Association sales professional 102


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This was a session at the AENC Annual Meeting by Buz Buzogany.

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Association sales professional 102

  1. 1. Buz Buzogany, CAE, CASEBuzogany Associates
  2. 2. Board DrivenMembers make most decisionsDestinations chosen, reflect current boardAMCs, single staff, very slow to marketStaff DrivenStaff responsible for operational tacticsSource for decisions less than $10KMid-to-Large Assns – slow to market
  3. 3.  Strategic overview Decide Mission and Vision of group Fiscal responsibility for annual outcomes Hire the CEO (President, Executive Director) Annual review of the CEO’s performance Champion various committees Influence decisions over $10,000
  4. 4.  Hires/Fires staff and does annual reviews Responsible for all daily/weekly activities Operating Budget considerations/approvals Location of Annual Conference Monitors competitive landscape Embodiment of the organization’s brand
  5. 5.  Converts strategy into daily/weekly tactics Outreach to members, board, committees,general public, agencies, press, etc. Generates education materials to targetmarkets through various channels Lobbying efforts on behalf of Association
  6. 6.  Commits time, effort and expense to beingactive in the organization. Pays annual dues, attends annual meeting Serves on committees (standing & ad hoc) Receives marketing materials and on-goingcommunication from the organization Spreads positive word-of-mouth and seeksadditional members who would fit
  7. 7. The larger thegroup, the less theyinfluence decisions inmost associations!
  8. 8.  Board Driven – 12 to 36 weeks to decide Staff Driven – 4 to 20 weeks to decide What does that mean to your business? How do you discover who is in the loop? Where are you most often compelled to start? How do you gain access to the actualdecision-maker, assuming there is a “finalword”?
  9. 9.  Global, national and local economy Cultural Change – minorities & women Technology – Millennials, virtual, webinars Competition – Better, Brighter, Smarter Attitudes – pre-conditioned, not listening Costs associated with product or service
  10. 10.  What factors influence the final decision tobuy your product/service or bring a group toyour property? Where do you start in the food-chain? How long is your process to close? Are most clients consultative or transactional? How does your boss measure success? What sales training does organizationprovide?
  11. 11.  Understand the client’s desires Communicate early with decision-maker(s) Understand the group they represent Know the actual value of what you offer Help them make smart decisions Think outside the box…off property, adifferent brand, a different choice Focus on their success
  12. 12.  Listen – to the potential client’s desires Gather all the information you can, includingwho are drivers vs influencers Be transparent – build a case for trust Be the solution…not just a conduit Be available before, during and after the sale Think relationship, not Sale!!!
  13. 13. CredibilityBoy Scouts Creed:Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous…etc.Sales Creed: My interest is in seeing you thrilledwith your choice of my product or service, and Iwill do whatever it takes to provide you with apositive experience.
  14. 14. Buz Buzogany, CAE, CASEBuzogany Associatesbuz@buzoganyassociates.com828-652-7259