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Exploiting the Brain for Fun & Profit #dc4d 2016

  1. Alena Holligan
 @sketchings PHP Teacher at Treehouse
 PHP Users Group Leader
 Women Who Code Leader
  2. Exploiting the Brain for Fun and Profit
  3. Two Truths Everyone is the same Everyone is different
  4. MOST IMPORTANT TOOL Sleep Physical: Food & Exercise Knowledge Managing Information YOUR BRAIN
  5. READ ALOUD enthusiastic motivational fascinating enjoyable fun humorous useful beneficial simple profitable valuable easy
  6. REARRANGE SENTENCE talk this beneficial is fascinating
  8. ELDERLY PRIMING Words: Old, Gray, Florida Significantly longer to walk to the elevator Done on psychology students Did the priming influence you? NO Why? Make things up We don’t say “I don’t know”
  9. The Brain Makes Things Up
  11. I’m always right. 
 I remember things wrong.
  12. How do we use this to our advantage?
  13. SLEEP
  14. -Leo J. Burke "People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one."
  15. Question: How much sleep do you get?
  16. SLEEP EXPERIMENT 5 days mimicked Alzheimer's hallucinations and paranoia 30% loss in cognitive ability after 1 night Physical Affects: blood pressure, immune system, body temp Factor to obesity trouble metabolizing glucose feel hungry get cravings longer to feel full
  18. Some people need less insomniac gene
  19. Probably NOT You!
  20. ANALYZE How much do you need, Wake up at the same time everyday, even weekends
 - go to bed when you’re tired Go to bed at the same time everyday
 - wake up without an alarm Write down how you feel, multiple times
 - both physically and emotionally
  21. morning lark (1/10) night owl (2/10) play to your strengths When are you at your best
  22. SLEEP HACKS 90 minute cycles Create a routine Turn off electronics or f.lux Stop caffeine Cool and Dark Room/Bed is Sacred SOUND SMELL
  23. Quick Tip
  24. NAPS IMPROVE PERFORMANCE 26 min nap = 34% improvement ~ army
  25. PHYSICAL Food & Exercise
  26. -Bill Phillips "Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and exercise is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant."
  27. FOOD AS FUEL Brain adores glucose 2% of mass 20% of energy Your brain needs fat Balance: carbs, proteins and fats Supplements Caffeine and Alcohol are drugs, use carefully
  28. WHY EXERCISE improves blood flows clears waste improves performance actually makes brain bigger Exercise for 75 minutes to maximize mortality reduction per minute 20%
  29. Walking Desks Walking Meetings Boeing Mayo Clinic Start your day with Yoga
  30. Quick Tip
  31. Power Poses Amy J.C. Cuddy
  32. Knowledge
  33. -Heraclitus “The only constant is change”
 (especially on the internet)
  34. LEARNED Use multiple modalities Attention needs engagement Elaborate, Meaningful, Context Stories and Examples
  35. INTEGRATED WITH EXISTING KNOWLEDGE Make it yours - do something with it Teach
  36. REMEMBERED OVER TIME Forgetting stuff is a feature not a bug Take frequent breaks Follow up Spaced Repetition
 - Increased knowledge and retention
 - Timing is key
 - Information decay
 - computers can help
 - The Mnemosyne Project
  37. DEPLOYED AS BEHAVIOR Have the right attitude Make it a habit -
  38. Quick Tip
  39. Make up a crazy story
  40. Managing Information
  41. new languages new technologies new approaches books articles blogs podcasts twitter conferences Bombarded with Information overload
  42. Continuous Partial Attention
  43. We can’t multi-task Cell phones prove this
  44. EMAIL IS LIKE GAMBLING variable reinforcement
  45. ATTENTION IS PRECIOUS Be Selective Information Diet Selective Ignorance Pick something you care about Skim the rest Use your friends Prune Aggressively - if you’re note reading it delete it
  46. Turn off Interruptions TV Email Facebook Cell Phone
  47. Productivity Inbox Zero (declare bankruptcy) Getting Things Done (GTD) Pomodoro Technique (Agile)
  48. Quick Tip
  49. External Brain Capture ideas to generate more ideas. We Forget. No, you wont remember.
  50. Computers Don’t
  51. Paper Doesn’t Either
  52. Wiki is a great tool for teams
  53. Final Review
  54. Location, Location, Location Mindfulness Try new things Quality over Quantity Write it down Breathe Balance
  55. -Ralph Keeney, Duke University America’s top killer isn’t cancer or heart disease, nor is it smoking or obesity. It’s our inability to make smart choices and overcome our own self-destructive behaviors.
  56. Choose One Small Step Today
  57. Resources
  58. BOOKS Predictably Irrational A Whole New Mind Getting Things Done Your Brain: The Missing Manual Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Brain Rules Mind Hacks Sway Nudge Drive
  60. Alena Holligan
 @sketchings PHP Teacher at Treehouse
 PHP Users Group Leader
 Women Who Code Leader