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Lep awards winners2010

  1. 1. London EducationPartnership AwardsWinnErs 2010
  2. 2. London EducationPartnership AwardsWinnErs 2010I was delighted to be invited to chair this year’s Judging Panel for theLondon Education Partnership Awards. It is worth remembering why theawards were set up: despite the fact that more of London’s young peoplethan ever are gaining GCSEs, A-levels and vocational qualifications, notenough of them fulfil their early promise by going on to higher education.The same is true of many of the capital’s adults. This loss of high achievingcitizens has profound implications for the continuing success of this greatcity; our businesses, financial institutions and professions need to recruitfrom among the best. We cannot afford to lose the talents of those whomwe know could succeed, given the right environment and encouragement.One of the clearest messages coming from many of this year’s excellentfinalists is how important it is to enthuse children and young peoplewith the idea of higher education, making it possible for them to achievetheir ambitions.We were also struck by the energy and drive of so many of the peopleand projects we looked at; that comes from schools, universities, businessand the voluntary sector, the teachers and others who make theseprogrammes possible. They make education exciting and dynamic andthey really are changing lives, by lifting the aspirations and achievementsof so many young people and adults, especially in some of London’smost disadvantaged communities.These partnership awards reflect the importance of working together toachieve our shared ambition of improving progression to higher educationbut also to make London the world’s leading city for learning and creativity.We have been tremendously impressed by the work of this year’s finalists.We think you will be too.Our congratulations go to all of them.Professor David Woods
  3. 3. Building bridges:cross-organisational partnershipand impactSPOnSOr: MAyOr Of LOnDOnintoUniversity intoUniversity is an education programme addressing low aspiration, social exclusion and underachievement among disadvantaged young people. The charity provides study support and mentoring for young people across London and is expanding rapidly. its work with primary and secondary schoolIt is a wonderful honour pupils focuses on ensuring young peopleto have the impact of are aware of different professions and howIntoUniversity’s work with to enter them, making sure young peopledisadvantaged young understand university application procedures,people recognised. Such supporting the transition into university anda prestigious award is an providing pastoral and academic supportimpressive endorsement in groups and one-to-one.of our commitment tobuilding partnershipsacross London.rAChEL CArrChIEf ExECUTIvEInTOUnIvErSITy
  4. 4. Supporting journeys:excellent professional practicein student supportSPOnSOr: SPECIALIST SChOOLS AnD ACADEMIES TrUSTEastbrook school The Dagenham school was recognised for its inspiring work in supporting students and staff to become one of the most improved schools in London in 2009. After the school came out of special measures in 2007, there were concerns that although much had improved, attainment remained low.for a school coming A series of interventions supported byout of special measures, a range of partnerships empoweredevery acknowledgement of teachers and students to greater successimprovement, achievement and broadened their experiences of theand good practice is wider world. support, challenge and trusta valuable recognition helped staff and students to raise their game,of all the hard work and resulting in dramatically improved results andcommitment within the aspirations. The school has now achievedschool community and the specialist school status and internationalsupport of our partners. school status in addition to winning this award.vALErIE DEnnIShEADTEAChErEASTbrOOk SChOOL
  5. 5. Inspiring journeys:excellent professional practicein curriculum support for STEMSPOnSOr: WELLCOME TrUSTThe London Engineering Project in 2005, the Higher Education Funding Council for England awarded the royal Academy of Engineering and its partners funds to launch the first phase of the London Engineering Project (LEP). LEP has created partnerships between national organisations and more than 40 London schools in anWe are passionate about attempt to increase the uptake of sTEMengaging underrepresented subjects and widen participation. LEP activitiesgroups in science, include helping to recruit young people ontoengineering, technology the Diploma in Engineering, giving schooland maths and it was students access to major engineering resourcesvery encouraging to see at London south Bank University (LsBU) andthe work that we have done providing mentors for school students withrecognised and celebrated. an interest in engineering.Our award was sponsoredby the Wellcome Trust and Based at LsBU, the partnership includedwe are very much looking organisations such as Young Engineers,forward to working with smallpeice Trust and sTEMnET. its mostthem over the next year. innovative practices centre on gender and cultural inclusion for science and engineeringLAUrA ChASTnEy work. Because of its work, thousands ofInDUSTry AnD OUTrEAChLIAISOn OffICEr young Londoners, including girls and minorityLOnDOn EnGInEErInG PrOJECT ethnic groups, have come to see engineering as a viable career choice.
  6. 6. Creative journeys:excellent professional practice incurriculum support for arts and designSPOnSOr – UnIvErSITy Of ThE ArTSAcland Burghley school, Camden in collaboration with Channel 4 and Media Trust, the school created and embedded an eight-week challenge into its Aim Higher intervention programme. its cross-curricular nature influenced positive outcomes in teaching and learning across a number of subjects. Both students on the Gifted & Talented registerAcland burghley’s and students from the Widening Participationcommitment to raising cohort were chosen to take part in theaspirations collaboratively challenge, titled “You’re Hired!”. Marryinghas been strengthened the two groups into one challenge allowedthrough the external for different roles and outcomes.partnership with Channel 4and Media Trust. This award “You’re Hired!” is designed to focus onwill serve as a constant media related skills such as production andreminder of the importance marketing. Beyond the development of integralof high aspirations and the cross-curricular skills, achievement took thecommitment of those central form of the chance of conducting workto achieving them. experience in the Channel 4 offices.OLIvEr rOSEnAIM-hIGhEr COOrDInATOrACLAnD bUrGhLEy SChOOL
  7. 7. Driving achievement forward:achieving successful outcomes post-16SPOnSOr: LOnDOn ThAMES GATEWAy DEvELOPMEnT COrPOrATIOnBsix Brooke House sixth Form College, Hackney Bsix Brooke House sixth Form College was set up by the Learning and skills Council in 2002 in order to raise the achievements and aspirations of young people in the East End and in particular Hackney. Judges recognised the college’s work in improving progression, retention and achievement forWinning the award is a students aged 16+ so that more had accesssignificant acknowledgement to higher education. A “readiness to learn”of the effective teaching and campaign was praised by Ofsted. specificsupport that we provide at case studies over a wide range of subjectsbSix. The award recognises demonstrated the impact of well-mappedour whole college approach internal progression routes.to internal progression andcelebrates the successful One case study in particular, Allum Bokhari,educational journeys of tells of a student who entered Bsix with noso many of our students GCsEs; yet he left after just 2 years withthrough college and into 3 A* grades at A-level and has now startedhigher education. his degree course at Queens College, Oxford. This is one very clear example of how BsixrEbEkAh hArrIS College has risen to be the top state sectorhEAD Of ExTErnAL rELATIOnS institution in the country for Value Added!bSIx brOOkE hOUSE SIxTh fOrMCOLLEGE
  8. 8. Reaching out:third sector/voluntary sectororganisation of the yearSPOnSOr: nIACE (ThE nATIOnAL InSTITUTE Of ADULT COnTInUInG EDUCATIOn)Teach First Teach First’s Higher Education Access Programme for schools (HEAPs) is an initiative which builds on the strength of its alumni ambassadors to deliver personalised mentoring, university taster and careers events and parent advice sessions that help motivate students to achieve and raise their aspirations.It was so exciting to haveour work over the past The HEAPs 6th form programme is based3 years recognised at on 3 As; Aspiration, Attainment and Advice.such a prestigious occasion. seventeen months of mentoring are offeredWe accepted the award to support students through sixth form includingon behalf of all the students a complementary calendar of events ranginginvolved in hEAPS and from university day trips, taster lectures, anall the ambassador mentors academic residential, workshops in debating,without whom we would presentation skills, interview skills and examnot exist. success to a personal statement surgery. Teach First’s corporate supporters offer career events inGrAIhAGh CrAWShAW, areas such as banking, law and management.SEnIOr OffICEr – hEAPSTEACh fIrST
  9. 9. Investing in the future:business employer of the yearSPOnSOr: LOnDOn fIrSTLinklaters LLP The law firm was recognised for its Linking Work With Learning programme for Hackney schools, a partnership between Linklaters, The Learning Trust, inspire! (Hackney Education Business Partnership) and schools, that demonstrates the company’s commitment to corporate engagement in education.We are delighted thatthe programme has been As an employer wanting to reflect and supportrecognised by other experts its local community, Linklaters saw anin the sector, reflecting our opportunity to raise social mobility by engagingbelief that we are having young people from Hackney in working lifea long-lasting impact on and working skills. Linklaters Linking Workthe skills and aspirations of With Learning Hackney schools’ programmeyoung people in hackney. was developed as a strategic response to a borough-wide need for raising aspirations.MATT SPArkESGLObAL COMMUnITy InvESTMEnTMAnAGErLInkLATErS LLP
  10. 10. Starting the journey:raising aspirations in primaryschool pupilsSPOnSOr: MUSEUM Of LOnDOnClapham & Lark Hall Primaryschool Collaborative Five Lambeth Primary schools and three Children’s Centres worked together to build a collaborative partnership to raise aspirations. Their vision was of a community of schools that shared activities and services for families from disadvantaged and wealthier backgrounds, and pupils across the spectrumThe Top Team Experience of needs. Particularly innovative and successfulprovided by the Museum programmes include the Dramatherapyof London will give pupils service (that supports pupils with autismfun experiential learning. across the borough), a sHinE saturdayLiteracy and numeracy school programme, a gifted and talentedhave been embedded in this programme, a reading recoveryfantastically fun programme programme, 1-2-1 maths support andbuilt around the theme of a disadvantaged child subsidy programmeMoney & Commerce. that enables children to attend West End theatre performances, pottery workshops,rObErT DyEr a tennis academy and other activities.PArTnErShIP AnD ExTEnDEDSErvICES MAnAGErCLAPhAM AnD LArk hALL PrIMArySChOOL COLLAbOrATIvE
  11. 11. Chair’s AwardCity University London summer schoolProgramme and Engineering City University London ran its first summer school in 2003 and due to demand the programme has increased from three summer schools in 2003 to nine in 2010. The young people who attend these summer schools have no family history of higher education, are from low socio-economic groups or groups currentlyWe were thrilled and very under represented in HE. By spending anproud to win the chair’s extended amount of time at university takingaward and to be recognised part in engaging, motivating and inspiringfor the breadth and quality activities they are put on an equal playingof our summer schools field to those who have parents who havewhich have successfully attended university.engaged young people andexpanded their horizons in They work with two Aimhigher partnerships,relation to higher education. London East Thames Gateway and WECAn (West, Central and north London) to designDAnIELLE rUSSO and deliver summer schools in subjectsWIDEnInG PArTICIPATIOn OffICEr including psychology, music, health,CITy UnIvErSITy LOnDOn engineering, law, business and media. Participant feedback has been positive with students enjoying what they have learnt and going on to apply and be accepted on degree courses.
  12. 12. Our Award Sponsors For more information and to enter the awards, visit www.lepawards.org.uk