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Application Management Services


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Application Management Services

  1. 1. SAP Application Management Services
  2. 2. What AMS costs to your organization? Investments in SAP landscape are constantly increasing, exerting a continuous pressure to reduce costs and increase transparency of IT services. Chief information officers (CIOs) often find themselves grappling with a multitude of issues such as - high cost of operations, difficulty in finding value additions, lack of flexibility and scalability of support model, limited productivity gains, attrition and challenges in knowledge retention. Since a large percentage of corporate Information Technology (IT) spending goes toward ongoing maintenance and management costs, any remaining IT funds are generally insufficient to allow companies to achieve the business and technology innovation they require in order to adapt to changing industry conditions. Outsourcing the AMS is the most effective way to reduce this cost and focus more upon the core areas of your business. bu if)v. mi= frxrikiilting Pvt irrl
  3. 3. Why Orane’s AMS? Orane’s AMS is for you if you want to: I Reduce support cost per user. I Reduce Non—Discretionary Spend while maintaining the service levels I Dynamic cost structure that caters to fluctuation in business demand. I All in one expert solution activities for all your SAP problems. Benefits I Optimize the availability, stability, and performance of SAP solutions This is challenging in a global marketplace where production schedules leave no room for downtime. I Improve business processes As you maintain data integrity, consistency, and security, you can add best practices and new geographies. I Foster innovation without disruption You can include innovation in existing solutions with minimum risk and maximum continuity. 3 Li I Lower operational costs Protecting your SAP investment by continuously optimizing your IT operations processes in a holistic, proactive way to reduce total cost of operations.
  4. 4. What is SAP-AMS mean to us for you? Responsiveness Any day, anytime, our experts are working the support tickets and delivery centers to provide you the live, expert solutions you rely on. Ownership As an extension to your IT department, we work on your behalf. That means taking actions related to your SAP applications and also taking accountability for them. Resourcefulness No vague solutions. If there's a need or an issue related to your SAP, it's ourjob to recommend and implement practical and creative solutions Expertise SAP certified Orane employees put their expertise and experience to work for you. So you don't need to hire experts in-house. Transparency Through support tickets, phone calls and account reviews, we always keep you informed and in the loop. If we know it, you know it. Ornriii Cnrisiilting Pvt Itri
  5. 5. Orane’s AMS Overview
  6. 6. AMS: An Overview Orane offers SAP support services to help enterprises harmonize and streamline recurring cost and add value to business. Orane offer critical technology services and solutions that your business demands. Always up-to-date on trends and technology, we partner with SAP to help enterprises operate with greater agility, make faster as well as profitable decisions, and collaborate globally with increased mobility. Orane offers three support models: - Dedicated Support Model Team of experts SAP consultants work delicately on single client only - Shared Support Model Team of experts SAP consultants work on a pool of clients, leveraged with shared knowledge and provide innovation and cost effectiveness I Hybrid Support model Mix of dedicated and shared support model i‘u. ini= ‘nri‘. iim'iL‘ "in mi
  7. 7. l ' SAP rt/3 I SAP Financials (Release 4.x, ECC) I SAP Enterprise Portals SAP Business Intelligence SAP BPC SAP Human Capital Management SAP Solutions Professional I Services Discrete Manufacturing Continuous Manufacturing I I i I l Industries Paper Engineering, Machinery & Components Media & Newspaper W 4 : l India & APAC Middle-East ' North America Africa Geographies H
  8. 8. I ' SAP rt/3 I SAP Financials (Release 4.x, ECC) I SAP Enterprise Portals SAP Business Intelligence SAP BPC SAP Human Capital Management SAP Solutions Professional I Services Discrete Manufacturing Continuous Manufacturing I I i I I Industries Paper Engineering, Machinery & Components Media & Newspaper W 4 : l India & APAC Middle-East ' North America Africa Geographies H
  9. 9. Application Management Services Involving. .. n. ..m. ... .i Activities Developmerltlutivitles 0 Scope of Work usually across modules like FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, QM, PM etc. and New Dimension Modules 0 Daily Tasks: Resolve Issues across various SAP Modules for which business transactions are configured 0 Monthly Tasks: Resolve Issues in Period Closing 0 Quarterly Tasks: Resolve issues in Quarterly Reporting -Annual Tasks: Period End Fiscal Year Closing 0 Resolve issues related to application of patches etc. 0 Scope of Work usually involves maintenance of Form, Reports, Interfaces, Components, Enhancement, Interfaces on ABAP & JAVA stack - Daily Tasks: Resolve issues related to the above ABAP objects on SAP 0 Monthly Tasks: Resolving ABAP/4 related Issues in Period Closing 0 Quarterly Tasks: Resolving ABAP/4 related Issues in Quarterly Reporting 0 Annual Tasks: Resolving ABAP/4 related Issues in Period Closing —FY end 0 Resolving Issues related to application of Support Package - Scope of Work usually involves system & services monitoring & issue resolution across systems in Customer System Landscape 0 Daily Tasks: Monitor work processes & resolve issues related to locks, failed updates, backups, performance, transport requests etc. 0 Weekly Tasks: Monitoring DB growth, weekly backups etc. 0 Monthly Tasks: Plot & Analyze DB Growth, File system use, etc. 0 Quarterly Tasks 0 Annual Tasks 0 Special Tasks ii: .iiI- ‘. ri= .ii'. 'i'iL‘ “vi . r:1
  10. 10. Confinue”. Limited Configuration Configuration Support for V", M" U W. S " Support Business Changes ' u 3 uppo - Scope of work usually - scope of Work usually - Scope of Work usuallv includes includes configuration Configuration Support required 5“P_P_"ft'"3 the °"5t°f“°' '“ support (limited to a scope due to change in business activitiesrelated to Fiscal Year previously defined in the Processes Gosmg’ We number ranges reset, modules like etc. and New Dimension Modules 0 Annual Tasks: Period End Fiscal Year Technical System Audit Statement Of W011‘ 0 This doesnt cover the changes due to additions / changes in the organizational units Functional Audit Orane Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  11. 11. Comparison of Engagement Model Model Dedicated Hybrid Shared Support Benefits Effective organization change management Continue to maintain end user satisfaction level from day one Flexibility in on-site capacity for supporting other initiative Effective teaming Moderate Cost Ramp ups are easy More Coverage & less delivery risk Better competency spread Deploy resources as per the need of support Lowest Cost & Wider Support Window Leverage experience from other engagements Flexible Staffing - Availability of pool of consultants to ensure any resource need for projects or major change requests Focus on Innovation and Value add Perceived Challenges Unable to leverage offshore for innovation, value add quickly Higher lead time to onboard resource Difficulty in mitigating risk of attrition Longer lead time to maintain comfort Buffer capacity needs to be built Minimal onsite presence Orane Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  12. 12. Our Approach
  13. 13. Orane’s Approach » Responses / Resolutions ‘ «- < . ... ... ... -- gs i . _ . ‘ ic . -—. ... <— V , -3,‘, Business User '"f°”"a“°“ / Req”e5‘a Service Desk mcidems A Responses Resolutions I I - U d t R 't S: m:: ,d: poSl my : - Service Reports V , Au, mRepOnS - Incident Statistics , _‘ ‘ - Audit Reports , ’ " " _ _ . 1 iv ( . _ . _ . . . . . _ . _ . - _ Configuration Incident Root Cause Ana W5 Changes Management Management x <_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - System System Releases Production Deployment - Problem Statistics Release Problem . Trend Anawsis - Client Release Calendi Mmagemel“ Manaflemel“ - Problem Review Report - Release Statistics 5Y9‘5'" 3Y5'°"" - Diagnostic Aids - Pre- Release Review - Security Library Change Management System - Change Schedule - Board Change - Change Control - Change Reviews
  14. 14. Service Level De" Ticket Registration Ticket Confirmation to Issue Logger Basic Trouble Shooting Support Installation Support Configuration Control Solution form Knowledge repository Escalation to L2 f. I'| l'i itions in-zidiznt | ‘/ lanagement lvli: *,-:2: Change lVlanagEn‘. e-i‘it Escalation from L1 Status update to Logger Detailed Issue tracking Check Integration issues Hardware and Software interoperability Knowledge Repository Entry Escalation to L3 Escalation from L2 Performance Tuning Remote Troubleshoot Bug Management - Bug Analysis 0 Bug Fix - Regression Testing Development Testing Change Mgmt. Knowledge Repository Entry
  15. 15. Shared Support Service Desk 3? 9 Client 1 Client 2 Client 3 9 Client n l Functional BASIS Development Support Support Support Optional Services l SAP Testing Value add SAP and/ or Business process consulting services Orane Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  16. 16. it working hours as per business days 0 Monitoring: 24*7 * Critical Incident: 24*7 Support ivianagemeiti 0 Email: Distribution List of Support Team and Customer Team 0 Service Management: Contact Details of Help Desk for Client and Orane o Account Manager: Contact Details of Client and Orane Account Manager Engagement Manager Single Point of Contact for the Customer Manages the relationship between Customer & Orane Accessible to the Customer 24 x 7 x 365 Conducts Periodic Review Meetings with Customer & Orane team Internally reports to the Delivery Director 0 Extended Network Support 0 Dedicated state of art Offshore Delivery Center Responsible along with the Project Manager for all issues of the project Responsible along with the Delivery Director for the commercials
  17. 17. Team Comg3etei‘1cy Experience Area Functionality/ SAP-Module Expert SAP-Fl at 6 0 -I 8 SAP—C0 Q 0 0 i g BPC is e -9 iii 3 Treasury «I it e D % S&D ii I! -I -In 5 SAP-MM air It 0 iii ‘g HCM is as is I 3 "‘- BI/ Bw is 9 iii Logistics 0 5 ABAP -6 i 73 8 ‘E ‘5 Web DynPro it 0 vi = 2 3 .1, Pl -ii 9 to it i— o: BASIS 0 -I $0-I-ll-lb-IIQ-D-I-Gfiib
  18. 18. Our Value Preposition 18
  19. 19. Orane’ Solution Benefits Eliminate Work - Integrate technology capabilities to eliminate work - STP (Straight through Processing) - Business Assurance - Process restructuring 0 Inter & lntra industry best practices Do It Differently - Operations automation Do It Better 0 Process back boning - Benchmarking 0 Technology augmentation Do It Cheaper ° Global skill supply chain 0 Global delivery model 0 Front end automation 0 Robust and adaptive operating model 0 e0‘$° 90‘. t'ir. irii= Crxriniilting Pvt am 19
  20. 20. Orane Value Preposition Dedicated Support Team Orane have a dedicated team of SAP Consultants to provide Functional, Technical, and Basis services for our customer. Orane constantly trains and strengthens its resource base on new versions and across all modules of SAP to keep with our customer support requirements. 24x7 Support Orane provide 24x7 support window as per customer needs Commitment of SLAs Experience of committing ASM services based on mutually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and a past record of meeting / consistently exceeding the SLAs while working on similar projects with other clients Effective Monitoring & Control Orane has deployed Project Management and SLA tracking tools that encapsulates the experience of previous projects. These tools help in effectively tracking and monitoring the control parameters of the project, and monitor the health of the project and provide Metrics Flexibility Orane has a large SAP resource base, this allows us to handle the project and provide additional services to client with ease 20
  21. 21. Some of Our Clients rm am __ mmsmggggyg G ‘ Contact Us I / I 0 W Orane Consulting Pvt. Ltd 7' cement _ . ... ... ... ... ... . ""°"""""""""' 2"“ Floor, C 56, A/5, Sector 62 HERO Noida—201301, U. P. Nnoma , ,g_____ Ph: +91-120—4888111 Email: sales@oraneconsu| ting. com ‘FuJ| F"-M D“ , -H_. . _>L/ www. oraneconsu| tIng. com T : nTeR<3Lose '“! u:uf, .“: "‘: l,wJ§I°~(Q. ‘ , O 9.<s§ Thank You