The Role of Intellectual Capital Centre for SMEs (APICC Whitepaper #4)


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A short explanation of the role of intellectual capital centres for SME.

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The Role of Intellectual Capital Centre for SMEs (APICC Whitepaper #4)

  1. 1. Long term sustainable value growth in businesses and society: The role of IC Centres for SME By Dr Gordon McConnachie, Founding Chairman of Scottish Intellectual Assets Centre and Chief Technology Officer of Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital CentreThe opportunity for business and for time, resources and expertise.society to prosper is best capturedthrough long term sustainable value In the past few years progressivegrowth. This premise is borne out countries and regions havewhen one looks at premier addressed this opportunity bycompanies like General Electric or creating “IC Centres”. These centresadvanced economies like Finland or may have different names (e.g.Singapore. Future Centre, Academy, etc.) and may address differing agendas andLong term sustainable value growth have differing scorecards but theycomes from applying a holistic have a commonality in that they allapproach to the creation of value address the efficiency andstreams from both the tangible and effectiveness with which the balancethe intangible assets within an of tangible and intangible assets canorganisation or within society. This be used to create, extract and releaseapproach is in fact Intellectual long term, sustainable value. APICCCapital Management. is such an IC Centre and in this sense we follow in the footsteps of theThe more progressive large pioneers in Japan, Scotland andcompanies have developed aspects Singapore.of such an approach over the past 20years and have learnt much from one The Japanese Intellectual Assetanother which is now available to all: Based Management concept grewthe books authored by Patrick out of many years of study of theSullivan on the ICM Gathering are a interplay of intangible and tangiblegood case study. assets in creating value and is designed principally to help SME.While large companies have the The Scottish IA Centre was createdforesight and resources to develop in 2003 to help Scottish companiessuch approaches, this is often become aware of and leverage theirimpossible for the SME due to lack of structural capital. The Singapore IP 1 Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre White Paper #4 (January 2009) © Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre 2009 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Academy was created to educate all term sustainable value in line withSingapore organizations about all their business plans.aspects of intellectual property.Similar initiatives backed by local or The International Association of ICnational government are in place Practitioners is currently beingtoday in The ASEAN Countries, The created in order to allow these ICArab Countries, China, Finland, Centres and others as they identifyIndonesia, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan themselves to communicate andand The Netherlands. learn from one another.As growth in the modern economy is Hong Kong SAR is in a uniquedriven in part by the astute use of position to take advantage of theknowledge and networks, these opportunities presented by thecentres fill a gap created by the modern mixed economy. A highlyexplosive growth of the knowledge developed region of China, Hongbased component of our mixed Kong SAR is not only a developedeconomy (Agrarian, Industrial and service economy but also a bridgeKnowledge Based). The centres between Mainland China and thefacilitate the mental move from the Western World. The APICC, in itsindustrial age way of thinking (asset role of IC Centre in Hong Kong SAR,based) to the more fluid concepts provides one of the tools which willrequired in the modern mixed enable Hong Kong SAR to reach itseconomy (value stream based). They true potential. APICC policy is toprovide counseling and tools for work inclusively with all entities inawareness raising, self-diagnosis and Hong Kong SAR to achieve this aim.action including measures which canbe used in management to track Websites:progress. Japan IAbM deliverables for these IC Centres sets/english.htmlinclude a) being a centre of Scotland Intllectual Assets Centreexcellence and best practice in ICM, management of tangible and Singapore IP Academyintangible assets to create long term, value growth, b)providing education, diagnosis, Reference:coaching and first level consulting Gordon McConnachie, “How Countries andand c) providing guidance to allow Regions are Helping their Companies Createcompanies and organizations to Value from Intellectual Capital”, “Einsteinwork out the best route in their in the Boardroom”, Wiley, NY, 2006, pp.particular situation to achieve long 131 – 151. 2 Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre White Paper #4 (January 2009) © Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre 2009 All Rights Reserved