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LinkedIn Projects:


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Where we designed a LinkedIn spinoff platform that connects people who want to practice skills and those who want to build their passion projects. Retrospective:

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LinkedIn Projects:

  1. 1. inAdrian Lin | Eric Wagner | Daniel Kim Linkedin Projects
  2. 2. Deliver Company Background inDefine Develop NextDiscover Brand/Company Background •Linkedin is the professional social network •Linked provides a digital space for people to professionally connect with people they want to connect with for reference, advice, job searching, recruiting, or building connections. •LinkedIn launched in 2003 and has since grown to a network of over 400 million members. •The brand has a friendly, yet professional personality that encourages connections. KPIs ◦User engagement through number of connections ◦Number of Premium subscribers ◦User statistics (profile views, InMail messages) in
  3. 3. Deliver Style Guide inDefine Develop NextDiscover HEX #000000 HEX #86888A HEX #FFFFFF HEX #CACCCE HEX #0077B5 HEX #313335 in HEX #8673AA HEX #CD5E4F HEX #D9883AHEX #40A1D9 HEX #896CAE HEX #52ACB4 HEX #88B800 HEX #CA583E HEX #E1B400 HEX #86888A HEX #4E9DE0 HEX #D78900 HEX #CA528B Corporate Color Palette Color Palette for Data Viz Accent Color Palette Primary Text Family Avenir Next Primary Text Family Avenir Next Primary Text Family Avenir Next Primary Text Family Avenir Next Primary Text Family Avenir Next Primary Text Family Avenir Next Secondary Text Family Helvetica Secondary Text Family Helvetica Secondary Text Family Arial Secondary Text Family Arial Secondary Text Family Georgia Key brand messages in headlines and display copy. Avenir Next must be used for headline and display text in all offline marketing materials, and select digital materials where the fonts can be embedded or served online Helvetica and Arial are used for all body copy. Alternate fonts when Avenir is not available. Georgia Italic is the “voice” font for customer testimonials and member quotes
  4. 4. Deliverables inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover • Research Report • Style Guide • Personas • User Stories • App Map • Journey Map • Annotated Wireframes • High Fidelity Prototype in
  5. 5. Project Proposal inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Initial Problem Statement People create connections via LinkedIn to build and expand their professional network. It’s difficult for people to gain professional experience working on real projects in their desired field, especially if they haven’t had a great amount of experience. Additionally, it’s difficult for people who have passion projects outside of work to recruit qualified talent to help make their projects come to life. Opportunity LinkedIn recently unrolled separate apps like LinkedIn Jobs for job seeking. The connections made through LinkedIn are underutilized, allowing for an opportunity for people to use their connections for more than just applying for jobs. LinkedIn can provide a space for both professionals and those with less experience to collaborate on projects. This presents an opportunity for professionals to give back to their community, practice teaching and recruit talent to help their passion projects come to life. People with less experience can work on real projects under professionals in their desired field and gain practical work experience.
  6. 6. Project Plan inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover
  7. 7. inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Executive Summary LinkedIn is the professional social network. People use LinkedIn to build, expand and utilize their professional network. LinkedIn started as a website and now it is associated with a full suite of apps spanning from companion apps like LinkedIn Jobs to sister apps like LinkedIn Projects is an app that fills a void in the collaboration and learning community, specifically in the design community. It is often difficult to gain real-world experience without already having a portfolio of work samples and an impressive resume, yet these are the attributes recruiters seek in order to hire top talent. LinkedIn Projects provides a platform for you to gain experience and learn from someone else in the same expertise while adding to your resume. Additionally, established professionals in the field can realize their dreams by recruiting free talent to work on their passion projects and side projects while learning by teaching others. For this reason we focused on comparing websites and apps in these the fields of professional networking, mentoring, and portfolio hosting/job boards to see what works, what does not, and what we can borrow from other services in order to define our app in this space. Our planning process consisted of user research techniques such as affinity mapping coupled with user interviews in order to develop personas. These personas helped us define our archetypal users who we would design for. From these personas we developed user stories and a journey map to show various scenario in which someone would use this app as well as the end-to-end experience from discovery to in-person collaboration. In order to decide on the functionality we would design, we prioritized certain features according to our personas’ needs. Through multiple design charrettes, sketches and ideation cycles, we came up our first draft of medium fidelity wireframes. Utilizing the iterative design process we  tested these preliminary wires with users, synthesized feedback, and reiterated on these designs. Lastly, we created high fidelity wireframes of the flow from the perspectives of our two personas. From these wireframes we created an interactive mobile prototype of our LinkedIn Projects app. In sum, LinkedIn Projects addresses a niche audience in a way that no other app has done before. With this idea, people can connect, learn, and collaborate with others both professionally and personally all within the confines of LinkedIn--the professional social network.
  8. 8. Attributes APPLICANT Discover Projects and People Search Projects, Work in Progress, People, Teams (studios like Adobe). Can also search Creatives To Follow, Galleries and Collections Search people, projects Post a portfolio Yes Yes Discover Jobs Search by keyword, location, creative field, or company Search with location, keyword, specialty, company search Application Process Click Apply button, apply with your profile, Click Submit Hit apply and it redirects you to the companies application POSTER Post a job Click Post a Job, pay either $399 per month or $1500 per month for unlimited posts Click post job, pay $275 for single, $725 for three jobs, $1,100 for five jobs, $1,850 for ten jobs Verify Talent View Applicant's Behance profile Resume and portfolio Comparative Analysis inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Attributes MENTOR Onboarding Application form/ E-mail/Local mentoring programs User Sign up Find a Menthe Program coordinator assigns mentee after interview process Apply to be mentor or volunteer(community council, college mentors, raise funds, special projects, committees) Find the right program Interview with program coordinator Apply at college mentor for kids chapter at your college Types of mentorship Career, education, social Youth Retrospective Reviews Relationship with mentee/s Testimonials Location Finder Google maps powered search with 25 mile radius cap Local college campus Background Check Yes Yes MENTEE Onboarding Local mentoring programs/Application form N/A Find a mentor Program coordinator assigns mentee to mentor Through program Types of mentorship Career, education, social Career, financial literacy, health and wellness, science. technology Location Finder Project coordinator N/A Attributes Onboarding Sign in with LinkedIn or email Sign in with Facebook and LinkedIn Interest Categories Add interests using keywords, anything from Photography to Private Equity Join communities for Seed Investment, Mobile Developers, Copenhagen Startups, etc. Introduction Method Receive daily batch of people according to preference and can swipe left or right to dismiss or meet this person Swipe left or right through people within a community Skills Validation Pulls LinkedIn overview, past jobs, URL, schooling, interests Pulls LinkedIn overview, job titles, "grip strength" Messaging In-app In-app Grip App Shapr App
  9. 9. User Research Interviews inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Initial User Research: In our exploratory user research, 5/7 participants mentioned learning best while applying their skills, especially on projects, and 4/7 users mentioned enjoying working on such projects. 4/7 also mentioned that a sense of community or connection is important to learning. These insights pointed us toward using in-person collaboration on group projects as the primary way our project idea would help people hone their skills. In addition, 4/7 users mentioned talked about needing or using structure as part of their learning process. This validated our idea of requiring project creators submit project plan details as part of creating a project listing on our site. This requirement should filter out incomplete ideas and increase the likelihood of submitted projects being finished.
  10. 10. Screener We identified the characteristics of the users we wanted to interview and distributed a screener survey to reach a vast amount of people from which we could funnel into qualified participants. We looked for people interested in professional development and who used apps to learn new skills. Interviews After screening, we had a more manageable amount of responses from people we wanted to interview. Before interviewing, we listed out topics to touch upon and from there, we created questions to guide us in our interview process. Findings From our user interviews we identified several patterns. Five out of seven users mentioned learning best while applying skills, particularly in group projects. Four out of seven also mentioned that a sense of community was helpful to learning. User Research & Takeaways inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover
  11. 11. Rachelle Rachelle has been toying with an idea for a low-budget modular home design to house victims of natural disasters in Mexico. She needs help pushing this idea forward and is looking to collaborate with individuals who share the same passions for social good through design. She works during the day, and in her free time teaches inner-city kids about industrial design. Although she’s always on-the-go, she values the personal relationships she makes with others. For this reason, she wants to work with people she sees herself becoming friends with. Bio Motivations - Expanding network both professionally and personally - Working with others keeps her on track - Learning new skills Behavior - Learns by teaching others - Is structured in her approach to learning and projects Pleasures - Bouncing ideas off others - Forms personal relationships with teammates - Wants to work with people she gets along well with - Wants to work with people with shared interests How we can serve - Require application process for project listings so she knows she is working with talented people - Integrate with LinkedIn to prepopulate profile details so she can verify their talent - Require applicants to list contact details so she has the option of screening applicants - Allow project creators to structure and head the project Team lead at Dyson for Product Development, 35 y/o, single “I want to enjoy spending time with the people I work with” Deliver Personas inDefine Develop NextDiscover Miguel is a Jr. CAD designer from Mexico working at Target in the Housewares department. He’s been working at his first job for two years, but he doesn’t get the opportunity to express himself through his design work. He’s learned much of his design skills in college and has taken online courses via Coursera and Codecademy. He wants to further his learning by working on projects he cares about. Bio Motivations - Career development - Sees value in collaboration because it furthers his skills, despite it being less comfortable Behavior - Skeptical - Prefers to work alone. If he must work with others, he prefers people he knows - Is structured in his approach to learning and projects Pains - Apprehensive of strangers - Doesn’t want people to steal his ideas How we can serve - Require project listings to detail group sizes and whether work is remote - Allow saving projects to a list so he can consider which to join - Require project listings to have sufficient description of desired skills and project timeline CAD Designer at Target, 25 y/o, single “I want to work on projects I like but with people I can trust” Miguel
  12. 12. We placed insights onto a four quadrant chart of behaviors, motivations, pleasures, and pains in order to identify features of our user groups and create personas to better understand and communicate their needs. • Project posting, including duration, group size, category • Be able to apply to a project • Integration with LinkedIn profile • Search for candidates/projects Must • File sharing system • Advanced faceted search • Chatrooms • Video chatrooms • Connect projects to job boards Could • Won’t teach skills like classroom setting • Won’t sell courses • Won’t require membership fees Won’t • Message system (within project) • Scheduling • Can close project listing • Resume and portfolio Should MoSCoW inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover
  13. 13. Platform Choice: Our platform choice is a native iOS app because this is the mode with which users primarily browse sources of inspiration of activities. AccordingApps that fit this category of browsing include Meetup or Pinterest which, like LinkedIn, both have a desktop and mobile website version, as well as a native mobile app. Users identified a similarity between these apps and our idea for LinkedIn Projects in the modes of interface they interact with these brands. In addition, creating a native app will make the comprehensive Projects experience streamlined and faster than accessing it via From a marketing standpoint, LinkedIn Projects will be branded as slightly less professional-focused and more casual. It will have an air of excitement and passion that comes from working on skills outside of work but which can also be used professionally. Because of this, it should be a separate app rather than part of the LinkedIn website, which would necessitate it sharing the same branding and style. Project Platform inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover
  14. 14. As someone looking for experience, I want to learn from someone in the field so I can gain real world experience.”“ “ As someone looking for experience, I want to work on a real project so I can add it to my portfolio. “ As someone looking for experience, I want to work with someone who shares my same interests, so I know we’re both equally invested in the work. Looking for experience Project Creator inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover User Story “ As a person with a project idea, I want to find qualified people, so that I can complete these projects on time. “ As a person with a project idea, I want to find someone talented so that I can learn from them too. “ As a person with a project idea, I want to find someone passionate about the same things, so that we can work better together as a team.
  15. 15. I want to work with talented people who are also friendly Applies for projects Got accepted! Browses Discover feed and reads project descriptions PositiveAffect+ Time - Using LinkedIn ProjectsBefore LinkedIn Projects Uses faceted search to find qualified candidates Search Projects by preferences and project categoryI want to protect my brand and my intellectual property Creates project, fills in description and adds tags Accept candidates who fit the criteria Collaborates and learn from each other Sky’s the limit Closes listing Key Ideas and motivation wane and projects aren’t actualized User journey using LinkedIn Projects User Journey inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Open app I want to pursue my passion I want to create work I care about Miguel Rachelle
  16. 16. App Map inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover
  17. 17. inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover First Iteration Sketch 9:41 AM 100% Results Search Discover Projects Me Results display here Search Sketch 9:41 AM 100% Discover Search Discover Projects Me Project Picture Project Title Project Description Project Picture Project Title Project Description Project Picture Project Title Project Description Discover Miguel Santos liked this project Miguel Santos Project Completed 1/3/16 Water for humanity Sketch 9:41 AM 100% interestsof user here asdf blah blahSearch Discover Projects Me Rachelle Tran Product Developer Dyson Greater New York City Area Biography of user here asdf blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Profile Projects Past Project Picture Project Title Project Description Sketch 9:41 AM 100% Project Picture Project Title Project Description Project Picture Project Title Project Description Project Picture Project Title Project Description Project Picture Project Title Project Description Search Discover Projects Me Current Saved
  18. 18. inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Annotations of App Version 1 These events seemed to be on equal hierarchy levels and was unclear to users which item belonged to which. The visual hierarchy was improved in the next iteration. Fixed information visual hierarchy
  19. 19. 1. View past, current and saved projects 2. Press floating action button to create a new project inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Annotations of App Version 2 2 1 1 1. Project details at a glance 2. Relevant information stands out 1. View the activity of your connections at a glance 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1. Profile information can be populated from LinkedIn’sAPI 1 2 1.As a project creator, you can view all pending and approved applicants for a project, as well as the project details. 2.Applicant information displays in list so creators can read their contact details to coordinate collaboration or to inquire further.
  20. 20. inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Final Design
  21. 21. Prototype walkthrough inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Interactive prototype
  22. 22. inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Next Steps Granular Add a ‘Save’ button beside each edit field when editing fields Conceptual Create a task management system to delegate and assign tasks and track their completion Short-Term Create a chatroom or group messaging system to facilitate coordination between collaborators Add advanced filtering and sorting for Discover feed and faceted Search by categories and group size. Allow project creators to send invites to other people to collaborate on projects Long-Term Design for file sharing and storage system for project creators to share task lists, timelines, etc. Create a responsive web version of this app to integrate into the current
  23. 23. inDeliverDefine Develop NextDiscover Sources Icons Written Material Pictures