How Web Sites & Tools Enhance a Love of Books


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Educators can use a wide range of Web sites and tools to enhance a love of reading.

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How Web Sites & Tools Enhance a Love of Books

  1. 1. Using the Web to Enhance a Love of Books Presentation to Library Harvest
  2. 2. Our Mission Dulcinea Media publishes content and builds web-based tools that helps educators teach students how to use the Internet effectively, efficiently, safely and responsibly. Products include:
  3. 3. The Threat Students use the Internet at every opportunity = Less time for reading books for pleasure?
  4. 4. The Vision Educators can leverage A wide range of Web sites and tools to foster a love of reading
  5. 5. The Good News Smartphones, e-readers and the iPad offer opportunites to enjoy books as a multimedia experience. Los Angeles Times: “ Digital technology is also transforming reading from a famously solitary experience into a social one.” 20100718
  6. 6. The Opportunity Most kids do not yet have expensive, fragile mobile devices. Librarians can use the Web to promote and enhance a love of reading books. Introducing students to these sites now will make it more likely they will embrace books when first using a device with e-reader capabilities.
  7. 7. Library Journal “ The future of reading is very much in doubt.” “ In this century, reading could soar to new heights or crash and burn.” “ Clearly something important and fundamental is happening to books and reading. Libraries need to be part of this reading revolution.”
  8. 8. Interacting with Authors Create Connections with Primary Sources Sendak on Sendak To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Year Celebration Library of Congress Teacher Resources
  9. 9. Author Video Interviews BookWrapCentral - video interviews w/ 200 childrens’ authors Reading Rockets - 80 video interviews
  10. 10. Live Chats / Twitter Chats Scholastic Readergirlz From the Mixed Up Files
  11. 11. Skype an Author Authors Who Skype- 20 minute sessions
  12. 12. Skype Other Classes to Discuss Books Around the World with 80 Schools blog - full tutorial, with lesson plan for integration into curriculum
  13. 13. Articles on Skype in the Classroom Langwitches Blog: Reasons for Skyping in the Classroom “ Skype connects my students with students from other countries in order to raise global awareness: there are kids like me somewhere else...different cultures, holidays, traditions...tolerance...we live in a flat and increasingly smaller world.” Trails Optional: Around the World: 8 Videoconferences in 1 Night
  14. 14. Books Read Out Loud Celebrities read classic children’s books
  15. 15. Books Come Alive Vook - videos that accompany books “ Project the emotion of the book - without getting in the way of the story.”
  16. 16. NatGeo Amazing 100 People, Places and Things that Will Wow You TV show, Friday nights Web Site
  17. 17. Discuss Books 2 Movies Book Reporter Kids Reads
  18. 18. Interactive Online Communities “ Readers are invited to become a part of the story as they help the main characters search for Amanda.
  19. 19. Interactive Online Communities Experience simultaneously a book group, a computer, and a book. We believe firmly that people want to read, annotate and discuss, right there, immersed in the text. We also respect the solitary side to reading: people should have the chance to tune out the community. /
  20. 20. Publish Book Reviews A student, a class, a district can create its own book review blog.
  21. 21. Publish Book & Trailers Digital Book Talk - Book Trailers for K-12 Re-enactment of books using digital tools “ Visual means for reluctant, striving readers to make better book choices.” Full page of student work.
  22. 22. Use Tools to Create Trailers Animoto produces video pieces from photos, video clips & music Two outstanding examples of student-created trailers: http://bib20. blogspot .com/2009/02/animoto-book-trailers.html
  23. 23. Create or Join an Entire Community