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Kevin Keller- Tenure

  1. 1. Getting Towards Tenure: 5 Things I Am Glad I Did in the First Five Years of My Academic Career DOCSIG, AMA Winter Educators’ Conference February 20, 2014 Kevin Lane Keller Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College
  2. 2. Five Things I am Glad I Did in the First 5 Years of My Academic Career n  Learned from my co-chairs n  n  n  n  n  Jim Bettman & Rick Staelin Followed my interests & instincts Emphasized the practical side of marketing Hit the ground running Stay focused
  3. 3. Learned From My Co-chairs n  Develop best possible research skills n  n  Jim Bettman n  n  n  Invest heavily during doctoral program Importance of drawing out theoretical implications How to write clearly & concisely Rick Staelin n  Academic stamina & curiosity n  n  “It’s not over until it’s over” Power of models
  4. 4. Followed My Interests & Instincts n  Took several major left or right turns n  n  n  Carnegie: Finance to Marketing Fuqua: Quant to Behavioral Pre-tenure: Began to write a textbook n  Strategic Brand Management
  5. 5. Emphasized the Practical Side of Marketing n  Became involved with Marketing Science Institute at early stage n  n  Co-winner of their first dissertation contest Drew research inspiration from practical problems Gave my research potential relevance, applicability & impact n  Provided huge teaching synergies: One informed the other n 
  6. 6. Hit the Ground Running n  n  Was programmatic in my research Included a broad, macro conceptual model in my thesis n  Chapter 2: Provided context and direction n  n  n  Thesis: Advertising retrieval cues Model: “A Memory-Based Model of Advertising Effectiveness” Developed 2-3 distinct, but related research streams n  Wanted to be known for something interesting and important n  “The world’s expert in …”
  7. 7. Stayed Focused n  Don’t forget the Spandex Rule: “Just because you can … doesn’t mean you should!” n  n  Learn to say no! n  n  n  Scott Bedbury, ex-Nike & Starbucks Don’t be spread too thin Especially with consulting & other outside activities (“nickels & dimes”) Strive for the best at all times n  Less is more 7
  8. 8. It’s Only Rock and Roll … But I Like It n  Lastly … work hard … but have fun! n  It will all be fine in the end
  9. 9. Good Luck!