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Class act


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Class act

  1. 1. GSSD Literacy Coaches What We Do Your GSSD Coaches play a variety of roles, underlying all of them is lit- eracy support. The Coaches provide support, assistance, and professional devel- Welcome to opment for teachers to ensure student success in literacy. Results are optimal GSSD! when Literacy Coaches are associated with initiatives that align their work with Good Spirit School Division goals, School Learning Improvement Plans, and TeacherGSSD Literacy Professional Growth Plans. Professional development is optimized when it isCoaches would like teacher directed and integrates the collaborative work with a coach. The Saskatch-to welcome you to ewan ELA curriculum and research-based educational practices are foundational toan exciting year in the coaches’ work.GSSD. Curriculum Specialist: Support implementation of curriculum  Assist teachers in developing units, lessons and assessmentsIf you are new to  Increase teachers’ understanding and implementation of curriculumthe profession or anexperienced teacher Classroom Supporter: Increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom in-new to GSSD, your structionLiteracy Coachesoffer a variety of lit-  Assist teachers in developing and implementing a range of instructional approacheseracy support.  Professional dialogue, collaboration, co-teaching, demonstrations, or observing and giving feedback in a peer to peer relationship Instructional/Assessment Coach: Align instruction with curriculum to meet the needs of students and ensure that student achievement data drives decisions at the classroom and school level  Assist teachers in selecting instructional strategies that align with curriculum out- comes  Guide teams of teachers or individuals to examine data, understand student strengths and weaknesses, and identify instructional strategies or resources to address needs, including intervention and programming such as Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Resource Provider: Expand teacher’s use of variety of resources to support in- struction  Locate information and recommend resources  Update staff regarding current research and practices  Provide information and support regarding technology integration
  2. 2. Who Are We? Good Spirit School Division is entering its fourth year of its Reading for All literacy initia- tive. In order to achieve the school division goal of students demonstrating at least one year of growth in reading comprehension, three full time Literacy Coach positions are available for support and guidance. Andrea Hnatiuk, Janine Neufeld Ruetz and Nicole Piercey are the Literacy Coaches employed to assist teachers in achieving literacy goals. GSSD Coaches work collaboratively with teachers and provide a professional peer to peer relationship. Although Coaches have designated schools, our collaborative nature and inter- professional work allows us to offer continual support to you and ensure student growth and GSSD success through the process. Literacy Andrea Hnatiuk Janine Neufeld-Ruetz Nicole PierceyGSSD Literacy is Esterhazy High School Calder School Sturgis Elementary Schoolmaintained andregularly updated by Columbia School 5-8 Norquay Public School Preeceville Schoolthe Coaches. It MC Knoll School 5-8 PJ Gillen School Invermay Schoolcontains a wealth of Fort Livingstone School Victoria School MC Knoll School K-4information includingassessment info, a Melville Composite School Canora Junior School Yorkdale Central School K-4professional calendar Hoffman School Canora Composite School Springside Schoolwith important dates Langenburg High School Dr. Brass School Macdonald Schoolfor inservices, Kamsack Comprehensive Columbia School K-4 Grayson Schoolconferences, and Schoolliteracy events. If you Yorkdale Central School 5-8 Davison School Saltcoats Schoolare looking for Churchridge Public School Miller Schoolinformation, chancesare it is there! Sturgis High SchoolLiteracy Coachesmaintain a variety ofwikis to assist us in Contact Informationproviding literacyinformation. Andrea Hnatiuk Janine Neufeld- Nicole Piercey Ruetz 621. 8382 621. 1393Please do not Twitter: ahnatiuk hesitate to contact theCoaches. Welook forward to meeting you!