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Jisc MediaHub webinar


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Slides used in an EDINA webinar on Jisc MediaHub, on 25th September 2013. Covers Jisc licensed content, terms of use, and using the service.

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Jisc MediaHub webinar

  1. 1. Rick Loup – Multimedia Development Andrew Bevan – User Support Vivienne Carr – User Support
  2. 2. What is Jisc MediaHub? • • • • • • Service for UK FE and HE Released in 2011 Jisc-licensed multimedia content, copyrightcleared for educational use Archival collections, rarely available on open web Plus search results for external multimedia collections Part of Jisc eCollections subscription service
  3. 3. Jisc MediaHub • Jisc eCollections content • Feedback • Service:  Search and explore  Bookmarks  Uploads • Questions
  4. 4. Jisc eCollections content • Identified with triangle • 40+ collections • Records: • 76000 + video • 57000 + images • 250 + audio • All copyright-cleared for use in education http://mediahub.blogs.edi
  5. 5. TV news • ITV News 1955-2007. Daily news programmes plus special broadcasts. 34,000+ records. • Channel 4 News 19822007. Lunchtime, evening and special news. 6,500+ records. • Channel 5 News 19972004. • AP Archive.
  6. 6. Cinema news • Gaumont Graphic, 1910-1934. Silent, sound from late 1920s. 8,087 records. • Gaumont British News, 1934-1959. Bi-weekly newsreel. 2,476 records. • British Paramount News, 1931-1957. 77 records.
  7. 7. War and propaganda • Imperial War Museum film. WWI, WWII, Cold War, post-war reconstruction, Civil Defence, 1990s Balkan conflict. 50 hours. • Imperial War Museum images. 3 collections: Art of First World War, Art of Second World War and a collection of proclamations. 4,000 + records.
  8. 8. War and propaganda Educational and Television Films Ltd •100 hours of film from political left including USSR, China, Eastern Europe, Chile and Cuba. Legacy of Stanley Forman. •Documentary footage of 1917 Russian Revolution, Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany, Vietnam War, Tibet and Beirut.
  9. 9. Documentary film • Royal Mail Film Classics documentary, public information, animation and industrial film, mainly 1930s and 1940s. 16 hours. • Amber Films - independent documentaries from NorthEast, 1968-1980s. 39 records. • Films of Scotland documentaries on all aspects of Scotland. 1938-1982. 50 hours.
  10. 10. Science & Engineering • • - aimed at engineering, highly regarded. Presentations and expert interviews from 2002-2012. 3,028 records. Biochemical Society – charts development of biochemistry in late 20th C. 36 records.
  11. 11. Medicine • Wellcome Library – 500+ records from 1912 to 2000s. Evolution of medicine and health care. • St George’s – 19 films on aspects of medical practice from leading UK medical school. • Sheffield University – 47 hours on range of subjects, including medicine and biomedical science.
  12. 12. Classical Music Culverhouse Classical Music •50 hours of classical music and associated scores. Core repertoire plus rarer pieces from 17th to 20th centuries. •Editing of media files permitted.
  13. 13. Art Fitzwilliam Museum •1,000 images from the diverse collections of The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. •Includes major artists such as Canaletto, Turner, George Stubbs and John Constable. Copyright: The Fitzwilliam Museum, The Last of England, Ford Madox Brown, 1860.
  14. 14. Design/architecture • GovEd - 15,000 images by Francesco Troina, mainly covering architecture, design, engineering, media and travel and tourism. • Design Archives – material from 19451985 from University of Brighton. Posters, product design images, retail images.
  15. 15. Contemporary images and video • Getty moving images – 8,000 records covering cultural, social and political issues. 1920s -2000s (mostly 2000s). • Getty still images Nearly 12,000 images of political, cultural, and social history, covering the major events of recent world history. • PYMCA – images of contemporary UK youth culture. 1960s-2000s. Copyright: Getty Images, Focus On Jerusalem As Jewish New Year And Ramadan Coincide, 2007. See more at:
  16. 16. Social history North Highland College •The Johnston Collection is a historic photographic collection of national and European significance. •1840-1979. •Caithness and Sutherland areas. •10,000+ images.
  17. 17. Poll • Does the Jisc MediaHub service content look useful for your institution? A. B. C. D. Yes No Not sure Would like to explore before responding!
  18. 18. Feedback opportunities • Feedback survey in service: • Jisc Collections workshop:  Focussed ‘workshop’ - 18th March in London, 10:30 – 15:30  Options for future direction of content  Outcome – reshaped Jisc MediaHub to better reflect community needs 
  19. 19. Search • Search at top right of each screen. More than one word? Get results containing any of those words. • Enclose phrase in double quotation marks • Add +plus sign immediately before words to ensure they appear in results. • Add -minus sign immediately before words to exclude from results.
  20. 20. Search • more options… • Restrict:  media type,  access type,  Newsfilm only.
  21. 21. Results
  22. 22. Filter • Filter and sort options available on left of results page. • Date filter is for decade only – try advanced search for date range. • Sort options at bottom left.
  23. 23. Advanced Search In addition to media type and access type: •More specific keyword search •Select collections •Date range search •Subject, genre, duration, other fields •Sort options •‘Live result’ box
  24. 24. Jisc MediaHub Explore • Several Explore options available:  Collection - can browse all content from each collection, background and any reviews  Subject displays for Jisc eCollections content only.  Time creates a timeline based on your search term, that you can zoom and pan  Place is a Google map with location markers of Jisc eCollections content  Learning materials has case studies and reviews  Newsfilm – browse by subject or search by date range
  25. 25. Explore by Place
  26. 26. Full record • Play • Download –  Video: Windows Media, Quick Time (some), Ogg Theora  Audio: AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis • Share • Bookmark with tags
  27. 27. Full record • Link to terms of use • Add comments • View metadata • Shotlist and frame grabs may be available • View similar items
  28. 28. Bookmark • Must be logged in with institutional login • Edit any field • Click on Suggested tags, or your tags • Click Submit
  29. 29. My MediaHub
  30. 30. Uploads • Users can share images • User Uploads collection
  31. 31. Uploads process • 1 – Upload via Flickr account or your computer
  32. 32. Uploads process • 2 – Edit to add a Creative Commons license and metadata
  33. 33. Uploads process • 3 – Publish. Cannot publish until CC license selected.
  34. 34. Search widget • Find the code in the About > Support area.
  35. 35. Social media Lots of posts highlighting content: •Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 •JFK : Life and Death in the Media Spotlight •Fantasy Speakers’ Corner •Our 20th Century Industrial Heritage •Legacy of the Genetic Codebreakers •Tutankhamun •Robert Burns – Man of the people •many more… @Jiscmediahub
  36. 36. Questions Copyright: Think it Over!, Imperial War Museum, 1916.