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Winning the marketing game when the rules are changing - Sheila Neisler, Catalyst


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AENC Marketing & Communications Conference - November 20, 2015

Published in: Business
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Winning the marketing game when the rules are changing - Sheila Neisler, Catalyst

  1. 1. Winning the Game of Marketing… When the Rules are Always Changing! Sheila Neisler November 20, 2015
  2. 2. It’s Called The Times Square Effect
  3. 3. Your Members Sees More Than 16,000 Branding Messages Every Single Day! 65% Ad had little or no value 60% Annoyed by ads
  4. 4. 95% of people who “like” a Facebook page . . . never go back to the page
  5. 5. 5,000,000 YouTube Videos 600 Media Stories Overall Sales Dropped 3.1% With In-Store Display Support: Sales Increased 300% Anna Kendrick New Castle Brown Ale
  6. 6. “Bots” Can’t Buy: You are paying for impressions . . . And paying (and paying) for no results 50% of impressions were “bots” 98% of impressions were “bots” Your “true” target market?
  7. 7. SALES STATISTICS 80% of Sales are made after 5 - 12 Contacts Only 10% of Sales People Make more than 3 Contacts HOW DO YOU KEEP “THE CONVERSATION” GOING?
  8. 8. Your Success It comes down to only ONE Question?
  9. 9. Who is your best customer? Why did they buy from you? (Simon Sinek) Who is your best prospect? Why would they want to buy from you? Where are they looking for your service? When are they looking for your service? Where do they work / live? Who is in their “Pack?” How are you communicating with them? How often? What’s In It For Your Customers
  10. 10. Win the game of marketing: Create your own rules 360° Marketing Approach Reverse Sales & Marketing Funnel
  11. 11. Traditional Sales Funnel
  12. 12. People who drink wine People who drink wine as a special event People who chose wine based upon its appellation / label People who think there’s a price/taste correlation People who shop at chain grocery stores People who are sophisticated wine drinkers Barefoot Wine: Before Marketing: Expensive relationships with wine distributors & grocery store executives (including slotting fees) paid print, tv & radio ads
  13. 13. Marketing: Distinctive Label / In-person calls to entire distribution chain / Point of service relationships with women / Worthy Cause Marketing Women 35-40 who drink wine during the week Women 35-40 who want “No Wine Surprises” Women 35-40 who want a value-priced wine Women 35-40 who drink wine and shop at grocery stores Women 35-40 who have young children Women 35-40 who are intimidated by wine choices Barefoot Wine: After
  14. 14. Went from Laundry room to Boardroom of Ernest & Julio Gallo Sold 529,000 cases annually #1 Wine brand in the world New York Times Best Selling Authors Changed Cause Marketing Execution NO MONEY spent on through traditional advertising channels Barefoot Wine: Outcome
  15. 15. Six characteristics about your target market and how your differentiators can meet them at their needs (why they are a warm lead and NOT a warm body) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Create your marketing strategy around your target market
  16. 16. Outside - in person sales calls ("You're In Sales: Get Over It!") Hewlett Packard
  17. 17. Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit. Joe Waters + = 17% in new cardholders 28% in number of transactions
  18. 18. Cause Marketing: ‘Cause it’s not only the right thing, it’s also the smart thing to do* 19% Increase In Sales 89% Would switch brands ~ 61% Will try a new brand 42% Will spend MORE 61% Want companies to tell their Cause story better 55% of millennials will decide where they work based upon a company cause Your Customers . . . 93% Want to know what Causes You Support 54% Will support a relevant Cause 61% Want a long-term Cause Commitment 53% Want to engage with a Cause (purchase) Cause marketing: When using business brands and business bucks, you deserve a business benefit. Sheila Neisler
  19. 19. In the evening: “4H Club:” Home Healthcare Happy Hour!
  20. 20. Just because it’s “new” to you, Doesn’t mean it’s “news” to anyone else! Editorial or 3rd party mention has a 40% premium value over paid advertising
  21. 21. Target Message Traditional Media Sphere of Influence Social Media 1. Craft message relevant to the audience 2. Distribute content in 3 waves to maximize exposure (extend runway) 3. First wave: Traditional media - individualized contact to further rapport with reporter 4. Follow-up with personal calls about further information or questions 5. Send personal emails to Spheres of Influence (SOI) in membership or professional organizations 6. Post on appropriate social media channels / SOI newsletters
  22. 22. A “Wicked” Good Idea
  23. 23. Month Money Time Sales Goals Investment Sales / Contact Feet On The Street Paid Advertising Cause Marketing Market Makers Speaking Gigs Earned Media Collateral Customer Engagement Special Events Direct Mail POS / POP Social Media Media Releases - what's new is not always "what's news" "Print is NOT Dead" - corporate branding Sheila Neisler 704-965-4249 What are your sales goals? What is your APR (Activity / Productivity / Results) to achieve your goals? What is your marketing investment to reach you goals? What does your sales cycle look like? How do your clients decide to do business with you? Why did they choose you? Outside - in person sales calls - networking events ("You're In Sales: Get Over It!") Define Your Target Market Client events, appreciation/welcome gifts, sampling, loyalty cards Trade shows, community events & activites Mailing to both clients and prospects In-store / 4-walls marketing (most neglected - or abused piece of real estate) There's a reason they call it "social" Notes Any promotion paid to a 3rd party distribution channel: TV / Radio / Print / Billboards / "Promoted Posts" on Social Partnering with a NFP for a Win/Win/Win Aligning with cooperative/non-competitive companies which serve your specific market - not necessarily a leads club Outside groups where you can be positioned as the expert
  24. 24. Are you in business . . . or in busyness?
  25. 25. Sheila Neisler Catalyst – A Marketing Company 401 North Tryon Street, Ste. 1028 Charlotte, NC 28802 704-965-4249 / Workshops & Presentations Marketing Strategy & Execution