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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. Question 2: How Effective is theCombination of your mainproduct and ancillary tasksAaron Phelan
  2. 2. What is a Brand?A Brand is different to a product in manyways. A brand is when something isadvertised to the world and people wantto have their products. It features acompanies identity and a symbol oftenshows this off to the general public.A brand also identifies a business and itsprinciples such as Coca Cola selling colaand lynx selling different types ofdeodorants. The branding campaignsoften lead to a company sensationalisingthemselves and making theiradvertisements suit its potentialaudiences. Advertisements will be placedin several different forms such as being onbillboards and being advertised ontelevision.
  3. 3. What is a brand…. Continued? The term branding originally came from farmers knowing the difference for their cattle. For example, the stamp which farmers place on their cattle can often let farmers know which breed they have come from. However, this term has evolved throughout the last century to become a completely different meaning. The branding programme of a product often determines the net profit which is going to be made by a company. Branding campaigns can also determine if future products from a company are going to be successful or not. Branding campaigns also have to improve on its last campaign, whilst following its same principles and techniques on how their products are promoted.
  4. 4. Naomi Klein stated that branding cameabout as a product of mass production.There was so much choice, people neededimage based differences to define brands, togive them personality. It meant that peoplewanted to buy more products from the samebrand.
  5. 5. What is a Music Video Brand Selling music by an artist is essential for a record label, this means that branding programme is different for a music video than it is for a product from Cadburys. The branding campaigns would often include album adverts and interviews in magazines/newspapers with the artist(s) themselves. They would promote their products through major music companies and try to sell their products to their target audiences. The artists would be competing with artists who may have similar music products and the success of their single often depends on the number of sales.
  6. 6. The Brand Image of our band• The band we have created as part of our coursework comes from the indie rock genre. We discussed this as a group and we then started to research different bands such as Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Arctic Monkeys etc.• We did this research to help create the bands identity and through many discussions we chose to use the name “Jess Vs The World”. This was because we wanted our artist to be young, quirky and fun
  7. 7. • Throughout the video we used the comic book theme. Jess is portrayed as a superhero/villan throughout the video and the effects have been used to broaden the storyline.• We chose to dress Jess in two different outfits in the video. The first outfit was white with black trousers and a cloak, with big glasses to make her look like a geeky superhero. For the second outfit in the video we tried to make Jess look like the Joker.
  8. 8. How have you constructed a sense ofbrand identity using media language? We showed Jess as a quirky geeky girl throughout the video who also dressed up as an alter ego superhero/villan. We had different types of shots showing evidence of this. The long shots were often used to promote the superhero and close up’s of Jess looking crazy. Jess comes across as fun and youthful throughout the video. The comic fighting and superhero actions mean that audiences will want to watch the video, due to its laid back theme and enjoyment.
  9. 9. Mine and Zaynab Ancillary task
  10. 10. Ross Ancillary Tasks
  11. 11. Teigan Anxillary Task