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The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE). MILE offers an exciting opportunity for senior high performance individuals to take their leadership skills to a global level.

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PALM 2010 Jan Brochure

  1. 1. Top quality Executive Program for the first time in the heart of the Muslim and Arab World For the first time and at the heart of the Arab and Participating in the Program for Advanced Realizing the leadership deficit challenge that Muslim World, Savola Group in collaboration Leadership and Management (PALM) is like organizations in our region suffer from, MILE with Saudi Arabian General Investment planting a palm tree. It is a long term aims at filling the gap of absence of local Authority (SAGIA) and Madinah Knowledge investment that is expected to bear its fruits on quality, relevant and affordable executive Economic City are pleased to announce the a sustainable basis. For the first time in the education. MILE is a non-profit institution that launch of the Program for Advanced Leadership Middle East and at the cradle of civilization, aims at building leadership and entrepreneurial and Management (PALM) in Madinah and the 50 Participants attending PALM will have excellence in the Arab and Muslim world. Jeddah. The program combines top quality the opportunity to: MILE was initiated as one of Savola Group’s content, world-class speakers, and live local case Corporate Social Responsibility programs; studies at a very affordable cost. PALM is the however, it grew to be a collaborative Learn from 23 of the most experienced first program offered by Madinah Institute for initiative that attracted the contributions and Leadership & Entrepreneurship (MILE) which is international business professors, authors support of many companies, academic a non-profit institute established as one of Savola of best selling business books, and institutions, research & consulting Group Corporate Social Responsibility highly-experienced executives. organizations and professional groups. initiatives. Build a very rich network of businessmen PALM is an opportunity for senior executives to and executives from MENA, the Far East recharge their batteries, keep up-to-date with best region and all around the world. MILE aspires to become among the world’s management practices and develop their top 100 executive education institutions by leadership skills. Focusing on impact, this Understand their learning profile and 2020. MILE will achieve its vision through high-level multinational forum challenges thinking style and develop a road map for building an effective collaborative network, business leaders both personally and continued self development. leveraging information technology, offering professionally. Through interaction with relevant holistic life-long developmental international and diverse peers as well as Obtain a set of valuable desk and on-line services, ensuring sustainability and professors from top business schools, authors of resources which are indispensible continuous development of intellectual best-selling books, and highly experienced capital, and striving to become a role model references for executives. consultants from the top global consulting firms, in applying the most advanced and ethical participants will have the opportunity to expand management practices. Improve their physical fitness through the their business repertoire to include new concepts, paradigms and practices. complimentary daily fitness program, dietary advice and free medical checkup in The program addresses core business the International Medical Center, one of management areas such as strategic planning, Saudi Arabia’s leading Medical Centers. corporate finance, marketing and branding, Visit the modern and historical sites of talent management, supply chain management, Madinah, Jeddah and Makkah and have the decision making, and managing technology. The opportunity to perform Umrah. program also sharpens participants' leadership Madinah has been a Knowledge City for over skills through action learning, personality 1,400 years. Knowledge Economic City profiling and executive coaching. A battery of Enjoy the special first time offer of very (KEC) seeks to build upon this foundation, real-life local Case studies will be presented and low fees due to substantial subsidization by develop world class amenities, create a unique discussed with the actual people who Savola Group. environment and accelerate economic experienced and analyzed them. development. KEC aspires to become a beacon of Islamic focused knowledge-based To insure life-long learning, industries. Education, Information & participants will leave with essential Communication Technologies, Health & Life printed must-have references, access Sciences, and Tourism & Hospitality are to the best on-line learning resources Who is right for this program sectors where the Islamic heritage of Madinah and a very rich network of global and can be leveraged to provide financially local peers. PALM is available only to members of sustainable, profitable and pioneering executive committees, senior managers and initiatives that will further the goal of Al heads of business units and functional areas in Madinah KEC becoming a Knowledge Based business companies. PALM also welcomes Industry flagship for KSA. high-impact, fast-track potential leaders who have more than 10 years of experience in The intersection points of Madinah’s heritage roles of increasing responsibility. with these Knowledge Based Industries will be the principal vehicle through which this This learning experience brings together region can re-establish its position as a leading individuals from diverse companies and center of knowledge for the benefit of industries around the world to engage in a man-kind. stimulating exchange of ideas. The City is located 5km east of Al-Haram area and is expected to attract investments of about 25 billion Saudi Riyals.
  2. 2. Dr. Paul J.H Schoemaker Dr. John H. Fleming Dr. Tarek H. Selim Research Director of the Mack Center for Principal & Chief Scientist, Associate Professor of Economics, Technological Innovation at the Wharton Gallup Consulting The American University in Cairo School of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ary Agustian Dr. Jean-Luc Kastner Anthony Swart Founder, ESQ 165 Managing Partner, TTM associates Ltd, CEO, The Brand Union - Africa Europe Zouhair Eloudghiri Bahjat El-Darwiche Rafael Viñas Partner, Booz & Company Chief Executive Officer - Foods Sector, Senior Instructor, The Globecon Group Savola Group Dr. Omar Sawaya Omar El Hamamsy Dieter Roelen Principal, A.T. Kearney - Middle East Partner, Mckinsey & Company Partner, Mckinsey & Company Faisal A. Abdalla Dr. Walid A. Fitahi Dr. Bassam Alashqar Vice President, Abdul Latif Jameel Retail Founder & CEO, International Medical IT Director, Arabsat Center - Jeddah - KSA Ghassan Khoury Dr. Dirk Buchta Eng. Housam Al-Mabrouk Associate Partner, Gallup Consulting Partner & Managing Director, CEO, Royah-Optimiza, KSA A.T. Kearney Eng. Ali Bouhouch Magdi Ismail Amer Jabry Senior Consulting Partner, FranklinCovey Regional Director, TTM Associates Ltd Strategy and Organizational Development Consultant, TTM Associates Ltd Dr. Mohamed Mourad Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud Senior Partner, YSC VP, Savola Group Director, MILE 02 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  3. 3. Reception / Opening Hotel Check-In and Program Registration Dr. Tarek Selim: Competitiveness Dr. Tarik Selim: and Strategic Business Decisions McKinsey: Creating Value McKinsey: Blue Ocean Strategy Driving Growth Through Successful Mergers Through International Globecon: Finance for Non-Finance Expansion Dr. Ary Agustian: The Islamic Guide to Develop Globecon: Corporate Finance Strategy Emotional Spiritual Quotient Zouhair Eloudghiri: Savola Food The Challenge of Globecon: Corporate Finance Strategy Going from Local to Global TTM International: Developing Executive Strategic Leadership TTM International: Developing Executives' Strategic Leadership Madinah Historical Sites Visits Travel to Makkah Makkah Umrah Umrah Travel to Jeddah and check in Jeddah The Brand Union: Developing and Gallup Consulting: Applying ABDUL LATIF JAMEEL CO. Implementing an Effective Brand Behavioral Economics to Drive Strategy Leadership Excellence Growth and Profitability Acceleration Process AT Kearney: Operational AT Kearney: Value-Building andExcellence as a Dr. Walid A. Fitaihi: Driver of Growth Growth Organization in a Time of Trust, the Success Element and Profitability Uncertainty Dr. Paul Schoemaker: Dr. Paul Schoemaker: Executive Decision Making Peripheral Vision Dr. Paul Schoemaker: Strategic Planning Under Uncertainty Royah-Optimiza / ArabSat: Achieving Operational Excellence Dr. Mohamed Mourad: FranklinCovey: Great Leaders; Leading in Turbulent Times Self Development Strategies Booz & Co: Putting Strategy Into Action – Building a Discipline for Graduation / Mayor of Jeddah Better Performance Jeddah Historical Sites Visits Check out 03 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  4. 4. Key Topics: This presentation provides an overview of This module is designed to be a universal Global Competitiveness Challenges and the Blue Ocean Strategy book written by brainstorming tool for real world decisions Key Success Factors. W. Chan Kim and Reńee Mauborgne of involving competitiveness and strategic Concepts and Determinants of Business business decisions. The module enables, INSEAD. The book has sold more than a builds, studies, and applies a comprehensive million copies in its first year of publication framework for effectively learning the Competitiveness: Competitiveness Forces: and is being published in 41 languages. multiple forces of competitiveness, along with Porter’s Five Forces Model Real Life Case analysis of its dimensions and constraints applications Competitive Strategy Harvard The metaphor of red and blue oceans within the framework and mindset of Cluster Model of Competition describes the market universe. Red Oceans are corporate business strategy. The ultimate all the industries in existence today; the objective of the module is to inspire a lifelong known market space. In the red oceans, learning experience in applying industry boundaries are defined and accepted, competitiveness into business fields, in order Competitiveness of Markets and Industry and the competitive rules of the game are to create sustained competitive advantage and Performance: Competitive Market Profile known. Here companies try to outperform enhance corporate, industry, and national Competitive SWOT Analysis Competitive their rivals to grab a greater share of product value creation. Position, Risk, Outlook, and Potential or service demand. As the market space gets Business Strategy and Timeline of crowded, prospects for profits and growth are Implementation Stakeholder Impact reduced. Products become commodities or The module will be delivered through Assessment Harvard Business School Cases niche , and cutthroat competition turns the lectures, group work and case study Guided Group Work and Presentations ocean bloody. Hence, the term red oceans. discussions, stakeholder impact assessment modules, and business simulation methods, in addition to videotaped material of Harvard Blue oceans, in contrast, denote all the lectures. industries not in existence today - the unknown market space, untainted by New Competitiveness Challenges: competition. In blue oceans, demand is Corporate Social Responsibility created rather than fought over. There is Globalization and MNEs based in ample opportunity for growth that is both Developing Countries Competing in profitable and rapid. In blue oceans, a Crisis competition is irrelevant because the rules of the game are waiting to be set. Blue Ocean is an analogy to describe the wider, deeper potential of market space that is not yet explored. Faculty affiliate to Harvard Business School’s Industrial Economics, Journal of Business Microeconomics of Competitiveness network. and Economic Research, Review of Social Economy, and Journal of Business Case Has been a Research Member of the Alfred Studies. P. Sloan Industry Studies Program and is a founding member of its Industry Studies Affiliated with several international organizations such as Ford Foundation, The corner-stone of Blue Ocean Strategy is Association (ISA). USAID, Canadian International 'Value Innovation'. A blue ocean is created Development Agency, Gerson Lehrman when a company achieves value innovation Holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins Group, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, that creates value simultaneously for both the University and a PhD in Economics from buyer and the company. The innovation (in George Washington University. He also Fulbright Commission, Konard Adenauer Foundation, Egyptian National product, service, or delivery) must raise and has professional certificate programs from create value for the market, while Imperial College, Oxford, MIT, and Competitiveness Center, Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, Dubai Economic simultaneously reducing or eliminating Georgetown. features or services that are less valued by the Council, Economic Research Forum, American Chamber of Commerce, and current or future market. Has more than 50 research papers and publications in leading international Center for Future Studies. journals and conferences including Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, The Business Review of Cambridge, Journal of 04 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  5. 5. Many companies are facing increasing competition Mergers and Acquisitions activity has increased Every human being has three types of capital; in their home markets and an overall slowdown of significantly over the last five years in the Middle growth. To sustain the double-digit growth rates, physical, emotional and spiritual. Physical Capital East, with an especially increasing number of many of them are starting or have already started to takes the form of the potencies within natural domestic and cross-border mergers across various look abroad to expand and stimulate growth. resources. Emotional Capital is the sense of sectors, such as real estate, banking, retail and However, many critical questions need to be togetherness and emotional attachment. Spiritual telecom. While many companies try to use mergers addressed before doing so, such as “Which markets Capital is the ability to recognize one’s inner self as as a platform to accelerate growth or capture cost will bring about the most profit?”, “How should we a servant of God. To operate the three capitals, three enter these new markets, Greenfield or Merger & types of intelligence are needed: synergies, in reality about 60-70% of mergers fail IQ functions as a “What I think” in order to Acquisition or some other form of partnership” and to deliver the aspired benefits for the companies’ “What parts of the business model can we export, manage the physical wealth. shareholders. In most cases, this is due to a poor and what part do we need to adjust to local client EQ functions as a “What I feel” in order execution of the post-merger management process. needs”? None of these questions are trivial; they to manage social wealth. require a lot of rigor to come up with the right SQ functions as a “Who am I” in order to This module provides a framework that can guide solution. This session, Will lay out a framework that manage spiritual wealth. companies when going through a post merger can guide companies when thinking through their management process and the key success factors to international expansion strategy, going from In this preseantion, Dr. Agustian explains how the ensure successful execution and maximal synergy screening and identifying the target markets, to teaching of Islam helps us answer the biggest capturing. defining the best suited go-to-market model per question: how do we maintain the balance of target country, and finally, to executing the strategy. SQ-EQ-IQ. The model describes the order of a Case Study: system in which life goes according to the laws of At the end of 2007, Emirates Bank International nature, both macrocosmos and microcosmos. and National Bank of Dubai merged to form the largest bank in the Middle East in assets. Case Study: The model has helped Significant progress has been made in integrating hundreds of thousands of the two banks’ organizations, delivering total people to transform their life. profits in excess of USD 1 billion in 2008 and propelled itself domestic player with 600,000 generating substantial synergies for its from a small, clients in Kuwait, to one of the shareholders. Over the last five in the leading mobile operators years, Zain has It now serves more than Middle East & Africa. 70 million customers, operates in 24 countries and is valued at more than USD20 billion. How was Zain able to successfully expand itself into the Middle East? Dieter Roelen is Partner in the Dubai’s office of McKinsey & Company. He joined the Brussels Office in 2001, initially serving clients in the high tech, telecoms, banking and logistics sectors on a variety of topics. Since moving to the Dubai Office in 2005, he has spent most of his time serving some Omar is one leading McKinsey’s Hi-Tech practice of the leading financial institutions in the Middle in the Middle East. He joined McKinsey as an Graduate from University of Udayana, Indonesia East, with his main focus being to serve clients in experienced hire in 2002. Since joining, Omar has and TAFE College Adelaide, Australia. He has 15 consumer facing industries, on a whole range of extensively served clients in the Middle East, years experience in education and business. He is realms such as strategy, post merger management, Europe and the USA. He covers a broad range of the author of “The Secret of Developing Emotional organization and marketing & sales. sectors including Hi-Tech, Telecom and Education. Intelligence” and “The Secret of Developing ESQ He also covers a wide set of functions including Power”. Dieter is also leading McKinsey Marketing & Sales strategy, marketing, sales, operations, organization, hub in the region, and is co-leading its efforts in the In 2001, Dr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian founded the and finance. Omar is an active member of the Consumer Goods & Retail practice across the Board of Directors of Injaz Al Arab (Junior ESQ Leadership Center to conduct training based on Middle East & Africa (ConsuMEA). Achievements’ Middle East branch), an education his theory. Its target is to develop holistic characters NGO with operations in over 12 countries in the in training participants through intellectual, Before joining McKinsey, Dieter was a Consultant Middle East. emotional and spiritual intelligence. He was chosen at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Dieter holds as “The Most Powerful People and two Master degrees in Commercial Engineering Prior to joining McKinsey, Omar was a manager at Ideas Person in Business, 2004″ by an Indonesian from the University of Brussels and HEC Lausanne, Bell Labs in the USA (AT&T/Lucent magazine, Swasembada. He was also chosen as Switzerland. Technologies). He completed his graduate studies “Tokoh Perubahan 2005″ by Republika newspaper. from Stanford University, California. In addition, he was appointed as the manager of Dewan Pakar ICMI (Specialist Hall ICMI) for the term 2005-2010. enterprises across all sectors, government agencies and institutions, and foundations on a variety of On 18th December 2007, Dr. Ary Ginanjar issues. It groups its practices into six main areas: McKinsey & Company is a management Agustian was awarded “Doctor Honoris Causa” in business technology, corporate finance & strategy, consulting firm whose mission is to help leaders character education by University of Yogjakarta marketing and sales, operations, organization and make distinctive, lasting, and substantial due to his continuous commitment for human improvements in performance, and build great risk management. McKinsey serves clients in character development not only in Indonesia and firms that attract, develop, excite, and retain numerous industry sectors, from automotive and Malaysia but also in Singapore, United States of exceptional people. With about 90 offices in high tech to telecommunications. The company America, Netherland to name a few. more than 50 countries around the globe, the opened its first office in Dubai in 2000, and now company advises corporate has locations in Manama, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. 05 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  6. 6. Attendance is optional For executives with no Evaluating financial performance Evaluating Investment Decisions: Creating value every time Risk adjusted discount rate solid background in finance Case Study: International Power PLC. and the Capital Asset Pricing Model This case illustrates ratio analysis using financial (CAPM) Other methods Investments and Overview data for a global power company. Ten years of real options Hidden costs and opportunities standard ratios pertaining to profitability, efficiency, in mergers and acquisitions The strategic imperative of every firm: liquidity, solvency, capital structure and market sustainable growth and above average returns (mini multiples are provided. The case highlights the cases: Dell, McDonalds, Home Depot) correspondence between firm performance and Financial Management Defined: equity values. Committing and raising capital funds to create value Managing growth: Defining the limits Sustainable Case Study: The Timken Company A framework for financial policy: Businessgrowth and capital structure The MM propositions The acquisition by Timken of Torrington, Inc. Strategy, Financial Policy, Execution on the limits of debt Sources and mix of from Ingersoll Rand, Inc. required a strategy Introduction to financial concepts and ratiocapital/maturity structure of debt Managing Risk: s that met both the investment and financial Review of key financial concepts and ratios hedging, futures and derivatives Risk appetite and objectives of the Timken Company. The case that all senior managers must use in their financial financial policy illustrates the complexities of managing large decisions investment decisions that affect a firm’s Ram Charam’s five timeless components of Case Study: American Home Products capital structure. every business (Cash, Margin, Velocity, Growth, American Home Products is a company with Clients) virtually no debt. Participants are asked to analyze Module Wrap Up Finance as a senior The DuPont performance tree the company’s debt policy and make management concern across functions in the Other key metrics (ratios) recommendations to the CEO. It is likely that firm Engaging the organization around Cost of Capital adding debt to the capital structure would create excellence in finance (as it should do around some value for shareholders; the CEO is firmly marketing) Possible next steps (raising against borrowing. consciousness at all levels, implementing a EVA/MVA Managing Risk: An introduction to hedging, futures value based management system) and derivatives The instruments themselves—how they work. The correct use of the instruments: hedging vs. betting Mini cases of correct and incorrect use of risk management instruments Corporate Financial Management A View From The Top This module focuses on financial management as Three main umbrella topics are covered in the As a senior member of the Globecon team, an essential ingredient to a firm’s financial module: how to measure financial performance, Rafael brings over thirty years of hands-on performance, thus meriting the attention of all how to manage growth within reasonable limits executive experience in banking and corporate senior managers, independently of their of indebtedness and financial risk, and how to finance both as a senior banking executive and functional specialty. It focuses on financial ensure that all commitments of funds in support a management consultant and professional management as a set of best practices that of business strategy enhance shareholder value. development facilitator. Rafael is also a ensures that funds are committed and raised only professor of Corporate Finance and Strategy at when they enhance shareholder value. Thus, the the BSP Graduate School of Business in Sao course provides senior managers with a road map for decision making in support of the business Paulo, Brazil. The module emphasizes the need for senior strategy of the firm. The module does not deal management to set financial policy that will As a senior consultant and project director, with execution details as these are primarily the ensure that all these three elements are Rafael has specialized in large business purview of the finance team specialists. consistent with strategy and the risk appetite of transformation projects, risk management and the firm and its shareholders. business strategy, having conducted projects in those areas for major international and local banks in Latin America, the United States and Australia working for such leading consulting firms as ADL and Booz Allen Hamilton. His extensive experience in Corporate Finance includes the successful negotiation of Mergers webinars, publications, and performance and Acquisitions transactions in Mexico and The Globecon Group provides an array of management systems); and The Globecon Brazil, the completion of Swap transactions executive education, performance management Institute (certifications, diplomas, and degrees). and Note issues in Mexico, and the successful and publication solutions designed for working Globecon’s products and services span critical financing of large real estate development professionals within the global banking, financial functional areas and professional skill projects in Spain, all as Head of the respective services, and insurance arena. Globecon’s services requirements for institutions worldwide. While departments of Citibank in those countries. are available through two principal company lines based in the USA, over 80% of Globecon of business, specifically: Globecon Professional business is international. (including instructor-led workshops, e-learning, 06 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  7. 7. In this presentation, Eng. Eloudghiri shares The objective of this module is to introduce and Savola Group’s unique experience in expanding practice a groundbreaking leadership model that its business beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia focuses on the individual leader as a person and to become an international producer of edible oil arms him to able to cope, manage and surf on Head of the Learning skills lab of the Stonfield and sugar. The group had learned the hard way change. Institute of Human Dynamics – Paris. Managing how to adjust its branding strategies, human Partner of TTM Associates, Ltd, Europe. Executive capital management, supply chain management, Coach to Leaders of Several High-tech blue chip and procurement strategies so that it may Companies. establish itself in the international arena and become a market leader in countries of diverse Visiting Professor at Vlerick and INSEAD (Paris). cultures and market structures such as Egypt, Member of the Strategic Think Tank of Medtronic Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Algeria, GmbH. Jordan and Sudan. Magdi is a Time To market consultant and a brand strategist. He is the regional director of Zouhair has 20 years of business and industrial Introducing a ground breaking management TTM Associates Ltd, for the Middle East region, experience in various multinational companies; model Key Issues in modern management based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo prior to joining What change means to individuals and to the the Saudi Savola Group. He has assumed several He managed large projects on leadership and executive leader Understanding the concepts of positions in Savola Group and is currently the management development with multinational thinking diversity Impact of stress on companies among which Vodafone, Etisalat, CEO of the over 10 Billion Saudi Riyal Savola individuals, The manager’s brain and the linked Sanofi, and Nestle. Foods Sector, with its 15 businesses that span thinking models. Introduction of the Herrmann across the MENACA (Middle East, North Africa Brain Dominance Model The Herrmann He consults companies to develop strategies on and Central Asia) region covering from Ćasa to Leadership The fundamentals of change enhancing organizational effectiveness. Magdi is a Kaza ‘Casablanca to Kazakhstan’. Zouhair has leadership: business simulation of a high tech Pharmacist, with an MBA from Henley, a member been the pioneer of Savola’s international consumer business where participants will have with the CIM, UK. He is a certified practitioner expansion since 2000 He was behind the entry to manage and lead a company cursing in white with Herrmann International, Paris and Training of the Group in different MENACA countries. waters The key components of strategy: vision, Management Corporation Inc, USA. mission and value proposition Coping and Zouhair holds a Master of Science degree leading change The four-step plan to fromÉcole Nationale des Telecoms-France and implement strategic leadership Strategic ming Distinctive Features of TTM plans Drea an Industrial engineering degree from École leadership Model the vision, executing the plan – the Leadership Nationale des Mines-France. Framework Individual profile debriefs Links leadership and management capabilities back to individual preferences and establishes Amer is a strategy and organizational development a simple but powerful management concept. consultant with over 18 years of experience in Based on actual industry research, backed up assisting organizations to create and implement by the experience of more than 1500 human effective social and strategic interventions. He experts around the world and supported by a specializes in making complex concepts and issues database of more than 3 million individuals clear, accessible and relevant to audiences with around the world. The model has been varied experiences and educational backgrounds. developed and used in Amer holds a Masters Degree with Distinction in many industries around the globe. Development Economics from the School of The model is well adapted to Oriental and African Studies from the University of individuals as well as teams. London where he also teaches an MSc course on Management Information Systems at the Centre for Financial and Management Studies. Brain Dominance Survey Participants will be given access to complete on-line “Herrmann Brain Dominance Survey” learning processes are action-based and aligned to prior to the program. During or after the the evolving market dynamics and customer needs TTM associates, is a UK consultancy firm, which program each participant will have a 45 in terms of: creates, develops and delivers minute one-on-one feedback session with Value-Based-Solutions, that maximize and enhance International reputation and local market TTM consultants concerning their Herrmann the core business areas; strategy, Commercial, understanding Quality tested and proven success report and will be coached to develop their Management & leadership. TTM associates Combining both leading edge methodologies and Personal Development Plan accordingly. appreciates the value of leading edge management process with best in class faculty Geared for and organizational development tools such as the Impact and to Inspire Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. The 07 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  8. 8. Madinah Historical Sites Visits Umrah
  9. 9. Developing a brand strategy can be one of the In his role as CEO for Africa, Anthony heads up the Driving higher levels of growth and profitability in most difficult steps in the marketing plan activities of The Brand Union. His role includes the ‘new normal’ of today’s business environment strategically leading the African business and requires organizations to master a new discipline: process. It's often the element that causes ensuring integration with the rest of The Brand the application of principles of behavioral businesses the biggest challenge; but it's a economics. Applied behavioral economics is the Union globally. His fields of expertise lie in Brand vital step in creating the company brand and Strategy & Design and Project Strategy & mathematical description of the role human nature identity. Good brand strategy and its effective Direction. plays in just about everything. implementation, is the most efficient way to Behavioral economics emphasizes the role of Anthony has considerable experience and expertise sell a product/service and to enhance the in Brand Strategy, Structuring, Holistic Branding psychology and the interplay among rational, demand for a product/service in the market. and Brand Implementation. After his initial perceptual, and emotional processes in decision Brand strategy begins with analyzing your experience in General Management in the retail making and economic behavior, which some argue market conditions, and understanding the industry, Anthony joined The Brand Union in 1993. is actually 70% emotional and 30% rational. Behavioral economics can help business leaders advantages of your company or product over Anthony qualified with a BA in Industrial understand the economic behavior of real people your competitors. Psychology from the University of Witwatersrand and serve as a platform for effective management (Johannesburg) and continued to study his Masters solutions. Building a strong and unique identity is one of of Management through Wits Business School From a behavioral economics perspective, high (Johannesburg). He also recently completed his the most important procedures in creating a performance organizations recognize the need to MBA through Oxford Brooks University (Oxford, powerful brand. Your brand identity will be England), with his Dissertation on “The Importance understand and accept human nature and capitalize repeatedly communicated, in multiple ways on it to select and position employees, manage, of the Brand delivering on its Promise”. with frequency and consistency throughout the motivate, and engage them, accelerate their Anthony has led and contributed in many branding development, and unleash innovation and life of your business. Effective brand strategy projects for world class organization such as: productivity, all to ultimately engage the emotions will assist your business in achieving Riyadh Bank, Dubai Festival City, Madinat of their most valuable asset - their customers. brand-led business growth. Jumeira, Mo'men & Pizza King (Egypt), National Dr. Fleming will discuss Gallup’s applied Bank Of Egypt, South Africa Post Office, Road behavioral economics approach to optimize Key topics: Accident Fund, EFG Hermes (Cairo), KFC, organizational performance, Human Sigma. Intercontinental Bank (Nigeria) and African Principles and Process of Brand Strategy Petroleum (AP) to name a few. Brand Strategy vs Campaign Communication Branding through all consumer touchpoints John joined Gallup in 1993. Fleming's consulting Case study insights help Gallup's global clients improve customer engagement and enhance business Individual participants “own brand” review performance. He is co-author of the book Human Sigma: Managing the Employee-Customer Discussion and evaluation Encounter. John was instrumental in the development of Gallup's CE¹¹ customer engagement program. He is Chief Scientist for Gallup's Customer Engagement and Human Sigma practices, which set worldwide standards for Gallup's brand measurement and customer engagement management applications. The Brand Union, a member of the WPP Group, Fleming also leads Gallup's Business Impact LOGIC Management Consulting is the official is the leading global branding consultancy and Affiliate of The Brand Union in the region. Analysis Consulting Group and serves as an internal design agency, embracing the combined learning and external consultant on issues related to research and experience of 500 global strategic branding design, analysis, and complex modeling. LOGIC Management Consulting is a consultants and 35 years of branding worldwide. management consulting firm that provides John co-authored an article on Gallup's Human consulting and outsourcing services in a Sigma model in the Harvard Business Review. He The Brand Union Provides a deep understanding diversity of management disciplines. This has published more than 20 research articles and of the use of branding and design to effectively includes strategy consultancy, organizational book chapters in several prestigious referred drive business success in developing markets. development, process improvement, and journals. A major review of Fleming's research and We are able to achieve this by utilizing the skills, branding consultancy as well as market research theoretical contributions was published in Advances knowledge and expertise gained through our and training services. Our consulting team in Experimental Social Psychology (Academic exposure in the international arena, as well as our consists of the largest number of full-time Press, 1994). knowledge of local culture and market conditions consultants locally with experiences that span in each specific market. the largest of multinational companies in the Middle East and in various regions across the globe. 09 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  10. 10. In this presentation ALJ (Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Operational excellence is the prerequisite for Companies adopt different organizational Ltd.) share their experience with Gallup Consulting companies to achieve profitable growth and models that evolve over time to reflect their in developing a unique leadership program which increase long term competitiveness. It is all priorities. There are typically consistent was selected as one of Toyota’s global best about doing things smarter, at a lower cost objectives (e.g. strategic focus, culture, practices and published in Toyota Global with better results. leadership, functional value, etc..) that guide Knowledge Center on June 2009. This module will the design of the appropriate organizational cover; model. Our value leveraged organization To increase operational excellence a company must review all aspects of its operations from approach uses a value chain perspective as an Strengthening the Leadership Bench - Creating procurement through to after sales support, integrating language focusing on the most Effective Ways to Prepare Successors Creating and looking at how to improve effectiveness crucial parts of the business. It evaluates a Leadership Acceleration Program Putting a Value on Leadership and efficiency of operations to enhance value. required capabilities based on their strategic This Module will go through the building contribution. This case shows how developing blocks of operational excellence throughout leveraged organizational models provide the the value chain and a case study will be required agility for top line growth and presented to demonstrate how companies can differentiated leadership. manage to overcome resistance to change Prior to joining ALJ, Faisal worked for 15 years at when major improvement projects to achieve GE Global Exchange Services as the GM of Middle A.T. Kearney will provide all participants operational excellence are initiated and East and North Africa. During this period he with a complementary comprehensive implemented. succeeded to dramatically expand the presence of package of books and publications addressing GE from a small service provider in Saudi Arabia to a wide range of business topics. a Major B2B E Commerce supplier in most of the MENA countries. This was achieved by a well-conceived and executed strategy to create local Joint Ventures with Leading Banks and Industrial Power Houses. Each Joint Venture created a B2B infrastructure linked to GXS’ global network, Omar has over 12 years of research and international creating a major MENA B2B backbone. In addition Dirk has been with A.T. Kearney for nearly 20 consulting experience in the GCC, Europe, Asia, years. Before moving to the Gulf region, he was a Faisal worked as Chief Executive Officer at AMEX and the US. He has significant consulting experience member of the European Management Team of Electronics & Computer Services and as Resident in the private sector working across a wide range of A.T. Kearney. Vice President at Citibank/SAMBA at Riyadh. industries which include Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Logistics, FMCG, Retail, Airlines, and Industrial. Dirk has significant consulting experience in the Faisal has BA (High Honors) in Economics and His areas of focus span across strategy, supply chain field of large scale organizational transformation, Management from the American University in strategy, operational excellence and turn-around economic development, where he has supported Cairo. strategies, business process re-engineering, various GCC governments in areas such as: commercial and trade channel strategies, large scale Development of Economic Zones, Sovereign transformation programs, capital structure and Wealth Funds, Industrial and Service Industry financing among others. In addition to his private Strategies, Investment and Portfolio Optimization as sector experience, he has GCC experience in the well as Real Estate Development. In addition to his field of Economic Development, Healthcare experience gained through close cooperation with Strategies, Infrastructure Planning and Financing, GCC governments, he has significant private sector Industrial Cluster Strategies as well as Real Estate experience from industries such as Oil & Gas, Ghassan is responsible for the overall management Development. Dr. Sawaya regularly publishes Utilities, Telecommunications, Private Equity and and long-term growth of Gallup’s Middle East and articles and speaks at conference venues around the Real Estate. With his broad regional experience Dr. Africa Region. world. Buchta has valuable insights into the strategic issues At Gallup, Ghassan has worked extensively with Omar has a PhD and MS in Civil Engineering from facing governments and private sector companies clients in the financial services, oil & gas, Northwestern University, USA in addition to an across the GCC. manufacturing and hospitality industries. With more Executive MBA from University of Michigan, Dirk has a PhD and M.Sc. In Telecommunications than 10 years of experience in marketing, sales, USA. He obtained his BS in Civil Engineering from Computer Science and an MBA from The Technical strategic planning, and systems management, University of Pittsburgh, USA. University of Berlin Ghassan is an implementation expert in the areas of organizational design, selection, employee and customer measurement, education and development, performance management, and succession planning. A.T. Kearney is a global management consulting consulting services to most major corporations His dedicated consulting teams develop firm that uses strategic insight, tailored solutions and governments around the world. From our measurement and management systems that drive and a collaborative working style to help clients fast growing Middle East offices in Abu Dhabi, innovation and solutions, ultimately ensuring client achieve sustainable results. Since 1926, A.T. Bahrain, Dubai and Riyadh, A.T. Kearney success. Kearney has been trusted advisors on actively contribute to the operational excellence Prior to joining Gallup, Ghassan gained sales, CEO-agenda issues to the world’s leading and profitable growth of industries and services marketing, and management experience in the corporations across all major industries. A.T. in the region, as well as support Governments FMCG and Aerospace industries in the USA. Kearney’s offices are located in major business with all aspects of economic development and Ghassan received his MBA from the University of centers in 36 countries. During our 80 year efficient administration. For more information Southern California, and his bachelor’s degree in history, we have provided management visit 1 engineering from the University of California. 0 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  11. 11. How well are you attuned to the periphery, that Only three years since its inauguration under the This module offers behavioral insights on how blurry zone just outside your area of focus? This esteemed patronage of the custodian of the Two executives can deal more effectively with presentation focuses on spotting the important Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and ambiguous information, loosely structured weak signals amid all the noise and makes sense the Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, the problems, deep uncertainty, and complex tradeoffs. of them so that you can act on opportunities International Medical Center (IMC) stands today as The focus is on critical thinking, breakthrough ahead of competition or recognize the early signs a live example of a project that contributes and adds problem solving, learning and the effective use of of trouble before they escalate into major value to the community. Since the conception of the groups. problems. idea in 1993, IMC had a crystal vision of where it This module is based on the latest concepts and desires to position itself in this competitive market, findings of behavioral decision research conducted This presentation is based on Peripheral Vision: it took 10 years of exhaustive planning, with more at the University of Chicago, Duke, Stanford, Detecting the Weak Signals That Will Make Or than 300 world class experts in the different fields to Princeton, and the Wharton School among others. It Break Your Company (HBS Press, 2006) by get IMC to the construction phase which took less builds on the seminal work of Professors Amos George S. Day and Paul J. H. Schoemaker. than 2 years, becoming a model to be adopted for Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, whose any launching project. path-breaking work was honored with the Nobel The main presentation objective is to enable Prize for Economics in 2002. participants to understand and bridge the Today, IMC has leading local, regional and "vigilance gap" using a detailed peripheral international alliances such as the Saudi Ministry of Starts with how managers actually perceive, think vision framework. Participants will leave with Health, SAGIA, King Abdul Aziz University, King and make decisions rather than with idealized an effective method to identify and interpret Abdullah University of Science and Technology theories or impractical quantitative tools. The weak signals in the periphery. They will learn (KAUST), ARAMCO, the Cleveland Clinic, Boston module is built around Russo and Schoemaker's the principles of Dr. Paul Schoemaker's University, University of California San Diego, books Decision Traps and Winning Decisions peripheral vision theories and apply tangible Hirslanden Group, all aligned with one vision to profiled in Newsweek, with foreign translations tools and methods to establish this capability transform IMC into the leader of integrated into Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, within their organization. healthcare management in the Middle East. IMC Italian, Dutch and French. plans to include in 2015 a medical college, a Participants will learn how to (1) recognize, (2) Peripheral Vision is an essential best practice long-term facility, a hospitality complex, satellite assess and (3) avoid/overcome characteristic errors learning and monitoring process that enables clinics, serving the community needs in education in human judgment and choice using self-tests. The executives to develop an organizational and healthcare. module uses practical, non-technical approaches to capability to recognize and capture the key weak improve individual decision skills as well as signals necessary to formulate and make strategic increase group IQ and team performance. The decisions. module is developed over years of testing and validation with leading companies that wished to Peripheral Vision Survey The increase the quality and speed of their strategic DSI Strategic Eye Exam Dr. Walid Fitaihi is the Founder, Chairman of the choices. Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer of the International Medical Center (IMC) based in Your organization's peripheral vision needs are Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. determined by your current strategy, the nature Key topics: of your business and your industry environment. Dr. Fitaihi received his B.S. in Systems Engineering Participants will receive an invitation to take an Meta-decisions: knowing how to decide on-line peripheral vision eye exam. The resulting and his medical degree (M.D.) from The George (a disciplined approach). assessment reports will be explained during the Washington University, U.S.A. He also received a Developing frame control through better problem Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Health definition. program. Policy and Management frorm the Harvard School Specific steps to improve information gathering of Public Health, U.S.A. and intelligence. Coming to sound, timely conclusions: alone or in He was also an Instructor of Medicine at the groups/teams. Harvard Medical School. Turning feedback into learning and better decision making. Dr. Fitaihi is an American Board Certified Implementation and action points when back in physician, specializing in Internal Medicine and the real world. Endocrinology, and is dedicated to patient education regarding these specialties. 1 1 PALM January 15-28 , 2010
  12. 12. The core aim of this module is to introduce a new Schoemaker is an internationally renowned thought Was a full-time professor of strategy and decision conceptual framework and methodology to assure leader in the fields of strategy and decision making. sciences in the Graduate School of Business at the innovative as well as disciplined strategic thinking He has shared stage billings with President Bill University of Chicago, Center for Decision in volatile and complex environments: how to Clinton, Warren Buffet, Rudolph Giuliani, Jack Research develop strategies, core competencies and options Welch, Prime Ministers as well as other public at the corporate, divisional or business unit levels. Visiting Professor with Cedep at Insead (France). leaders. He is a leading scholar and visionary The module format focuses on concepts, author, an entrepreneur in both the business and the Was a member of The Scenario Planning Group of frameworks and techniques to manage uncertainty philanthropic sectors, and has been an adviser to Royal/Dutch Shell in London. better by (1) envisioning multiple scenarios, (2) more than 100 companies and non-profit developing flexible strategies and options, and (3) Professor Schoemaker is the author of Decision organizations around the world. dynamic monitoring and adjustment. The module Traps (Doubleday 1989) and its sequel Winning format applies this methodology to the participants Schoemaker has written over 100 academic and Decisions (Doubleday 2001). He is also the own business. applied papers, appeared in the Harvard Business coauthor of Wharton on Emerging Technologies Review, the Journal of Mathematical Psychology, (Wiley 2000), Profiting from Uncertainty (Free The module explicitly addresses environmental Brain and Behavioral Sciences, and The Journal of Press 2002), Peripheral Vision (Harvard Business complexity and uncertainty and introduces techniques aimed at countering common thinking Economic Literature. School Press 2006) and Chips, Clones and Living traps and biases. The tools presented by Dr. Beyond 100 (Pearson Ltd 2009). He is presently His writings have been translated into 12 languages Schoemaker in this module were developed and completing a new book titled Brilliant Mistakes, a and the ISI citation index ranks him in the top 1% tested over several years with Royal Dutch/Shell topic he was recently interviewed about on CBS’s of scholars worldwide in business and economics. and other leading companies. Sunday Morning. His 1995 article “Scenario Planning” was the Key topics: second most reprinted publication in the 42 year Self-diagnosis regarding approaches to strategic history of the Sloan Management Review management Challenging of conventional wisdom via He is a co-founder of Strategic Radar. scenario thinking Reframing of strategic segments and Founder and executive chairman of Decision competitive position Strategies International, Inc serving 8 of the 10 Completion of a Key Success Factor matrix largest corporations worldwide, as well as many of Generation and valuation of strategic options the Fortune 100. Dynamic monitoring and real time adjustment Action plans and implementation strategies. With technology no longer a differentiator, Dr. Bassam has been implementing a strategic IT Housam has more than 18 years of managerial and subscribers will go with the service provider who plan that has enabled Arabsat to build a state-of-the-art data centre and use the technology strategic experience in the IT and telecom offers superior customer care. Since the problem for optimizing business units' performance. Dr. industries. He started his career at Ericsson in 1990, resolution component of customer care is Bassam has participated in many IT seminars as a whereby he managed to roll out the public recognized as one of the keys to building customer recognized speaker. Under his leadership and loyalty and retention, Arab Sat launched in 2007 exchanges and networks across KSA, after which he supervision, Arabsat’s IT projects have won IT transformation project named “Tatweer” to provide industry awards and highlighted as the cover story moved to managing the business development of staff with the best tools and information to rapidly for many IT magazines. Prior to Arabsat, he has key accounts including the Ministry of Pulse and and efficiently manage customer complaints. It is in worked many years for British aerospace and the Telegram and Telecommunications (MoPTT) and the nature of network provisioned communications World Bank. services that customer-affecting problems originate the Ministry the Defense and Aviation (MoDA). In with failures in the communication. Increasingly 1998, he joined Savola as the Head of Margin & this requires integration of customer care Risk Management Division, where he was applications with network management applications. responsible to set in motion the IT and strategic management systems for hedging the prices of 350+ TV channels and 160+ Radio stations, Savola’s traded commodities which exceeded the reaching tens of millions of homes in over 100 value of $ Bil 1. In Savola, he was also part of the member-states of countries across the Middle East, Africa and team who executed the merger between Savola the Arab League, Arabsat has Europe, including an audience of more than 164 group and a number of distinguished retail and been serving the growing needs million viewers within the 21 Arab countries investment companies including Panda Founded in 1976 by the world for of the Arab 21 alone and delivering hundreds of thousands of Supermarkets. Husam earned his BSc from KSA overyears. Now one of the world’s top satellite 30 vital telecommunication links to companies and and MS in Electrical Engineering from Missouri operators, and by far the leading satellite governments throughout the entire Middle East University, USA services provider in the Arab world, it carries and Africa continent. 12 PALM January 15-28 , 2010