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Ascot Capital Group's Brochure

  1. 1. Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. Ascot Capital Group Investment Holding Corporation (ACG) stands for performance in every market environment. We differentiate between times in which we focus primarily on generating substantial returns and periods in which our macroeconomic outlook suggests that a more conservative approach is advisable. We aim to combine the two crucial elements of successful investing: superior absolute return and capital preservation. We are large enough to offer global wealth management services and yet we are small enough to care about you. We are the team around you.
  2. 2. Message from the Chairman Ascot Capital Group is setting itself for new successes in the upcoming years as it embarks on an aggressive expansion plan. Our strategy is straightforward – becoming a first-class investment firm by basing our proactive approach to unique investment opportunities on solid international expertise and unparalleled advice. We believe that there are ample opportunities for niche and tailor-made transactions worlds market and part of our strategy is identifying markets niches for Ascot Capital Group where we can clearly differentiate ourselves, while keeping our long-held stature as the investment managers and advisors of choice. With the necessary expertise, skills and processes in place, Ascot Capital Group is already leveraging its regionals and international knowledge through various mandates with prominent institutions and investors. Ascot Capital Group prides itself in its valuable human assets, its knowledge base and its privileged access to decision-makers and is further rewarded with a loyal clients base and a supportive group of shareholders and responsable and compentent employees. Driven by unfaltering principles, Ascot Capital Group plans to bolster its market leadership and continuously demonstrate its commitment to outstanding client service. We have three invaluable assets - our people, our capital and our reputation. If any of these are ever compromised, the last is the most difficult to restore. We envision Ascot Capital Group as the asset management and investment banking firm with aim to provide our clients with an unparalleled quality of advice and service through an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we do. We think “out of the box,” looking for new opportunities and challenges through constant learning and self-improvement. We provide superior risk adjusted returns to our shareholders and clients. We take a client-centric perspective, catering to their needs with an emphasis on building long-term relationships. Aleksandar Stevanovic
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE Ascot Capital Group, through its subsidiaries, is a leading, independent provider of investment and wealth management services for corporations, private clients and trustees, including discretionary asset management, tax planning, trust and company management, real estate and properties advisory, fiduciary and corporate finance services. Our Group of Companies delivers strategic capital raising and merger and acquisition advisory services with specialized sector expertise. We help clients to raise funds and diversify capital sources by accessing the domestic, international and private markets. Our corporate finance team provides superior hedging and structured product solutions tailored to clients looking to maximize returns and minimize risk. Ascot Capital Group invests globally in private equity transactions in select companies with the objective of medium to long term capital appreciation. Ascot Capital Group takes a partnership approach to investing with both management teams and other financial or strategic investors.
  4. 4. Group of Companies Business Network: Dubai, UAE London, UK Ascot Capital Group is an independent asset manager and financial Lausanne, Switzerland services company.The company's investment services are primarily opportunities that offshore structures can provide. Geneva, Switzerland offered through its subsidiary Ascot Capital Management, which Nyon, Switzerland manages separate accounts for high net worth individuals,institutions, Lugano, Switzerland and qualified pension plans, and through the Company's role as New York, USA advisor to a significant number of all types of Funds. The company's Cayman Islands asset management businesses are supported by Ascot Capital Panama Partners and many institutional brokers/dealers as well. Ascot Capital Isle of Man Management distributes the mutual funds and in collaboration with Gibraltar Ascot Information Research Network publishes investment research Malta and business analysis which is one of the key elements of Ascot Luxembourg Capital Group success. In addition through its subsidiary Ascot Brazil Principal Investments, the Company serves as general partner or Pune, India investment manager in a number of limited partnerships with varying Hong Kong investment objectives. Our Group member, Stebro Ltd offers a full Beijing investment service for private clients and private businesses. Shanghai Stebro’s services are tailored to client needs and we offer specific New Zealand financial solutions dependent upon a client's specific circumstances Singapore you can work with us call or visit: and requirements. Belgrade, Serbia Athens, Greece Sofia, Bulgaria Moscow, Russia
  5. 5. Our Services Wealth Management specializes in the enhancement, protection and management of private and corporate wealth internationally. We are committed to building long-term personal relationships with our wide range of clients, and delivering a broad range of high quality, high value services. Our services include investment management, strategic advice, financial education, banking, trust, pension planning, global custody and corporate and fund administration. Corporate Finance We are a leading independent corporate finance adviser. The combination of our offices and international partners provides our clients access to global markets. We advise companies, individuals and a wide range of financial institutions. We focus on five areas: mergers and acquisitions structuring and raising debt corporate restructuring stock market flotation advising private equity groups private placement deals
  6. 6. Our Services M & A Advisory We focus on a number of industry sectors, each with a dedicated international team of professionals. Within each sector, this gives us a thorough knowledge of the market dynamics, the participants and the influence they have on our clients, and public and private equity interests in the sectors. Most importantly this gives us a considered view of what the future holds for these sectors and our clients - at all times. Services include advice on: public takeovers and defenses valuations and fairness opinions business sales and disposals acquisitions and mergers equity capital markets - flotation and secondary issues strategic reviews private equity transactions management buy-outs
  7. 7. Our Services Fiduciary Services We provide fiduciary and financial services both in the Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK and Hong Kong and from our offshore locations in Isle of Man, Dubai, BVI, Panama and the Cayman Islands. Our partners, tax advisers and chartered accountants, advice you in the various aspect of a company formation, tax and accounting management and the use of the financial vehicle related to these structures. Beyond company domiciliation, accounting and tax advice, or corporate services, our fiduciary department covers a range of mutual or securitization fund's incorporation, formation and management services. Our offshore services can be customized to meet the specific international requirements of individual clients, both personal and corporate, including intermediaries.
  8. 8. ASCOT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Success Trough Strategy Ascot Capital Management is a dedicated asset manager, leader in financial protection and wealth management. Our aim is to develop close relationships with our clients and to provide them with outstanding investment solutions backed up with exceptional customer service. Please note that Ascot Capital Management work on referral basis only. For more information if you’re existing client or if you have referral ID please contact our asset management department on Multi-specialist asset manager As a multi-specialist asset manager, we offer investment expertise across a broad range of asset classes that few of our competitors can match, but we focus on specific areas within each asset class where we can add real value for our clients. Investments are managed by specialists In order to balance the benefits of scale with agility and dynamism, our investment teams are small, empowered and specialized by investment type or product. Investment decisions are based on fundamental research We believe that fundamental in depth research is the key to strong investment performance. As such, we have three dedicated research areas - equities, fixed income and investment strategy. Structured investment processes with a risk management focus Our investment processes are designed to deliver consistent performance with clear responsibility at each stage. Risk management is integrated throughout the process. Aim to provide superior investment solutions for our clients Our understanding of local client requirements, along with our extensive range of investment capabilities enables us to combine products to provide both product and investment solutions that meet genuine customer needs. A wide range of retail and institutional clients Our experience is reassuring. We currently manage portfolios and provide investment solutions for a wide range of clients, including distributors of retail investment products, individual investors, institutions and insurance companies. We work in partnership with our clients through a deep knowledge of their business requirements as well as their local needs. Our Investment Philosophy Superior returns can be gained through: Focusing our investment resources where we have a clear competitive edge Active management In-depth, fundamental research Investment teams that specialize in one area Empowered portfolio managers Decentralized decision making Risk aware environment
  9. 9. Experience I Integrity I Independence I Innovation The key benefits of Ascot Capital Management: Individual advice: ACM client advisors work with you to identify your risk profile and give you personalized advice about exactly which investment strategy is best suited to you. A full asset management service: When you become our client, you get a full asset management service that is tailored to your needs and based on ACM's comprehensive know-how. Professional portfolio management: Thanks to active management, the fund portfolios are adjusted continuously in line with the latest market developments so as to maximize your return. Regardless of how much you invest, you reap the benefits of professional, cost-effective portfolio management International diversification: With just one transaction, you can enjoy the advantages of international diversification, thus reducing the risk attached to your investment. Transparent reporting: ACM maintains various communication channels to ensure that you are never in the dark as regards the developments and strategic decisions that affect your asset allocation fund. A new and comprehensive quarterly report can now be provided on request, informing you of the fund's performance over the preceding quarter and including an overview of market trends. This, together with regular consultations with your client advisor, helps you ensure that you always know exactly how your portfolio is faring.
  10. 10. “a first-class service and prompt personal attention” ACG Global Consultants ACG Global Consultants international team based in Switzerland with 7 offices worldwide will assist clients in business operations around the world. Our core activities are consulting on international tax planning and financial consulting. We provide analysis, consulting and planning services such as: • Consulting on the choice, implementation and maintenance of tax planning solutions • Planning and consulting on the coordination of corporate structures • Planning and consulting on the coordination of assets protection structures • Consulting and assistance on the implementation of double taxation treaties • Value added tax (VAT) planning • Consulting on the utilization of high tax jurisdictions structures for international tax planning • Financial engineering (planning, synchronization) • Inheritance planning • Fiscal analysis of portfolios, investments and insurance policies SWITZERLAND I DUBAI I HONG KONG I NEW YORK I PANAMA I NEW ZEALAND I SINGAPORE Furthermore, we can offer wide range of fiduciary services in domain of companies, foundations and trusts incorporation, management services (domiciliation, professional fiduciary directors, nominee shareholders, fiscal and administrative authorities’ relations, and legalization of documents), and commercial services (Bank accounts opening and management, trading instructions execution , assistance and execution of contracts, invoicing and letters of credit, accounting and arranging audits, company activities representation). Contact:
  11. 11. MAKING THE PIECES FIT ASCOT INFORMATION RESEARCH NETWORK Investment research and business analysis Ascot Information Research Network (AIRN), the ACG’s global network of investment research and business analysis, is one of the world's foremost financial research organizations. For global economic data, forecasts, investment strategy, advice and, where permitted, investment recommendations, tap into Ascot Information Research Network. ACG clients enjoy even more privileged access to AIRN publications. How AIRN can bring you the knowledge that drives your investment success contact us on
  12. 12. Secure your Financial future with the right investment ASCOT CAPITAL PARTNERS Doing deals. Delivering values. Worldwide We are active investors across all stages of funding, from early stage venture capital to growth capital, buyouts and infrastructure. We invest to help businesses achieve their growth ambitions, restructure shareholdings, release equity or change the balance of equity to debt. We work with these companies to add and ultimately realize value, through trade sales and stock market listings. Once we have invested, we are committed to working in partnership with you, delivering our international network, energy and market insight to help you build an exceptional business. Ascot Capital Partners operates as an investment firm. Each company in our portfolio will be independently managed and financed. Each has its own board of directors, which includes Ascot Capital Partners representatives. We are quot;involvedquot;, patient investors, not traders. The average time we plan to invest is above five years. We take a long-term view of a company’s performance. We will never be concerned with quarterly results, but rather focus on cash flow and look at results over a number of years. Ascot Capital Partners core investment principles are and will be that the closing of an acquisition is only the beginning of the process of delivering value. This means that after the deal is done. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on
  13. 13. Investment opportunities with peace of mind ACG REAL ESTATE ADVISORY We are the company dedicated to supporting investors in the emerging property markets worldwide. We understand how difficult it can be to invest in emerging property markets. We also understand how rewarding it can be; personally and financially. Our mission is therefore to provide comprehensive advice and support to enable more people to invest in emerging markets. In addition to emerging property advice and sales, ACG Real Estate Advisory also offers a number of additional professional services. These range from helping raise finance, to providing legal support, organizing rental and reselling of your investment property. Property Holding Buying overseas property can increase your liability to a number of taxes, including capital gains and inheritance tax. Without careful financial planning you could find that the taxman takes away more than you expected. We have a solution. Using a corporate structure to buy high value property overseas can reduce or even avoid these potential tax liabilities. Depending on where the property is situated corporate ownership may also provide other benefits. These could include savings on legal fees, transfer taxes, value added taxes and stamp duties. Learn more about corporate ownership and other tax issues relating to property purchase by contacting our property department on
  14. 14. Trusted to deliver FCS Capital Ltd was founded in 2001 as a financial and trust company. As we have grown, our focus has remained on innovation and a commitment to outstanding client service. FCS Capital Ltd has also established a research presence in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, enabling our analysts to conduct insightful, hands-on research on the growth industries across China. We also have a China wide network through our association with High-Tech International Business Incubator Co. Ltd. Our departments work together seamlessly to deliver our services, with expertise in the following areas: Asset Management Wealth Advisory Investment Banking Fiduciary Services
  15. 15. WEALTH MANAGEMENT Investment Solutions We offer a full range of portfolio solutions to match your investment goals. You can choose from both discretionary and advisory mandates. As a worldwide asset manager we can offer you a wide spectrum of first class portfolio solutions: ACG Managed Fund Portfolio- A selection of the world’s leading funds from ACG and third party providers ACG Portfolio Management- A successful combination of single securities and funds ACG Managed Investment Portfolio- Exclusive access to innovative institutional instruments ACG Absolute Return- Aim to achieve stable returns independent of market conditions ACG Active Portfolio Advisory- Proactive portfolio advice and monitoring by your dedicated investment specialist ACG Active Portfolio Supervision- Proactive portfolio advice and monitoring by your client advisor supported by an investment specialist
  16. 16. FUNDS & INVESTMENTS Investment Products ACG not only offers you expert advice on where to invest. It can, literally, create a personal product for you – tailored specifically to your individual needs and risk profile. Each client can select a strategy to match their investment ideas, risk tolerance and personal investment objectives. Protection- Solutions for investors with low to moderate risk tolerance who want either partial or full capital protection with limited, unlimited, or fixed potential returns. Optimization- Solutions for investors with moderate to high risk tolerance who want to get more from their investment portfolios in flat markets. Performance- Solutions for investors with medium to higher risk tolerance who want to benefit from the performance of an underlying without committing too much capital or taking on much administration. Leverage- Solutions for investors with high risk tolerance who want to invest a small amount but still remain flexible enough to benefit from a particular trend, or who want to hedge their portfolio.
  17. 17. ACG ECO ENERGY CORPORATION Oil, natural gas, minerals, water and alternative or renewable sources of energy are today promising sources of return and diversification of your portfolio. By selecting the best international projects and investing in the shares of companies active in the exploration, development, production and exploration of natural resources, the ACG Eco Energy Corporation gives you optimal diversification for a part of your investments in this asset class, known both for its growth potential and its capacity for reducing overall portfolio risk. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on
  18. 18. INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE Our thinking is not constrained by geographical boundaries. ACG has an established international presence that gives our clients access to specialists around the world, enabling us to meet our clients needs demands wherever they may be. We offer a range of specialized international support through our partners' and affiliates' network. All inquiries through: Dept 706, Union House, Phone / Fax: +1 801 650 8144 78 Marylebone High Street, Port Saeed Road, Skype @ AscotCapitalGroup London, W 1U 5AP, Dubai 43659, General information: United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Investor relations: Client relations: 321 Waimairi Road, 21st Floor, ICBC Tower, Corporate communication: Ilam, Citibank Plaza, Career opportunities: Christchurch, No. 3 Garden Road, Networking: New Zealand Hong Kong Sponsorship: