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Tomertaldesign gifts


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special gift design for special people and special events for marketing and HR managers and private people who want to celebrate a unique occasions.

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Tomertaldesign gifts

  1. 1. Special gifts for special people & special events
  2. 2. Are you an HR manager, Marketing SVP or a private person that is organizing an event? Giving attention , respect, appreciation, recognition, compassion and love, are about the personalized touch. Its the inspiring saying and the multi- usage of a gift, that has a long time, positive impact on the people you care for.
  3. 3. what is the purpose of your event? do you celebrate a company event? a holiday? an achievement? a birthday? a marriage? a family gathering? do you sponsor a business event? is this a giveaway in an exhibition?
  4. 4. what is your budget? how many people will you impact? The secret behind a special gift, is the positive emotional connotation, and the aesthetic look.
  5. 5. originality, creativity, beauty & personalization add special expressions to magnify your gift Life is good Shine your light Today you get rid of the fear. drive life, enjoy the journey break free from fear be yourself you are ready, to do what u want It’s time to do it your way. You are a powerful person. Do you exactly what you want. Start your day with a smile You have it. you'll achieve what you want. You'll make more money, work with your subconscious power and direct it the right way. today B the change accept yourself, U R wonderful B joyful You are powerful from within. You shine light on others Believe it , achieve it Fake it until you make it. Stop negative thoughts and beliefs yes you can Your heart is your home , hug it play life seriously
  6. 6. dress your walls at home tomertaldesign tomertaldesign
  7. 7. widen up gifts possibilities:
  8. 8. TomerTalDesign Hello, My Name is Tomer Tal, I’m a multidisciplinary artist. I would be happy to design your gifts and uplift their quality, inspiration and value. Please visit my website and contact me:,