiesunder section 19F of the PRF Act of circulation claims furnished by the publishers intheir annual statement and preparation and submission to the government on or beforeSeptember 30 each year, a report containing all available information and statisticsabout the press in India with particular reference to the emerging trends in circulationand in the direction of common ownership units.Non statutory function of the RNI include the formulation of a newsprint allocationpolicy – guidelines and the ability to issue Eligibility certificate to the newspaper toenable them to import newsprint and to procure indigenous newsprint. The RNIassesses and certificate the essential needs and requirement of newspaperestablishment to import printing and composing machinery and allied materials.From April 1998 to February 1999. RNI scrutinized 18459 applications foravailability of titles of which 7738 titles were found available for verification. Whilein the remaining application title were not found available. During the same period2693 newspapers periodicals were issued certificate of registration (2145, fresh CRsand 548 revised CRs) and circulation claims of 1536 newspapers/ periodicals wereassessed. Register of newspaper for India (RNI) in starting a newspaper (daily orperiodical) is required to contact the district magistrate or sub – divisional file adeclaration before him in the prescribed from. In declaration the publisher is tomention the title, language, periodicity and such other particulars of proposednewspaper as are asked for. He is also required to give a list of alternative titles inorder of preference.The magistrate before authenticity the declaration has to make an enquiry from theregistrar of newspaper for India whether the title (s) proposed are not same similar tothat of any other publication published in same language through the country or in anyother language in the same state. These titles proposed are checked against catalogueof existing title (s) maintained in registrar office. The magistrate in turn after gettinginformation communicates to publishers about titles. After obtaining clearance fromRNI district magistrate authenticates declaration and sends an authenticated coffee tooffice of registrar of newspaper of India. Declaration becomes void in case thenewspaper does not commence publication within 6- weeks of the authentication andagain a fresh declaration has to be field .Each issue newspaper is to have an imprintline containing the name of the publishers, printer. Editor and the place of printingand publication of the paper. The name of editor is necessary to be given separately.Supply of copies: - Every publisher has to send a copy of each issue of his paperwithin 48 hours of its publication to the registrar of newspaper for India or otherauthorized officers at the places mentioned below depending on language in which thepaper published. 14 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  15. 15. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERREGISTERATION:As soon as paper has stated publication of publishers is required to send a copy of firstissue of publication to registrar of newspaper of India at press villa simila-1 onreceiving first issue of paper and the copy of authenticates declaration from concerneddistrict magistrate, the office of registrar of newspaper for India takes the paper on itsrecord and allots a registration number to it. A certificate of registration is.ISSUED TO PUBLISHERANNUAL REPORT:Registrar of newspaper for India has to submit government each year a report on thestate of press in country on the basis of the annual statement received from him andinformation obtained otherwise. It is in turn of newspaper publishers that informationas complete as possible is made available to enable the Registrar to make this reportup-to – date and useful.CERCULATION 0F CHECK:The press registrar of any gazette officers authorized by him shall have access to anypremises and to any information relating to the newspaper.For benefit of publishers circulation work has been decentralized. The following givesthe circulation officers in charge having their headquarter at.North Zone New DelhiSouth Zone ChennaiWestern Zone MumbaiEastern Zone CalcuttaThere are 18 principals language in which the newspapers are printed which arementioned in 18th constitution. Bombay Sam char, Gujarat daily published fromMumbai is oldest existing newspaper. Anand bazaar patrika: Bengali daily fromCalcutta is largest single edition newspaper of India is in second edition andHindustan Times is in third place. 15 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  16. 16. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERNEWSPRINTUntil 1994---1995 newsprint allocation was regulated by the newsprint control order(1962) and the newsprint import policy announced by the Government every yearnewspaper were issued Entitlement certification of importation and purchase from thescheduled indigenous.Newsprint mills however newsprint policy is modified every year depending upon theimport policy of the government. Newsprint has been placed under ‘open generallicense’ with effect from May, 1st, 1995 and all types of newsprint became importableby all people without any restriction. Under the latest newsprint policy guidelines forthe import of newsprint issued by the ministry of information and broadcastingauthentication of certificate of registration is done by the registrar f newspaper forIndia for import of newsprint, on submission of a formal application and necessarydocumentary evidence.DE – BLOCKING OF TITLESFor the first time in the history of RNI, a massive work of de – blocking 2, 00,000titles were undertaken. As per the decision all such titles of newspapers were certifiedtill December, 31st, 1995, and those publications which had not registered with RNIhave been de blocked. The work of entering registered titles has been titles have beencompleted and the list has been dispatched to state government. Nearly 1, 50,000 ofunused titles have become available for allocation to other newspaper from January 1 st1999.CENSORSHIPEven though India is committed to the freedom of the press, censorship is notunknown to the media. With increased privatization and entrepreneurial advancement,colonial and bureaucratic censorship no longer exist. However the nexus of criminalpolitics and unethical monopolies continue to threaten the freedom of press.Nehru famously said: “I would rather have a completely free press with all thedangers involved in the wrong use of that the freedom than a supposed or regulatedpress” (quoted by Karnataka 272). After 1977 people’s interest and involvement inregional and national affairs increased dramatically. This development helpedpromote the dualism of India’s patriotic passion marked by linguistic chauvinism andnational unit. 16 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  17. 17. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERNEWS AGENCIESNews agencies provide regularity and authenticity to news K.C. Roy is credited withestablishing the first Indian news agencies. Which became the associated press ofIndia (API)? However is soon became A British controlled agency unwilling to reportabout the national freedom movement. The free press of India news agency came intoexistence under the management of S. Sadanand who have served Reuters. The unitedpress of India. The orient press. The Globe news Agencies. The NAFEN NewsAgencies. The united news of India and a number of syndicates later came to servethe news business news.The non Aligned News Agencies Pool (NANAP) Formally constituted in 1976 for thepropose of correcting imbalances in the global flow information, is an arrangementfor exchange of news and information among the national news agencies of non-aligned countries, including Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, Its affair aremanaged by a coordinating committee. The cost of running the pool is meeting by theparticipating members.The press trust (PTI) Continued to operate the India news Pool desk (INDP) Of theNANAP on behalf of the government of India. India continued to contributesubstantially to the daily news file of the pool network. The reception of news into thepool Desk during the year 1998 – 1999 has been in the range of 20,000 words per day.INDP’s own contribution to the pool partners during the year has averaged 7,000words per day. The organization and structure of Indian news agencies has beenundergoing a controversial transformation for quite sometime. This represents amutual mistrust between private owned news agencies n governmental structure.Their autonomy believed to he crucial for objectivity and fairness is based on theirrole as cooperative and non – profit groups news agencies in general areDiscouraged from taking any governmental favours. There is nothing in the Indianconstitution however that can prevent government to nationalize its news agencies.There four dominant news agencies India: The press trust of India (PTI); The unitednews of India (UNI); The Hindustan Sam char (HS) and Sam char Bhatia (SB) 17 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  18. 18. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERELECCTRONIC NEWS MEDIA.Most Indian newspapers magazines and media outlets are easily accessible throughthe internet. Internet public Library (IPL) is a concise Internet sources for informationon Indian newspaper. The web site lists about 120 online newspapers for India withaccess to each of those papers for reading.The official website for the library of congress in New Delhi is also accessible on theon the internet where E-Mail contact information is provided. This directory ispublished biennially. The directory includes newspaper published in India, the nameand language of the newspaper circulation frequency of circulation and names andaddress for the publishers of each paper paper status is also included.EDUCATION AND TRAINING:The first diploma of journalism was offered at Aligned Muslim University in 1938 bythe late Sir Shah Mohammad Suleiman, a judge in India (Wolseley 224). Latter onafter partition, universities in Punjab, Madras, Delhi, Calcutta, Mysore, Nagpur, andOsmania offered courses at undergraduate levels. Professional education in India islargely a need – based enterprise. Journalist and other mass communicators canperform without specialized training and skill and can succeed without advanceddegrees.THE LEADING DAILY NEWSPAPERNEWSPAPER LANGUAGEAj (10) HindiAnand Bajar Patrika BengaliBharyman BengaliDaily Thanthi (12) TamilDainik Jarran (8) HindiDainik Bhaskar (9) NindiDinamalar HindiEenadu (10) TelguGujarat Sam char (5) GujaratHindustan Times (2) EnglishIndian Express (8) EnglishLol Satta (8) MaratiMalayalam Manorams (8) MalayalamMahru Bhumi (6) MalayalamNav Bharat (7) HindiNavbharat Times HindiPunjabi Kesari (3) HindiSakal (4) MarathiSandesh (5) GujaratThe Economic EnglishThe Hindu (8) EnglishThe New Indian Times EnglishThe Times of India English 18 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  19. 19. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERDeccan Herald EnglishWORLD LARGEST DAILY NEWSPAPER:NEWS PAPER NATIONAsahi Shimbun JapanBild AustraliaBilld Zeitung GermanyChunichi Shimbun JapanGongren Ribao ChinaManichi Shumban JapanNikhan Keizai JapanPeople’s Daily ChinaReference News ChinaSikuan Ribao ChinaThe Mirror/ Daily Record BritainThe sun BritainYomiuri Shimun JapanSource: World Press Trends 19 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  20. 20. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER TOTAL SELLING F VIJAY KARNATAKA NEWS PAPERPUBLICATION July-Dec 2001 Jan-June 2002 July-Dec 2002 Jan-June 2003 July-Dec 2003VIJAY KARNATAKA 3,79,946 5,36,422 5,37,162 5,53,101 5,83,168PRAJAVANI 2,86,036 3,02,296 3,17,816 3,09,578 3,09,541SAMYUKTA KARNATAKA 1,21,126 1,40,192 1,48,004 N.A 1,43,696UDAYAVANI 1,52,996 1,66,449 1,80,012 1,86,551 1,89,352 Source: ABC – As per above respective periodsPUBLICATION NRS - 2001 NRS - 2002 NRS – 2003VIJAY KARNATAKA 11,75,000 22,10,000 70,12,000PRAJAVANI 34,63,000 34,27,000 35,73,000SAMYUKTA KARNATAKA 25,35,000 24,25,000 25,32,000UDAYAVANI 9,63,000 10,19,000 18,99,000 Source: NRS – As per above respective periodsPUBLICATION IRS - 2002 R-1 IRS – 2002 R-2 IRS – 2003 R-1VIJAY KARNATAKA 43,79,000 46,59,000 55,33,000PRAJAVANI 30,32,000 25,09,000 29,71,000SAMYUKTA KARNATAKA 15,32,000 13,83,000 13,70,000UDAYAVANI 13,70,000 11,60,000 12,81,000 Source: IRS – As per above respective periods. 20 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  22. 22. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERWhen it comes to Karnataka. No other newspaper offers you the kind of reach andpenetration that we can. Now that the numbers speak for themselves, these are figuresthat you need to look at every time you sit down to formulate your media planNo one can get you across Karnataka as effectively as we can. And no one chargesyou as little as we do to get you there. So if you are looking to reach out toKarnatakas most lucrative markets. Talk to us. We have the peoples attention. Afterall, we are Kamatakas largest and fastest growing Kannada dailyVIJAY KARNATAKA HAS A TOTAL READERSHIP 0F 46,59,000. – Vijay Karnataka is the only Kannada Daily to have witnessed a growth over last IRS (2002, R1) – In Karnataka, every second newspaper reader reads Vijay Karnataka. – In Karnataka, three out of five Kannada Newspaper readers reads Vijay Karnataka. – 45.26% of Kannada Daily readers having MHI of above Rs. 10,000/- read Vijay Karnataka. – Vijay Karnataka has 44% more readers than the No.2 Kannada Daily under segment SEC AB. 22 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  23. 23. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER Vijay Karnataka is the largest read Kannada Daily amongst: – Male readers with a readership of 36,20,000 (covering 63% males reading any Kannada Daily). – Female readers with a readership of 10, 39,000 (covering 53% females reading any Kannada Daily). – Graduates/ PG and above segment with a readership of 7, 42,000. – Rural masses with a readership of 32, 13,000. – Urban masses with a readership of 27, 46,000. – Towns with population greater then 10 lakhs with a readership of 3, 38,000 (gained 26.6% over IRS, R1). – The age group of 12-19 years with a readership of 13, 81,000. – The age group of 20-44 years with a readership of 25, 49,000. – The age group of 45 and above with a readership of 7, 30,000. _People with MHI greater than RS.5000/-with a readership of 9, 03,000.__People with MHI lesser than RS.5000/- with a readership of 51, 50,000. 23 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  25. 25. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERACHIEVEMENT OF 2004 Vijay Karnataka HAS TOTAL READERSHIP OF 78, 12,000. Vijay Karnataka is the only Kannada daily to have witnessed a Growth over last IRS (2004, IR). In Karnataka, three out of five Kannada Newspaper readers reads VIJAY KARNATAKA. 54.37% of Kannada Daily readers having MHI of above RS 10,000/- read VIJAY KARNATAKA. VIJAY KARNATAKA has 48% more readers than the no 2 Kannada Daily segment SEC AB. 25 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  26. 26. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERORGANIZATION PROFILE:Vijay Karnataka is one of the most known and fast moving newspapers in Kannada.The effective management made this organization into a big and successfulorganization. The audit bureau of circulation (ABC) has given the number onecirculation of India for Vijay Karnataka It was the dream of north Karnataka to have aKannada daily newspaper taking care of events of the state in general and northKarnataka in particular. The dream became when Vijyanand printers and publisherswas established to bring out the most wanted Kannada Daily newspaper “VijayKarnataka” an enterprise and a venture by the renowned Vijyanand road lines limited.Vijay Karnataka is perhaps the first newspaper in the country and in the newspaperIndustry to call itself a multi edition with 10 editions newspaper in a short span of lessthan 5 years. The editions are present region wise by almost combining 2 to 5 districtsof Karnataka state. 26 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  27. 27. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANIZATION: • To expand their market into other states. • To modernize the organization by using the hi-tech machines in the production process • To increase the productivity • To produce newspaper into different languages. • To know the customer attitude towards print advertisement. • To know the services the customers expect from the Vijay Karnataka news paper. • To know the factors in guiding selection of newspapers for release of ad’s. The 10 Vijay Karnataka publishing centres are • Bangalore • Gulbarga • Mangalore • Gangavati • Mysore • Hassan • Chitradurga • Hubli-Dharwad • Shimoga • Bagalkot 27 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  28. 28. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERDETAILS OF THE COMPANY:Name of the company : Vijyanand printers Ltd BagalkotAddress of company : Vijyanand printers and publishers No SPL 9 KSSIDC industrial Estate Bagalkot -587101 Phone- 08354-234106Year of establishment at Bagalkot : 27 November 2001Type of unit : ProprietorshipMain raw material : PaperPrinting capacity of machine : 20000/hourNumber of circulations : 30000-vijay KarnatakaChief Editor : Keshav NadakarniRegister office : Vijyanand Printers and Publishers Giriraj annexe Circuit House Road Hubli - 580029 28 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  29. 29. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER VIJAYANAND PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERSThe VRL group has diversified into the newspaper industry during october1999 underthe banner of Vijyanand printers and publishers.OBJECTIVES: • To serve Kannadigas and Karnataka in particular and the country in general • To provide unbiased news well in time. • To provide sumptuous reading material for the readers to update their Knowledge and entertain them.INDIA: Times of Indiaa Group acquires Vijyanand Printers LimitedVijyanand Printers publishes two Kannada newspapers and English dailyTimes of IndiaThursday, June 15, 2006New Delhi --- The Times of India Group and the promoters of the Bangalore-basedVijyanand Printers Limited have signed an agreement in New Delhi on Thursday forthe 100 per cent acquisition of Vijyanand Printers Ltd (VPL).VPL publishes Kannada newspapers Vijay Karnataka which have ten editions. VijayKarnataka is the leader in the Kannada newspaper segment with circulation in excessof 5.5 lack (July-Dec 2005) as per ABC report.Vineet Jain, Managing Director, Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd (The Times of IndiaGroups parent company), said: "This agreement highlights our strong emphasis onthe fast-growing regional media markets in India where readers have new aspirationsand mindsets. We are thus committed to "going local" and further developing strongregional identities so as to provide the best possible value to our new readership andadvertiser base.", 29 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  30. 30. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER OBJECTIVES1] To understand advertisers perception towards Vijay Karnataka2] To determine the factors influencing advertisers for advertisement’s in VijayKarnataka as an effective media3] To measure the satisfaction level of advertisers towards Vijay Karnataka4] To know the advantages of V.K with compare to competitors.BENEFITS FOR PERSONAL GROWTH 1 The study will enhance my knowledge about service sector business. 2 The study will give knowledge about how the coordination & co-operation will take place in an origination. 3 It will give the knowledge about how the money & material transaction will take place between manufacture & customer. BENEFITS FOR ORGANITION 1 The study will help the origination to know the advertiser’s preferences towards VK. 2 To know the present level of advantages of VK with competitors. 3 To understand the perception of advertisers towards V.K & the factors which are influencing them to prefer VK for their advertisement? 30 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  31. 31. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 4 To understand the advertisers satisfaction level towards news coverage level & circulation of VK.BRIEF HISTORY AND DEVLOPMENT OF VRL GROUP:The edit for the phenomenal growth of VRL goes to the VISION, ZEAL, andEFFORT of founder and Chairman VIAY SNAKESHAWAR. From a single truck in1976 VRL has grown in to a conglomerate having diversified into vocationalEducation, Newspaper Travel and courier segments.VRL today embodies “Symbol of Service” with a fleet of 2,000 vehicles includingstate of the art buses. The credit to a large extent goes to VRLof introducing comfortable buses at affordable rates for the common man. The grouphas wide network of branches speared over the entire nation. The simultaneous launchof VIJAY TIMES edition from nine centres in December 2002 was a hall mark for thegroup.The launch of a second Kannada Daily by the group broke new ground in the annalsof Indian journalism. VRL in short epitomizes a success story evolved over years ofcommitment and dedication. VIJAY SANKESHAWAR is ably supported by hisdynamic son sir ANAND SANKESHAWAR as managing Director and a team ofdedicated staff headed by chief Technical Officers Sri L. RAMANAND BHATChief executive officers Sri K.N. UMESH and Director R.P.RAICHUR. Themanaging Director Shri V.B. SAKESHAWAR started as individual transporters inJanuary 1976 without any background and experience, initially for first 2 years hesuffered heavy looses. Then by the end of 1977 he started a local transport betweenHUBLI and GADAG. Due to personal management and effective services, businesspicked up and purchased one old lorry in 1978. 31 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  32. 32. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERDuring his tenure, he observed activities of other well – known transporters andstarted first parcel services from “BANGLORE TO HUBLI and GADAG,BELGUAM” with to Lorries gradually thebusiness picked up. Due to effective management and good co-operation from thestaff, the turnover and the business increased. The total turnover and the businessincreased. The total turnover for different years of follows.YEAR TURNOVER (in lacks)1980 13.431985 38.3811990 462.341995 2284.921999 6580.71As can be seen from the turn over, there is steady increase in the growth of the turnover of the company, in a span of 25 years their turn over has increased 50 foldswhich is a great achievement of an entrepreneur. The managing Director who is alsothe Member of Parliament Shri V.B. SANKESHAWAR, who has been entrusted withthe day today management. He is also awarded with:- • Sarige Rattan Awards in 1978 • udyoga Rattan Award 1994 32 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  33. 33. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERCORE VALUES:They strive for excellence in everything they think say and do. The values that guidetheir thought and action are: • Innovation and continuous learning: They provide an environment of innovation and learning that fosters, in each one of them, a desire to excel and willingness to experiment., • Truth and integrity: Their business practices are guided by highest ethical standard of truth, integrity and transparency. • Respect for the individual: They bring out the best in individual by nurturing team spirit, individual development and self esteem spirit. • Quality Services: To provide quality service and News paper to the public.NEED FOR YHE STUDYTotal quality management.The quest to maximize customers satisfaction led some firms to adopt total qualitymanagement principles total quality management (TQM) Is an organization wideapproach to continuously improving the quality of all the organization processesproduct and services. 33 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  34. 34. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER ORGANIZATION CHART: Vijyanand Printers Ltd President Vice President Directors Chief Editor Resident Editor/Associate Editor Assistant Editor (2) R M D Manager Response Manager R M D Promoters New Editor Response Promoters Chief Reporter District Correspondent Deputy News EditorPrinciple Correspondent side spl correspondentChief Copy Editor (2) Chief Copy Editor Chief Copy Editor Photographer(Gen Desk) (Mofful Desk) Sports 34 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  35. 35. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER BUREAU CHIEF BUREAU CHIEF Response RMD Production Edition Chief Account section departmen departmen section t t Copy Editor Accounts Response in- RMD Production Charge department Manager Response Staff Executive Copy editor ReportersComputoroperator Pre-press Printers Electrician Helpers 35 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  36. 36. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERLITERATURE SURVEYTotal number of circulations of leading papers in Bagalkot district:Vijay Karnataka Samyukta Karnataka Prajavani30,000 20,000 22,000 35000 30000 25000 20000 30000 15000 10000 5000 0 sam yuktakarnataka Customer Satisfaction in 7 Steps Its a well known fact that no business can exist without customers. In the business of Website design, its important to work closely with your customers to make sure the site or system you create for them is as close to their requirements as you can manage. Because its critical that you form a close working relationship with your client, customer service is of vital importance. What follows are a selection of tips that will make your clients feel valued, wanted and loved. 36 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  37. 37. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 1. Encourage Face-to-Face Dealings This is the most daunting and downright scary part of interacting with a customer. If youre not used to this sort of thing it can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. Rest assured, though, it does get easier over time. Its important to meet your customers face to face at least once or even twice during the course of a project. My experience has shown that a client finds it easier to relate to and work with someone theyve actually met in person, rather than a voice on the phone or someone typing into an email or messenger program. When you do meet them, be calm, confident and above all, take time to ask them what they need. I believe that if a potential client spends over half the meeting doing the talking, youre well on your way to a sale. 2. Respond to Messages Promptly & Keep Your Clients Informed This goes without saying really. We all know how annoying it is to wait days for a response to an email or phone call. It might not always be practical to deal with all customers queries within the space of a few hours, but at least email or call them back and let them know youve received their message and youll contact them about it as soon as possible. Even if youre not able to solve a problem right away, let the customer know youre working on it. A good example of this is my Web host. Theyve had some trouble with server hardware which has caused a fair bit of downtime lately. At every step along the way I was emailed and told exactly what was going on, why things were going wrong, and how long it would be before they were working again. They also apologised repeatedly, which was nice. Now if they server had just gone down with no explanation I think Id have been pretty annoyed and may have moved my business elsewhere. But because they took time to keep me informed, it didnt seem so bad, and I at least knew they were doing something about the problems. That to me is a prime example of customer service. 3. Be Friendly and Approachable A fellow Site Pointer once told me that you can hear a smile through the phone. This is very true. Its very important to be friendly, courteous and to make your clients feel like youre their friend and youre there to help them out. There will be times when you want to beat your clients over the head repeatedly with a blunt object - it happens to all of us. Its vital that you keep a clear head, respond to your clients wishes as best you can, and at all times remain polite and courteous. 37 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  38. 38. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 4. Have a Clearly-Defined Customer Service Policy This may not be too important when youre just starting out, but a clearly defined customer service policy is going to save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. If a customer has a problem, what should they do? If the first option doesnt work, then what? Should they contact different people for billing and technical? enquiries? If theyre not satisfied with any aspect of your customer service, who should they tell? Theres nothing more annoying for a client than being passed from person to person, or not knowing who to turn to. Making sure they know exactly what to do at each stage of their enquiry should be of utmost importance. So make sure your customer service policy is present on your site -- and anywhere else it may be useful. 5. Attention to Detail (also known as The Little Niceties) Have you ever received a Happy Birthday email or card from a company you were a client of? Have you ever had a personalised sign-up confirmation email for a service that you could tell was typed from scratch? These little niceties can be time consuming and arent always cost effective, but remember to do them. Even if its as small as sending a Happy Holidays email to all your customers, its something. It shows you care; it shows there are real people on the other end of that screen or telephone; and most importantly, it makes the customer feel welcomed, wanted and valued. 6. Anticipate Your Clients Needs & Go Out Of Your Way to Help Them Out Sometimes this is easier said than done! However, achieving this supreme level of understanding with your clients will do wonders for your working relationship. Take this as an example: youre working on the front-end for your clients exciting new ecommerce endeavour. You have all the images, originals and files backed up on your desktop computer and the site is going really well. During a meeting with your client he/she happens to mention a hard-copy brochure their internal marketing people are developing. As if by magic, a couple of weeks later 38 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  39. 39. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER a CD-ROM arrives on their doorstep complete with high resolution versions of all the images youve used on the site. A note accompanies it which reads: "Hi, you mentioned a hard-copy brochure you were working on and I wanted to provide you with large-scale copies of the graphics Ive used on the site. Hopefully youll be able to make use of some in your brochure." Your client is heartily impressed, and remarks to his colleagues and friends how very helpful and considerate his Web designers are. Meanwhile, in your office, you lay back in your chair drinking your 7th cup of coffee that morning, safe in the knowledge this happy customer will send several referrals your way. 7. Honour Your Promises Its possible this is the most important point in this article. The simple message: when you promise something, deliver. The most common example here is project delivery dates. Clients dont like to be disappointed. Sometimes, something may not get done, or you might miss a deadline through no fault of your own. Projects can be late, technology can fail and sub-contractors dont always deliver on time. In this case a quick apology and assurance itll be ready ASAP wouldnt go amiss. Conclusion Customer service, like any aspect of business, is a practiced art that takes time and effort to master. All you need to do to achieve this is to stop and switch roles with the customer. What would you want from your business if you were the client? How would you want to be treated? Treat your customers like your friends and theyll always come back.COMPANY’S VISION AND MISSION 39 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  40. 40. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERVISION:To be the leading newspaper admired globally for its innovation and qualityMISSIONTo be always the # 1 Newspaper that it is present and serve the Public.SWOT ANALYSIS:- • STRENGTHS: 40 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  41. 41. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER • WEAKNESS: • OPPORTUNITIES: • THREATS: STRENGTHS • More local News converge • More edition (printing and publishing) in a short period • The first paper which is introduced at lower price that is for Rs, 1.50Ps • Vijay Karnataka is being named as the number one news paper by the Audit Bureau of Circulation. WEAKNESS • New to the fieldOPPORTUNITIES • There is scope for expansion of the business • As it focuses on local news, here more chances to make edition in uncovered areas.THREATS • To existing competition may hamper the progress of the unit. OVERVIEW OF THE DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT OF VPPBAGALKOT 41 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  42. 42. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERThere are four department of Vijay Karnataka News Paper in Bagalkot They are, • Editing Department. • Circulation Department. • Production Department. • Advertisement Department.EDITING DEPARTMENTThe news comes to editing department through various sources. Vijay Karnataka hasappointed stringers for each Each Taluka and has appointed the agent at the villagelevel. These agents and stringers send the news through. • Courier • Modem or Internet • FaxThe news is also received through reporters.Sometimes news is also collected through direct customer. After this the abovecollected rough information is edited and converted in the precise attractive manner tothe readers. The information is then typed and the pagecians make the pages using DTP Technology and send these pages to productiondepartment. The front page, and last page (sports page) editorial page and specialpages are received through e-mail from the Bangalore editorial department. Theresident editor gives final approval to print CIRCULATION DEPARTMENTIt is the most important department, which takes care of all the activities ofcirculation. There are 4 members in the circulation department. Out of them to 2members maintain all the accounts of each and every agent. The other 2 memberscontrol the circulation work.The total number of agent is 280. This number is increasing very rapidly, at the timeof appointing the agent deposit of Rs 500 is taken copy. If any of the agent will berejected. If any agent wants to increase or decrease their number of copies, the agentshould inform in the written form only. 42 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  43. 43. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERFUNCTION • Receiving the printed papers from the production department • Packing and refilling the order • Dispatching as per requirement. • Suggestion from agents in distribution channels. • Appointing New Agents • Receiving bills from the agent monthly Through DD/CashRESPONSIBILITIES: • Increase sales volume of paper • Generates security deposits • Designing the routes • Maintenance of records relating to circulation.Within just 120 days of its launching “Vijay Karnataka” has been able to achievetremendous growth in terms of circulation. The present edition wise number of editionwise number of circulation is –  PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 43 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  44. 44. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERProduction department is one where the actual printing takes place. The raw materialsused in production department are – • Paper • Ink • PlatesPapers: The raw papers for the production of the news papers are purchased from“Mysore paper mills Bhadravati” two sizes of papers are purchased.1.70cm paper 2.35cm paper The 70cms papers are used for all the pages except central single page.The 35cms paper is used for central single page.There are two qualities of paper in 70 cms: • 49 GSM –The paper is of top quality, this paper is used for first & last pages only. • 45 GSM –This paper is of lesser quality. This is used for all the pages, except first and last page.INK:To print on the paper ink is transported from Hubli press, which is purchase from“Hindustan Inks” Kolhapur.There are four types of inks used in printing they are- • Cyan • Vallenta • Yellow 44 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  45. 45. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER • BlackThe news items are rearranged by the paste up artists as per guidance of the editor,editor rearranges the news items. The plate makers make the final plates for printingby using advanced technology machines and these are sent to printing. The news onthe plates are printed on the blankets which are inside the machine. Lastly the news onblankets are printed on the paper. The plates are purchased from “Technology.Company” Madras These are 25-35 plates are require MANPOWERThe man power of the production department is 34out of 34 members 18 areconcerned for the printing department and remaining 16 members are for packing. Production in charge - 1 Printers - 2 Assistant printer - 1 Paste up Department - 4 Electrician - 1 Helpers - 9 Packing - 16 Total - 34The persons in the printing department are almost all skilled persons except fewhelpers. These persons are at least ITI graduates and are having experience. Thepacking persons are inexperienced or unskilled persons. The capacity of the machine 45 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  46. 46. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERis 20000 copies/hour and the machines are purchased from Kolhapur. The actualprinting starts at 11PM and completes at 2AM. But the supplements like Cini Vijayaand Saptahika Vijay area printed at 6PM 4. RESPONSE [ADVERTISING] DEPARTMENT: Advertisement Department Chart Advertisement Manager Scheduling Clerk Ad. Executives Billing ClerkFUNCTIONS: 1. Sell the space of the newspaper to advertisers and advertising agencies. 2. Inform the editions about space needed for the advertise. 46 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  47. 47. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 3. Collection of the payment from the advertisers and concerned parties. 4. Sending bill to concerned parties.TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENT: 1. Classed advertisements 2. Commercial advertisements 3. Corporate advertisements 4. Display advertisement 5. Family advertisement 6. Financial advertisement 7. Local advertisement 8. Penal advertisement] Advertising researchMain article: Advertising researchAdvertising research is a specialized form of research that works to improve theeffectiveness and efficiency of advertising. It entails numerous forms of researchwhich employ different methodologies. Advertising research includes pre-testing(also known as copy testing) and post-testing of ads and/or campaigns—pre-testing isdone before an ad airs to gauge how well it will perform and post-testing is done afteran ad airs to determine the in-market impact of the ad or campaign on the consumer.Continuous ad tracking and the Communicus System are competing examples of post-testing advertising research types.[Edit] See also Business and economics portal • Advertising Ad stock • Graphic design • SEO Copywriting 47 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  48. 48. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER • Advertising to • Integrated • Sex in advertising children Marketing • Shock advertising • American Advertising Communications • Shockvertising Federation Hall of • Informative • Tobacco advertising Fame advertising • Video commerce • Branded content • Senior media • Video news release • Classified advertising creative • Viral marketing • Communication • Local advertising • Visual design • Market overhang communication • Conquesting • Meta-advertising • Web analytics • Cool hunting • Mobile Marketing • Copy testing • Performance-based • World Federation of advertising Advertisers • Copywriting • Pseudo-event • Public relations • Reality marketingSALES PROMOTION 1. Advertisement department sales the space of newspaper to advertisers 2. Advertisement agencies. 3. Informing edition about the space needed for advertisement. 4. Collection of payment from advertisement and concerned parties sending bills to concerned parties. 5. Every day special pages/ supplement with regular features. SUPPELEMENTS Vijay Karnataka is providing supplements three days for a week. There as Follows. Supplements:- Monday -- --- Mahila Vijay, Shikshna Vijay Wednesday -- Agriculture (Krishi Vijay) 48 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  49. 49. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER -- Business / Commerce (Vanijay Vijay) Friday -- cinema / Entairtainment ( Cini Vijay) -- Sports ( Kreeda Vijay) Competitive sports have become unthinkable without sponsoring and there is a mutual dependency. High income with advertising is only possible with a comparable number of spectators or viewers. On the other hand, the poor performance of a team or a sportsman results in less advertising revenues. Jorgen Hut her and Hans-Jörg Stiehler talk about a ‘Sports/Media Complex which is a complicated mix of media, agencies, managers, sports promoters, advertising etc. with partially common and partially diverging interests but in any case with common commercial interests. The media presumably is at centre stage because it can supply the other parties involved with a rare commodity, namely (potential) public attention. In sports “the media are able to generate enormous sales in both circulation and advertising -- Youth (Yuva Vijay) -- Religion Spiritual (Dharma Vijay) -- Arts Culture (Kala Vijay) -- Health (Arogya Vijay)Sunday -- Women (Mahila Vijay) -- Children (put ani Vijay)Kids are among the most sophisticated observers of ads. They can sing the jingles andidentify the logos, and they often have strong feelings about products. What theygenerally dont understand, however, are the issues that underlie how advertising 49 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  50. 50. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERworks. Mass media are used not only to sell goods but also ideas: how we shouldbehave, what rules are important, who we should respect and what we should value -- Sunday special (Saptahika Vijay)1st Page : Consist of national and international news, which are of most importance along with local news.2nd and 3rd page: Consist of local news i.e. news from district and state Level4th Page : Consist of articles and literature wok. It is also used for Educational purpose.5th Page : Consist of regional important news.6th Page : It is used for editorial purpose that is letter to editors an Answer to than etc.7th Page : Consist of national news, political development of the Country etc.8th Page : It usually consist of continued news and the news Collected in later time of printing.9th Page : It is used for regional news other than regional district I.e. news from surrounding district.10th Page : Here it is used for publishing news regarding capital City Bangalore.11th Page : It is used for commercial matter like market price for Different commodities, share market information etc.12th Page : It is used for sports purpose; both National and International events and also local are covered in this Section.Vijay Karnataka is serving the society namely in giving local news, state, national,international science and technology issue. Commerce trade and general issue. Theattractive feature of Vijay Karnataka is to give much importance to give muchimportance to international, national and also regional events and making it to reach acommon man at every and comer of the state. The price envyingly is as Reasonableprice as Rs. 3.00 (with Friday & Sunday edition @ Rs. 3.50 as compared to the higherprice of other news paper) 50 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  51. 51. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERKannada Newspaper : - Thus we can say Vijay Karnataka is economical Paper to middle and low class peoplePolitics : - National, International state level happenings, Along with news of local importance.Commerce : - Finance – Business – Stock Exchange, share Price charts, emerging trends and scenario of Business, finance and commerce.Culture Fine : - Reasonable coverage of latest and contemporary Aspects.Sports : - Elaborate information of sports events of National, International and domestic level. 51 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  52. 52. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPEROBJECTIVE OF YHE STUDY 5. To know the satisfaction level of readers towards Vijay Karnataka news paper 6. To know which type of news and supplementary are prepped more by the reader in Vijay Karnataka news paper 7. To provide information to company about why reader prefer news paper as advertising media 8. To know why people prefer vijay Karnataka news paper whether for • Its local news coverage • Price • Advertisement 5. To know why people go for Vijay Karnataka news paper as a mediafor advertisement 52 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  53. 53. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERResearch Methodology: Research : Descriptive research Data sources : 1. Secondary data 2. Primary data Research Approach : Survey method Research Instrument : Questionnaire Type of Questionnaire : Structure non-déguise Type of Questions : Close-ended questions Sampling Plan : 1. Sampling Unit : advertisers who prefers VK in Bagalkot city 2. Sample Size : 50 respondents 3. Sampling procedure : Simple random sampling Contact Method : Personal Mode of collecting data: The respondents will be chosen randomly & Requested Grant Interviews. The questions will then be asked in a predetermined Sequence. The secondary data will be collected from various books, Journals, reports, company’s data base, internet etc. Data Processing : 1. A number of tables to be prepared to bring out the Main Characteristics of the collected data 2. Inferences to be drawn from the data collected. 53 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  54. 54. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERRESULT AND DISCUSSIONS WITH GRAPHS AND CHARTSWhy do you read Vijay Karnataka news paper (Rank 1 for the most important reasonand so on?)1. News Coverage:Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 460 25 10 0560% 25% 10% 05% 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 RANK1 RANK2 RANK3 RANK4 More than news coverage in local area and more than press report will be there andcollect the huge number of news, for example exceeding case, function, any murdercase, what were may be news on the spot collect the news and send to the printingpress and tomorrow in news section and people seeing in a news paper, and more thanselling our news paper in local area and urban area 54 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  55. 55. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER02. LOCAL NEWS1 2 3 433 28 19 2033% 28% 19% 20% 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1 2 3 4Our Bagalkot district Vijay Karnataka news paper that it is our local news paper andthat printing press more than local news printing in paper and provide to thecustomers, this news paper what were may not printing at ?What customer wants needs customer satisfaction news print in the news paper. Andweekly four time supplementary news paper to different type of news to ad in thenews paper Ex, put ani Vijay, Mahila Vijay, film funds, and employment newsetc…… 1. PRICE 55 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  56. 56. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER1 2 3 440 33 19 840% 33% 19% 8% 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 4Price is a sufficient, every supplementary news paper Rs. 3.50 paisa and other daysRs. 2.50 paisa4. Advertisement:1 2 3 428 38 14 2028% 38% 14% 20% 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1 2 3 44. Which part of your news paper you like the mostPolitical news 36 36% 56 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  57. 57. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERLocal news 24 24%Ads 22 22%Sports news 8 8%Articles 7 7%Others 3 3% 40 30 20 10 0 ds s s rs s al s ew w A w he ic ne ne ln rt ot A al ca s ic rt lo o lit sp po 2. Which do you choose “Vijay Karnataka as a media for advertisement”? 57 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  58. 58. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER More circulation 68 68%% Reasonable Price 32 32% 100% 80% 60% reasonable 40% price 20% more circulation 0% 58 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  59. 59. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 3. Which Supplement of the Vijay Karnataka Paper you like mostKrishi Vijay 6 6%Mahila Vijay 20 20%Saptahika Vijay 46 46%Udyog Vijay 28 28% 50 40 30 20 10 0 krishi saptahik vijay vijay 4. Mahila Vijay is popular because 59 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  60. 60. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPERIt provides beauty tips 33 33%It provides health tips 46 46%It provides kitchen tips 21 21% 50 40 30 20 10 0 Itprovideskitc providesbeau provideshealt hentips ty tips h tips it It 60 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  61. 61. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER 7. How Do you rate Vijay Karnataka Services? Extremely Good 55 55% Very Good 33 33% Neither Good Bad 8 8% Very Bad 4 4% Extremely Bad 0 0% 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 d od ad ad od ba go lb yb go ry od ry el ve y ve rm go el em te er ex ith tr ex neAnalysis; from the above graph 28% of the respondents are said that V.K news paperis very good & 56% of the respondents are said that V.K is good & 10% ofrespondents are said that V.K is average & 4% are said that V.K is not good & 2% aresaid that V.K is very bad .Interpretation; From the above information most of the respondents are said that V.Knews paper is the Good news paper because it is having good brand image and it ishaving more circulation. 61 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  62. 62. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER9. Express your level of satisfied about the news paper provided bythe Vijay KarnatakaSatisfied 52 52%Most satisfied 25 25%NES/US 14 14%MUS 9 9%US 0 0% 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 d s d us us /u fie fie m s is tis ne at Sa ts os m 62 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM
  63. 63. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON VIJAY KARNATAKANEWS PAPER10) Which news paper do you use regularly for your advertisement? Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid Kannada 43 86.0 86.0 86.0 English 4 8.0 8.0 94.0 Both 3 6.0 6.0 100.0 Total 50 100.0 100.0 100 80 60 40 20 0 kannada english both total Analysis; From the above graph out of 50 respondents 86% of responds areusing Kannada news paper & 8% are using English news paper & 6% are using Bothkannada & English news papers for their advertisement. Interpretation; from the above information we can say that majority of therespondents using Kannada news paper for their advertisements because kannadanews paper circulation is more in Bagalkot city & Kannada is the regional language inBagalkot city . 63 BABASAB PATILFREEPPTMBA.COM