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Abby Y Covert: An Information Architecture Portfolio


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My Portfolio as of February 2014

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Abby Y Covert: An Information Architecture Portfolio

  1. 1. Abby York Covert / Abby_THE_IA portfolio as of February 2014
  2. 2. I'm Abby, an Independent Information Architect in New York City. ⁃ ⁃ I pride myself on being active in the design community: volunteering to produce conferences for information architecture professionals, mentoring young professionals and attending local events. ⁃ I hold credit for inventing World Information Architecture Day. The inaugural event was in 2012 serving 14 locations; IA was celebrated on that day by over 1600 attendees globally. World IA Day 2014 served 24 locations and more then 2500 attendees globally. Because of my continued service within the IA community, I was recently elected as the President of the Information Architecture Institute. ⁃ I also teach, write and speak about information architecture to a wide variety of audiences. More about that is available on my blog ( ⁃ I teach at Parsons the New School, The School of Visual Arts and General Assembly NYC ⁃ Popular Presentations I use information architecture to assist teams in making sense of their information mess, whether that be digital or physical. I have guest lectured for NYU, Miami Ad School and the University of Michigan School of Information and additionally appeared as a speaker at Interaction12 Dublin, IXDA NYC Redux12, Wharton Web Conference 12, Search Love 2013 (Boston and London) World IA Day 2013 NYC & 2014 Ann Arbor, Business Insider NYC Startup Conference 2013 and Midwest UX 2011 & 2013. Search is the front door to UX
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  4. 4. Work Samples I have pulled together representative work from five projects completed in the last few years to provide examples of my best work. ▪ See examples of wireframes, sketch reviews, sitemap, functional specification and content inventory. ▪ Kraft Engagement Program: See examples of prototype wireframes, flow diagrams and functional roadmaps. ▪ Redesign: See examples of Collaborative Design Session, User Experience Brief, User Research ▪ Herman Miller: See examples of User Research, Sketch Reviews, Personas, Map Making ▪ The Understanding Group: See examples of process engineering, leadership, mentoring, and intellectual property creation ▪ Nike: See examples of collaborative design facilitation, map-making and lexicon management ▪ IHOP: See examples of taxonomy, information architecture strategy for print design and systems design.
  5. 5. | Summer 2009 About this effort: Lead on full site redesign including a rich social community of artists sharing their work online. Results: Redesign resulted in a 400% improvement in engagement as measured through site traffic, time on site and uploads, comments and views of the member gallery.
  6. 6. Prismacolor: Sitemap and Content Inventory Sitemap and Content Inventory This project has a fairly complex product catalog that had to be sorted out. We were working in Sharepoint so the sitemap served as the format by which we created an excel spreadsheet to easily upload the content into the Content Management System.
  7. 7. Prismacolor: Wireframes and Functional Spec Wireframe and Functional Specification The wireframes for this were designed in conjunction with a very jazzed creative team. Sketch reviews were used to bring all the ideas onto the table. Later wireframes reviews were conducted with creative prior to with the clients.
  8. 8. Kraft Diabetes Management | Fall 2008 Kraft Diabetes Management About this effort: Lead in development of an engagement program for patients living with Type 2 diabetes. As part of this user experience development effort, 10 expert healthcare professionals and 6 consumers were consulted actively on an ongoing basis. Results: The wireframe prototype produced during this project was brought to life as a new line of business for Kraft Foods offered through eDiets.
  9. 9. Kraft: Flow Diagrams Flow Diagrams Flow Diagrams served as a central tool for us in development of the process by which this engagement program would interact with the user. Also, a crucial tool when getting feedback from the medical professionals and development partners we were collaborating with.
  10. 10. About this effort: Lead in redesign that brought together Sharpie’s very popular social community properties with the more standard catalog functionality Results: Sharpie was written up in the NY times on site launch day. They also received the TED Ads Worth Spreading Award in 2012. Analytics over time have shown a significant uptick in repeat visits and time on site.
  11. 11. Sharpie Research Competitive Analysis & User Research Research was essential to help Sharpie redefine their digital audience. Then by implementing a phased roadmap and creating detailed plans for their first phase, we were able to give them a tool kit to move their business forward in digital
  12. 12. Herman Miller Digital Marketing Herman Miller Digital Marketing About this effort: As part of this year long effort, working for Herman Miller's digital marketing organization, the eCommerce site was fully assessed heuristically, analytically and with users in order to prioritize future improvement, personas for eCommerce were created to extend existing offline personas, and a full map of all digital properties was created and vetted. Results: Herman Miller was able to easily direct their agency on how to grow their catalog by 30% as well as add several new categories.
  13. 13. The Understanding Group The Understanding Group About this effort: Lead development of all deliverable templates, process engineering decisions and training of employees. Results: TUG grew from 3 people to 12 in the first year. Employees reported that the tools created around process and training were excellent compared to their past experiences.
  14. 14. IA Heuristics About this effort: In 2012 I decided to create a spreadable model and message about Information Architecture Heuristics. Results: The talk and subsequent blog post "Does it have legs?" has been viewed over 45,000 times on and has been made into a poster by the Understanding Group. It has been redistributed to over 20 countries. This talk has become part of the regular class program at General Assembly in New York City.
  15. 15. Nike NIKE: Digital Sales Tools Redesign About this effort: Lead information architect responsible for facilitating concensus across multiple project teams at Nike and their digital agency of record in support of a redesign of 20+ disparate systems into one portal and set of 6 core applications sharing data. Results: The agency assigned to the redesign work now has to the tools and process that they need to work. The confusions around terminology that had in the past gotten in the way has started to be relieved. A higher level of collaboration is the only measurable outcome at this point in a 5 year project.
  16. 16. IHOP IHOP: Restaurant Menu Redesign About this effort: Lead information architect responsible for providing the architectural perspective on the redesign of the IHOP restaurant menu system. The menu, aside from being outdated in design, had a sprawling information architecture that did not promote ordering side items or focus on breakfast which was the brand's ideal message. Results: Sales per store increased 3.6% after implementation of the new menu system. Stores also reported an increase in the amount of add-on items per order.
  17. 17. Thanks! Thanks! For further information on my availability for Consulting or speaking, contact me directly at | @Abby_The_IA