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The 42 Quiz @IIM Kozhikode


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Published in: Education, Technology

The 42 Quiz @IIM Kozhikode

  1. 1. ‘X’ evolved at some point in England during the14th century, becoming the ‘X’ of Great Britainafter the political union with Scotland in 1707X is the only place in the Great Britain where theQueen may not enterId XQuestion #1
  2. 2. House of Commons
  3. 3. Question #2As per the Urban Dictionary, X isan alias that can be used foralmost any purpose, as a male ora female.The most popular careers of thisparticular alias include architect,marine biologist, importer-exporter,author of "Venetian Blinds", andmanufacturer of latex.Id X
  4. 4. Art Vandelay
  5. 5. Question #3Contrary to popular beliefs, nofranchise named X actually existsin New York, but multiple franchisechains under the name X exist inother countries, notably in Genevaand Dubai.In fact, as per TLC, X is the mostpopular name for its type in theworld.A person, Y, associated with thefictionalized franchise X is thespokesperson for the Dubai chainof X.Id X and Y.
  6. 6. X: Central Perk, Y: James Michael Tyler
  7. 7. Question #4Connect
  8. 8. Dunkin’ Donuts
  9. 9. Question #5
  10. 10. Myers and Briggs
  11. 11. Question #624th April 1997:NBC8:30 PM: F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Onewith the Screamer9:00 PM: Seinfeld: The Yada YadaThe initial script required FrankCostanza to appear in the Seinfeldepisode, he backed out after hearingthat The One with the Screamerwould be broadcast the same day.Why?
  12. 12. Ben Stiller (The Screamer) and JerryStiller (Frank Costanza)
  13. 13. Question #7Coined by the Swiss physician Johannes Hofer in the late seventeenthcentury, this term designated a condition of extreme homesickness amongSwiss mercenaries fighting far from their native landOver the years, the term’s connotation has drastically changed and is evenperceived as moderately positive in some quarters
  14. 14. Nostalgia
  15. 15. Question #8Before the start of #ct13, of the playersacross all squads, who had the bestbowling average in ODIs? (Min. 10ODIs)
  16. 16. MSD
  17. 17. Question #9A performance artist by profession, Xwas born in Gunduz; the third largestcity of his country. X has a degree infine arts and has been doing streetperformances for yearsX has a webpage by his name,which details his choreography work,photos and video featuringcontemporary danceHis friends have commented that Xisnt particularly politically activealthough they are not surprised byhis recent deeds
  18. 18. Erdem Gunduz (The Standing Man)
  19. 19. Question #10What does Sheldon say at the end of the video? Why?
  20. 20. Muhammad Lee
  21. 21. 5. Grease4. Pretty Woman3. Slumdog Millionaire2. E.T.1. ________With a modest budget $6 million and gross revenueof $369 million, corresponding to a staggering RoI of6150%Question #11
  22. 22. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  23. 23. Question #12
  24. 24. #trottsfault
  25. 25. Question #13Pictorial representation of what?
  26. 26. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
  27. 27. Question #14What common profession links Christopher Walken and Sylvester Stallonebefore joining mainstream cinema?
  28. 28. Lion Tamer
  29. 29. Question #15Connect
  30. 30. Six Sigma
  31. 31. Question #16What?
  32. 32. Yahoo’s Acquisition of tumblr
  33. 33. Question #17Id X and Y
  34. 34. X: Rhiti, Y: Arun Pandey
  35. 35. [LVC#1] Question #18Merriam-Webster Word of the Year for 2008?
  36. 36. Bailout
  37. 37. [LVC#2] Question #19X is a an attack made withoutwarning, allowing no time forpreparation or defence on the part ofthe recipientThe term is generally reserved forsituations where the way in which ithas been delivered is consideredunfair or unethicalIn practice, this often includes thosedelivered from close-range orbehind.
  38. 38. Sucker-Punch
  39. 39. [LVC #3] Question #20Popularly known as splat in computerscience jargon, in English, X is usuallyfive-pointed in sans-serif typefaces,six-pointed in serif typefaces, and six-or eight-pointed when handwritten.Id X
  40. 40. Asterisk
  41. 41. Coined by German-American psychologist EricErikson, X occurs in the stage of psychosocialdevelopment known as ‘Identity Cohesion versusRole Confusion’. However, over the years, theconnotation has evolved and X is now used in avariety of situations.X is also the name of a seven part DC Comics starringthe Justice League published in 2004.However, way back in 1998, Marvel had come outwith a Comics of their own, also titled X, but starringthe Amazing Spider-Man.Id XConnect Question #18 to #21[LVC #4] Question #21
  42. 42. Identity Crisis
  43. 43. LVC
  44. 44. 1.A Glass And A Half Full Productions” isthe in-house production unitdedicated to the advertisementcampaign of which company?Thephrase was originally used to explainthe amount of milk in every half-pound of this product.
  45. 45. Quizzing ki ‘Shubh Arambh’ kuchmeetha se karna chahiye!!
  46. 46. 2.Identify this fictional character
  47. 47. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, then students atClevelands Glenville High School, firstconceived Superman as a bald telepathicvillain bent on world domination
  48. 48. 3.“When I was younger, definitely, I let it get tome. As an adolescent, I was bitter and angry andI definitely put up these walls. But the older youget, you realize you just have to have a sense ofhumor. You just know that its not your problem.Its theirs.“Words said by which EMMY and Golden GlobeAward winner in 2012 for Best SupportingActor?
  49. 49. Peter Dinklage(of Tyrion Lannister fame)
  50. 50. 4.Fill in the blanked out space
  51. 51. 5.Trace amounts of which organiccompound found in almost all homesin a certain distinctive form/shape areproduced by magnolias and specifictypes of deer, as well as the Formosansubterranean termite as a repellantagainst "ants, poisonous fungi andnematode worms.”?
  52. 52. Napthalene
  53. 53. 6.Pranab Mukherjee and Hamid Karzaiarrived at Jalandhar on May 20 thisyear where the latter was conferredwith a honorary doctorate of socialsciences degree and the formerhanded it over. This is the first ‘honoriscausa’ degree awarded by whichinstitution?
  54. 54. Lovely Professional University
  55. 55. 7.2000 : Mohammed Kaif2008 : Virat Kohli2012 : ?
  56. 56. Unmukt ChandIndian captains to have lifted theICC U-19 World Cup
  57. 57. 8.Map depicting what?
  58. 58. Countries with left and right hand sidedrives.
  59. 59. 9.Recently there was news that X will be builtin Dubai, by Link Global Ltd. Spread across200,000 sq.metres, it will be based onoriginal designs and also include a 300-room luxury hotel, a mall and cocktail bars.The developers are also pitching it as awedding venue.What is happening?
  60. 60. Taj Arabia
  61. 61. 10.Sir Robert Swan is a polar explorer,environmental leader and the first personto walk to both the North and Southpoles. Swan has dedicated his life to thepreservation of Antarctica and runs anorganization called 2041.Why 2041?
  62. 62. Antarctica is currently protected by thetreaty prohibiting drilling and mining.2041 is when the Antarctic Treatycomes to an end, exposing thecontinent’s un-spoilt wilderness.
  63. 63. 11.In 1699, the tenth Sikh Guru created theKhalsa in order to distinguish the Sikhsand to generate a feeling of communitybelonging among them. He put forth apractice that removes the evil of castesystem in the community.What commenced?
  64. 64. Adoption of Singh & Kaur as surnamefor Male & Female respectively
  65. 65. 12.Tribute to whom?
  66. 66. The line at the bottom read“With Alex Fergusson gone, who will buy the nexttruckload of chewing gum?”
  67. 67. 13.Minimalist poster of?
  68. 68. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
  69. 69. 14.According to Lalit Pandit, thecomposer of the song, the credit forthe words XY should go to MadhurBhandarkar. This is because wheneverMadhur forgets someone’s name hecalls him XY. Lalit had always wanted touse these words in one of his songs.What words?
  70. 70. 15.Hope Cooke, an American college student, whileon a summer trip to Asian 1959, came acrossthe Crown Prince of a small nation. They fell inlove and were engaged in 1961. A few monthsafter their marriage, the ruling King died and shebecame the Queen, a position she held for over10 years till the monarchy was finally deposed.The couple formally divorced in 1980 and herhusband died soon after. She now works in NYas a tour guide and historian.Which country was she the queen of?
  71. 71. Sikkim.She was the “Gyalmo” (Queen) of the12th Chogyal (King) of Sikkim, then thesmallest kingdom of Asia
  72. 72. 16.A Jamshedpur born Chartered Accountant, hestarted a small company ‘Ask Me’ in New Delhi in1989 with a few friends. But the company did notperform that well and he wound it up. In 1996, helanded up in Mumbai and began a new venturewith an initial sum of Rs. 50,000. His ideastruggled initially, but he persevered and today ithas grown up into a Rs. 10,00 crore business.Name the venture being discussed.
  73. 73. 17.Charles Barbier designed this asNapoleon wanted a code ofcommunication for his army whichwould be silent and workable at night.It was called "night writing". Later on itevolved into what?
  74. 74. Braille
  75. 75. 18.Identify the person on whom this holyritual is being performed.
  76. 76. S. Sreesanth
  77. 77. 19.In medieval times in Europe,1/3rd of taxes used to go the King,1/3rd to the nobility and 1/3rd to thecommon man. How has this traditionbeen kept alive?
  78. 78. Baa, baa, black sheep,Have you any wool?Yes, sir, yes, sir,Three bags full;One for the master,And one for the dame,And one for the little boyWho lives down the lane
  79. 79. 20.• 300g Hob Nobs• 150g butter , melted• 1 x 397g tin condensed milk• 3 medium egg yolks• finely grated zest and juice of 4 X• 300ml double cream• 1 tbsp icing sugar• extra X to decorate• a buttery biscuit baseThis zesty oven-baked treat makes arefreshing and indulgent end to a meal!
  80. 80. 21.X is the combination of two separate slangterms. Keith “cowboy” Wiggins coined theterm to mimic his friend who had joinedthe US Army…by singing “X” whichmimicked the rhythmic cadence ofmarching soldiers. It soon came to identifywith music and culture that mirrored theworst of mainstream, symbolizing sexism,racism, violence.ID X