Nexvu - Ensure An Amazing Customer Experience


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Nexvu Retail is the industry’s first and only end-2-end visibility solution that delivers the insight needed to ensure an amazing customer experience at each and every store. Nexvu establishes a new standard for management
of the modern in-store technology environment
by providing complete visibility into
the health, utilization, and performance of
every single store IT asset and application simultaneously and in
real-time.Visit us at to learn more.

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Nexvu - Ensure An Amazing Customer Experience

  1. 1. Retail Technology Innovation: Are you Proactive or Reactive? A Nexvu White Paper 1717 Park St. Suite 110 (630) 364-4080 Naperville, IL 60563 Introduction The importance of innovation as a core competency for retailers has been elevated by an increasingly dy- namic and technology-driven consumer market. As a result, retailers are aggressively exploring the de- ployment of new and innovative technologies and applications to ensure the most intuitive and satisfy- ing user experience at all points of sale and service. Fluid customer expectations and behaviors, evolving delivery channels, and emerging points of customer interaction contribute to the pace and demand for rapid implementation of these initiatives. Unfortunately, today’s monitoring tools and systems, where they exist at all, cripple these initiatives by providing little to no insight on how well these dis- persed and business-critical assets are performing. Nexvu establishes a new standard for man- agement of the modern technology environ- ment by providing complete visibility into the health, utilization, and performance of every store IT asset simultaneously and in real-time. This unprecedented capability not only ensures an exceptional customer experience, it greatly enhances the return on investment (ROI) that retailers require from in-store hardware and IT ini- ! 1(877) 23-NEXVU! 1 (877) 236-3988
  2. 2. Problem Statement ROI of Best-in-Class PracticesTo enable new approaches to customer acquisition According to Aberdeen Group’s The APM Lifecycleand retention, many retailers have implemented Report (Feb 2010), Best-in-Class organizations thatleading-edge point-of-sale systems and other deploy tools to proactively manage the end-usercustomer-facing technologies and applications. These experience:assets are increasingly becoming the focus of keycompetitive strategies and brand differentiation. • Are twice as likely to improve their brand reputationThis rapid and sometimes unplanned growth of new • Are 75% more likely to improve employee productivitydevices and applications across geographically di- • Proactively identify faults 82% of the timeverse locations has resulted in a new set of challengesfor both IT and business. Some of these include: • Experience a 30% decrease in end user complaints• Decentralization of IT asset management, monitoring, • Experience 71% improvement in mean time to repair. troubleshooting, and maintenance (a major departure from the historical focus on the data center)• Lack of complete visibility into the store IT infrastructure The Hidden Cost of Last-Generation IT Asset due to the sometimes jumbled and layered assortment of Monitoring Tools technologies and point solutions developed over time IT measurement and monitoring has traditionally• Troubleshooting tools that lack the depth and breadth to been restricted to the area where most assets are deal with the many generations of technologies deployed in physically located—the data center. This approach a store reflects the limitations of last-generation monitoring tools that are not capable of addressing the growing• Troubleshooting tools that provide limited access into store proliferation of IT assets at multiple, geographically infrastructure, take up too much bandwidth for practical dispersed locations. The situation is further frustrated use, and have limited forensic capabilities by device and application incompatibility and limita-• Lack of appropriate usage and performance metrics to tions due to bandwidth availability. measure store performance and ROI on store-level IT in- Consequently, IT personnel are invariably forced to vestments visit the retail sites during system downtimes and pe-• Suboptimal placement and utilization of shopping aides riods of application performance degradation. Once due to a lack of reliable and timely information on usage on site, the IT team encounters further difficulties and performance metrics due to the lack of:In essence, retailers seeking to leverage new technol- • Visibility in the IT setupogy initiatives are faced with both technical and • Access to up-to-date documentationmanagement challenges that can result in loss ofrevenue caused by unexpected implementation de- • Data from and about the violating devices/applications atlays, adverse impact on customer experience, in- the time of a threshold breach or unexpected behaviorcreased maintenance costs, and prolonged downtime. • Established, meaningful baseline performance metrics.It has become imperative to put comprehensive Last-generation monitoring solutions do not providemonitoring and assessment tools in place at the retail sufficient visibility or actionable, quality informationstore itself. This maximizes revenue generation and at the store level to support efficient and proactive ITminimizes maintenance and troubleshooting costs asset management in the modern retail environment.while providing detailed metrics to ensure consis-tency and repeatability of the customer ! 1(877) 23-NEXVU! 1 (877) 236-3988
  3. 3. The Nexvu Solution Develop Unique, Proprietary Insights About Cus- tomers And Store OperationsNexvu is a ground-up reinvention of device and ap-plication monitoring methodology for IT asset man- Nexvu offers the ability to track every URL accessedagement. With a single deployment per store, Nexvu from store kiosks. This is useful for analyzing trendsprovides real-time health, utilization, and perform- in consumer interest among products in inventory orance reports on each and every IT asset—without identifying competitor sites most typically accessedadding any overhead or agents to the store IT infra- by customers for product comparisons.structure. Ability To Accommodate Future TechnologiesWith scalability to cover virtually unlimited stores orassets within your business, Nexvu provides an easy- Nexvu is the only solution that has the ability toto-deploy and cost-effective solution that addresses monitor multiple generations of new and innovativethe challenges posed by the modern, highly distrib- technologies, like digital signage, IP TV, VoIP, RFID,uted and e-commerce dependent retail environment. etc.—in both applications and devices—right out of the box. Nexvu will continue to deliver the sameGather Valuable Network And Application Intelli- health, utilization and performance data for futuregence At The Store Level generations without requiring any changes to its software or hardware.Nexvu inspects and analyzes every element of everycommunication on the store network and presentsthis data in an intuitive and user-friendly reportingand alerting format. IT and network managers canproactively utilize this information to learn about thebehavior of applications and assets under variousshopping conditions and preempt any disruptive is-sues across the infrastructure.This visibility is also key for highly effective and effi-cient troubleshooting at the store level as well as forproviding access to corporate IT staff to remotemonitoring of all store-level devices and applications.The Nexvu appliance gathers both short- and long-term data about the performance, health, and utili-zation of all the elements of the IT infrastructure.This helps to achieve the ultimate goal of high cus-tomer satisfaction and unequalled end-user experi-ence as measured by the Application PerformanceIndex (APDEX)*.Effective Asset Positioning In The StoreNexvu offers real time analysis on the utilization andthroughput of all the applications, kiosks, cash regis-ters, mobile devices, etc. in a retail location. Thesecomprehensive utilization metrics enable store man-agers to reposition assets in frequently accessed areas *The Apdex Alliance is a community of enterprises and vendors striv-to maximize throughput and revenue generation ing to understand and improve application performance using the Apdex methodology. which links application performance to businesswhile minimizing customer wait times. objectives. ( ! 1(877) 23-NEXVU! 1 (877) 236-3988
  4. 4. Nexvu Key Features Simple Implementation, Rapid DeploymentNexvu offers an unprecedented list of features that Nexvu requires minimal implementation effort. Themake it the IT asset monitoring solution of choice single appliance is simply connected to mirroredfor some of largest retailers in the world: ports, SPANS, network taps, or hubs at the retail site and is then accessed via a web-based utility. The ap-• Agent-less and Passive Monitoring pliance is pre-configured to deliver the data of pri- Ideal for a highly distributed store environment and places mary interest to various stake-holders. no additional burden on the network At the NOC or corporate level, Nexvu can feed any• Low Touch and all data, reports, exceptions, and traps into a Operates autonomously at the store level centralized system that might already be in place, or• Future-Generation Ready it can feed to its own command center and applica- Agnostic to common multi-generational technology infra- tion server. The Nexvu application server provides a structures and flexible enough to adapt to next generation suite of highly interactive business intelligence and technologies reporting dashboards.• Operates on all IP and MAC addressable devices Summary Especially important for retailers with POS systems that are non IP addressable Nexvu delivers an unmatched competitive advantage to global retailers by providing unprecedented visibil-• Out-of-the-Box Compatibility ity into IT infrastructure. Capability to recognize and inspect over 3000+ protocols and 800 application signatures available out of the box. • Ensures a best-in-class, consistent user experience Easy to configure custom protocols. • Ensures high employee satisfaction and productivity• Customizable • Provides end-to-end visibility, in real time, from a single Smart GroupsTM allow for customized monitoring and location across the entire organization reporting • Monitors and reports on the health, utilization and per-• Framework Integration formance of every active IT asset within the store Integrates seamlessly with framework products like HP Openview, Solarwinds, BMC, Tivoli, etc. • Enables store managers to make smart investment and lo- cating decisions based on accurate and timely information• Smart-Phone-Ready Consolidates regional, national, and global data at your • Identifies cost-reduction opportunities fingertips on mobile devices including iPad and BlackBerry • Standardizes store IT performance measurements across• Rapid Deployment the entire retail chain Can be pre-configured for large-scale deployment automa- • Maximizes availability and usability of all assets by pro- tion and ease actively minimizing downtime and time-to-repair • Maximizes ROI on all IT investments. For more information on the Retail Sentry or to schedule a demonstration, please visit: ! 1(877) 23-NEXVU! 1 (877) 236-3988