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Prawo | Law

  1. 1. LAW 2 Administrative Law in Europe 9789089521323 Administrative law 2013 miękka 49 EUR 44 EUR M. Ruffert This volume comprises the results of the fourth workshop of the Dornburg Research Group of New Administrative Law. The group scrutinized the relationship between national traditions and the evolution of common principles of European administrative law. Europa Law European Administrative Law - Top Down and Bottom Up 9789089520722 Administrative law 2010 miękka 45 EUR 41 EUR de Graaf, K.J.;Jans, J.H.; Prechal, A.; Widders- Collective essays on the mutual (top-down and bottom-up) relation of EU administrative law and national administrative law. Europa Law Legitimacy in European Administrative Law 9789089520982 Administrative law 2011 miękka 62 EUR 56 EUR This volume comprises the results of the third workshop of the Dornburg Research Group of New Administrative Law which took place in Paris in October 2009. Europa Law Spanish Administrative Law under European Influence 9789089520838 Administrative law 2010 miękka 49 EUR 45 EUR Ortega, Luis; Arroyo, Luis; Plaza, Carmen This book is devoted to the study of the Europeanization of Spanish administrative law. Europa Law Traditions and Change in European Administrative Law 9789089520715 Administrative law 2011 miękka 62 EUR 56 EUR The research presented in this book is aimed at classifying the legal system according to various models of administative organisation. Europa Law Europeanisation of Public Law (2nd edition) 9789089521279 Administrative law wkrótce miękka 52 EUR 47 EUR Jan H. Jans, A. Precha, R.J.G.M. Widdershoven Europeanisation of Public Law’ is a study about the relation between European and national public law. Europa Law Proportionality Analysis and Models of Judicial Review 9789089521415 Administrative law 2013 miękka 72 EUR 65 EUR This book lays out a strategy for courts and tribunals to deal with the challenge of using proportionality analysis in the context of judicial review. Europa Law A Guide to the PCA Arbitration Rules 9780199680689 Arbitration 2014-03-13 twarda 115 GBP 104 GBP Daly, Brooks; Goriatcheva, Evgeniya; Meighen, This is a guide to and commentary on the new procedural rules for arbitration adopted by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in December 2012. The PCA is a unique arbitral institution - an intergovernmental organization counting over one hundred member states - with a rapidly growing annual caseload of arbitrations involving various combinations of states, state entities., Oxford University Press A Guide to the SIAC Arbitration Rules 9780199657216 Arbitration 2014-08-14 twarda 115 GBP 104 GBP Mangan, Mark; Reed, Lucy; Choong, John This is the first text to provide a comprehensive rule-by-rule examination of the inception, interpretation and application of the 2013 SIAC Rules, written by practitioners with extensive experience in South East Asia arbitrations, and with the benefit of assistance from the SIAC Secretariat. It is practical and strategic in approach, considering how each rule features in the context of the realities that Oxford University Press Choice of Venue in International Arbitration 9780199655717 Arbitration 2014-01-09 twarda 165 GBP 149 GBP Ostrove, Michael; Salomon, Claudia; Shifman, The relative merits of different arbitral venues are conveyed accessibly and practically in this far-reaching survey. With contributions from prestigious practitioners from every major global seat, the book offers comparative analysis of the relative challenges arising at venues around the world.As a reliable tool during the negotiation and drafting stages, it enables a newly tactical consideration of Oxford University Press
  2. 2. 3 LAW Class, Mass and Collective Arbitration in National and International Law 9780199772520 Arbitration 2013-11-07 twarda 120 GBP 108 GBP Strong, S.I. Class arbitration first developed in the United States in the 1980s as a means of providing large numbers of individuals with the opportunity to assert their claims at the same time and in the same proceeding. Large-scale arbitration has since spread beyond U.S. borders, with collective arbitration being seen in Europe and mass arbitration being used in the international investment regime. Class, Oxford University Press ... Damages in International Arbitration Under Complex Long-term Contracts 9780199680672 Arbitration 2014-02-27 twarda 145 GBP 131 GBP Woss, Herfried; San Roman Rivera, Adriana; Damages are a topic of central importance in international arbitration, being very often the principal concern of the parties, and an indication of the performance of their counsel. They are also one of the most complex topics. This book addresses the many competing factors that contribute to their nature and amount: while they are compensatory, they may be subject to counterclaims and set-offs, affected Oxford University Press ... Rise of the Regulatory State of the South: Infrastructure and Development in Emerging 9780199677160 Arbitration 2013-06-23 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Navroz K. Dubash, Bronwen Morgan The 1990s and 2000s have witnessed a spurt of energetic institution-building in the developing world, as regulatory agencies emerge to take over the role of the executive in key sectors. This rise of the regulatory state of the south is barely noticed both by scholars of regulation and of development, let alone adequately documented and theorized. Yet the consequences for the role of the state and Oxford University Press ... The Borders of Punishment: Migration, Citizenship, and Social Exclusion 9780199669394 Arbitration 2013-06-20 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Katja Franko Aas, Mary Bosworth The Borders of Punishment: Migration, Citizenship, and Social Exclusion critically assesses the relationship between immigration control, citizenship, and criminal justice. It reflects on the theoretical and methodological challenges posed by mass mobility and its control and for the first time, sets out a particular sub-field within criminology, the criminology of mobility. Drawing together leading international Oxford University Press ... Transnational Legality: Stateless Law and International Arbitration 9780199641956 Arbitration 2014-01-09 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Schultz, Thomas What should we call law when it is not the law of one or several states? Does it actually matter what we call law? How can we take into account the consequences of calling something law when we shape the concept of law in the first place? How does international arbitration help to illustrate the problem? This book is an investigation into stateless law, illustrated by international arbitration Oxford University Press ... Sovereign Financing and International Law: The UNCTAD Principles on Responsible Sovereign 9780199674374 Chemical & Biological Weapons 2013-11-03 twarda 80GBP 72 GBP Carlos Espósito, Yuefen L The regulation of sovereign financing is a highly topical and significant issue, in the light of continuing global financial turmoil. This book assesses the role of international law in sovereign financing, addressing this issue from both legal and economic standpoints. It takes as a starting point the recent report 'Principles on Responsible Sovereign Lending and Borrowing' by the United Nations Oxford University Press ... Betting the Company: Complex Negotiation Strategies for Law and Business 9780199846252 Company Law 2013-06-06 miękka 32.99 GBP 30 GBP Trask, Andrew; DeGuire, Andrew Where the fate of a company is on the line in a negotiation, legal and business teams must work seamlessly to reach a successful conclusion. Unfortunately, there's often a gap between lawyers, who are typically untrained in business strategy, and business executives, who lack basic knowledge of contract law and regulations. In Betting the Company: Complex Negotiation Strategies for Law Oxford University Press ... Corporate Boards in Law and Practice: A Comparative Analysis in Europe 9780198705154 Company Law 2013-11-28 twarda 125 GBP 113 GBP Davies, Paul; Hopt, Klaus; Nowak, Richard; van Corporate boards play a central role in corporate governance and are thus regulated in the corporate law and corporate governance codes of all industrialized countries. Yet while there is a common core of rules on the boards considerable differences remain. These differences depend partly on shareholder structure, partly on historical, political and social developments and especially Oxford University Press ... Corporate Law 9780195520156 Company Law 2013-09-19 miękka 74.99 GBP 68 GBP Boros, Elizabeth; Duns, John Corporate Law Third Edition is also available as an e-book. Corporate Law examines the legal principles and policies that govern companies. Written in a plain-speaking style this text brings the accessibility of an introductory text together with the depth and analysis of a higher-level text, providing students with a solid understanding of all the key topics. It does this through an exploration Oxford University Press ... Regional Protection of Human Rights: Documentary Supplement 9780199301621 Comparative Law 2013-11-28 twarda 62 GBP 56 GBP Dinah Shelton, Paolo G. Carozza What role do human rights play in the development of regional organizations? What human rights obligations do states assume upon joining regional bodies? This work is the first text of its kind devoted to the European, Inter-American and African systems for the protection of human rights. It illustrates how international human rights law is interpreted and implemented across international Oxford University Press ...
  3. 3. LAW 4 The Milosevic Trial: An Autopsy 9780199795840 Comparative Law 2014-01-30 miękka 94 GBP 85 GBP Timothy Waters The Milosevic Trial - An Autopsy provides a cross-disciplinary examination of the most controversial war crimes trial of the modern era and its contested legacy for the growing fields of international criminal law and post-conflict justice. The international trial of Slobodan Milosevic, who presided over the violent collapse of Yugoslavia - was already among the longest war crimes trials when Milosevic Oxford University Press ... Concise Introduction to Comparative Law 9789089521255 Comparative law 2013 miękka 40 EUR 36 EUR This book is intended to be used as a textbook for beginners taking introductory courses on foreign and comparative law. Europa Law Selected National, European and International Provisions from Public and Private Law 9789089521378 Comparative law 2013 miękka 58 EUR 53 EUR Kornet, Nicole; Hardt, Sascha This selection of national, European and international legal provisions covers the areas of constitutional law, administrative law and administrative procedure, criminal justice, European and international human rights law, property law, tort law, national and European contract law, civil procedure, private international law, company law, international business law and Europa Law The Criminalization of European Cartel Enforcement: Theoretical, Legal, and Practical 9780199670062 Comparative Politics 2014-07-01 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Peter Whelan Cartel activity is prohibited under EU law by virtue of Article 101(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Firms that violate this provision face severe punishment from those entities responsible for enforcing EU competition law: the European Commission, the national competition authorities, and the national courts. Stiff fines are regularly imposed on firms by these entities Oxford University Press Competition Law in China: Laws, Regulations, and Cases 9780198703822 Competition Law 2014-01-16 miękka 125 GBP 113 GBP Wang, Peter J.; Evrard, Sebastien J.; Zhang, This work is the only bilingual (Chinese/English) compilation of all legal texts applicable to the area of competition law in China. It includes the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China (AML) as well as all other laws that have relevant provisions. It also incorporates the regulations issued by the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the National Development and Oxford University Press EU Competition Law 9780199660322 Competition Law 2014-01-09 miękka 42.99 GBP 39 GBP Jones, Alison; Sufrin, Brenda EU Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides a complete guide to EU competition law in a single authoritative volume. Carefully selected extracts from key cases, academic articles, and statutory materials are accompanied by in- depth commentary and critique from two experienced academics in the field. Thorough footnoting and referencing give a tour of the available literature, Oxford University Press ... EU Competition Procedure 9780199641833 Competition Law 2013-10-03 twarda 250 GBP 225 GBP Ortiz Blanco, Luis Written by a distinguished team with extensive experience in the area, this key analytical commentary on the competition procedures of the EU provides in-depth coverage of the relevant rules. The work discusses in detail the Commission's package of regulations and guidelines and their interaction in practice. This third edition fully updates the work to reflect recent legislative developments and a Oxford University Press ... EU Merger Control: A Legal and Economic Analysis 9780199644131 Competition Law 2014-01-09 twarda 175 GBP 158 GBP Kokkoris, Ioannis; Shelanski, Howard Economic analysis plays a pivotal role in competition enforcement. Integrating an economic perspective on merger control with a legal perspective throughout, this is a comprehensive reference work on merger control in the EU. Each chapter includes an analysis of the economic methods that have been employed in merger cases or that can be employed in merger assessment, such as merger Oxford University Press ... European Union Law of State Aid 9780199665068 Competition Law 2013-10-03 twarda 195 GBP 176 GBP Bacon, Kelyn This is a comprehensive work for practitioners on the law of State aids in the European Union, and is accessible to practitioners who do not specialise in competition law, as well as being a reference book for competition lawyers. The book discusses all of the relevant legislation, case law and important decisional practice of the Commission, as well as providing extensive coverage of sectors Oxford University Press ...
  4. 4. 5 LAW Faull and Nikpay: The EU Law of Competition 9780199665099 Competition Law 2014-03-20 twarda 295 GBP 266 GBP Faull, Jonathan; Nikpay, Ali Fully updated in this third edition, the work includes full coverage of the latest legislation, case law and guidance, giving competition lawyers a comprehensive commentary on recent developments. It includes new material on industries of growing importance in the competition field, including Pharma and High Tech. It also analyses the R&D and Specialisation Block Exemption Regulations, the Oxford University Press ... Global Antitrust and Compliance Handbook 9780198703846 Competition Law 2014-03-06 miękka 155 GBP 140 GBP Sokol, D. Daniel; Crane, Daniel; Ezrachi, Ariel This multi-jurisdictional compliance guide offers a comprehensive and detailed multi-country review of critical antitrust compliance issues. The book outlines the laws and practice in forty three of the most important antitrust jurisdictions around the world - focusing on anticompetitive agreements, market power and monopolization, enforcement, arbitration and remedies. With compliance Oxford University Press ... The Chemical Weapons Convention: A Commentary 9780199669110 Competition Law 2014-07-17 twarda 145 GBP 131GBP Walter Krutzsch, Eric Myje This book provides an article-by-article commentary on the text of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and its Annexes, one of the cornerstone disarmament and arms control agreements. It requires the verified elimination of an entire category of weapons of mass destruction and their means of production by all its States Parties within established time lines, and that prohibits any Oxford University Press ... The EU Competition Rules 9789089520913 Competition law 2010 miękka 38 EUR 35 EUR Vogelaar, Floris This book aims at providing the Legal Masters student throughout Europe’s universities with a thorough selection of case law on EU competition law. Europa Law Comparative Constitutionalism 9780199685813 Constitutional & Administrative Law 2013-10-17 twarda 75 GBP 68 GBP Dicey, A.V. The Oxford Edition of Dicey provides sources with which to reassess the extraordinary authority and lasting influence of Dicey's canonical text. Volume Two, Comparative Constitutionalism, provides a complement to Dicey's The Law of the Constitution. These largely unpublished comparative constitutional lectures were written for different versions of a comparative constitutional book that Oxford University Press ... Constitutional Pluralism in the EU 9780198703228 Constitutional & Administrative Law 2014-01-09 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Jaklic, Klemen Where does the law and political power of any given territory come from? Until recently it was believed that it came from a single and hierarchical source of constitutional authority, a sovereign people and their constitution. However, how can this model account for the new Europe? Where state constitutions and the European Constitution, which are ultimately equally self-standing sources of Oxford University Press ... The Law of Energy Underground: Understanding New Developments in 9780198703181 Constitutional & Administrative Law 2014-03-27 twarda 85 GBP 68 GBP Dicey, A.V. While energy has been extracted from the ground for two centuries, recent years have seen transformative changes to how easy it is to access underground energy resources. This book investigates the key challenges and legal consequences of recent developments in the use of the subsurface as a source of energy. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the new technologies that have made Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Handbook on the World Trade Organization 9780198714774 Constitutional & Administrative Law 2014-08-01 twarda 30 GBP 27 GBP Amrita Narlikar, Martin Daunto The Oxford Handbook on the World Trade Organization provides an authoritative and cutting-edge account of the World Trade Organization. Its purpose is to provide a holistic understanding of what the WTO does, how it goes about fulfilling its tasks, its achievements and problems, and how it might contend with some critical challenges. The Handbook benefits from an interdisciplinary approach. Oxford University Press ... The Procedure of the UN Security Council 9780199685295 Constitutional & Administrative Law 2014-07-01 twarda 100 GBP 90 GBP Loraine Sievers, Sam Daws The Procedure of the UN Security Council is the definitive book of its kind and has been widely used by UN practitioners and scholars for nearly 40 years. This comprehensively revised edition contains over 450 pages of new material documenting the extensive and rapid innovations in the Council's procedures of the past two decades. A one-stop handbook and guide, with meticulous Oxford University Press ...
  5. 5. LAW 6 Political Accountability and European Integration 9789089520555 Constitutional law 2009 miękka 40 EUR 36 EUR Verhey, Luc; Kiiver, Philipp; Loeffen , Sandor This volume addresses the future of political control and accountability in a European and comparative perspective. Europa Law Sources of Constitutional Law (Second edition) 9789089520906 Constitutional law 2010 miękka 15 EUR 14 EUR Kiiver, Philipp This volume contains important constitutional and legislative texts from the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as well as provisions from the European Convention on Human Rights and the Treaty on European Union. Europa Law The National Judicial Treatment of the ECHR and EU Laws 9789089520692 Constitutional law 2010 miękka 75 EUR 68 EUR Martinico, Giuseppe; Pollicino, Oreste Do national judges start treating the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights the same way they treat the EC law’s norms? Europa Law Parliaments and Military Missions 9789089521187 Constitutional law 2012 miękka 25 EUR 23 EUR Sascha Hardt, Luc Verhey & Wytze van der Proceedings of the Montesquieu Institute Maastricht of a conference on parliamentary involvement with military missions. Europa Law Electronic Documents in Maritime Trade: Law and Practice 9780199660292 Contract Law 2013-07-25 twarda 175 GBP 158 GBP Goldby, Miriam The focus of this work is on the function of electronic documents in cross-border business-to-business contracts for the sale of goods carried by sea. It provides a practical analysis of this commercial activity, examining recent trends in practice and testing the ability of electronic alternatives to achieve legal functions performed by the paper documents they replace. The book covers the relevant Oxford University Press ... Money Market Funds in the EU and the US: Regulation and Practice 9780199687251 Contract Law 2014-02-27 miękka 175 GBP 158 GBP Calnan, Richard This book provides the first comprehensive examination of the regulation of the money market fund sector. In consideration of the current regulatory uncertainties in the sector, this book provides practical help to legal and market practitioners by setting out regulations governing money market funds in the EU and in the US. Providing a comparative approach, analyzing the regulatory environment in the Oxford University Press ... Sharia and Social Engineering: The Implementation of Islamic Law in Contemporary 9780199678846 Contract Law 2013-12-12 twarda 50 GBP 45 GBP R. Michael Feener This book seeks to open new lines of discussion about how Islamic law is viewed as a potential tool for programs of social transformation in contemporary Muslim society. It does this through a critical examination of the workings of the state shari'a system as it was designed and implemented at the turn of the twenty-first century in Aceh, Indonesia. While the empirical details of these discussions are Oxford University Press ... The Right to Confrontation in Europe 9789089520708 Criminal law 2012 miękka 55 EUR 50 EUR This book investigates the theory and practice of the Right to Confrontation, the right of an accused person to examine witnesses against him. Europa Law Foundational Texts in Modern Criminal Law: Contemporary Readings of Classic Texts 9780199673612 Criminology 2014-07-24 twarda 75 GBP 68 GBP Dubber, Markus D Foundational Texts in Modern Criminal Law presents essays in which scholars from various countries and legal systems engage critically with formative texts in criminal legal thought since Hobbes. It examines the emergence of a transnational canon of criminal law by documenting its intellectual and disciplinary history and provides a snapshot of contemporary work on criminal law within that historical Oxford University Press ...
  6. 6. 7 LAW Jacobs, White & Qvey: the European Convention on Human Rights 9780199655083 Criminology 2013-11-21 twarda 34.99 GBP 32 GBP Bernadette Rainey, Elizabeth Wicks Over fifty years after its founding, the European Court of Human Rights has dispensed more than 16,000 judgments and affects the lives of over 820 million people. The sixth edition of Jacobs, White & Ovey: The European Convention on Human Rights is a clear and concise companion to this increasingly important and extensive area of the law. Examining each of the Convention rights in turn, the Oxford University Press ... Legitimating International Organizations 9780199672097 Criminology 2013-09-26 twarda 55 GBP 50 GBP Dominik Zaum The legitimacy of international and regional organizations and their actions is frequently asserted and challenged by states and commentators alike. Their authorisations or conduct of military interventions, their structures of decision- making, and their involvement into what states deem to be domestic matters have all raised questions of legitimacy. As international organizations lack the Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Guide to Treaties 9780198712961 Criminology 2014-03-27 twarda 39.99 GBP 36 GBP Duncan B. Hollis From trade relations to greenhouse gases, from shipwrecks to cybercrime, treaties structure the rights and obligations of states, international organizations, and individuals. For centuries, treaties have regulated relations among nation states. Today, they are the dominant source of international law. Thus, being adept with treaties and international agreements is an indispensable skill for anyone Oxford University Press ... EU Environmental Law and the Internal Market 9780199675432 Environment & Energy Law 2014-01-09 twarda 95 GBP 86 GBP de Sadeleer, Nicolas For some, a protectionist policy underlies most environmental measures. Lawyers working in the area of fundamental freedoms are very accustomed to discussing all issues within a free market framework and therefore often come to market- friendly decisions. Similarly, while environmental law has taken on a renewed intensity at European level, the tendency has been to analyse the subject rather Oxford University Press ... National Courts and EU Environmental Law 9789089521286 Environmental law 2013 miękka 68 EUR 62 EUR J.H. Jans, R. Macrory, A-M Moreno Molina Direct effect, consistent interpretation and state liability are instruments developed by the CJEU for national courts to remedy conflicts between national and EU law (and may also be used in some jurisdictions to resolve national law and international law). This book will look at the ‘remedial capacity’ of these doctrines/ tools from the perspective of the national court applying them. Europa Law Sustainability, Law and Public Choice 9789089521538 Environmental law 2014 miękka 49 EUR 45 EUR Gyula Bándi, Marcel Szabó & Ákos Szalai This book discusses various aspects of the concept of "sustainability", from a legal, ethical and public choice perspective. Europa Law The Aarhus Convention at Ten 9789089520487 Environmental law 2011 miękka 68 EUR 62 EUR Pallemaerts, M. The various contributions to this volume address synergies and conflicts across the three ‘pillars’ of the Aarhus Convention and examine the broader legal and institutional implications of these interactions for the development of both EU law and international environmental law. Europa Law Towards Sustainability of Biomass Importation 9789089521521 Environmental law 2014 miękka 55 EUR 50 EUR Andrea Schmeichel This book addresses the conflict between climate change, other environmental concerns such as biodiversity, and international trade, focussing on the relationship between climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection in the bioenergy sector, taking into account the specific situation for imports from developing countries. Europa Law EU Energy Law and Policy: A Critical Account 9780199686391 European Law 2013-09-05 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Talus, Kim A critical overview of European Union energy law and policy, this book takes a law -in-context approach as it examines the development of EU energy law from the 1950s to the present day. It discusses the development of EU energy law Oxford University Press The Protection of Property Rights in Comparative Perspective 9789089521330 European Law 2013 miękka 62 EUR 56 EUR Sabrina Praduroux The book offers a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the issue of property rights protection in Europe. Europa Law
  7. 7. LAW 8 Environmental Democracy and Law 9789089521491 European Law 2014 twarda 89 EUR 81 EUR Bándi, Gyula Concepts, theories and environmental rights may be valued through their implementation potential, and this forms the largest part of the book: how public participation is implemented in Europe – via the Aarhus Convention, within EU law and practice, and in national law. Europa Law European and Dutch Water Law 9789089521071 European Law 2012 miękka 68 EUR 62 EUR H.F.M.W. van Rijswick; H.J.M. Havekes In this book modern European water law and its implementation in the Netherlands is being described and analyzed. Europa Law European Environmental Law 9789089521057 European Law 2012 twarda 110 EUR 99 EUR Jan H. Jans; Hans H.B. Vedder The leading monograph on European Environmental Law. Europa Law European Environmental Law 9789089521064 European Law 2012 miękka 52 EUR 47 EUR Jan H. Jans; Hans H.B. Vedder The leading monograph on European Environmental Law. Europa Law Legal and Institutional Aspects of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) 9789089521002 European Law 2011 twarda 72 EUR 65 EUR Inghelram, J.F.H. A Comprensive Legal Analysis of European Anti-Fraud Office Europa Law The European Court of Justice Legal Reasoning in Context 9789089521170 European Law 2013 miękka 62 EUR 56 EUR Suvi Sankari A study on legal interpretation methods used by the European Court of Justice. Europa Law Constitutionalising Europe 9789089521392 European Law 2013 miękka 49 EUR 45 EUR Jieskje Hollander Constitutionalising Europe. Dutch Reactions to an Incoming Tide (1948-2005) aims to solve the riddle of how the relation between the Netherlands and Europe got under pressure. Europa Law Concise Introduction to EU Private International Law 9789089521088 European Law 2012 miękka 40 EUR 36 EUR M. Bogdan The second edition of this concise book is mainly intended to be used as an introduction to the rules of private international law belonging to the legal system of the European Union. Europa Law EU Private International Law: An ECJ Casebook 9789089520005 European Law 2012 miękka 42 EUR 38 EUR Michael Bogdan; Ulf Maunsbach The purpose of this book is to provide an easy access to and overview of the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) pertaining to private international law. Europa Law Alternative Investment Funds in Europe 9780199657728 Financial Law 2014-05-29 twarda 175 GBP 158 GBP Van Setten, Lodewijk; Busch, Danny The book provides a full and practical review of the impact of the highly controversial European Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers, which was adopted after much debate in October 2010 (AIFMD). The AIFMD is intended to be a regulatory response to systematic risks that came to light in the financial crisis and will have a broad and material impact on the manner in which Oxford University Press ...
  8. 8. 9 LAW Capital Markets, Derivatives, and the Law: Evolution After Crisis 9780199971541 Financial Law 2014-06-26 twarda 147.5 GBP 133 GBP Rechtschaffen, Alan N.; Trichet, Jean-Claude In today's financial world overwhelmed by capital market upheaval, it is important to understand the intricacies of new regulation, and individuals must have a strong foundation in how capital markets function, as well as how financial instruments and derivatives work. Capital Markets, Derivatives, and the Law provides readers with the foundation necessary to make informed, well-reasoned decisions Oxford University Press ... Collective Investment Schemes in Luxembourg: Law and Practice 9780199651863 Financial Law 2014-03-20 twarda 195 GBP 176 GBP Kremer, Claude; Lebbe, Isabelle This book is the only analysis of the legal regime governing collective investments in the important financial centre of Luxembourg. Written by expert practitioners from a leading funds practice, it provides a detailed, comprehensive, and practical account of the regulation and operation of investment funds under Luxembourg law. Beginning with a definition of undertakings of collective investment funds Oxford University Press ... European Securities Law 9780199685608 Financial Law 2014-03-27 twarda 265 GBP 239 GBP Panasar, Raj; Boeckman, Philip This new edition continues to provide a comprehensive source of knowledge and practical know-how about the regulation and operation of the securities markets in Europe. This work covers the main body of community-level legislation regulating the securities markets in Europe, consisting principally of the Prospectus Directive, the Transparency Directive, the Takeover Directive, the Market Abuse Directive Oxford University Press ... Financial Services Law 9780199685592 Financial Law 2014-03-20 twarda 225 GBP 203 GBP Walker, George; Purves, Robert This new edition explains all of the substantial institutional and structural changes made under the Financial Services Act 2013 and parallel changes at European and global levels. This includes the abolition of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and its replacement with a separate Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and with a new Financial Policy Oxford University Press ... Fixing U.S. International Taxation 9780199359752 Financial Law 2014-02-27 twarda 32.99 GBP 30 GBP Shaviro, Daniel N. International tax rules, which determine how countries tax cross-border investment, are increasingly important with the rise of globalization, but the modern U.S. rules, even more than those in most other countries, are widely recognized as dysfunctional. The existing debate over how to reform the U.S. tax rules is stuck in a sterile dialectic, in which ostensibly the only permissible Oxford University Press ... In Whose Name? A Public Law Theory of International Adjudication 9780198717461 Financial Law 2013-08-29 twarda 75 GBP 68 GBP Merkin, Rob; Steele, Jenny The vast majority of all international judicial decisions have been issued since 1990. This increasing activity of international courts over the past two decades is one of the most significant developments within the international law. It has repercussions on all levels of governance and has challenged received understandings of the nature and legitimacy of international courts. It was Oxford University Press ... Law and Politics of International Regime Conflict 9780199689330 Financial Law 2014-02-27 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Dirk Pulkowski The international order is constituted by a plurality of international regimes - institutionalized arrangements in different issue areas that possess their own norms and procedures. The present book examines how conflict among regimes may arise and probes the role that international law can play in managing such conflict. Throughout the book, the example of trade in cultural products is used Oxford University Press ... Regional Protection of Human Rights Pack 9780199324545 Financial Law 2014-01-16 twarda 192.50 GBP 174 GBP Dinah Shelton, Paolo G. Carozza What role do human rights play in the development of regional organizations? What human rights obligations do states assume upon joining regional bodies? Regional Protection of Human Rights, Second Edition is the first text of its kind devoted to the European, Inter-American and African systems for the protection of human rights. It illustrates how international human rights law is interpreted and Oxford University Press ... The International Law of EEZ Fisheries 9789089520043 Fisheries law 2010 miękka 40 EUR 36 EUR Markowski, Marion This study examines the international legal principles for effective EEZ fisheries management, and undertakes to assess their domestic implementation in a comparative perspective. Europa Law International Environmental Law, Policy, and Ethics 9780198713456 Human Rights 2014-07-01 miękka 60 GBP 54 GBP Alexander Gillespie This second edition of International Environmental Law, Policy, and Ethics revises and expands this groundbreaking study into the question of why the environment is protected in the international arena. This question is rarely asked because it is assumed that each member of the international community wants to achieve the same ends. However, in his innovative study of international environmental Oxford University Press ...
  9. 9. LAW 10 Sovereign Choices and Sovereign Constraints: Judicial Restraint in Investment Treaty 9780199678648 Human Rights 2013-10-03 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Gus Van Harten Investment arbitrators rely on sovereignty for their legal status just as investor- state disputes usually stem from disagreements about the role of the state in society. As a result, investment arbitration is a vehicle for the exercise of sovereign authority and a site for contesting sovereign choices. This book investigates and evaluates the decision-making record and policy trajectory of international Oxford University Press ... The Coordination of Multiple Proceedings in Investment Treaty Arbitration 9780199684861 Human Rights 2013-06-20 twarda 125 GBP 112.5 GBP Hanno Wehland This is the first systematic analysis of multiple proceedings arising from investor- state disputes, including proceedings before multiple arbitral tribunals, the domestic courts of host states, and other forums such as the European Court of Human Rights. It seeks to identify clear, predictable, and sensible coordination mechanisms and to suggest an application of these mechanisms that reduces Oxford University Press ... Human Rights Law and Business 9789089520814 Human Rights 2010 miękka 60 EUR 54 EUR Cernic, J L A study on the normative framework for corporate responsibility for fundamental human rights. Europa Law The Convention on the Rights of the Child 9789089521132 Human Rights 2011 miękka 48 EUR 44 EUR T. Kaime Thoko Kaime’s 'The Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Cultural Legitimacy Critique' looks at the protection and promotion of children’s rights through a socio -legal examination of the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Europa Law Treatment of Contracts in Insolvency 9780199668366 Insolvency 2013-10-24 twarda 175 GBP 158 GBP Faber, Dennis; Vermunt, Niels; Kilborn, Jason; This is the second title in the new Oxford International and Comparative Insolvency Law Series. Virtually any insolvency needs to deal with the matter of contractual obligations and this book focuses on the extent to which insolvency law interferes with those obligations and relationships. As with the first volume in the series, the topic is addressed through national reports from nineteen of the main Oxford University Press ... A Practical Guide to Trade Mark Law 9780198702030 Intellectual Property Law 2014-03-20 miękka 75 GBP 68 GBP Michaels, Amanda; Norris, Andrew The new edition of a well-established text, A Practical Guide to Trade Mark Law provides a comprehensive, digestible and approachable introduction to trade mark law, explaining the technicalities of the law in plain, accessible language. While the focus of the book is primarily on UK law, it also deals with the acquisition and protection of EUTrade Marks, and procedure at OHIM, drawing Oxford University Press ... Dean & Dyer's Digest of Intellectual Property Law 9780199045792 Intellectual Property Law 2014-07-31 miękka 30.99 GBP 28 GBP Dean, Owen; Dyer, Alison; Blignaut, Herman; Authored as a collaboration between Spoor & Fisher and the Anton Mostert Chair of Intellectual Property at Stellenbosch University, Dean and Dyer's Digest of Intellectual Property Law presents a substantial, engaging and applied first course in intellectual property law. The text provides a thorough and accessible introduction to the broad spectrum of intellectual property law in South Africa, Oxford University Press ... Free and Open Source Software: Policy, Law and Practice 9780199680498 Intellectual Property Law 2013-11-21 miękka 95 GBP 86 GBP Shemtov, Noam; Walden, Ian Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is realised through legal instruments, private law agreements, licences, promises, and community norms. These private law instruments reside within a public law framework that grants exclusive and monopoly rights to creators of intellectual property. Written by FOSS experts, this work delivers an in-depth examination of the legal and commercial structures Oxford University Press ... Greening the Media 9780199685424 Intellectual Property Law 2014-04-24 miękka 70 GBP 63 GBP Sharon Weill International law is increasingly applied in domestic courts. This can result in situations where the courts are being asked to rule on politically sensitive issues, especially issues which involve actions during armed conflicts. Domestic courts do not show a uniformity of approach in addressing cases concerning international humanitarian law, and can often be seen to differ markedly in their response. Oxford University Press ... Insurance and the Law of Obligations 9780199645749 Intellectual Property Law 2013-08-29 miękka 75 GBP 68 GBP Rob Merkin, Jenny Steele It is widely acknowledged that insurance has a major impact on the operation of tort and contract law regimes in practice, yet there is little sustained analysis of their interaction. The majority of academic private lawyers have little knowledge of insurance law in its own right, and the amount of discussion directed to insurance in private law theory is disproportionately small in relation to its practical Oxford University Press ...
  10. 10. 11 LAW Intellectual Property Law Directions 9780199688104 Intellectual Property Law 2014-05-01 miękka 32.99 GBP 30 GBP Helen Norman Intellectual Property Law Directions focuses on the practical issues of United Kingdom intellectual property law at the same time as demonstrating how the subject is being shaped by outside forces. This text is written in a lively and engaging manner with an emphasis on explaining the key topics covered on intellectual property law courses with clarity. Intellectual Property Law Oxford University Press ... Intellectual Property Law of Plants 9780198700913 Intellectual Property Law 2014-01-23 miękka 145 GBP 130.5GBP Mark D. Janis, Herbert H. Jervis Plant intellectual property law is a complex proposition which stands apart from other intellectual property endeavours, and this book seeks to elucidate on the key issues involved. This work encompasses aspects of plant innovation and related law in the US and overseas providing a global perspective. Full treatment is given to the legal and technological framework Oxford University Press ... Legitimacy and Criminal Justice: An International Exploration 9780198701996 Intellectual Property Law 2013-11-21 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Justice Tankebe, Alison Liebling Based on an interdisciplinary conference held at the University of Cambridge in May 2012, Legitimacy and Criminal Justice: An International Exploration brings together internationally renowned scholars from a range of disciplines including criminology, international relations, sociology and political science to examine the meaning of legitimacy and advance its theoretical understanding within the Oxford University Press ... Principles of International Criminal Law 9780198703600 Intellectual Property Law 2014-08-01 twarda 39.99 GBP 36 GBP Gerhard Werle, Florian Jeßberger Principles of International Criminal Law has become one of the most influential textbooks in the field of international criminal justice. It offers a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the foundations and general principles of substantive international criminal law, including thorough discussion of its core crimes. It provides a detailed understanding of the general principles, sources, and Oxford University Press ... Assessing the Effectiveness of International Courts 9780199643295 International Courts & Procedures 2014-01-30 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Shany, Yuval Are international courts effective tools for international governance? Do they fulfill the expectations that led to their creation and empowerment? Why do some courts appear to be more effective than others, and do so such appearances reflect reality? Could their results have been produced by other mechanisms? This book evaluates the effectiveness of international courts and tribunals by Oxford University Press ... Deference in International Courts and Tribunals: Standard of Review and Margin of Appreciation 9780198716945 International Courts & Procedures 2014-08-14 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Gruszczynski, Lukasz; Werner, Wouter International courts and tribunals are often asked to review decisions originally made by domestic decision-makers. This can often be a source of tension, as the international courts and tribunals need to judge how far to defer to the original decisions of the national bodies. As international courts and tribunals have proliferated, different courts have applied differing levels of deference to those Oxford University Press ... Implementation and World Politics: How International Norms Change Practice 9780198712787 International Courts & Procedures 2014-07-24 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Alexander Betts, Phil Orchard A significant amount of International Relations scholarship examines the role of international norms in world politics. Existing work, though, focuses mainly on how these norms emerge and the process by which governments sign and ratify them. In conventional accounts, the story ends there. Yet, this tells us very little about the conditions under which these norms actually make any difference in Oxford University Press ... The Concept of the Rule of Law and the European Court of Human Rights 9780199671199 International Courts & Procedures 2013-11-28 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Geranne Lautenbach This book analyses the concept of the rule of law in the context of international law, through the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. It investigates how the court has defined and interpreted the notion of the rule of law in its jurisprudence. It places this analysis against a background of more theoretical accounts of the idea of the rule of law, drawing in ideas of political philosophy. Oxford University Press ... The Group of 77 at the United Nations: Volume V: Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund for South-South 9780199975716 International Courts & Procedures 2014-04-03 twarda 105 GBP 95 GBP Mourad Ahmia The Collected Documents of The Group of 77 at the United Nations provides a chronological record of events and documents of the Group of 77 since its creation in 1963. This Fifth Volume assembles a selection of materials pertaining to the Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund for South-South Cooperation (PGTF) which was established by the United Nations General Assembly at the initiative of the Oxford University Press ... The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Law and Practice 9780199687459 International Courts & Procedures 2014-03-27 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Alamuddin, Amal; Jurdi, Nidal Nabil; Tolbert, This book provides a full analytical overview of the establishment and functioning of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the newest and most controversial of the UN- sponsored international criminal courts. In 2005, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri was assassinated in a huge blast that reverberated across Lebanon and the region. The Tribunal was established with a mandate to try the perpetrators of Oxford University Press ...
  11. 11. LAW 12 Globalizing Transitional Justice: Essays for the New Millennium 9780195394948 International Criminal Law 2014-05-29 twarda 55 GBP 50 GBP Teitel, Ruti G. Among the most prominent and significant political and legal developments since the end of the Cold War is the proliferation of mechanisms for addressing the complex challenges of transition from authoritarian rule to human rights-based democratic constitutionalism, particularly with regards to the demands for accountability in relation to conflicts and abuses of the past. Whether one Oxford University Press ... Holyoak and Torremans Intellectual Property Law 9780199643318 International Criminal Law 2013-06-13 twarda 36.99 GBP 34 GBP Linton, Suzannah Holyoak and Torremans Intellectual Property Law provides readers with a clear introduction to UK intellectual property law, whilst carefully placing the law in its global context and acknowledging the influence of EU and other international jurisdictions over its development. The book examines the methods and reasoning behind key statutory and case decisions, and provides readers with real life Oxford University Press ... Patent Law in Global Perspective 9780199334278 International Criminal Law 2014-04-17 twarda 97 GBP 87.3 GBP Ruth L. Okediji, Margo A. Bagley Patent Law in Global Perspective addresses critical and timely questions in patent law from a truly global perspective, with contributions from leading patent law scholars from various countries. Offering fresh insights and new approaches to evaluating key institutional, economic, doctrinal, and practical issues, these chapters reflect critical analyses and review developments in national patent Oxford University Press ... Preventive Justice 9780198712527 International Criminal Law 2014-03-27 miękka 50 GBP 45 GBP Andrew Ashworth, Lucia Zedner This book arises from a three-year study of Preventive Justice directed by Professor Andrew Ashworth and Professor Lucia Zedner at the University of Oxford. The study seeks to develop an account of the principles and values that should guide and limit the state's use of preventive techniques that involve coercion against the individual. States today are increasingly using criminal law Oxford University Press ... The Foundations of International Investment Law: Bringing Theory into Practice 9780199685387 International Criminal Law 2014-05-01 twarda 80 GBP 72 GBP Zachary Douglas, Joost Pauwely International investment law is one of the fastest growing areas of international law. It has led to the signing of thousands of agreements, mostly in the form of investment contracts and bilateral investment treaties. Also, in the last two decades, there has been an exponential growth in the number of disputes being resolved by investment arbitration tribunals. Yet the legal principles at the basis Oxford University Press ... The Law of State Immunity 9780199647064 International Criminal Law 2013-08-29 twarda 175 GBP 158 GBP Hazel Fox, QC ... The doctrine of state immunity bars a national court from adjudicating or enforcing claims against foreign states. This doctrine, the foundation for high-profile national and international decisions such as those in the Pinochet case and the Arrest Warrant cases, has always been controversial. The reasons for the controversy are many and varied. Some argue that state immunity paves the way for state Oxford University Press ... Treatise on International Criminal Law: Volume II: Crimes and Sentencing 9780199665600 International Criminal Law 2014-01-09 twarda 95 GBP 86 GBP Ambos, Kai Since the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in 1998, international criminal law has rapidly grown in importance. This three- volume treatise on international criminal law presents a foundational, systematic, consistent, and comprehensive analysis of the field. Taking into account the scholarly literature, not only sources written in English but also in French, Oxford University Press ... Set-Off in Arbitration and Commercial Transactions 9780199698080 International Economic & Trade Law 2014-02-20 twarda 155 GBP 140 GBP Pascal Pichonnaz, Louise Gullifer This book considers the issues involved in international commercial disputes where set-off has been used. Most such disputes are conducted through arbitration so the focus of this book is on the effect of arbitration proceedings on set-off claims. The book considers the important institutional rules of arbitration procedure such as the Swiss Rules, the CNUDCI, the ICC rules and others. It Oxford University Press ... Termination for Breach of Contract 9780199695973 International Economic & Trade Law 2014-03-13 twarda 155 GBP 140 GBP John Stannard, David Capper Providing a comprehensive and detailed treatment of termination as a remedy for breach of contract, this book gives a current account of the law and explains this complex area in a practical context. The book is divided into four parts. The first section sets out to analyse what is involved in termination and looks at some of the difficulties surrounding the topic, before going on to explain the evolution of Oxford University Press ... The Development of International Law by the International Court of Justice 9780199653218 International Economic & Trade Law 2013-09-12 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Christian J. Tams, James Sloan This book traces the impact that the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, has had on various areas of international law. A number of prominent international experts examine whether, and to what extent, international law has been shaped by the Court's jurisprudence. The informal development of international law through the Oxford University Press ...
  12. 12. 13 LAW The Historical Foundations of EU Competition Law 9780199665358 International Economic & Trade Law 2013-06-11 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Kiran Klaus Patel, Heike Schweitzer Shedding new light on the foundations of European competition law, this volume is a legal and historical study of the emerging law and its evolution through the 1980s. It retraces the development and critical junctures of competition law not only at the level of the European Economic Community but also at the level of major Member States of the EEC. Intensely researched and rich with insights, Oxford University Press ... The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Cases, Materials, and Commentary 9780199641949 International Economic & Trade Law 2013-07-25 twarda 155 GBP 139.5 GBP Sarah Joseph, Melissa Castan Now in its third edition, this book is the authoritative text on one of the world's most important human rights treaties, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Covenant is of universal relevance. Adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1966 and in force from 1976, it commits the signatories and parties to respect the civil and political freedoms and rights of individuals. Oxford University Press ... Trade in Goods 9780199689750 International Economic & Trade Law 2013-08-15 miękka 44.99 GBP 41 GBP Mavroidis, Petros C. This new edition of Trade in Goods is an authoritative work on international trade by one of the most influential scholars in the field. It provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of every WTO agreement dealing with trade in goods. The focus of the book is on the reasoning behind the various WTO agreements and their provisions, and the manner in which they have been understood in practice. It Oxford University Press ... Intellectual Property Rights: Legal and Economic Challenges for Development 9780199660759 International Environmental Law 2014-05-08 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Mario Cimol In recent years, Intellectual Property Rights - both in the form of patents and copyrights - have expanded in their coverage, the breadth and depth of protection, and the tightness of their enforcement. Moreover, for the first time in history, the IPR regime has become increasingly uniform at international level by means of the TRIPS agreement, irrespectively of the degrees of development Oxford University Press ... The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Commentary, Cases, and 9780199640300 International Environmental Law 2014-03-27 twarda 155 GBP 140 GBP Ben Saul, David Kinley Economic, social and cultural rights are finally coming of age. This book brings together all essential documents, materials, and case law relating to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) - one of the most important human rights instruments in international law - and its Optional Protocol. This book presents extracts from primary materials alongside critical Oxford University Press ... The Project of Positivism in International Law 9780199685202 International Environmental Law 2013-11-28 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Condon, Bradly J.; Sinha, Tapen International legal positivism has been crucial to the development of international law since the nineteenth century. It is often seen as the basis of mainstream or traditional international legal thought. The Project of Positivism in International Law addresses this theory in the long-standing tradition of critical intellectual histories of international law. It provides a nuanced analysis of the resilience of the Oxford University Press ... Courts, Codes, and Custom: Legal Tradition and State Policy toward International Human 9780199362103 International Human Rights Law 2014-05-29 twarda 42 GBP 38 GBP Zartner, Dana Courts, Codes, and Custom addresses the question of why some states recognize and comply with international human rights and environmental law, while others do not. To address this question, Dana Zartner has developed a novel cultural-institutional theory to explain the manner in which a state's domestic legal tradition shapes policy through the process of internalization. A state's legal Oxford University Press ... Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in International Law: Contemporary Issues and 9780199685974 International Human Rights Law 2014-03-13 twarda 80 GBP 72 GBP Riedel, Eibe; Giacca, Gilles; Golay, Christophe Recent years have seen a remarkable expansion in the scale and importance of economic, social, and cultural rights (ESC rights) within international law, culminating in the adoption of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in December 2008, which gave individuals and groups the ability to bring complaints about rights violations Oxford University Press ... Enforcing International Cultural Heritage Law 9780199680245 International Human Rights Law 2013-06-06 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Francioni, Francesco; Gordley, James A PDF version of this book is available for free in open access via uk as well as the OAPEN Library platform, It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license and is part of the OAPEN-UK research project. The idea of cultural heritage as an 'international public good' can be traced back to the Preamble Oxford University Press ... Professional Ethics at the International Bar 9780199679461 International Human Rights Law 2013-09-26 miękka 70 GBP 63 GBP Arman Sarvarian Over the past twenty years, the volume of international litigation and arbitration has increased exponentially. As the number of new international courts and tribunals has proliferated, the diversity and volume of advocates appearing before the international courts has also increased. With this increase, the ethical standards that apply to counsel have become a growing field of interest to practitioners of Oxford University Press ...
  13. 13. LAW 14 Proportionality in International Law 9780199355037 International Human Rights Law 2014-05-15 miękka 62 GBP 56 GBP Michael Newton, Larry May Proportionality is intimately linked to the overarching concepts of self-defense, lawful force, and the controlled application of violence. It is one of the most visible facets of humanitarian law designed to reduce unnecessary human suffering and avoid excessive damage to property, and the natural environment. However, its application has come under renewed scrutiny and sustained controversy as a Oxford University Press ... Religious Actors and International Law 9780198712824 International Human Rights Law 2014-07-01 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Ioana Cismas This book assesses whether a new category of actors - religious actors - has been constructed within international law. Religious actors, through their interpretations of the religion(s) they are associated with, uphold and promote, or indeed may transform, potentially oppressive structures or discriminatory patterns. This book moves beyond the concern that religious texts and practices may be Oxford University Press ... Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter 2012 9780199385003 International Human Rights Law 2014-04-29 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Michael Newton, Charles Garraway Published annually, Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter is a collection of the most important cases in security law from around the world. Handpicked and introduced by internationally renowned terrorism scholar Michael Newton and by a distinguished board of global experts, the cases included cover topics as diverse as human rights, immigration, freedom of speech, and terrorist financing. All Oxford University Press ... The Coherence of EU Free Movement Law: Constitutional Responsibility and the Court of 9780199592951 International Human Rights Law 2013-08-29 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Niamh Nic Shuibhne At the heart of the European Union is the establishment of a European market grounded in the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. The implementation of the free market has preoccupied European lawyers since the inception of the Union's predecessors. Throughout the Union's development, as obstacles to free movement have been challenged in the courts, the European Oxford University Press ... The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law 9780199658800 International Human Rights Law 2013-08-29 twarda 125 GBP 112.5 GBP Dieter Fleck This fully updated third edition of The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law sets out an international manual of humanitarian law accompanied by case analysis and extensive explanatory commentary by a team of distinguished and internationally renowned experts. The new edition takes account of recent developments in the law, including the 2010 amendments to the ICC Statute, Oxford University Press ... The Hidden Histories of War Crimes Trials 9780199671144 International Human Rights Law 2013-10-31 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Kevin Heller, Gerry Simpson Several instances of war crimes trials are familiar to all scholars, but in order to advance understanding of the development of international criminal law, it is important to provide a full range of evidence from less-familiar trials. This book therefore provides an essential resource for a more comprehensive overview, uncovering and exploring some of the lesser-known war crimes trials that have Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration 9780199859016 International Human Rights Law 2013-10-24 twarda 115 GBP 103.5 GBP Sandra M. Bucerius, Michael Tonry Social tensions between majority and minority populations often center on claims that minorities are largely responsible for crime and disorder. Members of some disadvantaged groups in all developed countries, sometimes long-standing residents and other times recent immigrants, experience unwarranted disparities in their dealings with the criminal justice system. Accusations of unfair treatment Oxford University Press ... The Settlement of International Cultural Heritage Disputes 9780198703990 International Human Rights Law 2014-03-13 twarda 70 GBP 63 GBP Chechi, Alessandro The past forty years have seen a wide proliferation of disputes under international law concerning cultural heritage. These have included the restitution of stolen art objects or the protection of monuments. Unlike other fields of international law, international cultural heritage law does not have an ad hoc mechanism of dispute settlement. As a result, controversies are to be settled through negotiation or, if Oxford University Press ... Fair Labelling and the Dilemma of Prosecuting Gender-Based Crimes at the International 9780199357109 International Humanitarian Law 2014-01-30 twarda 105 GBP 95 GBP Zawati, Hilmi M. This scholarly legal work focuses on the dilemma of prosecuting gender-based crimes under the statutes of the international criminal tribunals with reference to the principle of fair labelling. In this book Hilmi M. Zawati explains how the abstractness and lack of accurate description of gender-based crimes in the statutory laws of the international criminal tribunals and courts infringe the Oxford University Press ... International Law 9780199654673 International Humanitarian Law 2014-02-13 twarda 37.99 GBP 34 GBP Malcolm Evans Evans' International Law provides wide-ranging analysis of all the key issues and themes in public international law and brings together an outstanding collection of interesting and diverse writings from the leading scholars in the field. The fourth edition succeeds both in explaining the principles of international law and exposing the debates and challenges that underlie it. Now fully revised and updated, it Oxford University Press ...
  14. 14. 15 LAW The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties 9780198716143 International Humanitarian Law 2014-07-01 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Eirik Bjorge If an old treaty regulating 'commerce' or forbidding 'degrading treatment of persons' is to be interpreted decades after its conclusion, does 'commerce' or 'degrading treatment of persons' have the same meaning at the time of interpretation as they had when the treaty was concluded? The evolutionary interpretation of treaties has proven one of the most controversial topics in the Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Handbook of International Adjudication 9780199660681 International Humanitarian Law 2014-01-16 twarda 125 GBP 113 GBP Cesare Romano, Karen Alter The post Cold War proliferation of international adjudicatory bodies and international adjudication has had dramatic effects on both international law and politics, greatly affecting international relations, particularly economic relations, the enforcement of human rights, and the criminal pursuit of perpetrators of mass atrocities. International courts and tribunals have become, in some respects, Oxford University Press ... The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance 9780199654550 International Humanitarian Law 2013-08-22 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Bradly J. Condon, Tapen Sinha Climate change presents an unprecedented global challenge, and impacts upon a wide range of human economic activity. The issue of how to address climate change in developing countries has provoked international political controversy and the urgent need for effective international responses has become increasingly apparent. The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance Oxford University Press ... Digest of United States Practice in International Law: 2011 9780199313303 International Law 2013-10-24 twarda 147.5 GBP 133 GBP Guymon, CarrieLyn D. Co-published by Oxford University Press and the International Law Institute, and prepared by the Office of the Legal Adviser at the Department of State, the Digest of United States Practice in International Law presents an annual compilation of documents and commentary highlighting significant developments in public and private international law. Each edition compiles excerpts from documents such Oxford University Press ... Principles of Contractual Interpretation 9780199681464 International Law 2013-10-03 twarda 34.99 GBP 32 GBP Richard Calnan This concise new book explains and re-evaluates the rules of construction at a conceptual level and explains clearly the principles which guide the courts in interpreting contracts and the associated practical implications. The work sets out the principles and considers each in turn providing examples of how they operate in practice. It covers difficult legal issues faced by the courts (such as the Oxford University Press ... The EU Citizenship Directive: A Commentary 9780198705239 International Law 2014-01-16 twarda 95 GBP 85.5 GBP Elspeth Guild, Steve Peers The EU Citizenship Directive defines the right of free movement for citizens of the European Economic Area. It applies to EU citizens and their family members who move to another Member State. This might at first seem like a straightforward definition, but immediately questions arise. Who determines if a person is an EU citizen at all? What about dual citizens of two Member States, or of one Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law 9780199689286 International Law 2014-01-16 twarda 39.99 GBP 35 GBP Romano, Cesare; Alter, Karen; Shany, Yuval The field of comparative constitutional law has grown immensely over the past couple of decades. Once a minor and obscure adjunct to the field of domestic constitutional law, comparative constitutional law has now moved front and centre. Driven by the global spread of democratic government and the expansion of international human rights law, the prominence and visibility of the field, Oxford University Press ... Hong Kong's War Crimes Trials 9780199643288 International Relations 2013-09-26 twarda 60 GBP 54 GBP Suzannah Linton In the aftermath of the Second World War, the British military held 46 trials in Hong Kong in which 123 defendants, from Japan and Formosa (Taiwan), were tried for war crimes. This book provides the first comprehensive legal analysis of these trials. The subject matter of the trials spanned war crimes committed during the fall of Hong Kong, its occupation, and in the period after the capitulation Oxford University Press ...
  15. 15. LAW 16 Jus Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations 9780199685899 International Relations 2014-02-13 twarda 95 GBP 85.5 GBP Carsten Stahn, Jennifer S. Easterday The successful transition from armed conflict to peace is one of the greatest challenges of contemporary warfare. The laws and principles governing transitions from conflict to peace (jus post bellum) have only recently gained attention in legal scholarship. There are three key questions concerning the core of jus post bellum: the law ('jus'), the temporal aspect ('post'), and different types of armed conflict Oxford University Press ... Principles of International Criminal Law 9780198703594 International Relations 2014-08-01 twarda 110 GBP 99 GBP Newton, Michael; May, Larry Principles of International Criminal Law has become one of the most influential textbooks in the field of international criminal justice. It offers a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the foundations and general principles of substantive international criminal law, including thorough discussion of its core crimes. It provides a detailed understanding of the general principles, sources, and Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law 9780199640133 International Relations 2013-10-24 twarda 125 GBP 112.5 GBP Dinah Shelton The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law provides a comprehensive and original overview of one of the fundamental topics within international law. It contains substantial new essays by over forty leading experts in the field, giving students, scholars, and practitioners a complete overview of the issues that inform research and a "map" of the debates that animate the field. Oxford University Press ... The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies 9780199652433 International Relations 2014-06-12 95 GBP 85.5 GBP Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Gil Loescher Refugee and Forced Migration Studies has grown from being a concern of a relatively small number of scholars and policy researchers in the 1980s to a global field of interest with thousands of students worldwide studying displacement either from traditional disciplinary perspectives or as a core component of newer programmes across the Humanities and Social and Political Sciences. Today Oxford University Press ... The Politics of Justifying Force: The Suez Crisis, the Iraq War, and International Law 9780199686957 International Relations 2013-11-07 60 GBP 54 GBP Charlotte Peevers What are the politics involved in a government justifying its use of military force abroad? What is the role of international law in that discourse? How and why is international law crucial to this process? And what role does the media have in mediating the interaction of international law and politics? This book provides a fresh and engaging answer to these questions. It introduces different actors to Oxford University Press ... The War Report: 2012 9780199689088 International Relations 2013-12-05 miękka 39.99 GBP 36 GBP Casey-Maslen, Stuart This is a comprehensive Report on every armed conflict which took place during 2012. It is the first of a new series of annual reports on armed conflicts across the globe, offering an unprecedented overview of the nature, range, and impact of these conflicts and the legal issues they create. In Part I the Report describes its criteria for the identification and classification of armed conflicts under Oxford University Press ... Data Privacy Law: An International Perspective 9780199675555 IT & Communications Law 2014-01-23 twarda 75 GBP 68 GBP Bygrave, Lee Andrew Although over 100 countries have developed data privacy laws, there is a lack of expert guidance on these laws. This text examines the fundamental aims and principles of data privacy law, along with the mechanisms for its enforcement in an international context. Bygrave analyses relevant law from around the globe, paying particular attention to international instruments and using these as a foundation Oxford University Press ... Blackstone's Guide to the Defamation Act 9780199664214 Media Law 2013-09-19 miękka 39.99 GBP 36 GBP Price QC, James; McMahon, Felicity The Defamation Act constitutes a significant overhaul of UK defamation legislation, which follows years of concern about the detrimental effects that preceeding libel laws had on freedom of expression, and the extent to which the jurisdiction had become a magnet for libel claimants. This new Blackstone's Guide combines the full text of the Act and extracts of related relevant legislation with an expert Oxford University Press ... Collins On Defamation 9780199673520 Media Law 2014-03-20 twarda 225 GBP 203 GBP Collins, Matthew Written by the widely respected author of The Law of Defamation and the Internet, this book analyses the modern law of defamation in a way that consolidates into a coherent structure its various sources - the common law, earlier statutory reforms, European and other foreign influences, and the changes effected by the Defamation Act 2013. As well as examining the implications of the 2013 Oxford University Press ... Choice-of-court Agreements Under the European and International Instruments: The 9780199218028 Private International Law & Conflict of Laws 2013-08-08 twarda 110 GBP 99 GBP Hartley, Trevor This is the first text to address all the instruments that will govern choice-of-court agreements in Europe and to engage in a practical discussion of their mutual relationship. The existing common law, which has dominated discussion of this subject for so long, will become less significant as European and international instruments become more widely applicable. The consequences of this, both Oxford University Press ...
  16. 16. 17 LAW Codifying Choice of Law Around the World: An International Comparative Analysis 9780199360840 Private International Law & Conflict of Laws 2014-06-26 twarda 81 GBP 73 GBP Symeonides, Symeon C. Codifying Choice of Law Around the World chronicles, documents, and celebrates the extraordinary, massive country-by-country codification of Private International Law (PrIL) or Conflict of Laws that has taken place in the last 50 years from 1962- 2012. During this period, the world has witnessed the adoption of nearly 200 PrIL codifications, EU Regulations, and international conventions--more than in all Oxford University Press ... Conflicts in a Conflict: A Conflict of Laws Case Study on Israel and the Palestinian Territories 9780199873715 Private International Law & Conflict of Laws 2014-06-26 twarda 81 GBP 73 GBP Karayanni, Michael; for International Legal Edu- Conflicts in a Conflict outlines and analyzes the legal doctrines instructing the Israeli courts in private and civil disputes involving the Occupied Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, since 1967 until the present day. In doing so, author, Michael Karayanni sheds light on a whole sphere of legal designs and norms that have not received any thorough scholarly attention, as Oxford University Press ... European Contract Law and the Welfare State 9789089520807 Private law 2012 miękka 52 EUR 47 EUR Rutgers, J. This book publishes the papers of a workshop held at the Free University of Amsterdam and which aimed to explore the potential of applying the political science theory of the welfare-state-types to contract law. Europa Law The Law of Succession: Testamentary Freedom 9789089520876 Private law 2011 miękka 62 EUR 56 EUR M. Anderson; E. Arroyo i Amayuelas Proceedings of an international conference on the scope of freedom of testation Europa Law Caribbean Integration Law 9780199670079 Public International Law 2014-02-27 twarda 85 GBP 77 GBP Berry, David S. Caribbean Integration Law offers a comprehensive legal analysis of the current treaties and rules governing the two main regional organisations in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Both organisations are operating under new treaties, the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and the Revised Treaty of Basseterre, respectively, Oxford University Press ... Complete International Law: Text, Cases and Materials 9780199679072 Public International Law 2014-08-21 miękka 39.99 GBP 36 GBP Abass, Ademola Complete International Law combines a wide range of case extracts with incisive author commentary to clearly demonstrate legal principles and the significance of case law. This innovative text encourages an active approach to learning with key point summaries, thinking points and self-test questions throughout Oxford University Press ... EU Procedural Law 9780198707332 Public International Law 2014-03-20 twarda 95 GBP 86 GBP Lenaerts, Koen; Maselis, Ignace; Gutman, The European Union is unique amongst international organisations in that it has a highly developed and coherent system of judicial protection. The rights derived from Union law can be enforced in court, as opposed to other international organisations whereby enforceability is often far less certain. At the heart of the system of judicial protection in the European Union is the core principle of Oxford University Press ... Extra-legal Power and Legitimacy: Perspectives on Prerogative 9780199965533 Public International Law 2013-12-05 twarda 55 GBP 50 GBP Fatovic, Clement; Kleinerman, Benjamin A. When an economic collapse, natural disaster, epidemic outbreak, terrorist attack, or internal crisis puts a country in dire need, governments must rise to the occasion to protect their citizens, sometimes employing the full scope of their powers. How do political systems that limit government control under normal circumstances allow for the discretionary and potentially unlimited power that Oxford University Press ... International Court of Justice and the Judicial Function 9780199646630 Public International Law 2014-05-29 miękka 70 GBP 63 GBP Evans, Malcolm This book evaluates the concept of the function of law through the prism of the International Court of Justice. It goes beyond a conventional analysis of the Court's case law and applicable law, to consider the compromise between supranational order and state sovereignty that lies at the heart of its institutional design. It argues that this compromise prevents the Court from playing a Oxford University Press ...
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