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Advantage cars social media ppt


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Advantage cars social media ppt

  1. 1. Social Media Lead Generation
  2. 2. We know you are a marketing pro. But first, take a look at what you are currently missing on social media! Potential Leads!
  3. 3. Consistent Facebook Growth! Let us handle this part. We’re pros 
  4. 4. Instagram Awareness/Leads!
  5. 5. People looking for cars! We can filter through everyone who is looking for a car by their exact location.
  6. 6. 90% of Car Dealerships Never Engage With This Audience. Why?
  7. 7. 1. Lack of expertise 2. No clearly defined goals 3. Lack of strategy 4. Distracts from on-site operations 5. Poor effort Here’s what we want to do… (next slide)
  8. 8. Three-Point Social Media Strategy Let us handle this part. 1. Content Creation 2. Follower/Fan Growth 3. Interaction/Lead Generation
  9. 9. LEAD GENERATION Pure Engagement With People Who Are Looking For Cars.
  10. 10. Step #1 – Lead Generation Process
  11. 11. Lead Transfer Instant E-Mail Notification Sent To Sales Team Everytime Someone Shows Interest. Watch this…
  12. 12. Step #1 – Lead Generation Process
  13. 13. Step #2 – Lead Generation Process Each time we generate a lead, the leasing team will get this e-mail notification We will send biweekly/monthly reports of leads for your team to follow-up with
  14. 14. Lead  Sale Now your awesome sales team can convert more leads into sales!
  15. 15. Social Media Management Social Media Management Drilldown Platform Facebook Twitter Instagram Fans/Followers 300/mo 500/mo 500/mo Post Frequency 3-4 posts a day 10 posts a day 2-3 photos a day Interactions N/A 10-15 ppl a day 10-15 ppl a day Benefits  Massive Awareness  Direct access to fan base  Lower Advertising Costs  Gain more advocates  Audience Growth  Customer Service or “Voter” Service  Reach Target Demographic  Converting Leases from Social Media
  16. 16. Case Study: Westmar Lofts ROI We can do the same thing for you!
  17. 17. Cost Menu Discounted Prices for AUC Service Includes Price Estimated Hours Facebook Management Facebook Ads, Content Creation, and Daily Management $400/mo 45 Twitter Management Content Creation, Daily Engagement, Monthly Follower Growth $400/mo 45 Instagram Management Content Creation, Daily Engagement, Monthly Follower Growth $400/mo 40 Bundle Package 1 Any two social media platforms (ads included) $600/mo 80 Bundle Package 2 All three social media platforms $800/mo 120
  18. 18. LET’S GET STARTED Call us at 404-596-4495 or email to get started today. View more of our work, case studies and services at