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About Kanishk - The Entrepreneurship Cell of PCCOE


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Its a simple informative presentation about the entrepreneurship cell of PCCOE, Pune. Specially uploaded for the new leaders who are willing to join the team. It will provide you all that you want to know about kanishk and its history. And it would also help you to understand kanishk more thoroughly and put efforts to make it better and better.

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About Kanishk - The Entrepreneurship Cell of PCCOE

  1. 1.  To establish an Entrepreneurial ECOSYSTEM on PCCOE campus. To create new standards, and mass amount of Job creators. To start a Campus Company.OUR SHORT TERM GOALS To conduct various events to enhance communication, leadership, team management skills of students. Increase network outside the campus, by means of inter-collegiate activities.
  2. 2.  KANISHK was established in academic year 2009-2010… Selection of 15 E-leaders on the basis of their Entrepreneurial skills. E-cell becomes an organization run by E- leaders. E-cell got named “KANISHK”
  3. 3.  E-week is a week in the month of February which is totally dedicated to Entrepreneurship awareness & celebrations within as well as outside college campus. E-week is celebrated all over India is all IITs and IIMs along with all other major colleges. Kanishk has successfully celebrated 3 E- weeks until now. Each year we excel our own records. We are expecting a mega event in 2013.
  4. 4. Activity 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12Categories Activities Activities Activities Entrepreneurship Awareness Entrepreneurship Workshop Enhancing Marketing Skills by Mr. Narendra Kale. (07/02/11) (11/01/12) (07/01/10) Idea Generation Activity Dream Living & Personality Induction (13/09/10) Recognition (02/02/12) Entrepreneurship Awareness Screening of Entrepreneurial by Ms. Yoshima Somwanshi. video talk x 3 (15, 17, Induction program Video (08/01/10) 27//09/10) Screening for S.E. x 5 Introduction to NEN by Mr. Induction Program for MBA & (05,30/08/11) Kumendra Raheja MCA (22/09/10) (17,18,19/01/12) (22/02/10) Idea Generation Sessions (11/01/12) LOGO Inauguration & Teachers’ Induction (05/02/11) Business Bazigar 1.0 Business Bazigar 2.0 Second Hand Bazaar (08/11) Skill (23/02/10) (08/02/11) Guess-o-Logy (16-21/12/12)Enhancement Events Industrial Visit to Pavana Marketing Strategy Game Make my Movie 2.0 Industries (28/02/10) (15/09/10) (14/02/12) Bidding Game (09/09/10) Business Bazigar 3.0 (13/02) Quiz Competition and B-Planning Awareness Sessions x 10 MAD ADS (01. 02/02/11) Snap-Hunt PuzzleMania Hobby Exhibition (09/02/11) Stock Bazaar (17/02/12) Debate & Poster Competition in a Local School (10/02/12) Traffic Monitoring (11/02) Awareness Rally (10/02)
  5. 5. Activity 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12Categories Activities (Highlights) Activities (Highlights) Activities (Highlights) Do’s & Don’ts of Entrepreneurship Technopreneur Talks: “Future Opportunities for – Mr. Abhijeet Gangoli (24/02/10) Mr. Hrishikesh Gore Entrepreneurship and Guest (10/02/11) Innovative Ideas for Lectures How to be a successful Startups in India” by Mr. entrepreneur – Mr. Manoj Phutane Amit Gajwani (CYBAGE) Technopreneur Talks: (30/01/12) (25/02/10) Mr. Rohan Dighe (10/02/11) Guest Lects under MCED: Entrepreneurship as career – Mr.D.P. Keskar Technopreneur Talks: Mr. Milind Katti How to identify Business (11/02/12) Opportunity – Mr. Sanjay Shidhaya (26/02/10) SME unit identification – Mr. Technopreneur Talks: Rajenrda Vaidya (27/02/10) Mr. Pratik Surana Finance – Mr. Ramesh Khandare (11/02/12) (28/02/10) “Creativity and business” – Mr. Achyut Soman (27/02/10) Total 12 17 22
  6. 6. 252015 CAY (2011-12) CAYm1 (2010-11)10 CAYm2 (2009-10) 5 0 Mech E&TC Comp IT Total
  7. 7.  2009-10◦ Kunal Chadha & Pooja Shinde  2010-11 ◦ Swapnil Gujar  2011-12 ◦ Anikait Chavan  2012-13 ◦ Anikait Chavan
  8. 8.  Its basically a 3-module structure. 1st: The Board of Directors 2nd: The Core Committee 3rd: The employees
  9. 9.  These leaders are the chair people of the cell. Decisions are taken with the consent of BODs. The core committee takes care that the decisions and goals designed by BODs are attained within the time limit. BODs are the bridge between new leaders and the college as well as the outer world. A BOD of certain department is responsible for its core committee and functioning. A BOD can suspend its team mate after providing valid reasons. (E.g. Misbehavior, Passiveness, etc.)
  10. 10.  These leaders will be the active working members of diff. departments of the cell. They are responsible for completing the given targets within deadlines. Delays won’t be tolerated whatsoever. They can appoint employees under them and get the work done. Willing to accept any kind of challenge given or assigned to them by respective BODs. “If no one does the job, I shall do it” should be their mindset.
  11. 11.  The one who is honestly devoted to the Ecell and its activities. The one who will be getting benefits in terms of support, guidance networking and mentoring when starting his/her own venture. The one who will gain enough experience and skills handling different situations and challenges that will help him/her tackle any problem while working under a boss or being their own boss.
  12. 12.  This can be understood with help of 2 things.. 1st…Our needs. 2nd…What KANISHK offers.1) What we all want is either to establish our own business or to get hired by the best company with best salary.And to achieve this what you need is knowledge, experience and skills.2) KANISHK is a platform wherein you get a chance to develop all of these.
  13. 13.  It’s a business, a company, of which you are the leaders. You can not only grow your knowledge here but also apply it and get an on hand experience. Come sharpen your skills and grow with KANISHK…
  14. 14. We conclude that we are here to make u aware of entrepreneurship, and help to seek out the hidden leaders in you, so thatmany of us who actually possess the potentialto reach high and take the world high, would come up with something big. GO, LEAD THE WORLD !!!!!