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Nccer Maintenance


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This is what the NCCER test will consist of.

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Nccer Maintenance

  1. 1. National Craft Assessment and Certification Program B L U E P R I N TIndustrial Maintenance Mechanical Written Assessment Contents: Industrial Maintenance MechanicalOverview – This written assessment is a two-hour, (MEIDMT32) as of 4/2008closed-book examination. You will be permitted to use Module # ofa nonprogrammable, nonprinting calculator during Numbers Topic Area Questionsthe examination. The Assessment Center will provide 00101 Basic Safety (00101) 5any necessary pencils. No extra papers, books, notes 00102 Introduction to Construction Mathor study materials are allowed in the testing area. (00102) 5 00104 Introduction to Power Tools (00104) 2Study Material – All NCCER written assessments are 00106 Basic Rigging (00106) 5referenced to Contren® Learning Series modules. You 08309-07 Testing Piping Systems andmay order modules from Pearson Education, Inc. by Equipment 5calling (800) 922.0579 or by logging on to 15104-06 Basic Layout 15202-07 Field Sketching 2 15304 Prealignment for Drilling and Tapping 2Assessment Development – All questions on each 30110 Structural Ironworking: One 2assessment have been developed and approved by 32211 Lubrication (25209) 3subject matter experts from the respective craft. 32113-07Assessment development and administration operates 32115 Piping Systems (25210) 2under the direction of Prov, NCCER’s testing partner. 08201-06 32310 Gaskets and Packing (25311) 12Credentials – NCCER will send appropriate 32105-07 32408 Maintaining Valves (25411) 2credentials (certificate, wallet card, and official 32205-08transcript) to the Assessment Center upon successful 32409 Identifying and Installing Valvescompletion of the written assessment. 32205-08 (25408) 2 32410 Steam Traps 2Training Prescription Reports – Each candidate will 32208-07 32209-07have access to individual results of the written 32411 Steam Systems 2assessment on NCCER’s website. This training 32208-07prescription will include the overall score and 32209-07results by topic area. 32509 Drawings and Symbols (25401) 3 32110 Oxyfuel Cutting 2National Registry – Assessment results will be 32104-07maintained in NCCER’s National Registry and be a 08308-07 Pipe Hangers and Supports 2part of each candidate’s training records. These 32103-07 Fasteners 4records are stored and become a portable record of 34301 Boiler Pressure Components 3your training and assessment achievements. 34302 Boiler Nonpressure Components 4 34306 Boiler Auxiliaries 7 34307 Towers and Exchangers 10 34403 Advanced Towers and Exchangers 5 34409 Planning Work Activities 3 Total Number of Questions 100 Note: (xxxxx) Reference to NCCER’s CD-Rom Module Number Additional Approved Reference during Assessment Session: The Pipefitters Blue Book; W.V.Graves . National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) 3600 NW 43rd St., Bldg. G • Gainesville, Fl • 32606 • Ph: (352) 334.0911 • Fax: (352) 334.0932 •