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Insider Tips for AdWords Ad Optimization


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I shared some insider tips for AdWords ad optimization at SES NYC. Topics included:

Longer ad headlines
Dynamic ads with keyword insertion, ad params, and dynamic search ads
Ads Sitelinks - including how to measure the performance of individual sitelinks
Social Extensions for Ads
Tracking performance with ValueTrack

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Insider Tips for AdWords Ad Optimization

  2. 2. Ad Specifications2  To Optimize:  Headline 2 Line Description  URL  Include  Scent of the Search (keyword)  Unique Value Proposition  Call to Action Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  3. 3. An Explosion of New Ad FormatsAccording to Google,32% of queries with ads have at least 1new ad formatLocation extensions Two line Sitelinks Store Locator Comparison Ads Product Listing for Credit Cards Ads Media Ads Seller Rating Seller Rating Extensions, Mobile Video Extensions Extensions Product Extensions Comparison Ads Click to Call One line Hyperlocal for Mortgages Phone Extensions Ad Sitelinks, mobile Sitelinks Mobile Ads 2009 2010 3
  4. 4. Long Headline4 Contact RatingDynamic Value Sitelinks Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys Preview
  5. 5. What Should You Use5 Different Search Ad Formats  Longer headlines  Dynamic ads  Ad Extensions  Sitelinks  Social Measuring Results  ValueTrack Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  6. 6. Longer Headlines6 Add punctuation at the end of Description Line 1 to enable Long Headlines Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  7. 7. Shoot for the Top7 20X Improvemen t Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  8. 8. How to Measure Long8 Headlines 1. Click “Ads” tab 2. Segment by “Top vs Other” Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  9. 9. The Evolution of Dynamic Ads9  Dynamic Keyword Insertion  {keyword:fallback text}  KeyWord, Keyword, keyword, KEYWORD Inserts the keyword that was matched from your account, NOT the keyword typed in by the user. Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  10. 10. Parameters in Ads10  AdParamService  Availablethrough the API  {param1} and {param2}  Dynamic Search Ads Every time an ad is changed, it has to be reviewed again. Ad paramslet you bypass this review. Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  11. 11. Dynamic Search Ads11  Google crawls your site and automagically creates ads Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  12. 12. Ad Sitelinks – CTR BoosterThree line: 40% average CTR liftOne line sitelinks: 17% average CTR lift Mobile sitelinks: 30% average CTR lift
  13. 13. Sitelinks Evolved13
  14. 14. Things to Test with Sitelinks14 Variations to Test:  Locations  Lines of business  B2C vs B2B  Special Offers  New products Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  15. 15. How to Measure Sitelinks15 Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  16. 16. Measuring Individual Sitelinks16  Add tracking tags to your sitelinks  ?sitelink=[sitelink1]  ?sitelink=[sitelink2] Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  17. 17. Sitelinks in Analytics17  Filter your reports in Google Analytics Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  18. 18. Custom Report with Sitelinks18 Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  19. 19. Social ExtensionSandra clicks the +1 button next to your ad ororganic search result.When Sandra‟s friends (like me) do a searchthat includes this site, we see a personalizedannotation, showing that she +1‟d it. 19
  20. 20. +1s Aggregate at the URL Level20  +1s happening on your site help your ads Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  21. 21. Measure with ValueTrack21 Parameter Purpose {creative} ID of the ad {param1} and {param2} AdParamService API {aceid} Control or Experiment ID {copy:[name]} Parameter of keyword URL for Sitelinks or Product Extensions {adposition} Ad position on the page Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  22. 22. An Example of {copy}22 How does {copy:[name]} work? URLKW: „blue widgets‟ sitelink{copy:productID}Google sends traffic Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  23. 23. Beta Extensions23 Offer Extensions Contact Extensions Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys
  24. 24. Top Tier Inc. | | @SiliconVallaeys | @SiliconVallaeys