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Across The Universe Quiz @IIM Kozhikode

  1. 1. Quizmaster: Kshitij KapoorAtharvaIIM Kozhikode
  2. 2. During the time of the Crusades the members of a certainsecret Muslim sect engaged people to terrorize theirChristian enemies by performing murders as a religious duty.These acts were carried out under the influence of hashish,and so the killers became known as X , meaning eaters orsmokers of hashish. X evolved into the word Y.The word Y derives it’s meaning from the very actmentioned above of murdering, looting et alMention X or Y.Question 1
  3. 3. X: HashashinY: Assassin
  4. 4. The name of this Japanese City means little beach. Around2006, the city inhabitants and the administrations noted that acertain person was gaining widespread internationalpopularity and thus decided to associate with the person. Itsent that person a set of the city’s famous lacquer chopsticks, aDVD about the city and a letter wishing him the best. As theperson became even more popular in early 2008, it began toorganize parties, posters and T-shirts in support.Why the association ? Give Funda.Question 2
  5. 5. The city is called Obama. This was the time when Obama’sPresidential campaign was on in the United States ofAmerica
  6. 6. The author Larry Niven, in a 1973 English novel written by himdescribes a free transfer booth that could take any oneanywhere on Earth in milliseconds. The plot centers around atelevision journalist who, after being fired for his inadvertentrole in inciting a post-robbery riot in Los Angeles, seeks toindependently investigate the teleportation system for theflaws in its design allowing for such spontaneous riots to occur.The free transfer booth and the incidents that occur haveserved as the originating source of a phenomenon which oflately has increasingly gained popularity in India & abroad.What ?Question 3
  7. 7. Flash Mobs
  8. 8. • Has a degree from M.I.T in Electrical Engineering.• Works for a company named “Path-E-TechManagement”.• Made about 10 Million dollars by investing in stockoptions for a company called ZYMED, spent the entirefortune on a "Cray 9" Supercomputer.• Invented a new data encryption program called P.H.B.Question 4
  9. 9. Dilbert
  10. 10. For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals Then somethinghappened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned totalk. We learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas,enabling human beings to work together, subdue the impossible . Mankindsgreatest achievement have come about by talking. And its greatest failuresby not talking. It doesnt have to be like this. Our greatest hopes will becomereality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities areunlimited. All we need to do is to make sure that we keep talking.The above piece was written and spoken by an eminent person in a BritishTelecom Television advertisement. However, what made it more popular was acertain X done by Y. The portion blanked out in red was used entirely in X, andthe text portion blanked out in yellow was taken as the title of X. (The portionsblanked in black have been done so as they would have been a distinct helptowards working out answer)Mention either X or Y.Question 5
  11. 11. For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals Then somethinghappened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned totalk. We learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas,enabling human beings to work together, subdue the impossible . Mankindsgreatest achievement have come about by talking. And its greatest failuresby not talking. It doesnt have to be like this. Our greatest hopes will becomereality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities areunlimited. All we need to do is to make sure that we keep talking.Talked by Stephen Hawking, the starting blanked-by-red part of this piece wasused in Pink Floyd’s song Keep TalkingHence,X is the song Keep TalkingY is Pink Floyd
  12. 12. Question 6
  13. 13. Sonia Gandhi
  14. 14. • This company initially used to sell soap andbaking powder. In 1892 to increase sales theybegan packaging something with each can ofbaking powder. In time this thing becamemore popular than the baking powder itself.• They had the first product with a Barcode• Give me the company.Question 7
  15. 15. Wrigley’s
  16. 16. Question 8
  17. 17. Osama Bin Laden with his 21 siblings
  18. 18. • Whose vital stats are 19-19-19?Question 9
  19. 19. Olive Oyl
  20. 20. • X was asked many times during his career why hechose the number Y. Finally on November 3,1993, he gave an answer :“ The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It hadto be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and Ichose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen,Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at mydesk, stared into the garden and thought ‘Y will do’. Ityped it out. End of story. ”• He described his choice as a completely ordinarynumber. In fact its the sort of number that youcould without any fear introduce to your parents.Question 10
  21. 21. • X – Douglas Adams• Y - 42Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  22. 22. • The whiteface is the highest status in the X hierarchy andthe oldest of modern X archetypes. When whitefacesperform with other X, they usually function as the straightman, or the leader of the group.• Accompanying whiteface is another X character known asan auguste or red X. The augustes are the ones who’regenerally clumsy and repeatedly get themselves intoaccidents.• The character X adopts an eccentric character of sometype, such as a butcher, a baker, a policeman, a housewifeor hobo. When working in a traditional trio situation thecharacter will play "contre-auguste" (2nd, less wild auguste)and can side with either of them.Question 11
  23. 23. Joker/Clown
  24. 24. • Club Name: _. _. _. _. _.• Office Bearers:– Great Grandiose Dictator-for-Life, The Ruler Supreme,The Fearless, The Brave, The Held-high-in-esteem,_______ the Bold.– First _____ and El Presidente, The delight of allcognoscent.• Meeting Location: Clubhouse in Garage, TreeFort, Box of Secrecy• Official Anthem: “Oh, _._._._._., best club in thecosmos...”Question 12
  25. 25. G.R.O.S.S
  26. 26. • After the end of the Second World War, there was anincrease in birth rates. In May 1951, Sylvia Porter, acolumnist for the New York Post, used the term ____to refer to the phenomenon of increased births in postwar America. The generation born between 1940s and1960s are referred to as the ____ ____ Generation.Question 13
  27. 27. Baby Boomers
  28. 28. • Mary Quant ran a popular clothesshop in Kings Road, Chelsea, London,called Bazaar, from which she sold her owndesigns. In the late 1950s she beganexperimenting with clothes, culminating in thecreation of the _________ in 1964—one ofthe defining fashions of the decade. Quantnamed the dress after her favourite make ofcar, the ________.Question 14
  29. 29. Miniskirts
  30. 30. • Market Street is the central street of _____, thelocation of several big shops including Bombay AnandBhavan and Truth Printing Works.• Kabir Street is the residence of the elite, while LawleyExtension is a new upcoming lane housing the rich andthe influential. Ellmen Street, home to the oil-mongers,is the last street and beyond it lies the river Sarayu.Other streets include Grove Street and Kalighat Lane.Between Ellmen Street and the river lie NallappasGrove and the cremation ground. The Untouchablesand sweepers live on the lower banks of the river.Question 15
  31. 31. Malgudi
  32. 32. The following interesting events happened after the release ofsomething• The number plate of a certain Volkswagen Beatle with thenumber LMW 281F was repeatedly stolen• In 1986, the very car was sold at auction for £2,530 and in2001 was on display in a museum in Germany• Paul Cole, an American fond of travelling, much to his surprisebecame popular worldwideWhat is being discussed ? / Give Funda.Question 16
  33. 33. The events happened after the release of Abbey Road, the Beatles11th album in 1969. The iconic cover image shown above had thementioned Volkswagen Beatle & Paul Cole in the background
  34. 34. • There are many recorded instances of the this, originally known asthe backslide. Similar steps are reported as far back as 1932, usedby Cab Calloway.• The origin is the pantomime exercise "Marche sur place" created bymime masters Etienne Decroux and Jean-Louis Barrault and firstrecorded on film for Children of Paradise in the 1940s.• In The French mime artist, Marcel Marceaus famous "WalkingAgainst the Wind" routine Marceau pretends to be pushedbackwards by a gust of wind.• On a different note, a NASA astronaut called Eugene Cernan of theApollo 17 mission, was the last to do this.Question 17
  35. 35. MOONWALK
  36. 36. • X was born in the kitchen of a Italianrestaurant named “Mama Leoni”.• He immediately ate all the pasta andlasagna in sight, thus developing a loveand obsession for lasagna.• He is pessimistic, sadistic, cynical,sarcastic, sardonic and a bit obnoxious.• He also makes snide comments, usuallyabout his owner’s inability to get a date.Question 18
  37. 37. Garfield
  38. 38. • The MIT students calculated my speed to bearound 1046 km/sec, about 3000 times thespeed of light. The total load weight involvedin my transfer is 321000 tones. 214000 livingorganisms of the same species are involved inmy transfer. I have 918 million destinations toreach in 31 hours across 24 time zones visiting822.6 destinations per second. Who or whatam I?Question 19
  39. 39. Santa Claus
  40. 40. • I Met my best friend Ajit Banarjee under theAlias Atulchandra Mitra• My Wife’s Name Satyaboti• I love My Newspaper Dainik Kalketu with chaiand biscutYou guys used to love me... I think you still do ?Question 20
  41. 41. Byomkesh Bakshi
  42. 42. • Jim Wesley was a drummer who worked with X in his clubgigging days (1980-1981). But he later quit the band to go andsell carpets because there was no money to be made as amusician back then.• Jody Perpick is a Canadian former musician and current SoundEngineer for X . He got married almost at the same time whenJim Wesley had quit the band. Perpick was once a part of Xsgroup during his early days but quit to concentrate on theSound Equipment for X as he achieved success.Question 21
  43. 43. Jimmy Quit…Jody got married…I shoulda known we’d never get far….Oh when I look back now..That summer seemed to last foreverAnd if I had the choice….Ya - Id always wanna be there….Those were the best days of my life…Back in the Summer O’ 69Bryan Adams
  44. 44. • Crystal City in Texas has erected a statue in thecity centre to honor the most famousconsumer for an agricultural product. CrystalCity is known as the ____ Capitol of theWorld.• The Plaque in the statue reads:– “This statue is erected in tribute to Elzie CrislerSegar”.• Who is this consumer & what is the product?Question 22
  45. 45. • Popeye & Spinach
  46. 46. • They are referred to by their numbers, indicated on thetags seen on the chests of their distinctive orange or redshirts. The three most common numbers are 176-167,176-671, and 176-761. In fact, no digits other than one,six, or seven appear on their tags. They live in a smalltumbledown hide-out.• They have been known by these numbers since theirchildhood, and they dont even know their real namesthemselves.• They have almost identical personalities. 176-167 is veryfond of prunes.• Who am I talking about?Question 23
  47. 47. Beagle Boys
  48. 48. • According to Google these are the top 10 searched womenon the internet.• Avril Lavigne• Paris Hilton• Miley Cyrus• ____________• Britney Spears• Rihanna• Beyonce• Madonna• Kesha• Lady GagaQuestion 24
  49. 49. Justin Bieber
  50. 50. • For his contributions to the development of quantumelectrodynamics, X was a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize inPhysics in 1965, together with Julian Schwinger and Sin-ItiroTomonaga.• X assisted in the development of the atomic bomb and was amember of the panel that investigated the Space Shuttle Challengerdisaster.• X was a keen popularizer of physics in both his books and lectures,notably a 1959 talk on top-down nanotechnology called TheresPlenty of Room at the Bottom.• Freeman Dyson once wrote that X was "half-genius, half-buffoon",but later revised this to "all-genius, all-buffoon". Name X.Question 25
  51. 51. Richard Phillips Feynman
  52. 52. ___________________________ X 2Just another blunderJust another lousy callJust another clap of thunderAnd apologies ring hollowFrom the guilty in WhitehallAnd theres no hint of sorrowJust the whitewash on the wallJust one man deadAnd nothing is gainedNothing at allAnd Jean Charles de Menezes remains___________________________During a 2011 tour, this artist added the above para to an existing, iconic songwhile its live performance. The para refered to an unfortunate event which hadhappened in London some years ago .The title of the song and the blanks are the same. Fill in the blanksQuestion 26
  53. 53. This paragraph was included to criticize the London Police rolein the Jean Charles de Menezes killing. He was a Brazilian manshot in the head seven times at Stockwell tube station on theLondon Underground by the London Metropolitan police, afterhe was misidentified as one of the fugitives involved in theprevious days failed bombing attempts.Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd
  54. 54. • The author titled his book "Four and half yearsof Fighting against lies, stupidity andcowardice" - the publishers, knowing better,thought the title outrageously long and funny,and suggested ______ -_______ instead.Question 27
  55. 55. • Originally created in the town of Athani whichis located 150 Kms from Belgaum on theborder of Maharashtra. This thing made frombuffalo skin, was spotted by a trader fromMumbai and was marketed under the name ofa different town to mask the place of origin.Soon the changed name became the defactoname by which this thing began to be called.What are we talking about?Question 28
  56. 56. Kolhapuri Chappal
  57. 57. • The word X is a shortening from Ancient Greek word meaning"something imitated", and it was coined by the British evolutionarybiologist Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene (1976)as a conceptfor discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread ofideas and cultural phenomena.• Proponents theorize that X may evolve by natural selection in amanner analogous to that of biological evolution.• X do this through the processes of variation, mutation,competition and inheritance, each of which influence it’sreproductive success. Xs spread through the behaviors that theygenerate in their hosts. Xs which propagate less prolifically maybecome extinct, while others may survive, spread and (for better orfor worse) mutate. Give X.Question 29
  58. 58. MemesU MAD???
  59. 59. • The first few parts center around a pair of commandos named BillRizer and Lance Bean (who were originally modeled after actionmovie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, bothicons during the 1980s) who fought against alien invaders thatattempted to invade the Earth by infiltrating their planet in thedistant future of the 27th century.• Voiceovers were done by a local Los Angeles DJ HollywoodHancock, but scrapped later in production due to budget overruns.• The original part had them fighting against the Red Falconorganization at the Galuga islands, while the next part dealt withthe aliens possession of the GX Army in South America.• What is being talked about here?Question 30
  60. 60. • Katherine Mayo, a racist american author wrote abook in 1927 in which she talked about the weaksexuality of Indian males which lead tomasturbation, rape, homosexuality andpremature pregenancies. She questioned Indiasnationalistic leaders, treatment of women etc. aswell. Years later, a movie was created with thesame title, the makers saying their work was achallenge to this book, in an attempt to evictfrom the minds of the people the scurrilous workthat is Miss Mayos book. What work?Question 31
  61. 61. Question 32
  62. 62. Question 33"Since the dawn of man" is really not that long,As every galaxy was formed in less time than it takes to sing this song.A fraction of a second and the elements were made.The bipeds stood up straight,The dinosaurs all met their fate,They tried to leap but they were lateAnd they all died (they froze their asses off)The oceans and pangeaSee ya wouldnt wanna be yaSet in motion by the same ______________________________________Australopithecus would really have been sick of usDebating out while here theyre catching deer (were catching viruses)Religion or astronomy, Encarta, Deuteronomy______________________________Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology______________________________
  63. 63. It all started with a BIG BANG!!
  64. 64. • It is an edible fruit produced by any of severalspecies in the Rubus genus of the Rosaceaefamily. The fruit is botanically termed anaggregate fruit.Question 34
  65. 65. BlackBerry• Mike Lazaridis is the Founder and VicePresident of Research In Motion
  66. 66. • The creator’s comments on this have beenfaithfully recorded: ``I worked on thedetails... gave him a shock of black haireternally dangling over his right eye. I madehim clutch a rather over-worked bristling --------- in one hand...What am I talking about?Question 35
  67. 67. Gattu, the Asian Paints mascot
  68. 68. • Shown above is Paolo Uccellos depiction of Saint Georgeand the Dragon, c. 1470. The painting is regarded as aclassic illustration of a situation X. X has also enteredcolloquial English and is a commonly used phrase todescribe a certain case/situation. What ?Question 36
  69. 69. Damsel in distress
  70. 70. • Which common phrase (prevalent with respectto corporate & business meetings) originatesfrom the Dilbert comic strip shown above ?Question 37
  71. 71. Powerpoint Poisoning/Death by ppt• The criticism of slide-based presentations referring to astate of boredom and fatigue induced by informationoverload during presentations such as those created bythe Microsoft application PowerPoint
  72. 72. • He founded the quiz club at St. Stephens, NewDelhi in 1970s. He stood for union electionsunder the slogan “_______ ________, JeetegaZaroor” and went on to officiate as thepresident of the college union. Who ?Question 38
  73. 73. Shashi Tharoor
  74. 74. • The name Olympic Goal is used to describe aparticular type of goal in football. The name isderived from a goal by the Argentine playerCesáreo Onzari against the then Olympicchampions Uruguay at Buenos Aires on October2, 1924. The legality of this type of goal has beenquestioned. The most famous instance of this wasCeltics 1950s midfielder Charlie Tully whosegoal was disallowed by the referee. However hescored again almost immediately and this time thegoal was allowed. How is the goal scored?Question 39
  75. 75. Scored directly from a corner kick
  76. 76. • Name: __________• Identity/Class: Human/extra-dimensional hybrid, armed with advancedtechnology• His Job: Defender of the Earth and the spaceways.• Affiliations: Agent of the World Government• Enemies: The 12 criminals viz Teja, Vikal, Morpho, Computo, Mohini,Paras, Gravito, Kineto, Sonic, Venom, Durgati, Chhalasur• Known Relatives:– Father --------------------- Dr. Om Swarup (a brilliant scientist);– Mother -------------------- Parchhaayee;– Maternal grandfather - Kaala Saaya (ruler of the parasites from the 13thDimension)• Base of Operations: Outer space• Powers/Abilities: Yogic powers of concentration, immunity to radiation.Question 40
  77. 77. Captain Vyom
  78. 78. • It was Jaya Bhaduri , his FTII Classmate, who changedhis complicated first name into a much simpler one.And he is known by this name in Bollywood.• His family was into horse breeding and he had alwaysnursed an ambition to join the Indian Army. He hadeven qualified for the prestigious Armed ForcesMedical College but due to the request of his mother,he couldn’t.• A recipient of the prestigious Padma Shree award, he isamongst the few actors who has shot movies in Kabuland not once. Identify the actor.Question 41
  79. 79. Tshering Phintso Denzongpa
  80. 80. • An advertisement for what?Question 42
  81. 81. Wonderbra
  82. 82. THANK YOU