Diabetes Mellitus

Jul. 25, 2010

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Diabetes Mellitus

  1. Autoimmune (Islet cell antibodies)
  2. Early introduction of cow’s milk and cereals
  3. Intake of medicine during pregnancy
  4. Indoor smoking of family members
  5. destruction of beta cells of the pancreas  little or no insulin production
  6. requires daily insulin admin.
  7. probably caused by:
  8. disturbance in insulin reception in the cells
  9.  number of insulin receptors
  10. loss of beta cell responsiveness to glucose leading to slow or  insulin release by the pancreas
  11. occurs over age 40 but can occur in children
  12. common in overweight or obese
  13. Lipodystrophy – localized disturbance of fat metabolism
  14. results from too much insulin, not enough food, and/or excessive physical activity
  15.  blood glucose levels
  16.  need for insulin
  17.  the no. of functioning receptor sites for insulin
  18. perform exercise after meals to ensure an adequate level of blood glucose
  19. carry a rapid-acting source of glucose during exercise
  20. excessive or unplanned exercise may trigger hypoglycemia
  21. maintain fluid intake
  22. lethargy
  23. temp, PR, BP, signs of severe fluid deficit
  24. Confusion, seizure, coma
  25. 0.9% NaCl IV – 1 L during the 1st hr, 2-8 L over 24 hrs.
  26. administer sodium bicarbonate IV to correct acidosis
  27. Monitor electrolyte levels, esp. serum K+ levels