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Pinterest Guide for Brands


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In light of the clear opportunities that Pinterest presents to brands and businesses, Antler Agency has put together a guide to get you started and to showcase some of the brands that are using Pinterest most effectively to date.

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Pinterest Guide for Brands

  1. 1. Q uickT im e a ndaadecom rendtoshipcu. Guide Presented by
  2. 2. W HAT IS IT ?Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that lets usersorganize and share things they find on the web.Users can “pin” images and videos around any topic,browse other users’ collections and interact with thiscontent either by liking, commenting or repinning it totheir own profile. What is it?
  3. 3. WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? Pinterest is a community based around interests rather than users’ social networks. Your Facebook friends may all be on Pinterest, but you’re probably following only a few of their boards based on what you’re genuinely interested in. Thus, Pinterest creates a natural environment for social commerce because the content users see is directly relevant to them. What’s All the Fuss About?
  4. 4. WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? • Over 10 million registered users . • Over 100+ brands are on Pinterest Pinterest hit the 10 million unique monthly visits mark faster than any other social network Pinterest is generating more referral traffic than Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined What’s All the Fuss About?
  5. 5. W HO’S USING IT ?Infographic from
  6. 6. W HO’S USING IT ?Most of the early-adopters were retailers and media brands, specifically in the following industries: – Fashion – Food – Health/Fitness – Home decorating/DIYAs the site rapidly expands, so does its brands. Now you can find plenty of nonprofits, museums, agencies, and even colleges using Pinterest to engage their supporters and fans. Who’s Using it?
  7. 7. W HO’S USING IT ?Just a sampling of some of the hundreds of brands on Pinterest: Brands on Pinterest
  8. 8. G ETTING STARTED There are 3 different ways to create boardsCreating Boards
  9. 9. G ETTING STARTED1. At Sign-up When you create you account, Pinterest suggests some default boards to create. Opt out of these to create more unique, personalized boards. Creating Boards
  10. 10. G ETTING STARTED2. Add a board Use the “Add +” button in the upper right navigation to add a new board. All you need is a fitting (and ideally, clever) board name and category. Creating Boards
  11. 11. G ETTING STARTED3. When pinning If you find a pin you like, but don’t have an appropriate board for it, you can create a new board before you pin. Use the pull down list to scroll through all your existing boards, and enter a new board name at the bottom where it says “Create New Board.” Creating Boards
  12. 12. G ETTING STARTEDYou can create as many boards as you like, around any topic youlike. While variety is the spice of life, we recommend creating morein-depth boards around a niche topic for maximum engagement,rather than a broadly categorized board.For example, think “Ferocious Fall Flats” and “LeatherAccessories” instead of “Style” or “Fashion”. Creating Boards
  13. 13. G ETTING STARTEDThere are 3 different ways to pin content to your boards How To Pin
  14. 14. G ETTING STARTED1. Upload directly through the site. Click “Add +” in the top right navigation. From here you can enter an image url, upload a picture or video from your documents, or create a new board. How To Pin
  15. 15. G ETTING STARTED2. Use the “Pin It” bookmarklet. Just drag and drop the “Pin It” button into your bookmarks bar to pin things straight from the web-- clicking it will pull any images and videos on the page to select. Once you select an image, all you need to do is assign it to a board and type in a short description. Use the # sign to add tags. How To Pin
  16. 16. G ETTING STARTED 3. Repin other users’ pins. You can follow a user (and thus all of their pinboards), or you can follow a single board. You can also browse the Pinterest universe by category. When you see something you like, just hit “repin”How To Pin
  17. 17. W AYS TO USE Showcase ProductsPinterest is a perfect outlet to promote your products beyond yourown website.Tip: Using a $ symbol in the description will show the price onyour pin and also enter it into Pinterest’ s “ Gifts” category. (Youmay only want to do this if price is a selling point of your product.) Showcase Products
  18. 18. W AYS TO USEBergdorf Goodmanintegrates their productswith like-minded imagesand related content for alook that is seamlessand visually appealing. Showcase Products
  19. 19. W AYS TO USEForever21 emphasizestheir purse-friendlyprices by including themin the description. Showcase Products
  20. 20. W AYS TO USE Share ContentSimilar to promoting products, Pinterest is also great for promotingcontent. You should pin blog posts, articles, videos, even newsannouncements -- just be sure that the image you pin along with itis a strong visual, and try to keep descriptions succinct. Share Content
  21. 21. W AYS TO USEReal Simple Magazine does a greatjob of describing their articles in justa few words, and their images areclear and easy to see. Share Content
  22. 22. W AYS TO USE Solidify Brand IdentityEven if your company lacks visually impactful products, youshouldn’t be afraid to curate images that help convey your brandpersonality. Select images that capture the essence behind yourbrand philosophy or represent the lifestyle of your consumers.For example, a camping equipment store might want to create aboard for beautiful camping grounds or easy meals on-the-go. Solidify Brand Identity
  23. 23. W AYS TO USEGE uses Pinterest toshow that they areinto “BadassMachines” and quotesof genius that inspiretheir work. Solidify Brand Identity
  24. 24. W AYS TO USE Engage ConsumersBoost engagement with your brand’s audience by hosting a contestthat utilizes Pinterest’s unique functionality. Try asking fans tocreate a custom board based around your brand, challenging usersto posts images of your products to see who can get the mostrepins, or creating a scavenger hunt with multiple criteria. ModCloth ran a great Pinterest contest using this last example, asking fans to create a wedding-themed board with different components. Engage Consumers
  25. 25. W AYS TO USEOnly 4 out of the 20 items had tobe ModCloth products, whichwas just enough to getconsumers engaged with theirproducts online without goingoverboard. Engage Consumers
  26. 26. W AYS TO USE Add a Personal TouchPinterest is a great way to give consumers a glimpse “behind thescene” of your brand and convey your company culture. Individualscan have their own curated boards for the brand, like The TODAYShow board, “LG and Hoda’s Favorite Things,” or you can pinphotos of company events or behind the scenes action.Tip: Use the “ Add contributors” feature on some of your boards toallow people to pin from their personal accounts if you’ d like tospotlight employees. Add a Personal Touch
  27. 27. W AYS TO USETODAY showcasestwo of their biggestpersonalities by givingKathy Lee Gifford andHoda their own board. Add a Personal Touch
  28. 28. W AYS TO USEThis “Anchor Antics”board shows alighthearted side tothe TODAY Showfamily that makesyou wish you werepart of the fun. Add a Personal Touch
  29. 29. W AYS TO USE Collect User-Generated ContentIf you have a loyal fan base, your brand content may already be onPinterest. Be sure to keep an eye on what your audience is pinningfrom you. And don’t be bashful--you should show off user-generated content by repinning or even creating a separate boardto showcase the creative ways pinners are interacting with yourcontent.Tip: You can search your brand and product names with hashtagsor search for your web url as a source. Collect User-Generated Content
  30. 30. W AYS TO USEThis “Style Your Sole”board shows thepassion TOMS fanshave for their shoes--notice that they are allpinned from outsidesources. Collect User-Generated Content
  31. 31. W AYS TO USE Learn About Your ConsumersPinterest offers an opportunity to recognize unexpected contexts in which people are pinning your products. If your new line of urban b-ball sneakers are being pinned amongst surfboards, boardwalks, and casual Cali apparel, perhaps you could think about marketing opportunities that reflect this consumer profile.You can also be inspired by other items your consumers like. Check out your followers boards and see what they are pinning - this insight can be used to update your content strategy and maybe prompt some partnerships with other popular brands. Learn About Your Consumers
  32. 32. D O’S & DON’TSDO:• Comment and/or like other users’ pins. You want people to see your brand as an active member in their online community, not as an outsider trying to make a sale.• Repin other pins. Repinning is one of the most social aspects of the site and it’s an easy way to build your network of followers.• Add a Pin button to your website. This is a good way for your fans to realize you are using the site, and encourages people to pin your content themselves.• Use keyword tags in your descriptions. This is a big one. Just like on Tumblr, a good tag will lead people to your pins. Use as many as you want, but try not to clutter the description.• Connect to other social media profiles. Pinterest lets you link to both Facebook and Twitter, which will show up as little widgets on your profile. You can also enter in a website url, so be sure to get these bases covered.• Optimize your website for pinning. Pinterest is a visual network, so be sure to have great visuals! Remember that all images and videos get sized down, so your pictures should look good both big and small. Do’s & Don’ts
  33. 33. D O’S & DON’TSDON’T:• Pin things only from your site. Consumers want to see brands that show interest in things other than themselves. Keep a balance between pinning your content, content from other sites, and repinning others’ pins.• Pin content that doesn’t really have a place on Pinterest. The community has certain affinities – learn them, and find a side of your brand that appeals to this to ensure success.• Pin something without a description. It might be tempting to leave this field blank, but even a simple, short description will help your content appear in searches.• Follow anyone and everyone. You want to follow boards and people that make sense for your brand. Recognize the influencers in your industry and be sure to follow them. Quality, not quantity.• Create broad or basic boards. Your boards should be selective in subject and cater to the unique aspects of your brand. Keep an eye out for over- used board titles and be clever with yours to get people’s interest. Do’s & Don’ts
  34. 34. T HE ENDLooking for more on social media? Check out the AntlerBlog for the latest and greatest in digital marketing.Want to learn how Antler can help your company makethe most out of Pinterest and other social mediachannels? Give us a shout! FB | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest Thanks for listening!
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