Client zee sitaron ki sham @ kandivli on 14th june 2012


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Conducted on-ground event to promote Zee Sitaron Ki Sham withZee artist and an entertainment night watched by 1000 people.

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Client zee sitaron ki sham @ kandivli on 14th june 2012

  1. 1. ZEE SITARON KI SHAAMAn unforgettable evening, that brought smile to thousands of faces!
  2. 2. An evening that congregated all your favorite glittering Zee starsunder one roof. It wasn’t an event.. It was a celebration of life that created picturesque moments of the unbreakable bond shared between the fans and their favorite stars, in a fiesta of music, livedance, engagement games, lively processions, graceful dances and non-stop festivity.
  3. 3.  Introduction of the show by Emcee Orchestra performance. Comedy Show. Magic Show. Lavni dance – By Local charkop girl (Mrunmayi). Zee Sitaren on Stage – DID Li’l Masters team shaked leg on the title track. Kruti & prince masti on stage – show promotion. Prince introduced deep from his paltan for the performance. Deep’s Performance. Kruti played game with the crowd – what’s your mobile no. (shows promotion with their time slots). Shalini’s Performance. Prince played game with the crowd – Guess the track (shows promotion with their title tracks). Uday’s Performance. Appearance of Shabaz Khan from”Afsar Bitya” on Stage for crowd interaction Kruti and Prince played game with the crowd – Umeed Ka Chakra (shows promotion with their titles through questionnaire). Faisal’s Performance . Kruti’s Performance. Kruti taught some moves to girls. Faisal aur Uday ki Jugalbandi. Prince on stage – His interaction was integrated with the new ZEE TV Show “FEAR FILES, DARR KI SACCHI TASVEEREIN”. Prince’s Performance. Prince taught some moves to Kids. Orchestra performance. Classical Dance – By Local girl Swati. Thanked to Nagar Sevak for the event support. BID ADIEU.
  4. 4. WHO ALL WERE PART OF IT?A whopping number of 4000people, approximately, thatconsisted of Housewives, Men,Kids, Youth and everybody whofathom the aura of TelevisionScreen!
  5. 5. Pouch Water Bottle Jelly Photo Frame
  6. 6. The ‘door knock’ was a 2 and a ½ daypre-event buzz activity carried outespecially to generate curiosity, interestand awareness about the event amongthe masses. The branded ZEE TV mobilevan, constantly making announcementsabout the event and inviting one all,made the activity a huge success!20,000 leaflets were distributed.
  7. 7. Total Distance Covered = 3 kms
  8. 8. The ZEE SITARON KI SHAAM rally, that consisted of an enormous amount of30 bikers along with the glitzy stars of ZEE TV’s DID LI’L MASTERS, startedfrom Platina tower, sector 8, Kandivili West, up to the venue, Raje ShivajiMaidan.The highlight of this rally was a special appearance at Platina towers, a society inKandivali. The event kick-started with a grand entry of 30 bikers along with theveteran stars from DID LI’L MASTERS like Prince (with his Paltan including,Deep, Shalini and Faizal) and Kruti (with her crackers including Uday). Thebikers and the stars were felicitated by the kids of the society through a traditionalteeka ceremony.The celebs had great fun with their fans along with the infamous game ‘Umeedka Chakra’, unlimited interactions and a full-fledged picture clicking session!On it’s way to the venue, it attracted lot of attention with a majestic ride with 30bikers, plaque-cards and celebs waving to their fans at the canter. The rallydefinitely grabbed maximum number of eye balls, entertained the passer bys andultimately, drew a humongous amount of people at the venue! Precisely, it was ahuge success!
  11. 11. After a grand introduction and a warm welcome to the audiences, the show commenced with a mind-blowing performance by Jolly’s band’. The melodious tunes and mesmerizing voices of highly talented singers entertained the entire swarm in a melodic symphony, and hurled the environment with applauses and whistles.
  12. 12. World-class comedian Sudhir Sinha, who has been tickling the funny bones of theaudience for past 32 years with 7000 shows in his kitty, graced the audience with his presence and entertained them with his highly innovative comical acts and mind- boggling mimicry of known personalities.
  13. 13. THE FOOT-TAPPING LAVANI PERFORMANCE!The crowd was awe-struck with the graceful Mrunmayee, who tookthe audience by a surprise through her refined lavani performance. The spectators were overjoyed with the addition of ‘Marathi flavor’ to the evening!
  14. 14. The supremely talented, glittering stars from ZEE TV’s DID LI’L MASTERS drove the crowd crazy with their first appearance on stage. The cheering, hooting and whistlingtook the stars by surprise and left them over-whelmed with the unbelievable response! The galaxy of stars consisted of theversatile dance king-charming Prince, with his paltan including Deep, Shalini & Faizal and the highlytalented and gorgeous Kruti with her crackers including Uday!
  15. 15.  Shabaz Khan from the famous “Afsar Bitiya” made a stunning appearance on stage making the ladies shout in excitement
  16. 16.  The emcee invited ladies from amongst the crowd on stage and they were more than eager to be I his presence. The ladies rated him as the best sasur!
  17. 17. The crowd jumped with joy with a lively, ardent and a hilarious one-on-one interaction with extremely graceful Kruti and supertalented Prince after their Paltan and Crackers left the stage.
  18. 18. KRUTI ASKS FOR MO ILE NUM ER! B BVersatile dancer Kruti, from DIDLI’L MASTERS brought a wave ofcheer to the audience with the gameWHAT’S YOUR MOBILENUMBER? She invited few kids andwomen from the audience andentertained the audience with theuniquely interesting game!Finally, many walked off the stagewith amazing gifts!
  19. 19. PRINCE WANTS YOU TO GUESS THE TRACK!The charming Prince, of DID LI’L MASTERS got a wave ofenthusiasm among the audience with his unique game ‘GUESS THETRACK’. The participants were expected to guess the title tracks ofthe shows on ZEE TV within a decided time span. And no points forguessing, many walked by as the winners with exciting prizes!
  20. 20. UDAY SHAKES A LEG! The event touched new horizons with the exhilarating performanceby UDAY from DID LILMASTERS. The crowd roared and cheered for the highly talented kid!
  21. 21. Umeed ka Chakra was an interactive game played by Kruti & Prince with the highly excited audience. The crowd had a blast playing the game and answering few questions about the favorite shows and won some awesome prizes.
  22. 22. FAIZAL STUNS THE AUDIENCE! The electrifying performance by Mumbai’s aankhon ka taara,Faizal floored the audience. His infamous blend of contemporary with locking and popping blew the minds of the spectators. He also stunned the audience with some awesome ‘slow-motion’ moves.
  23. 23. KRUTI’S BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE Gorgeous Kruti spread smiles and cheers among the audience with herdazzling and graceful performance. She also called upon a few girls and taught her expert dance moves to them.
  24. 24. One of the major highlights of the show was the enthralling JUGGALBANDI among the two rocking dance performers fromDID, Uday and Faizal. They left no stones unturned in keeping theaudiences on their toes followed by applause, cheers and hooting… asking for more.
  25. 25. DID contestant, Prince bedazzled the spectators with his sensational dance performance! He entertained the audience with his signature step and infamous popping and locking..Audiences held themselvesstill with no winking, no blinking but crazy cheering and applauding!
  26. 26. After a stupendous response bythe audience, the music teamdecided to spread their magiconce more with their melodiousmusic and songs. Yet again, theaudiences hummed along withthe musicians and the singersand enjoyed every bit of it.
  27. 27. The crowd was overjoyed to find their favorite dancing sitara, Princeon stage when the lights went off! A wave of panic and shock spreadthrough everyone when they found spooky noises followed by thepromo of ZEE TV’s latest horror show- FEAR FILES, DARR KISACCHI TASVEEREIN.Subsequently, Prince, Kruti and Pallavi (the host) gave a better ideaabout the show to the audience.
  28. 28. The show is incomplete unlessthe audience shakes a leg withthe dancing stars! To fill up thisgap, Prince and Kruti blendedinto the audience and dancedtheir hearts out with their fans!Needless to say, the audiencewere thrilled and contented withthe astonishing gesture anddanced through the night!
  29. 29. To exhibit the caliber among the masses, the supremely talented local girl,Swati gave her best show with an awe-inspiring classical bollywoodperformance on ‘Aami Je Tomaar’ from the flcik, ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ .She literally swept the floor off the feet of the audience and bagged a hugeround of applause along with appreciation in her kitty!
  30. 30. The most awaited moment when the chief guest, Shrikant KrishnaKawthankar of Mrunmay Sansthan (NGO) Representative fromCharkop zone; arrived.He graciously thanked the audience for all the love and support.
  31. 31. Last but not the least, the glittering stars of ZEE TV expressed their gratitude to the audiences for all their love and support and bid them adieu with a promise to continually support them and a loving memory of the wonderful time they spent with them that evening.
  32. 32. THANK YOU B Y MARKET MENZEE TV ZEE SITARON KI SHAAM Rakhi Puri Ajay SrivasBosky Dhirai 14th June 2012