Digital Glasgow Day 1 Session 2 Connectivity and the Cloud


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Presentation by Kube Networks on Connectivity and the Cloud - Your Business and the Cloud

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Digital Glasgow Day 1 Session 2 Connectivity and the Cloud

  1. 1. Your Business in the CLOUD Fraser Ferguson Director Kube NetworksKubeNET – Connecting Business
  2. 2. Welcome to the Cloud“The cloud services companies of all sizes…The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy” Marc Benioff CEO - Salesforce.comKubeNET – Connecting Business
  3. 3. What is the Cloud? Cloud computing is about delivering IT as a service. The idea of managing and delivering apps and services for business value & impact, as opposed to focusing on where they run or what level they run on. The Cloud allows you to be more flexible, more agile, in meeting the needs of your business. The cloud removes traditional limitations.KubeNET – Connecting Business
  4. 4. Do you use it ? - Of course you do• When your On-line• When you use your Smart Phones• When you pay Bills or Internet Banking• When you Buy MusicKubeNET – Connecting Business
  5. 5. What’s in your Cloud• Social Media• Data Storage & databases• Applications – accounting, CRM, HR• Emailing & scheduling• Data Analysis programmes• Microsoft• Sales Tools Everything you Need is in the cloudKubeNET – Connecting Business
  6. 6. Companies that exist in the cloud• Betfair worlds biggest betting exchange• Amazon Needs no introduction• Skyscanner A Scottish based success storyKubeNET – Connecting Business
  7. 7. Popular Cloud terms XaaS & SPI What is XaaS? Anything as a service - Xaas is the essence of cloud computing What is SPI? SPI is an acronym for the most common cloud service models SaaS - Software as a Service A software delivery model in which software & associated data are hosted centrally (typically in the cloud) Paas – Platform as a Service Providing the infrastructure needed to run apps over the internet – take what you need & pay for what you use Iaas – Infrastructure as a Service The SP owns, runs & houses the storage, hardware & servers - pay on a per-use basis.KubeNET – Connecting Business
  8. 8. Why would you want to? You only pay for what you use and you only use what you need. Cloud computing saves a lot of money for SME businesses while delivering equivalent value as expensive enterprise software. Powered by the cloud, you are ready to play, or fight, with the big boys!KubeNET – Connecting Business
  9. 9. Why would you want to?Big company process with small company costs• Business growth• Collaboration• Departments outside of IT are starting to get interested Sales Teams Customer service Social media• Driving process – change how you think & work• Remote workers – flexibilityKubeNET – Connecting Business
  10. 10. Where is the CLOUD?• It’s a physical location• It’s hosted in Secure Data centres - Globally• Rent that space & services that you need The alternative to expensive on-premise hardwareKubeNET – Connecting Business
  11. 11. Tefnut a success story in the Cloud• Ayrshire based MS Cloud provider• Delivers end to end Cloud services & transformation services• Team operates in a mainly Virtual environment – Reducing costs & increasing profit margins• Team of 6 plus virtual employees• Always on always accessible• Anywhere Access Engineers Reward for agility & understanding the Cloud?• Cloud provider to The Minoan group – Proving? small business same as big businessKubeNET – Connecting Business
  12. 12. Kube – Why we did it• Drive for Unified Comms• Increased reliance on 24/7/365 uptime• Pay as you grow against - Capex• Scalability & Flexibility• Hosted CRM against sitting on a server – Increase or reduce per month – Remote working for support staff – Can use on any device – Disaster Recovery – ResilienceKubeNET – Connecting Business
  13. 13. Asking the right questions – Is it right for me? – What are my business goals? – What’s my budget? – What connectivity does my business need? Dont just consider the app look at the platform Check the infrastructure it sits on is reputable Only take what you REALLY need, dont be seducedKubeNET – Connecting Business
  14. 14. Benefits of the Cloud• Reduces Capital investment – Cloud is Opex• Anywhere/anytime Access to data, better tools• Easy & fast deployment to users• Encourages standard systems - use MS in the cloud• Software updates will always be the latest revs• Scaling up or down is easy• Improved reliability & security of data• Focus on process & Business needs, not ITKubeNET – Connecting Business
  15. 15. Business Insider Feb 2012 edition “Cost Control & The Cloud” 5 companies “banged on” about the benefits What did they fail to Mention?KubeNET – Connecting Business
  16. 16. CONNECTIVITY Connectivity is the enabler to ALL CLOUD based products• Connectivity is how your business links to other sites• Connectivity enables you to share information• Connectivity enables you to access the internet.• Connectivity solutions are now affordable• Choice has never been better It’s an essential part of your business infrastructure KubeNET – Connecting Business
  17. 17. The Opportunity The Cloud & Connectivity is key“All small businesses can now be seen as BIG businesses. By embracing connectivity and the Cloud, the range of opportunities we can harness & go after could be endless”. Go and Revolutionise your businessKubeNET – Connecting Business
  18. 18. Kube Blog: Twitter: @kubenetworksFraser Twitter: @TukfJulie Twitter: @jinglis168Info@kubenetworks.comKubeNET – Connecting Business