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Alexander Street Products – transforming teaching, research and education


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Krassimira Anguelova (Alexander Street)

Published in: Education
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Alexander Street Products – transforming teaching, research and education

  1. 1. Alexander Street Products – transforming teaching, research and education Krassimira Anguelova Sales Director Europe & Africa
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE • Founded in 2000 • Based in Alexandria, VA • Largest provider of streaming video and music to libraries • Technology platform for learning, teaching • Recognized by E-content magazine as one of 100 companies “that matter most in the digital economy” •We serve 45m faculty and students in more than 55,000 institutions
  3. 3. We’re building the best, most comprehensive collection of academic video. Our content
  4. 4. 3,000+ partnerships publishers, studios, music labels, universities, authors…
  5. 5. Exclusive content…
  6. 6. Disciplines of focus—our areas of unmatched strength • Anthropology • Counseling • History • Music • Diversity Studies • Education • Feature Film • Business • Health Sciences • Theatre
  7. 7. Survival in the Killing Fields, written by Haing S. Ngor and Roger Warner Sample monograph
  8. 8. Hybrid formats The ‘case study’ approach
  9. 9. Indexing, clips, and playlists enhance learning
  10. 10. Unique research power We transform video into fielded, searchable databases that enable in-depth research. This lets researchers conduct a wide range of new research: •Anthropology: Examine marriage rituals across cultures from 1975-2010. •History: What words did JFK use most frequently in his early career vs. his later career? •Counseling: Show me every time Albert Ellis used the word “emotion” in his counseling demonstrations. •Music: Show me performances of Strauss by Kiri Te Kanawa. •Drama: Examine performances of Shakespearean jokes over time.
  11. 11. WAYS TO ACQUIRE ALEXANDER STREET VIDEO – Single titles – streaming or DVD – Discipline-specific video collections – Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary video collections (AVON to Own or PAVN to Own )
  12. 12. 1. Title by title
  13. 13. 2. Collections  All you need within a discipline  Available for purchase of perpetual rights  Great per-title value  Range in size from 500 to 5,000 titles  Current and archival content  Research and Learning
  14. 14. Counseling • 1,500 full length titles • Exclusive, specially commissioned titles from Microtraining • Only source for ‘greats’ such as Zimbardo and Milgram • Over 350 dramatizations and re-enactments • 60% of titles less than 5 years old Anthropology • 2,500 full length titles; over 5,000 altogether • Over 1,000 ethnographers • Approximately 70% of titles unavailable elsewhere online • Most comprehensive source for many ‘greats’ - Timothy Asch (48 Titles), John Marshall (48 Titles). • Previously unpublished field work
  15. 15. Music • Over 5,000 titles in dance, opera, world music, and jazz • Notable performances by leading artists • Works alongside our audio tracks and music reference services History • 5 core collections; 8,500 titles • World history, American history • Documentaries, newsreels, television programs • Approximately 70% of titles are unavailable elsewhere else online • In-depth indexing for rich searching
  16. 16. COMPLETEMUSICANDDANCEPACKAGE Audio • American Song • Classical Music Library • Jazz Music Library • Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries • Popular Music Library • Contemporary World Music Video Scores Reference • Classical Performance in Video • Dance in Video: Volume I • Dance in Video: Volume II • Classical Scores Library: Volume I • Classical Scores Library: Volume II • Classical Scores Library: Volume III • Classical Scores Library: Volume IV MUSICONLINE:LISTENING • Classical Music Reference Library • African-American Music Reference • Garland Encyclopedia of World Music CLASSICALSCORESLIBRARY MUSICONLINE:REFERENCE
  17. 17. Religion • Over 250,000 pages; over 1,300 volumes from Catholic, Protestant, and other Christian primary source materials, as well as Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist resources • unparalleled opportunities for comprehensive, comparative study of the world’s religions • hard-to-find and never-before-digitized materials— theological writings, sermons, interviews, lectures, personal correspondence, confessional documents, biblical commentaries, catechisms, sacred drama, historical accounts, and more. Business  5,000+ titles—the largest resource of its kind  Exclusive content from Bloomberg, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), CARMA, and others  Closely matched to current syllabi  Includes documentaries, corporate training, news features, interviews, and dramatized scenes
  18. 18. Education • 1,600 hours of training, documentaries, and instructional videos. • Wide range of topical coverage • Includes American, British, and Australian materials Performing Arts Dance In Video Series Largest collection of top quality performances Theatre In Video Series 250 top-quality plays 100 documentaries Fully transcribed and searchable by character
  19. 19. Sport Medicine • Expert lectures and practical demonstrations • over 1,500 hours video • Topics covered: wide range of sport, fitness, and exercise issues, incl. athletic training, health promotion, physical education, kinesiology/human movement, exercise physiology, nutritional science, sports medicine, sports science, and physical therapy. Health Sciences  2,000 health science video documentaries, demonstrations, lectures, and training films, many exclusively  The highest quality content, hand-selected by expert editors  Accredited content partners (Medcom Inc., the Global Institute for Dental Education, Healthy Learning, Clinician’s View, etc.).  The most recent data.  A focus on holistic health care.  Powerful platform and learning tools
  20. 20. Feature Films • Over 2,000 feature films • No public-domain titles--all are from leading film houses such as Criterion • Regional film—Asian film, world cinema • Silent film Engineering Sciences  250 hours of video and 50,000 pages of text resources  The most frequently taught and seminal case studies around the world  Feature-length video documentaries of major failures  Monographs explaining cases in detail and describing key engineering concepts and issues  Simulations depicting precisely what went wrong  Primary footage of accidents; Audio footage and transcripts ; Testimonies from participants, victims, and witnesses  Images, accident reports, blueprints, and other key archival content  Specially written cases that explore engineering ethics, etc.
  21. 21. Literature • Over 900,000 pages of text; over 185 hours video • Diverse representation • Rare materials • Award-winning collections • Exceptional partners • The most content Veterinary Education in Video  anytime, anywhere access to an encyclopedic resource on veterinary science and care.  more than 550 procedures and techniques explained across more than 600 titles  covers clinical skills, explanations of conditions, and training on technology and animal handling  The high-quality streaming videos provide insight into animal reactions and other subtleties that are often lost in text-only approaches
  22. 22. Recently launched: •Academic Video Online Premium—now with perpetual ownership •Food Studies Online •Classical Scores Library: Volume IV (Classical Scores Library Package) New/Coming soon: •Anthropological Fieldwork Online •Film Scripts Online: Volume II •Theatre in Video: Volume II •Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1840 •Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement •Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Islam Newest and Coming Soon
  23. 23. 3. “Super Collection AVON”: Academic Video Online: Premium NEW features: Now you own your choice of films AND get free hosting for your video content! OUR FLAGSHIP VIDEO OFFERING JUST GOT BETTER! Comprehensive package—50,000 titles and growing Exclusive content—tens of thousands of titles not available from any other provider Supports all departments A predictable annual cost—unlimited usage Best value at 7¢ to $1 per title per year
  24. 24. Academic Video Online: Premium Lets you own your choice of films Gives you unlimited hosting for your video At the end of your subscription year, choose content to own for perpetual rights to your choice of titles—tremendous ROI Free Video Commons Premium Services, including an upload tool and unlimited space for hosting your own video—normally $1,000- $3,000 annually, free with Academic Video Online
  25. 25. Alexander Street video support and services • Dedicated support rep • MARC records • Online Support Center (teaching tools, tutorials, marketing tools) • Training sessions (onsite, WebEx, conferences) • Find My Film—we’ll locate and license what you need • More… Browse all our films to see how to acquire them
  26. 26. Get a free trial of any of AS databases at or contact me at