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EA: Why, What & How


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Presentation given by David Rose at the second JISC Emerging Practices workshop (2012/07/03). Provides a basic introduction to Enterprise Architecture.

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EA: Why, What & How

  1. 1. Doing Enterprise Architecture 3 July 2012 W e l c o me !
  2. 2. Agenda10:00 Welcome (Will)10:05 EA – The Road to Value (David)10:30 Doing EA – UCLAN’s Journey (Lucy)11:05 Doing EA – the start of the road (Peter and Fiona)11:20 Break11:35 Getting Started – group discussions12:30 Lunch13:15 Masterclass Introductions (Wilbert & David)13:45 EA modelling with Archi (Wilbert) Managing EA Adoption (David & Lucy)15:15 Break15:30 Feedback from Masterclasses15:50 What’s Next16:00 Close11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 2
  3. 3. Enterprise Architecture The Road to Value What, Why, How? David Rose 3 July 2012
  4. 4. Wh a t ?
  5. 5. Joine d U p !
  6. 6. What Is Enterprise Architecture? The ‘FD Test’• OK, so what is EA? • “A disciplined way of managing change where business• Why the interest? strategy and IT are involved • Being joined up, so processes, information and systems work together, cut costs and increaseA ‘thing’ quality and service to customers – and stay that way” • For HE & FE: More with less,An ‘approach’ and better. Effective information is key to survival and beyond. The digital business platform.As Is >> To Be • The ‘3 Es’11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 7
  7. 7. Architecture Layers: Business led, holistic Archimate-ish! Vision, Mission, Strategy Business Process Security Information Joined UpEA SOA Applications & Services IT Data Infrastructure Joined Up 11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 8
  8. 8. Core Diagram Weill, Ross, Robertson- Enterprise architecture as Strategy11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 9
  9. 9. Clearer, simpler (and tastier) As Is To Be11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 10
  10. 10. EA Professional Agenda ‘Management’ Practice• Governance • ‘As Is’ to ‘To Be’• Engaging the organisation • EA Modelling• Making the case • Archimate• Architecture vision & principles • ‘Just enough’ TOGAF• Professional Capability • EA/SOA Maturity Assessments• Leadership • EA Tools, Repositories, Reuse• Value & Impact • Value & Benefits Management• Politics, Silos, Communication • Governance Managing Change11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 11
  11. 11. Wh y ?
  12. 12. 11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 13
  13. 13. Projects and programmes using EA: IT as a foundation for business execution• Timetabling/Curriculum • Student engagement• Student facing data • Service duplication• Smart Cards • Admissions/Enrolment• ID Management • Assessment, Learning,• CRM Teaching• Research admin • Estates management• ‘Student experience’ & • Shared services lifecycle • Mobile integration• IT Programme decisions • REF/HESA• Procurement • Document Management Cross cutting, change related, big benefits, burning platform, ‘SOA’11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 14
  14. 14. Architecture as a response to complexity11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 15
  15. 15. How Architecture evolved - the ‘digitised enterprise’• Huts to houses to cities• Ships to battleships• Aircraft Increasing Complexity Reducing cost• Organisations Improving performance• Cars Enabling re-use• IT Being joined up• The Enterprise11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 16
  16. 16. Recognised professional disciplineBased on Open Standards• TOGAF ®• Archimate ®• Professional, Tool & Supplier Certification Open Certified Architect Open Certified IT Specialist11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 17
  17. 17. Who does EA We mentioned fourteen well known, large organizations involved with The Open Group. (Their identities are omitted from this record slide set for reasons of confidentiality). Their industries: Finance 4 Aerospace & Defense 3 Telecoms 2 IT 2 Government 1 Seven are US based, four in the UK, one Swiss and one in the Netherlands. We noted how the EA approach and TOGAF has been widely adopted of late across the major UK government departments such as HMRC, DWP, NHS, Home Office as their way to achieve successful outcomes to huge projects- and turn around from the widely publicised and expensive IT disasters of the last decade11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 18
  18. 18. Ho w?
  19. 19. Learning, By Doing, Together EA Fo un da tio ns EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 20
  20. 20. ‘The Road to Value’ Goals and Expectations 5 EA is an established professional approach for strategic change and development Practitioner? First results, impact and value 4 evident - may be hard to quantify at this stage Achiever? Implementer? 3 initial project under way, with training and support planning, orienting, engaging with Adopter? 2 colleagues, designing a live project Explorer? researching, investigating EA, identifying 1 potential change projects, developing a case11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 21
  21. 21. Learning, by Doing, Together The Road to Value Institution Practitioner value Lincoln Derby KIngston UCL Sheffield Hallam Achiever Surrey Roehampton Westminster LeedsHeriott-Watt Liverpool John Implementer Moores ManchesterBlackpool Oxford CC Bristol & Fylde Staffordshire Cardiff Coventry OU Adopter Kings Salford London Gloucester Falmouth De Montfort UCLAN Leeds Met London Explorer Durham St Andrews Business School Plymouth UWLNottingham Imperial RHUL ‘Bloomsbury’ Southampton Bolton Professional value City Solent EA Foundations Programme members 5 July 2011 Exeter 11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 22
  22. 22. Understand your organisation11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 23
  23. 23. Get started Think Benefits from the start Get colleagues on board Pick a project!Just enough TOGAF® Start Modelling + ITIL, LEAN, PRINCE, etc11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 24
  24. 24. Be change adept! Ross, Weill, Robertson ‘Enterprise Architecture as Strategy’ (2006) Business Modularity Optimised ‘Grand Vision’ Core Standardised Technology The Death Leap Business “Business Silos as Usual” EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 25
  25. 25. A foundation for Business Execution and Decisions good decisions that stick and change! hands On IT Savvy = 20% ‘better’11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 26
  26. 26. Keep learning, by doing, together•••••• Web Search• Contact Us! EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 27
  27. 27. 11/12/09 EA Workshop Intro 3 July 2012: slide 28