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Coud discovery chap 1


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An introduction to Cloud Computing, based on the material from Rackspace’s, CloudU Certification.
Chapter 1 : A new form of computing

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Coud discovery chap 1

  1. 1. CLOUD DISCOVERY AN INTRODUCTION TO CLOUD COMPUTINGChapter 1: A new form of computing By: Alain Charpentier
  2. 2. Table of content• New Dawn• From water-wheel to utility power• From mainframe to Cloud• Virtualization• Democratisation of computing• Scalability and fast provisioning• Commoditization of infrastructure• Strategic role of IT
  3. 3. Cloud Computing is
  4. 4. a revolution
  5. 5. it will change
  6. 6. how wemanage IT
  7. 7. New Dawn• Is Cloud Computing fundamentally different from what came before?• Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, in a 2009 interview – “All the Cloud is, is computers in a network… Our industry is so bizarre. I mean, they just change a term and they think they’ve invented technology.”• Marc Beniof, CEO of, at the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 conference – “Our definition of Cloud Computing is multi-tenant, it’s faster, half the cost, pay as you go, it grows as you grow or shrinks as you shrink. It is extremely efficient. We’re not going to show you computers taller than you. We’re not going to show you a cloud in a box because clouds don’t come in a box. They never have. That’s the whole idea”
  8. 8. The growth of the Cloud Amazon’s Virtual Machine created per day900008000070000600005000040000300002000010000 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 Source: The Economist
  9. 9. From water-wheel to Utility power• To understand the revolutionary qualities of Cloud Computing, it is appropriate to utilize a well-worn, but accurate analogy that compares Cloud Computing to a traditional utility service like water or electricity.
  10. 10. From mainframes to Cloud• At one time corporations built out high-performance proprietary networks to link… different locations… As the Internet became the default connection between universities, government agencies and some companies, the cost of not having an [Internet protocol] network internally went up and up.
  11. 11. The benefits of the Cloud• Virtualization – The ability to increase computing efficiency• Democratization of Computing – Bringing enterprise scale infrastructure to small and medium businesses• Scalability and fast provisioning – Bringing web scale IT at a rapid pace• Commoditization of infrastructure – Enabling IT to focus on the strategic aspects of its role
  12. 12. Virtualization• The ability to increase computing efficiency
  13. 13. Democratization of Computing• Bringing enterprise scale infrastructure to small and medium businesses
  14. 14. Scalability and fast provisioning• Building and adding resources at a rapid pace
  15. 15. Commoditization of infrastructure SAN Storage NAS Filers Local Storage$2 - $10/Gigabyte $1 - $5/Gigabyte $0.05/Gigabyte $1M gets: $1M gets: $1M gets: 0.5Petabytes 1 Petabyte 20 Petabytes 200,000 IOPS 400,000 IOPS 10,000,000 IOPS 1Gbyte/sec 2Gbyte/sec 800 Gbytes/sec
  16. 16. Strategic role of IT• IT tasks in the cloud domain will include: – Guiding the companys cloud strategy – Evaluating provider offerings – Negotiating contracts and service – Determining which applications or data are safe or appropriate for the cloud – Collaborating with the companys procurement and legal departments
  17. 17. QUESTIONS ?