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Revival investments & financial solutions v1

  1. 1. Revival Investment & Financial Solutions© Revival
  2. 2. About Us Services© Revival 2
  3. 3. About Us© Revival
  4. 4. Corporate Overview Long Term Client Relationships  100% client retention rate since inception  Relationship. And not size, important to us Extensive Relationships  Founded in 2009 in New Delhi  With Fund Managers, Stock  Current Network of 25 Brokers, Institutional investors, branches in main cities HNIs, Bankers and Other institutional investors Rich Experience  40 man years of experience across wide range of industries  A team of ex-professionals from Capital Markets & Corporate Finance .© Revival 4
  5. 5. Professional Management Team Pardeep Kumar  First Generation Entrepreneur having founded Revival Investments and Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd  Brings with him rich experience in capital markets Founder & CEO  Prior experience of working with Unicon Investments and Arcadia Shares & Stock brokers Pvt. Ltd  Holds MBE, MBA, CFA, LLB & Bachelors in Commerce Pradip Bhardwaj  Looks after all financial activities of Revival Group  Brings with him experience of +8 years in financial sector Director  Holds Chartered Accountancy from ICAI and Bachelor of Law© Revival 5
  6. 6. Services© Revival 6
  7. 7. Corporate Overview Investment Banking Investor Relations Properties Management Services Currency Commodity Derivatives Fixed Income© Revival 7
  8. 8. Investment Banking (IB) IB Private Equity (PE) Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Debt Syndication Syndication Advisory  Private Equity  Sell & Buy side  Foreign  Venture & advisory Currency Growth capital  Joint Ventures Convertible  QIPs  Cross Border Bonds (FCCBs)  IPOs Acquisitions  External  Domestic M&A Commercial Buyings (ECB)  Term Loans  Working Capital Loans© Revival 8
  9. 9. Private Equity Syndication Initiating Talk Organising Sharing of Deal Case with Potential Meetings IM and Negotiation & Due Diligence Deal Closure Preparation Investors &Calls valuation Structuring  Preparation  Pitching the  Meeting  Sharing  Facilitation of  Due  Signing of of pitch potential potential detailed IM deal diligence by agreement book with investors investors and negotiation audit firm (i.e. Share Strong  Sharing  Organising valuation with Investors (appointed subscription Investment brief about meetings & with (i.e. company by the agreement thesis the calls interested valuation, % investor) etc.)  Detailed company between the investors stake dilation  Fund valuation of managemen etc) transfer by the t and  Helping in investor company potential deal investors structuring ( i.e. type of instruments to be used, lock in period etc.© Revival 9
  10. 10. M&A Advisory Preliminary Assessment or Assessment of the market value of the target company Business Valuation Complete analysis and review of the target firms market performance, Phase of Proposal the proposal for merger/acquisition given. Decision to buy target firm – target firm agree - latter involves in Exit Planning. Exit Plan Exit planned as per right time - alternatives considered : Full / Partial Sale. After Exit, marketing process to achieve highest selling price Structured Marketing Deal Structuring Origination of Purchase Purchase Agreement if Acquisition Deal. If merger, final agreement papers are Agreement or Merger generated Agreement The two firms are integrated through Merger or Acquisition Stage of Integration Ensured that the new joint company carries same rules and regulations through out the organization.© Revival 10
  11. 11. Debt Syndication Approaching & Short listing lenders on Understanding the discussing the deal with the determined client’s requirements potential lenders parameters Analysing the offers & negotiating the terms Closure of transaction© Revival 11
  12. 12. Investors Relation Management (IRM)  Bridge the gap between the company and Investing community  Building the ‘Investment Idea’  Marketing idea through Research Coverage  Create visibility amongst capital markets participants  Help Corporate Houses to intrigue more investing interest Provides wider investor Enhances the image of base. Creates visibility & the company as a Achieves true & fair enhances global footprint transparent company Places the company on intrinsic value of the stock leading to better rating investment list of current & prospective investors Increase in Investing Market Attention Brand Equity Better Valuation Interest© Revival 12
  13. 13. Thank You Revival Investments & Financial Solutions Office: +91 11 43785551(10) Fax : +91 11 43785551 Email:© Revival 13