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Happiness will make you rich


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At BrightonSEO September 2019 I spoke about the importance of happiness in the workplace and how it seriously benefits your bottom line.

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Happiness will make you rich

  1. 1. Happiness will make you RICH Allegra Chapman SLIDESHARE.NET/AllegraChapman @Allegra_Chapman
  2. 2. @allegra_chapman
  3. 3. 43% of millennials will quit their job within two years @allegra_chapman
  4. 4. @allegra_chapman 51% of you are happy in your jobs
  5. 5. @allegra_chapman 49% of you are unhappy in your jobs
  6. 6. @allegra_chapman 58% of the UK is unhappy at work
  7. 7. Why happiness matters Specifically, to your bottom line
  8. 8. Consumers
  9. 9. @allegra_chapman 63% prefer to buy from purposeful brands
  10. 10. @allegra_chapman 47% will change to a competitor if you lack purpose
  11. 11. @allegra_chapman Customer loyalty is driven by likeability for 86% of customers
  12. 12. “A happy brand is a successful brand: it is better recalled, better liked and chosen more often.” - Steve Hastings, Isobel @allegra_chapman
  13. 13. Personnel
  14. 14. Happiness starts from within @allegra_chapman
  15. 15. A new member of staff will cost you £30,000 @allegra_chapman
  16. 16. Happiness increases productivity by up to 20% @allegra_chapman
  17. 17. Business
  18. 18. Happy companies outperform the competition by 20% @allegra_chapman
  19. 19. Happiness increases returns by 3x @allegra_chapman
  20. 20. What makes people happy Give the people what they want
  21. 21. @allegra_chapman
  22. 22. Fun and Enjoyment
  23. 23. No more bullshit table tennis tables @allegra_chapman
  24. 24. Find your joy @allegra_chapman
  25. 25. Health and Wellbeing
  26. 26. Staff will sacrifice 15% of their pay cheque for flexible hours @allegra_chapman
  27. 27. Sickness and presenteeism cost £77.5 billion each year @allegra_chapman
  28. 28. Safety and Security
  29. 29. 15 million people in the UK have no pension savings @allegra_chapman
  30. 30. 36% say their employer doesn’t do enough to support new parents @allegra_chapman
  31. 31. Relationships
  32. 32. 58% of people would trust a stranger more than their boss @allegra_chapman
  33. 33. 80% say being appreciated is key to happiness @allegra_chapman
  34. 34. Self-respect
  35. 35. 70% of projects fail to meet target @allegra_chapman
  36. 36. Only 33% of people think brands act on their values @allegra_chapman
  37. 37. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs @allegra_chapman
  38. 38. @allegra_chapman