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Chiefgood Intro


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Chiefgood is a network of charities, volunteers, and ad space. Charities get unprecedented exposure by converging modern ad technology, crowd-sourcing platform, and the unique accessibility of online ad inventory. Visit us at

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Chiefgood Intro

  1. 1. Using the power of digital advertising to give voice to great causes
  2. 2. The Premise: Today’s charity marketing model is broken. Because advertising is not available as a growth tool, charitable giving remains stagnant. Charities are missing out on the digital marketing juggernaut, because their solutions still focus on old media. The scope of the opportunity is massive. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 2010 2011 2012 2013 Share of Time Spent 0 2 4 6 8 10 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2%U.S. Giving as % of GDP No. of charities: 1+ million Annual fundraising spend: $30 bn Digital TV Radio Print
  3. 3. Yet only a handful of charities advertise. 1. Media companies only pay attention to the largest charities 2. Charities don’t know how 3. Most don’t have the budget ** 4. There is a stigma against nonprofits using funds for advertising All charities can finally have a voice online. And really scale. * According to 2011 data released by the Internal Revenue Service ** The 2012 Forbes Report on charities. There are 1.1 million charities in the U.S.* Chiefgood solves this problem. The top 100 charities: Average size: $355m Total size: $35 Bn The Rest: Average size: $240k Total size: $265 Bn AnnualRevenue Charities – largest to smallest 8x larger, yet unaddressed
  4. 4. The Story Ali Mirian, Founder Aristotle first wrote about humanity’s “chief good”, concluding that it is in the fulfilling of one’s own destiny which brings happiness. With each charity and champion of important causes we meet, we notice that each of them have their own passion that they’ve dedicated their lives to, their own chief good. Our vision is to bring the story of each charity’s chief good to the masses. Ali Mirian spent 15 years solving big problems for media companies and advertisers, using technology and data to navigate the new digital frontier. He watched the internet grow faster than web sites could sell the ad space. He tried an experiment to fill the unused ad space by aggregating multiple charities under one campaign, and was quickly able to deliver millions of ad impressions. Word spread, and other charities started pouring in. Chiefgood is now breaking through with a model for large-scale impact, where everybody wins. With over 20 volunteers from: VP, Product and Technology – Advertising Division (NASDAQ: IACI) Product Director – Media & Technology groups. Acquired by WPP, the world’s largest ad agency General Manager, for Kleiner-backed startup Named #1 clean-tech venture by WSJ
  5. 5. Chiefgood: Giving thousands of charities an audience of millions Great Causes Donated Ad Space Volunteer Designers Chiefgood is a network of charities, volunteers, and ad space. Charities get unprecedented exposure by converging modern ad technology, crowd-sourcing platform, and the unique accessibility of online ad inventory.
  6. 6. How Do Charities Benefit? Charities will get unprecedented levels of exposure via ads on web sites who have donated excess ad space. We want charities to spend their time and effort on their mission, while we help promote their message to masses. Charities Free Exposure ad Free Ad Space ad Free Creative Services Chiefgood runs the ads across web sites that have donated ad space. Chiefgood connects each charity with a volunteer designer, along with a Chiefgood mentor, to create a compelling ad campaign. Ads will be seen by over millions of people on the internet. Users click on the ads, that will drive traffic directly to charity web sites
  7. 7. A Network Effect Where Everybody Wins A networked platform means that the greater the number of members, the more valuable the service is to the whole community. ad ad ad ad ad ad Chiefgood serves the ad that drives the best performance for charities Web sites get an elegant solution to fill unsold ad space Charities benefit as more join
  8. 8. Charities Just some of our member charities that have joined the Chiefgood network Education & Literacy Conservation/ Environmental Arts & Culture Community Health & Human Services
  9. 9. An Example of Chiefgood at Work The Pratt Institute enlisted a group of their most talented students from the Undergraduate Communications Design Department to work on Chiefgood projects. + Students design ads while exposing them to professional experience and the rewards of using their skills in the service of a good cause. Chiefgood connects its member charities with students, then delivers the ads they create across the web Objective: Generate awareness, and drive traffic to charity web sites Scope: 15 Charities, 15 Students Timing: Ad campaigns go live February 2014.
  10. 10. An Example of Chiefgood at Work NYC Votes, the public/private partnership with the NYC Campaign Finance Board is on a mission to promote civic engagement, and drive citizens to their mobile app leading to the November 5 elections. NYC Votes tapped into Chiefgood's network of designers to create digital ads. Chiefgood drove 1% of voters to their mobile app in just 5 days, and NYC Votes was able to gain never-before-seen insight in demographic data from Chiefgood reports. Results Creative Production Time: 4 days Campaign Duration : 5 days # ads served: 5,000,000 People who engaged: 10,000 after seeing ad An example of one our ads:
  11. 11. Comparing Existing Solutions Chiefgood is the most comprehensive solution to give causes a voice Advertising Ad Council Crowd funding - Indiegogo - Kickstarter - Fundly - Razoo Fundraising Tools - CauseVox - Crowdrise Advertising Services In-house creative and production No No Crowd-sourced creative and production Consumer Discovery No Yes No Yes Provides Reach Yes, primarily focused on Print, TV, and OOH audience Majority of reach generated from the charity’s own network Majority of reach generated from the charity’s own network Yes, focused on digital audience Primary Customer Governmental agencies, and large nonprofits Individuals creating fundraising campaigns and events Individuals creating fundraising campaigns and events Public Charities of all sizes
  12. 12. Value to Web Publishers • No longer need to start and stop PSA campaigns, like the old days • Simple implementation that you do just once. • We will even run your PSA’s through our platform to so it’s all managed in one place. Hassle-Free • We pay special attention to good looking ads that look good on a web page, and do good along the way. Say goodbye to belly fat ads. Good Ads • No-cost way to create scarcity and increase price of premium inventory • We will always have a diverse rotation of campaigns running. No longer will you have the same PSA ads running again and again, which amplifies the appearance that you are unsold Strengthens Ad Sales • All donated impressions are tax deductible, typically valued at rate card. This means that you don’t sacrifice a penny. Why run low-value ads any more? Zero Revenue Loss • Very little effort to show how you are doing good.. And your users will love it. Positive Association and Sponsorship
  13. 13. Long Term Strategic Vision Reinvent charitable giving by building the digital charity platform and discovery engine of record, giving thousands of charities an audience of millions. Ad Platform Now Beyond Ad Platform Consumer Discovery Platform Next Ad Platform + Crowd-sourced creative production + Targeting + Optimization The Entire Tail: Serve thousands of diverse charities, of all sizes.
  14. 14. Ali C. Mirian, Founder 917.678.7930 Thank you. To join the Chiefgood network, contact: