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Agile at the Corporates


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Do you work at a corporate organisation and think it is impossible to follow an agile method? Are you an agile vendor that needs to work with corporates and struggle to get your head around it? In the rest of the world for a number of years the challenge has been how to roll out Agile to enterprises. How are we doing here in the fairest Cape?
Join us for a talk on the challenges and rewards of implementing agile in the corporate space. Find out what works, what doesn’t, what to consider when choosing a method and how to engage with your corporate clients as a vendor. And learn about the surprising similarity between contract agile and agile in the corporates.

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Agile at the Corporates

  1. 1. Agile at the Corporates CTSPIN 20 February 2013 Antoinette Coetzee
  2. 2. We don’t know what we are missing…
  3. 3. Doing Agile Being Agile
  4. 4. Mike Cottmeyer
  5. 5. Manifesto for Half-A**ed Agile Software Development We have heard about new ways of developing software by paying consultants and reading Gartner reports. Through this we have been told to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools and we have mandatory processes and tools to control how those individuals (we prefer the term ‘resources’) interact Working software over comprehensive documentation as long as that software is comprehensively documented Customer collaboration over contract negotiation within the boundaries of strict contracts, of course, and subject to rigorous change control Responding to change over following a plan provided a detailed plan is in place to respond to the change, and it is followed precisely That is, while the items on the left sound nice in theory, we’re an enterprise company, and there’s no way we’re letting go of the items on the right.
  6. 6. Currently…
  7. 7. Pockets of Agile everywhere
  8. 8. sometimes
  9. 9. Your approach
  10. 10. Approaches that work 1. Open, curious, appreciative, humble, compassionate, patient 2. Basic change management 3. Top down and bottom up 4. Prove it in the small first
  11. 11. The Heath Brothers on Change
  12. 12. Publicise and get buy- in
  13. 13. Adapt the Method
  14. 14. Successes
  15. 15. And now for the serious stuff…
  16. 16. Frameworks and methods to consider  Lean Software Development – Mary and Tom Poppendieck   Disciplined Agile Delivery – Scott Ambler et al   Software Engineering Method and Theory (SEMAT) – Ivar Jacobson et al   Scaled Agile Framework – Dean Leffingwell   Mike Cottmeyer’s work on Enterprise Agility 
  17. 17. Don’t disregard 80% of the benefits of Agile because you are not 100% agile after 3 months. Remember, Agile transformations are never truly Done so you might as well keep going! The individuals involved will thank you… And surely it is about them, after all?
  18. 18. Thank you! Questions?
  19. 19. +27-72-6121914