BRAID-Kids Newsletter - June 2011


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BRAID-Kids, University of Alberta

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BRAID-Kids Newsletter - June 2011

  1. 1. BRAID-Kids Newsletter June 2011, Volume 2 - Number 2 Cree Pride Pics from the DIABETES WALK This year’s DIABETES WALK sure felt like a party! Did YOU walk with us? (Did you wear your moccasins?!) On June 7th, 118 people joined in the DIABETES WALK. Thank you to the organizers, and to all the people who came out for the walk and the luncheon. The GRAND PRIZE winners were: TAYLOR QUEWZANCE Kids’s Bike ALVA BELLEROSE Adult Bike A BRAID-Kids forum was held after the Diabetes Walk luncheon. We would like to thank everyone who stayed to share their thoughts and ideas about the BRAID-Kids project and about what’s needed in the Community to support families in health & healthy living... THANK YOU! BRAID-Kids Testing on June 8th was also well-attended. Almost all the kids in the school ran the beep test!
  2. 2. July 4 - August 24 FAMILY FITNESS CHALLENGE! CREE PRIDE Activities 1st Prize: Family trip to Calgary 2nd Prize: Exercise Equipment Early Draw Prize: Come find out! Registration: July 1-4 BRAID-Kids BreakFAST.. TO.... GO!!! Weekly Meetings & “Weigh-Ins” Thursday nights 7:00-8:30pm @ the Elders’ Lodge The word breakfast means: break the FAST! It’s time to eat something healthy to help fuel the start of your day. Activities/Meetings will include: >Family project >Demos on gym equipment >How to deal with stress >Family nutrition >Grocery shopping tour Skipping breakfast can lead to a sluggish metabolism which can lead to weight gain; especially if you are hungry for your next meal which leads to “portion distortion”. July 9-10 & 11-12 FOUR FIRES CEREMONY Traditionally and historically Cree woman participated in a ceremony when they reached womanhood. Teachings and ceremony are a necessary part of identity and understanding of roles. The group meets twice a week @ the Elders‘ Lodge before the ceremony to prepare their outfits, etc. July 1, 2 & 3 MEMORIAL HANDGAME TOURNAMENT July 23-24 CHIX WITH STIX HANDGAME TOURNAMENT August 5, 6 & 7 4th ANNUAL PAKESI’WIN MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT Visit the BRAID-Kids Info Booth! August 12, 13 & 14 POWWOW Visit the BRAID-Kids Info Booth! COMMUNITY GARDEN CONTEST Watch for the flyer to come out the last week of June! For more information on these events, contact TESSIRAE or PAULETTE at the Health Centre, ph. 780-355-3931 Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast helps with concentration and learning….for kids and adults. Even if you do not have an appetite for breakfast having a small snack is a start. The number one barrier to breakfast is time… Here are some time-savers: >Have a few boiled eggs in the fridge ready to go. >Set out your bowl, utensils and cereal the night before….just pour the milk in the morning! >Make your own Egg McMuffins to eat on the run. >Smoothies with fruit and yogurt…..healthy & yummy! >Mini muffins, mini bagels…& a banana. >Make a wrap with peanut butter + strawberries the night before….ready to eat in the morning. >How about a healthy cereal trail mix & a yogurt tube (see recipe below) Cereal to GO Mix together in a bowl a combination or cereals and dried fruit, such as these: 2-3 cups of Shreddies (try the vanilla flavoured) 2-3 cups of Cherrios 2 cups of Fiber One cereal (or a similar high fiber cereal) 2 cups of Raisins or Dried Fruit of your Choice 1-2 cups of Chocolate coverage raisins (optional) 1 Peanuts or similar nut (optional... any allergies?) 1-2 cups pretzels (optional) Serve 1 cup in a sandwich bag to go! Makes 12 or more servings TIP: Have several sandwich bags made up ahead for the week. Combine with a yogurt tube if desired! By Karie Quinn, Registered Dietitian Cree Pride