A comparison between YiSha and Sephora


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2nd Assignment of Creative Course

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A comparison between YiSha and Sephora

  1. 1. YiSha & SephoraA Comparison of Two Make-up Stores
  2. 2. Research Objective:Choose two stores in the same field to make a comparison.Background:Yi Sha: A Chinese makeup Store; Mainly sells Chinese brandmakeups;Research Question:What’s the difference between the two stores and how thataffect the customers’ behavior?
  3. 3. Before Go Inside
  4. 4. YISHA: Sephora:1. Pink. More favorable 1. Black and white, very to the youth, but not classic; classic; 2. Salesmen/women are2. Sales person stand at not crowded at the the gate, looking gate, but you will get a around, with warm welcome right brochures in their after entering store. hands; No one follows you in3. Security-check at the store, but 3 different door, which makes sales come to me and customers really ask “anything to help”? uncomfortable. 3. Security is covered by fancy ADs, hard to tell.
  5. 5. Environment
  6. 6. YiSha: Sephora:1. Some expensive 1. Different styles of brands are put on shelves are well- separate tables at the organized, but most sides of the room; The customers followed rests are put on the same way. different lines of Different brands on shelves at the center different tables with a of the room. distinctive style, easy2. Items hanged on the to tell; shelves are very 2. I can hardly move my crowded. eyes from the colorful3. Cashier is at the end nail polish. of the shelf. Easy to skip.
  7. 7. Featured Items
  8. 8. Yisha: Sephora:1. There are no 1. Featured item table; featured items Monthly best-sellers; table/shelf in store; 2. Foreign music! It is2. The music is funny that Chinese on, keep on saying don’t know what “xxx are on sale”. does that mean, but3. Sales are all 20s they do buy. girls. I heard one of 3. Salemen/women, them said: is that 20-40, each one has toner really helpful? a bag with a set of4. No lights on the tools; shelf. 4. Lights on every detail, eg: mirror, shelves……