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Summarizing tally sheet[1][1]


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Summarizing tally sheet[1][1]

  1. 1. ~------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_a Summarizing Tally Sheet To help me summarize I... Tally read the text features and predict the main idea. reflect on my prediction and either confirm or revise it. read the text features and think how they relate to the main idea. notice boldface and italic words and think how they relate to the main idea. read subheadings and titles and think how they relate to the main idea. identify a section of text that I can read and remember. stop at the end of a section of text to connect, visualize, or remember what Ive read. answer questions I have asked. reread to verify important ideas. reread to clarify meaning. reread to choose supporting details and facts. eliminate unimportant details. Comprehension Shouldnt Be Sitent: From Strategy Instruction to Student Independence by Michelle J. Kelley and NICkl Clausen-Grace. © 2007 International Reading Association. May be copied for classroom use. 216