European Year of the Brain | Europejski Rok Mózgu 2014 Neurologia Neurochirurgia


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The European Brain Council pledged to make 2014 the European Year of the Brain.
Celebrate with us this event and check our offer.

Rok 2014 ogłoszono Europejskim Rokiem Mózgu.
Jak dowodzi Europejska Rada Mózgu: zrozumienie funkcjonowania mózgu może przyczynić się do odkrycia nowych sposobów leczenia, a także zapobiegania chorobom takim jak stwardnienie rozsiane, Parkinson czy Alzheimer.
To także okazja to propagowania wiedzy na ten temat.

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European Year of the Brain | Europejski Rok Mózgu 2014 Neurologia Neurochirurgia

  1. 1. SPIS TREŚCI Więcej informacji i tytułów na stronie Ceny podane w PLN są cenami brutto i zawierają 5% po- datek VAT. Ceny podane w walucie są cenami netto i zostaną przeli- czone na złotówki wg kursu walut NBP z dnia sprzedaży. Do -15% Książki dostępne.............…………….3-44 Neurologia....................……………3-39 Neurochirurgia…………………... ...40-44 Książki na zamówienie ………………...45-61 Neurologia………………………….45-56 Neurochirurgia……………………..57-85 40 000+ tytułów dostępnych od ręki 300+ wydawców w ofercie dowolna książka obcojęzyczna dostępna na zamówienie 40+ przedstawicieli handlowych 7 księgarń w całej Polsce
  2. 2. 3 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA 3D Head and Neck Anatomy with Special Senses and Basic Neuro An interactive resource that gives you access to stunning 3D computer graphic modeling of the head, neck, face, larynx and pharynx, external, middle and inner ear, orbit and eyes, oral and nasal cavities, teeth, tongue, sinuses, cervical plexus, brachial plexus, plus an interactive laryngoscopic view down the trachea. Plus, you can also choose from 10 detailed 3D views of the brain and 13 views of cranial nerves. 1/1/2009 9781904369943 1341.93 zł PO RABACIE: 1140.64 zł Human Kinetics -15% Adaptive Processing of Brain Signals In this book, the field of adaptive learning and processing is extended to arguably one of its most important contexts which is the understanding and analysis of brain signals. No attempt is made to comment on physiological aspects of brain activity Sanei Saeid 6/1/2013 9780470686133 431.55 zł PO RABACIE: 366.82 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% Advances in Child Devlopment and Behavior Deals with developmental disorders and interventions. This title provides an overview of contemporary research into cognitive, neurodevelopmental and genetic disorders of learning. It is suitable for both psychology researchers and students. Holmes Joni 11/1/2010 9780123747488 386.4 zł PO RABACIE: 328.44 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  3. 3. 4 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Aminoff's Electrodiagnosis in Clinical Neurology Delivers practical guidance on electrodiagnostic techniques and their clinical applications for investigating problems of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. This title provides knowledge on electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies, evoked potentials, polysomnography, and electronystagmography. Aminoff Michael J. 4/1/2012 9781455703081 800.1 zł PO RABACIE: 680.09 zł Elsevier Science -15% Atlas of Clinical Neurology 3e Features approximately 2,000 large, high- quality images - 1,000 in full color - that capture the characteristic physical examination and imaging findings of various types of neurological disorders. This title also features a chapter on myopathies and myasthenia, coverage of epilepsy, and also a chapter devoted to extrapyramidal disorders. Perkin D 9/1/2010 9780323032759 784 zł PO RABACIE: 666.4 zł Elsevier Science -15% Understanding Neurology A problem-oriented approach to the evaluation of common symptoms presenting to medical students, including case histories and a section of MCQ's. Greene J 1/1/2007 9781840760613 159.6 zł PO RABACIE: 135.66 zł John Wiley & Sons -15%
  4. 4. 5 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Autonomic Failure This new edition makes diagnosis increasingly precise by fully evaluating the underlying anatomical and functional deficits, and continues to provide practitioners from a variety of fields with a rational guide to aid in the recognition and management of autonomic disorders. Mathias Christopher J. 8/1/2013 9780198566342 989.1 zł PO RABACIE: 840.74 zł Oxford University Press -15% Autonomic Nervous System Suitable for neuroscience and clinical neurology researchers and practitioners, this book provides an introduction to the science and chapters on advances in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of autonomic system disorders. 11/1/2013 9780444534910 911 zł PO RABACIE: 774.35 zł Elsevier Science -15% BACE Lead Target for Orchestrated Therapy of Alzheimer's Di This book covers virtually all aspects of the rapidly developing field of beta secretase (BACE), from the original isolation and cloning of BACE, to the discovery of various classes of BACE inhibitors, to challenges in clinical development. John Varghese 3/1/2010 9780470293423 421.05 zł PO RABACIE: 357.89 zł John Wiley & Sons -15%
  5. 5. 6 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Brain Imaging This book is designed to provide a foundation of information necessary to those wishing to integrate brain imaging into their practice or who seek more training. Information is provided to assist the clinician in interpreting images, determining which scans to order, and how images should be used in the clinic. Lebby Paul C. 4/1/2013 9780199764679 746.55 zł PO RABACIE: 634.57 zł Oxford University Press -15% Brain Stimulation The field of brain stimulation is expanding rapidly, with techniques such as DBS, TMS, and tDCS moving from the research community into clinical diagnosis and treatment. This book offers an introduction and overview of brain stimulation (DBS). Lozano Andres M. 11/1/2013 9780444534972 911 zł PO RABACIE: 774.35 zł Elsevier Science -15% Case Studies in Neurological Pain A case-based guide to the common and less common pain syndromes encountered in patients with neurological disorders and their treatment. Zochodne Douglas W. 11/1/2012 9780521695268 206.85 zł PO RABACIE: 175.82 zł Cambridge University Press -15%
  6. 6. 7 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Case-Based Interventional Neuroradiology Featuring comprehensive coverage of the developments and technology in the field of interventional neuroradiology, this title provides a review of commonly encountered neurovascular diseases, as well as background information on the rationale for each treatment choice. Brugge Karel ter 1/1/2011 9781604063738 548.1 zł PO RABACIE: 465.89 zł Thieme Verlag -15% Cerebral Palsy in Infancy Introduces a new way of thinking on the development and use of interventions. This title advocates early, targeted activity that is focused on increasing muscle activation, training basic actions and minimizing (or preventing) mal-adaptive changes to muscle morphology and function. Shepherd Roberta B. 9/1/2013 9780702050992 262.5 zł PO RABACIE: 223.13 zł Elsevier Science -15% Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: The Essential Guide to Assessment and Management 3/1/2013 9781908316622 337.05 zł PO RABACIE: 286.49 zł John Wiley & Sons -15%
  7. 7. 8 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Clinical Neuroanatomy A synopsis of neuroanatomy and its functional and clinical applications. It is suitable for medical students, residents, trainees in health-related fields, and clinicians in practice to gain an understanding of neuroanatomy, its functional underpinnings, and its relationship to the clinic. Waxman Stephen G. 9/1/2013 9780071797979 215 zł PO RABACIE: 182.75 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing -15% Clinical Neuroanatomy 7e Suitable for medical and health professions students, this title presents a clinically oriented introduction to neuroanatomy. It features information relating the different parts of the skull to the brain areas, coverage of brain development and neuroplasticity, and also information on stem cell research. Snell Richard 1/1/2009 9780781794275 191 zł PO RABACIE: 162.35 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Clinical Neuroanatomy ISE Waxman Stephen 10/1/2013 9781259095313 112.35 zł PO RABACIE: 95.5 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing -15%
  8. 8. 9 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Clinical Neurogenetics, an Issue of Neurologic Clinics Features a review of clinical neurogenetics as it pertains to the following disorders: Huntington Disease Fogel Brent L. 2/1/2014 9780323261081 343 zł PO RABACIE: 291.55 zł Elsevier Science -15% Common Movement Disorders Pitfalls The many powerful lessons in this case- based book convey clinical pearls on diagnostic or therapeutic issues in movement disorders. Espay Alberto J. 3/1/2012 9780521147965 252 zł PO RABACIE: 214.2 zł Cambridge University Press -15% Complex-valued Neural Networks Nitta T 1/1/2009 9781605662145 691.95 zł PO RABACIE: 588.16 zł Idea Group Publishing -15%
  9. 9. 10 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Concise Encyclopedia of Brain and Language Describes the terminology in the field of neurolinguistics, the science concerned with the neural mechanisms underlying the comprehension, production and abstract knowledge of spoken, signed or written language. This title is suitable for scientists working with language and the brain. It contains approximately 165 articles. Whitaker H 3/1/2010 9780080964980 652.05 zł PO RABACIE: 554.24 zł Elsevier Science -15% Concussive Brain Trauma Offers comprehensive coverage of neurobehavioral disorders in children and adults following impact and acceleration accidents. This book includes comprehensive coverage of consciousness including normal, acute, and persistent alterations. It gives readers a foundation for understanding, diagnosing, and treating concussive brain trauma. Parker Rolland S. 9/1/2011 9780849380396 586.95 zł PO RABACIE: 498.91 zł Taylor & Francis Publishers Since 1798 -15% CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Neurology A handy, practical, and management- oriented neurology sourcebook -- delivering everything you need in one easy-to-carry volume CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Neurology, 2e provides busy clinicians with practical, up-to-date strategies for assessing and managing the most frequently seen neurologic conditions in adults and children. Brust John C.M. 11/1/2011 9780071326957 174.3 zł PO RABACIE: 148.16 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing -15%
  10. 10. 11 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Deep Brain Stimulation & Epilepsy Neurologists and neurosurgeons can now use electric pulse generators to block abnormal activity, ie epileptic fits. With research results that show how electric pulses can help stop oncoming seizures, this title provides the epileptologist and neurosurgeon with a solid background about deep brain stimulation and its application to epilepsy. Luders H 11/1/2003 9781841842592 401.1 zł PO RABACIE: 340.94 zł Taylor & Francis Publishers Since 1798 -15% Developmental Neurotoxicology Research Neurodevelopmental toxicology has great potential for helping to advance the understanding of brain-related biological processes. This book explains how systems biology, pharmacogenomic, and behavioral approaches are applied to analyze neurodevelopmental toxicology. Wang Cheng 2/1/2011 9780470426722 581.7 zł PO RABACIE: 494.45 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% Diagnostic Pathology Neuropathology Suitable for pathologists needing expert guidance in neuropathology, this book showcases nearly 1,700 high-quality pathology images, including a variety of pathology stains and professionally designed medical illustrations. Burger 4/1/2012 9781931884587 1044 zł PO RABACIE: 887.41 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15%
  11. 11. 12 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Duus' Topical Dianosis in Neurology: Anatomy, Physiology, Signs, Symptoms A classic text, now completely up to date! For decades medical students and practicing physicians all over the world have relied on Duus' classic Topical Diagnosis in Neurology to help them understand the anatomy, function, and disorders of the human nervous system. Baehr Mathias 1/1/2012 9783136128053 197 zł PO RABACIE: 167.45 zł Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart-New York -15% Encyclopedia of Movement Disorders 3 vols Focuses on movement disorders, covering a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and pharmacology. This work features more than 300 entries, including sections on different disease states, pathophysiology, epidemiology, genetics, clinical presentation, diagnostic tools, and discussions on relevant basic science topics. Kompoliti K 4/1/2010 9780123741011 2718.45 zł PO RABACIE: 2310.68 zł Elsevier Science -15% Epilepsy Mechanisms Models and Translational Perspectives Offers an overview of the basic anatomic and functional substrates of seizure genesis and considers novel pathogenic concepts that have both emerged and been validated experimentally. This title looks at the state of surgical treatments for epilepsy and discusses advances in the fields of structural and functional neuroimaging. Rho J 6/1/2010 9781420085594 701.4 zł PO RABACIE: 596.19 zł Taylor & Francis Publishers Since 1798 -15%
  12. 12. 13 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Epilepsy Syndromes with DVD Guides you through the difficult diagnostic challenges associated with the epilepsy syndrome. Organized by epilepsy syndromes for easy reference, this book features the DVD that shows patient videos running concurrently with their EEG tracings. It helps in evaluating patients with seizures. Werz M 9/1/2011 9781416048336 533.4 zł PO RABACIE: 453.39 zł Elsevier Science -15% Epilepsy: Basic Principles and Diagnosis Part I Offers a review of our knowledge of field, including epidemiology, basic mechanisms, animal models, and topics such as the role of inflammation in epilepsy. This book offers a fresh approach to description of clinical, electrographic and imaging aspects of the epilepsies, and neuropsychological and psychiatric aspects of epilepsy. Stefan Hermann 10/1/2012 9780444528988 789.6 zł PO RABACIE: 671.16 zł Elsevier Science -15% Essential Neuroscience Suitable for instructors, this edition covers fundamental neuroscience topics, integrating essential information with clinical and physiological considerations, providing students with multiple opportunities for review and self-testing, and presenting the relevant developments in neuroscience. Siegel Allan 4/1/2010 9780781783835 178.5 zł PO RABACIE: 151.73 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15%
  13. 13. 14 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Evidence-based Management of Epilepsy The clinical management of patients with epilepsy and the associated medical literature are rapidly evolving. This book includes chapters that cover the therapy of seizures when they develop after traumatic brain injury or stroke, and the treatment of concomitant depression and anxiety in patients with epilepsy. Schachter S 12/1/2011 9781903378779 328.65 zł PO RABACIE: 279.35 zł TFM Publishing -15% Fenichel's Clinical Pediatric Neurology Suitable for board exam preparation, office use, and reference during residency, this book helps you diagnose and manage primary neurologic disorders of childhood with actionable, and, step-by-step assistance. It includes practical and well- organized introduction to pediatric neurology. Pina-Garza Eric J. 4/1/2013 9781455723768 416.85 zł PO RABACIE: 354.32 zł Elsevier Science -15% First Aid for the Neurology Boards An "insider's guide" to passing the neurology boards and in-service exams Cochrane Thomas I. 5/1/2010 9780071496223 266 zł PO RABACIE: 226.1 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing Company -15%
  14. 14. 15 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Frozen Section Library Central Nervous System This useful reference, centered on differential diagnoses and primarily by location in the central nervous system, adds a key element to the Frozen Section Library series. It provides a convenient, user-friendly handbook to assist frozen section evaluation. Prayson Richard 7/1/2010 9781441975782 748.65 zł PO RABACIE: 636.35 zł Springer Verlag -15% Functional Cerebral SPECT and PET Imaging 4e Reflects the significant progress that has occurred in the field of functional brain imaging, particularly the increased use of PET/SPECT, the use of SPECT and PET in movement disorders and dementia, and advances in radiopharmaceuticals development and instrumentation. This book reflects an appropriate balance between SPECT and PET applications. Heertum van R 9/1/2009 9780781788977 952.35 zł PO RABACIE: 809.5 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Fundamental Neuroscience for Basic and Clinical Applications Includes coverage of neuroanatomy, physiology, and pharmacology, with a particular emphasis on systems neurobiology, effectively prepares you for your courses, exams, and beyond. Haines Duane E. 10/1/2012 9781437702941 325.5 zł PO RABACIE: 276.68 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  15. 15. 16 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Handbook of Epilepsy Serves as a point-of-care guide to the diagnosis and management of epilepsy. This book provides clinically focused information on seizure classification, epilepsies with different ages of onset, situation-related epilepsy, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and drug treatments, including dosages, side effects, and drug interactions. Browne T 3/1/2008 9780781773973 141.75 zł PO RABACIE: 120.49 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Handbook of Holistic Neuropsychological Rehabilitation This practical text with DVDs domonstrate the process of cognitive rehabilitation of traumatic brain-injured individuals. Ben-Yishay Yehuda 8/1/2011 9780195341256 485.1 zł PO RABACIE: 412.34 zł Oxford University Press -15% Handbook of Pediatric Neurology Pediatric neurology presents many challenges to young patients that it is in many ways a different discipline from adult neurology. To help readers address these challenges, this book addresses the management of hospital - and clinic-based pediatric neurological work-up, diagnosis, and management. Sims Katherine 11/1/2013 9781451175486 223.65 zł PO RABACIE: 190.1 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15%
  16. 16. 17 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Handbook of Sleep Medicine A guide to the evaluation and management of sleep disorders which covers a multidisciplinary range of topics in neurology, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, and pediatrics. It discusses the major sleep disorders in terms of epidemiology, diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, assessment tools, management, and follow- up. Avidan A 1/1/2006 9780781762380 205 zł PO RABACIE: 174.25 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Headache This book is a practical guide to headache medicine designed for both neurologists and general practitioners. Its expert author team introduces the principles of classification and diagnosis, and focuses in detail on the main classes of headache migraine, tension-type and trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, including cluster headache. Lipton Richard 10/1/2013 9780470654729 318.15 zł PO RABACIE: 270.43 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% History of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophy Lucking C 7/1/2010 9780444534750 522.9 zł PO RABACIE: 444.47 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  17. 17. 18 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Human Brain in 1492 Pieces CD-ROM Every aspect of the brain can be easily parcellated, explored, built, decomposed, labeled, and quantified -- all in three dimensions. Users can dissect and manipulate each brain piece electronically to view an astounding level of detail, from the gross hemispheres to the individual layers of the subcortical structures. Nowinski W 1/1/2011 9781604065510 1920.45 zł PO RABACIE: 1632.38 zł Thieme Verlag -15% Human Cerebral Cortex Provides nearly 200 photographs of 3D reconstructions of human brains in a standard series of coronal, sagittal, and horizontal sections. This title illustrates in detail and labels 95 per cent of the cortex sulci and gyri, and presents images in the MNI stereotaxic space. Petrides Michael 12/1/2011 9780123869388 633.15 zł PO RABACIE: 538.18 zł Elsevier Science -15% Hypertension and Stroke Addresses the epidemiology, mechanism, and pathophysiology of hypertension and blood pressure in relation to stroke and other brain sequelae of abnormal blood pressure, results of clinical trials demonstrating best suggested practice modalities to manage blood pressure and hypertension. Aiyagari V 1/1/2010 9781607610090 748.65 zł PO RABACIE: 636.35 zł Springer Verlag -15%
  18. 18. 19 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Introduction to Clinical Neurology Includes discussions of common neurologic conditions. This book details the initial examination, interpretation of results, diagnosis, and treatment options. Gelb 6/1/2005 9780750675062 219 zł PO RABACIE: 186.14 zł Elsevier Science -15% Kaufman's Clinical Neurology for Psychiatrists Completely revised in response to the new format of the ABPN certifying exam, this title enhances your mastery of the neurology knowledge needed for the Psychiatry Board exam. Milstein Mark J. 1/1/2013 9780723437482 477.75 zł PO RABACIE: 406.09 zł Elsevier Science -15% Lecture Notes Neurology 9e Now in two colours throughout, this new edition of Lecture Notes: Neurology contains the core neurological information required, whichever branch of clinical medicine you choose. Reflecting current clinical practice, the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of neurological diseases are concisely covered. Ginsberg L 5/1/2010 9781405177221 137 zł PO RABACIE: 116.46 zł John Wiley & Sons -15%
  19. 19. 20 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Localization in Clinical Neurology Provides a systematic approach to the anatomic localization of clinical problems in neurology. This title offers clinicians a roadmap for moving from the symptom or observed sign to the place in the central or peripheral nervous system where the problem is. It features more than 100 illustrations that demonstrate relevant anatomy. Brazis Paul 10/1/2006 9780781799522 723.45 zł PO RABACIE: 614.93 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Molecular Neurology Presents the principles and disease examples relevant to molecular neurology. This book describes the molecular aspects of neurological disorders. It provides an introduction to neurological disorders for basic scientists. It is useful for those studying the molecular basis of neurology, or developing therapies in neurology. Waxman 1/1/2007 9780123695093 502.95 zł PO RABACIE: 427.51 zł Elsevier Science -15% Monitoring in Neurocritical Care Suitable for neurosurgeons, neurologists, and intensivists, this title helps you use the advanced technology to detect deteriorations in neurological status in the ICU. It offers management strategies and techniques so you can effectively monitor your patients. Le Roux P 1/1/2013 9781437701678 908.25 zł PO RABACIE: 772.01 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  20. 20. 21 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Movement Disorders Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology (OTCN) series, this volume covers the basic science and clinical concepts underlying the movement disorders, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of individual hypokinetic and hyperkinetic movement disorders.10/1/2013 9780199609536 645.75 zł PO RABACIE: 548.89 zł Oxford University Press -15% Movement Disorders 4 Part of the "Blue Books in Neurology" series, this book offers practical, clinical guidance on the diagnosis and pharmacologic treatment of movement disorders. Schrader B 1/1/2010 9781416066415 743.4 zł PO RABACIE: 631.89 zł Elsevier Science -15% Multiple Sclerosis This latest edition to the 'Contemporary Neurology Series' will fill one of the few remaining 'neurologic gaps' within the Series. 'Multiple Sclerosis,' written solely by Moses Rodriguez, Orhun Kantarci and Istvan Pirko of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN will offer proven, effective treatments for specific presentations and symptoms of multiple sclerosis along with a pathophysiological explanation of why they work. It bridges a needed gap between overly simplistic therapy manuals and basic science texts that discuss human disease only insofar as it mimics what is observed in animal models of the disease in the laboratory. Rodriguez Moses 6/1/2013 9780199740468 336 zł PO RABACIE: 285.6 zł Oxford University Press -15%
  21. 21. 22 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Multiple Sclerosis A comprehensive text on recovery of function and neurorehabilitation in multiple sclerosis, written and edited by leading experts. Kesselring J 1/1/2010 9780521888325 367.5 zł PO RABACIE: 312.38 zł Cambridge University Press -15% Neuro Imaging Contains cases selected to simulate what you may see on your rounds, rotations, and exams. This title helps you identify the correct differential diagnosis for each case - including the most critical. It also covers: Cardiac Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuro Imaging, Thoracic Imaging, and, Pediatric Imaging. Castaneda R 9/1/2010 9781604061895 208.95 zł PO RABACIE: 177.61 zł Thieme Verlag -15% Neuroanatomy Remains one of the dynamic forces in medical education, delivering abundantly illustrated and clinically essential content in a rapidly expanding field of practice. Haines Duane E. 6/1/2011 9781451110432 179 zł PO RABACIE: 152.16 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15%
  22. 22. 23 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Neuroanatomy Text and Atlas Neuroanatomy:Text and Atlas covers neuroanatomy from both a functional and regional perspective to provide an understanding of how the components of the central nervous system work together to sense the world around us, regulate body systems, and produce behavior. This trusted text thoroughly covers the sensory, motor, and integrative skills of the brains and presents an overview of the function in relation to structure and the locations of the major pathways and neuronal integrative regions. Neuroanatomy:Text and Atlas also teaches you how to interpret the new wealth of human brain images by developing an understanding of the anatomical localization of brain function. The authoritative core content of myelin-stained histological sections is enhanced by informative line illustrations, angiography, and brain views produced by MRI, and other imaging technologies. Martin John H. 9/1/2012 9781259011443 170.1 zł PO RABACIE: 144.59 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing Company -15% Neurodegeneration This exemplary book gives an up-to-date perspective on the role of metal ions in neurodegeneration. Guccione Salvatore 7/1/2011 9781849730501 702.45 zł PO RABACIE: 597.08 zł Royal Society of Chemistry -15% Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Techniques and Applications The study of neurofeedback and neuromodulation offer a window into brain physiology and function, suggesting innovative approaches to the improvement of attention, anxiety, pain, mood and behavior. This title includes the practical application of techniques of neurofeedback and neuromodulation to use with patients. Coben Robert 11/1/2010 9780123822352 310.8 zł PO RABACIE: 264.18 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  23. 23. 24 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Neurological Clinical Examination This book and video library continues to provide a simple, step by step guide to the assessment of neurological conditions found in routine clinical examinations and clinical practice for all primary care practitioners, neurologists and those taking higher medical examinations. Morris John 2/1/2012 9781444145380 130.2 zł PO RABACIE: 110.67 zł Taylor & Francis Publishers Since 1798 -15% Neurological Examination Made Easy Neurological examination is one of the most intimidating procedures for medical students and junior doctors to perform and be assessed on. This book guides you through the essentials of neurological examination - providing the relevant background and telling you what to do, what you can find and what it means. Fuller Geraint 7/1/2013 9780702051777 145.01 zł PO RABACIE: 123.26 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neurological Rehabilitation Covers the basic principles of neurorehabilitation, including excellent chapters on learning and skill acquisition, outcome measurement and functional neuroimaging. This title includes reviews on the management of the main neurological disabling physical problems, such as spasticity, pain, sexual functioning and dysphagia. 11/1/2012 9780444529015 866.25 zł PO RABACIE: 736.31 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  24. 24. 25 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Neurological Rehabilitation Covers the therapeutic management of people with functional movement limitations and quality of life issues following a neurological event. This title reviews basic theory and covers the screening and diagnostic tests, treatments, and interventions commonly used in clinical practice. It includes advances in neuroscience. Umphred Darcy Ann 6/1/2012 9780323075862 397.01 zł PO RABACIE: 337.46 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated 5e An illustrated guide to neurology and neurosurgery that is suitable for medical students and junior doctors. Lindsay 10/1/2010 9780443069574 279 zł PO RABACIE: 237.14 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neurology for General Practitioners Written by neurologist and academic, Roy Beran, Neurology for General Practitioners assists in the diagnosis of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. It also addresses the majority of common disorders encountered in general practice. Beran Roy G. 11/1/2011 9780729540803 316.05 zł PO RABACIE: 268.64 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  25. 25. 26 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Neuromuscular Disease Presents a critical appraisal of the neurological literature on neuromuscular disease from an evidence-based perspective. This book considers a broad range of the published literature relevant not only to questions of treatment, but also to issues of diagnosis and prognosis. It critiques the evidence to illustrate strengths and weaknesses of data. Benatar M 8/1/2006 9781588296276 488 zł PO RABACIE: 414.8 zł Springer Verlag -15% Neuromuscular Disorders Presents a multi-disciplinary approach to the management and therapeutic treatment of the full range of neuromuscular disorders and resulting complications. This book provides the tools and strategies for minimizing disability and maximizing quality of life. Bertorini T 9/1/2010 9781437703726 703.5 zł PO RABACIE: 597.98 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neuro-Oncology Part of the "Blue Books of Practical Neurology" series, this guide to neuro- oncology presents the information on the treatment and management of primary CNS tumors, secondary brain tumors, and the neurological complications of other cancers and their therapies. It is suitable for both the general neurologists and the subspecialists. Rees J 5/1/2010 9780750675161 743.4 zł PO RABACIE: 631.89 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  26. 26. 27 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Neuropathology Part of the "High-Yield Pathology Series", this title helps you review the key features of neuropathology specimens, recognize the classic look of each disease, and quickly confirm your diagnosis. It also helps you accurately identify hundreds of discrete disease entities. Huttner A 1/1/2013 9781416062202 883 zł PO RABACIE: 750.55 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neuropathology Part of the "Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology" series, this title provides information on neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions of the central and peripheral nervous systems. It offers guidance on the evaluation and diagnosis of a broad spectrum of neuropathic entities using morphologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular genetic techniques. Prayson Richard A. 11/1/2011 9781437709490 643.65 zł PO RABACIE: 547.1 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neuroradiology: Key Differential Diagnoses and Clinical Questions Draws upon Massachusetts General Hospital's vast case collection to help you master the skills you need for interpreting imaging of the head, neck, brain, and spine. This book equips you to make efficient, accurate diagnoses and prepare for imaging exams with hundreds of high-quality, unknown cases in neuroradiology. Small Juan 9/1/2012 9781437717211 490.35 zł PO RABACIE: 416.8 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  27. 27. 28 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Neuroscience Deja Review: Neuroscience 1. Histology and Embryology 2. Cerebral Anatomy 3. Brainstem and Cranial Nerves 4. Spinal Cord 5. Electrophysiology 6. Sensory Systems 7. Motor Systems 8. Autonomic Nervous System 9. Vascular and Traumatic Injury 10. Neoplasms 11. Infectious Disease 12. Demyelinating Diseases 13. Seizures 14. Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases 15. Congenital Disorders 16. Nutritional and Metabolic Disease 17. Peripheral Neuropathy 18. Clinical vignettes Tremblay Mathew 11/1/2006 9780071100953 67.2 zł PO RABACIE: 57.12 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing Company -15% Neuroscience for Clinicians This is an introductory text that opens the field of neuroscience up to the beginner and takes them to higher-level thinking about neuroscience. The book helps readers navigate the conventions used to describe the brain that developed through the years. Simpkins C. Alexander 9/1/2012 9781461448419 197.4 zł PO RABACIE: 167.79 zł Springer Verlag -15% New Insights to Neuroimmune Biology Investigates the mechanisms that and functions of the Neuroimmune Regulatory Supersystem. This book discusses molecular, cellular, organic and systemic aspects as well as the physological, pathophysiological and behavioral mechanisms which are involved in Neuroimmiune Biology. Berczi I 6/1/2010 9780123846914 544.95 zł PO RABACIE: 463.21 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  28. 28. 29 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Cognitive deficits are a common consequence of neurological disease, and there is evidence that specific cognitive training may be effective in rehabilitation. Miniussi Carlo 12/1/2011 9781848727564 417.9 zł PO RABACIE: 355.22 zł Taylor & Francis Publishers Since 1798 -15% Novel Imaging Techniques in Neurodegenerative and Movement Disorders, an Issue of PET Clinics Focuses on the evolving role of novel imaging techniques in negenerative and movement disorders common in the aged population. Subramaniam Rathan 12/1/2013 9780323227353 343 zł PO RABACIE: 291.55 zł Elsevier Science -15% Parkinson's Disease Coverage ranges from incidence, diagnosis, investigation, drug treatments, non-motor features of Parkinson's Disease, assessment scales and surgical intervention, to the role of nurses, therapists, pathologists, dieticians, and to the use of complementary medicine. Grosset Donald 6/1/2009 9781840761016 237.3 zł PO RABACIE: 201.71 zł Taylor & Francis Publishers Since 1798 -15%
  29. 29. 30 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Peripheral Neuropathies, an Issue of Neurologic Clinics Peripheral Neuropathy is a neurologic disorder characterized by damage to the peripheral nervous system, the part of the nervous system outside the central nervous system that connects it to all parts of the body. This title features 12 articles about this disease that are of most interest to the clinician. Barohn Richard 5/1/2013 9781455771226 338 zł PO RABACIE: 287.3 zł Elsevier Science -15% Peripheral Neuropathy Companion Features illustrated case studies that explore the evaluation and management of some of the most common peripheral nerve disorders. This book contributes clues to the diagnosis, clinical features, imaging studies, histopathology and more for each case. It helps you gain fresh insights into the causes of peripheral nerve disorders. Dyck P 4/1/2010 9781437700015 599.55 zł PO RABACIE: 509.62 zł Elsevier Science -15% Physical Management for Neurological Conditions Stokes Maria 1/1/2013 9780702054693 188 zł PO RABACIE: 159.8 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  30. 30. 31 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Practical Guide to Comprehensive Stroke Care Suitable for health professionals and managers involved in the planning or provision of stroke care, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the evidence and practices that underpin high quality stroke care. Kalra L 1/1/2010 9789814299510 492.45 zł PO RABACIE: 418.58 zł World Scientific Publishing -15% Practical Neurology Visual Review An educational tool for mastering the clinical practice of neurologic diagnosis. It opens new venues for teaching and learning the essentials of neurology by utilizing an interactive patient-based audiovisual electronic format. It also includes 131 real- world scenarios to sharpen readers' critical thinking and diagnostic skills. Espay Alberto J. 4/1/2013 9781451182699 510.3 zł PO RABACIE: 433.76 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Primer on the Autonomic Nervous System Presents information about how the autonomic nervous system controls the body, particularly in response to stress. This title is suitable for students, scientists and physicians seeking key information about various aspects of autonomic physiology and pathology. Robertson David W. 12/1/2011 9780123865250 308.7 zł PO RABACIE: 262.4 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  31. 31. 32 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Principles and Practice of Child Neurology in Infancy This handbook of neurological practice in infants, sponsored by the World Health Organization, is designed to be of practical use to all clinicians, but particularly those in under-resourced locations. Seventy per cent of children with disabilities live in resource- poor countries and most of these children have neurological impairments. 5/1/2012 9781908316356 155.4 zł PO RABACIE: 132.09 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% Principles Of Neural Science Beginning with an insightful overview of the interrelationships between the brain, nervous system, genes, and behavior, this title includes an examination of the molecular and cellular biology of nerve cells, synaptic transmission, and the neural basis of cognition. Kandel E 8/1/2000 9780071390118 260.4 zł PO RABACIE: 221.34 zł McGraw-Hill Publishing Company -15% Quantum Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnostics of Human Brai Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used to visualize detailed internal structure of the body. This book discusses the developments in the field of MRI and its application to the diagnosis of human brain disorders. It reviews the emerging concepts and technology, based on the multi-coherence imaging (MQCI). Kaila 7/1/2010 9780123847119 519 zł PO RABACIE: 441.16 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  32. 32. 33 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Rehabilitation in Movement Disorders Provides a broad overview of current rehabilitation approaches, emphasizing the need for interdisciplinary management and focussing on deliverable outcomes. 4/1/2013 9781107014008 372.75 zł PO RABACIE: 316.84 zł Cambridge University Press -15% Research Funding in Neuroscience Provides a history of the McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience and an assessment of its effectiveness in advancing neuroscience. This book discusses the Fund's early and steady commitment to basic science as well as it's tradition of leveraging relatively modest dollars to make a big difference in careers and the field overall. Strobel G 12/1/2007 9780123736451 225.75 zł PO RABACIE: 191.89 zł Elsevier Science -15% Restorative Neurology of Spinal Cord Injury Following injury or disease, neural circuitry can be altered to varying degrees leading to highly individualized characteristics that may or may not resemble original function. In addition, lost or partially damaged circuits and the effects of biological recovery processes coupled with learned compensatory strategies create a new neuroanatomy with capabilities that are often not functional or may interfere with daily life. Dimitrijevic Milan R. 1/1/2012 9780199746507 231 zł PO RABACIE: 196.35 zł Oxford University Press -15%
  33. 33. 34 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Schmidek and Sweet: Operative Neurosurgical Techniques A Journal that examines indications, operative techniques, complications, and results for nearly every neurosurgical procedure. Quinones-Hinojosa Alfredo 5/1/2012 9781416068396 1888.01 zł PO RABACIE: 1604.81 zł Elsevier Science Publish -15% Seizure Predicti in Epilepsy Comprising some 30 contributions, experts from around the world present and discuss recent advances related to seizure prediction in epilepsy. The book covers an extraordinarily broad spectrum, starting from modeling epilepsy in single cells or networks of a few cells to precisely-tailored seizure prediction techniques as applied to human data. Schelter B 10/1/2008 9783527407569 551.25 zł PO RABACIE: 468.56 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% Sleep Medicine in Neurology A new addition to the Neurology in Practice series, Sleep Medicine in Neurology is a practical guide for neurologists diagnosing and managing sleep disorders in their patients. As a part of the series, various feature boxes are highlighted throughout. 10/1/2013 9781444335514 332.85 zł PO RABACIE: 282.92 zł John Wiley & Sons -15%
  34. 34. 35 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Specialty Imaging: Functional MRI Includes background in related MRI physics, sequence configuration, and image processing strategies needed to establish a functional imaging service. This book contains portraits of more than 20 common fMRI paradigms, with instructions for implementation and sample activation maps expected from each paradigm. Anderson Jeffrey 12/1/2013 9781931884938 1038 zł PO RABACIE: 882.29 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Spinal Cord Injury Part of the "The Handbook of Clinical Neurology" series, this title offers an overview of the evolving science and treatment of spinal cord injury. It presents advances in neuroimaging, surgical treatment and application of electrical stimulation are dramatically impacting the treatment and outcome of these injuries. Verhaagen Joost 11/1/2012 9780444521378 866.25 zł PO RABACIE: 736.31 zł Elsevier Science -15% Stress of War, Conflict and Disaster A compendium that explains the phenomenon of stress as it relates physically and mentally to war, conflict and disaster. It discusses the link between stress and various forms of conflict. It also explores the stress impact of the general physical disasters such as airline and vehicle accidents, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. Fink George 9/1/2010 9780123813817 258.3 zł PO RABACIE: 219.56 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  35. 35. 36 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Stroke Suitable for neurologists and cardiologists, this book considers various topics regarding stroke, including bedside evaluation of the acute stroke patient 5/1/2013 9780470674369 271.95 zł PO RABACIE: 231.16 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% Stroke Stroke is a leading cause of death and the major cause of long-term, physical, psychological and social disability in the elderly around the world. This book offers information on the pathophysiology and epidemiology of stroke, and various diagnostic techniques which allow for better diagnosis and identification of various subtypes of stroke. Bornstein N 3/1/2009 9783805590990 603.75 zł PO RABACIE: 513.19 zł Karger AG Basel -15% Stroke Care Covering the wide range of knowledge and skills needed to tackle problems that may lead up to, or follow on from a stroke, this new edition follows the course of a patient's journey from diagnosis to life at home, incorporating recent changes in the field of stroke medicine including the latest clinical trials. Harwood Rowan Harold 11/1/2010 9780199558315 132.3 zł PO RABACIE: 112.46 zł Oxford University Press -15%
  36. 36. 37 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA Surgical Anatomy and Techniques to the Spine Featuring an expanded focus on in-demand endoscopic and minimally invasive spine procedures, this title pairs anatomic photographs and radiographic images with rendered color illustrations and clear, step-by -step descriptions to help you perform all of the effective spine surgery techniques. Kim Daniel H. 9/1/2013 9781455709892 821 zł PO RABACIE: 697.85 zł Elsevier Science -15% Swaiman's Pediatric Neurology Covers imaging modalities such as pediatric neuroimaging, spinal fluid examination, neurophysiology, as well as the treatment and management of epilepsy, ADHD, infections of the nervous system, and more. This book offers downloadable images and procedural videos demonstrating intraventricular hemorrhage and white matter injury. Swaiman Kenneth F 10/1/2011 9781437704358 1457.4 zł PO RABACIE: 1238.79 zł Elsevier Science -15% Tethered Cord Syndrome in Children and Adults Deals with the essentials of clinical management for tethered cord syndrome (TCS). This book contains chapters on embryology and pathophysiology which provide an understanding of the basic science of TCS. It also discusses the functional diagnosis of TCS. It is suitable for residents and clinicians in neurosurgery and neurology. Yamada S 1/1/2010 9781604062410 552.3 zł PO RABACIE: 469.46 zł Thieme Verlag -15%
  37. 37. 38 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA The Cerebellum The Cerebellum provides a concise, accessible overview of modern data on physiology and function of the cerebellum as it relates to learning, plasticity, and neurodegenerative diseases. Broussard Dianne M. 10/1/2013 9781118125632 454.65 zł PO RABACIE: 386.45 zł John Wiley & Sons -15% The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke This fully revised 2006 edition covers the range of neuropsychiatric syndromes associated with stroke. Robinson Robert G. 9/1/2012 9781107407428 245.7 zł PO RABACIE: 208.85 zł Cambridge University Press -15% The Epilepsy Prescriber's Guide to Antiepileptic Drugs Helps prescribers to easily and rapidly answer questions that may arise when initiating and monitoring an antiepileptic drug. Patsalos Philip N. 11/1/2013 9781107664661 237 zł PO RABACIE: 201.44 zł Cambridge University Press -15%
  38. 38. 39 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROLOGIA The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Nervous System: Brain Volume 7, Part 1 Provides a visual guide to brain, from basic neurodevelopment, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and cognition to classic disorders including to epilepsy, hypothalamus/pituitary with disorders of consciousness and sleep, movement disorders, cerebellum, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurologic infections, neuro- oncology, headaches, and brain trauma. Jones H. Royden 2/1/2013 9781416063872 323.4 zł PO RABACIE: 274.89 zł Elsevier Science -15% Treatment of Epilepsy Provides a broad, detailed, and cohesive overview of seizure disorders and contemporary treatment options. This title also offers access to a fully searchable companion website that includes the full text online and supplementary material such as seizure videos, additional EEG tracings, and more color illustrations. Wyllie E 11/1/2010 9781582559377 1279.95 zł PO RABACIE: 1087.96 zł Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins -15% Tumors of the Brain and Spine This book discusses treatment of benign, primary low-grade to high-grade, and metastatic tumors in the brain and spine, as practiced at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The book is written for primary care oncologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons. Demonte 7/1/2007 9780387292014 355.95 zł PO RABACIE: 302.56 zł Springer Verlag -15%
  39. 39. 40 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROCHIRURGIA Advances in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Therapy for Spine Presents the different minimally invasive methods. Alexandre A 1/1/2010 9783211993699 854.7 zł PO RABACIE: 726.5 zł Springer Verlag -15% Atlas of Peripheral Nerve Surgery A surgical atlas that is dedicated to the field of peripheral nerves. It presents surgical steps that is laid out step by step in a readable and accessible format. It is suitable for trainees and busy surgeons alike. Kim Daniel H. 12/1/2012 9781455709885 841 zł PO RABACIE: 714.85 zł Elsevier Science -15% Cerebral Revascularization Offering step-by-step instructional videos of the common and uncommon procedures, this title helps you understand the techniques and enables you to confidently perform them. It includes a foreword written by M. Gazi Yasargil, MD creator of the procedure. Abdulrauf S 1/1/2011 9781437717853 845.25 zł PO RABACIE: 718.46 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  40. 40. 41 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROCHIRURGIA Craniovertebral Junction Written by masters in the field, The Craniovertebral Junction: Diagnosis, Pathology, Surgical Techniques provides in- depth coverage of up-to-date management principles for this delicate anatomic region. After a brief introduction to anatomy, biomedical considerations, and embryology, the multidisciplinary team of authors, led by Professor Goel, discusses in detail the most innovative fixation and stabilization techniques for atlantoaxial dislocation, as well as congenital,infective, and acquired anomalies in the craniovertebral junction region. Goel A 11/1/2011 9783131455819 1349.25 zł PO RABACIE: 1146.86 zł Georg Thieme -15% Intraoperative MRI-Guided Neurosurgery Comprehensive in scope and packed with practical information, Intraoperative MR- Guided Neurosurgery contains detailed coverage of this state-of-the-art technology from the pioneers who developed it. Renowned neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists combine their collective wisdom and experience to demonstrate how MR-guided neuronavigation can be used to view real-time images of a patient's brain during surgery to help remove tumors with greater precision. Hall W 10/1/2010 9781604063059 754.95 zł PO RABACIE: 641.71 zł Georg Thieme -15% Jatin Shah's Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology Offers you the guidance on the advanced diagnostic and multidisciplinary therapeutic approaches for head and neck cancer. This title provides you the information on help you need to offer your patients the best possible prognoses and to optimally preserve and restore form and function. Shah Jatin P. 5/1/2012 9780323055895 1342.95 zł PO RABACIE: 1141.51 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  41. 41. 42 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROCHIRURGIA Minimally-Invasive Intra-Cranial Surgery A work on minimally invasive intracranial surgery that covers different aspects of this type of surgery, including repair techniques, complication avoidance, and special considerations for movement disorders, tumors, vascular lesions, and more. Teo C 10/1/2010 9781437724691 384.3 zł PO RABACIE: 326.66 zł Elsevier Science -15% Neurosurgery While neurosurgical training programs in the EU vary, this manual forms the basis for a consensus and is ideal preparation for exams. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are detailed, and each chapter contains the relevant basics of anatomy and physiology. Lumenta C 2/1/2008 9783540795643 431.55 zł PO RABACIE: 366.82 zł Springer Verlag -15% Neurosurgery Oral Board Review This book is intended to serve as a supplement to the knowledge gained during the long years of residency and in the early stages of practice. It tried to focus on the major aspects of diseases that a neurosurgeon may encounter, both in clinical practice and on the examination"--Provided by publisher. Adamson D. Cory 8/1/2011 9781604065404 175.35 zł PO RABACIE: 149.05 zł Georg Thieme -15%
  42. 42. 43 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROCHIRURGIA Neurosurgery Rounds At a very reasonable price, this book will be very valuable to any student or resident preparing for neurosurgical rounds and board examinations. - AANS Young Neurosurgeons Newsletter Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers is the first guide dedicated to preparing residents and medical students for the challenging questions - known as pimping in the vernacular - they will frequently encounter on neurosurgery rotation. Shaya Mark 7/1/2011 9781588904997 175.35 zł PO RABACIE: 149.05 zł Georg Thieme -15% Neurovascular Surgical Techniques Comprehensive guide to the latest techniques in neurovascular surgery, covering a wide range of neurovascular diseases in both open surgical and endovascular aspects of treatment. Jabbour Pascal M. 1/1/2012 9789350900888 559.65 zł PO RABACIE: 475.7 zł Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers -15% Surgical Disorders of the Peripheral Nerves 2e Beginning with the fundamentals of the anatomy and function of the peripheral nervous system, and working the way through various types of injury, operative methods, surgical reconstruction, pain, and rehabilitation, this work provides the reader with an understanding required to successfully perform surgery on the peripheral nervous system. Birch R 1/1/2010 9781848821071 985.95 zł PO RABACIE: 838.06 zł Springer Verlag -15%
  43. 43. 44 DOSTĘPNE | NEUROCHIRURGIA Transsphenoidal Surgery Captures the clinical knowledge on the multidisciplinary management of pituitary tumors, with a focus on surgical techniques. This title offers guidance on natural history, radiologic and clinical aspects, surgical indications, and resection techniques. Laws E 8/1/2010 9781416002925 878.85 zł PO RABACIE: 747.02 zł Elsevier Science -15%
  44. 44. 45 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Textbook of Stroke Medicine This concise and informative Textbook of Stroke Medicine is aimed at doctors preparing to specialize in stroke care and strokologists looking for concise but in-depth scientific guidance on stroke management. Its practical approach covers all important issues of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Dedicated chapters give a thorough review of all clinical issues. Fully revised throughout, the new edition has expanded sections on topics of rising practical importance, such as diagnostic imaging, stroke unit management, monitoring and management of complications including infections, recommendations for thrombolysis, interventions and neurosurgical procedures, and clear and balanced recommendations for secondary prevention. Neuropsychological syndromes are explained and an up-to-date view on neurorehabilitation is presented. The authors are all experts in their field and many of them have been working together in a teaching faculty for the European Master in Stroke Medicine Programme, which is supported by the European Stroke Organization. Michael Brainin 7/1/2014 9781107047495 80 GBP PO RABACIE: 72 GBP Cambridge University Press -10% 7.0 Tesla MRI Brain White Matter Atlas The introduction of techniques that permit visualization of the human nervous system is one of the foremost advances in neuroscience and brain-related research. Among the most recent significant developments in this respect are ultra-high field MRI and the image post-processing technique known as track density imaging (TDI). It is these techniques (including super- resolution TDI) which represent the two major components of 7.0 Tesla MRI - Brain White Matter Atlas. This second edition of the atlas has been revised and updated to fully reflect current application of these technological advancements in order to visualize the nervous system and the brain with the finest resolution and sensitivity. Exquisitely detailed color images offer neuroscientists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons a superb resource that will be of value both for the purpose of research and for the treatment of common brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis. Zang-Hee Cho 7/1/2014 9783642543913 245.03 EUR PO RABACIE: 221 EUR Springer Verlag -10% Huntington's Disease This fourth edition of Huntington's Disease presents a comprehensive summary of the current knowledge of this disease, including the major scientific and clinical advances that have occurred since publication of the third edition in 2002. Completely updated and expanded, chapters in this volume are organized in five sections: * Clinical aspects of Huntington's disease, including updated chapters on historical perspectives, neurological, neuropsychiatric, and neuropsychological aspects, and new chapters on juvenile Huntington's and the premanifest and early stages * The genetics of Huntington's disease, including new information on its epidemiology discussions of new testing guidelines * Neurobiology, including recent insights into correlations between pathology and symptoms and a new chapter on neuronal circuitry * The molecular biology of Huntington's disease, including new chapters on the normal function of huntingtin, the molecular pathogenesis of Huntington's disease and the peripheral pathology of the disorder, and an extensively updated chapter on its structural biology * An updated description of the Gillian Bates 6/1/2014 9780199929146 115 GBP PO RABACIE: 104 GBP Oxford University Press -10%
  45. 45. 46 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Aminoff's Neurology and General Medicine Aminoff's Neurology and General Medicine is the standard and classic reference providing comprehensive coverage of the relationship between neurological practice and general medicine. As neurologists are asked to consult on general medical conditions, this reference provides an authoritative tool linking general medical conditions to specific neurological issues and disorders. This is also a valuable tool for the general practitioner seeking to understand the neurological aspects of their medical practice. Completely revised with new chapters covering metastatic disease, bladder disease, psychogenic disorders, dementia, and pre-operative and post- operative care of patients with neurological disorders, this new edition will again be the go-to reference for both neurologists and general practitioners. Features: the standard reference detailing the relationship between neurology and general medicine; 100 per cent revised and updated; and new chapters covering metastatic disease, bladder disease, psychogenic disorders, dementia, and pre-operative and post-operative care of patients with neurological disorders. Michael J. Aminoff 5/1/2014 9780124077102 170 GBP PO RABACIE: 153 GBP Academic Press -10% Oxford Textbook of Neuromuscular Disorders Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology series, the Oxford Textbook of Neuromuscular Disorders covers the scientific basis, clinical diagnosis, and treatment of neuromuscular disorders with a particular focus on the most clinically relevant disorders. The book is organized into seven sections, starting with the general approach to the patient with neuromuscular disorders and then focusing on specific neuromuscular conditions affecting the peripheral nervous system from its origins at the spinal cord anterior horn on its outward course to. David Hilton-Jones 5/1/2014 9780199698073 125 GBP PO RABACIE: 113 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Neurosurgery for Spasticity The book is devoted to the neurosurgical management of spasticity. Starting with a chapter on the anatomical and physiological foundations of spasticity and a short history of its neurosurgical treatment, it describes the neurosurgical methods currently available. As management differs between adults and children, the book is also structured accordingly, including evaluation, decision-making, Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy (ITB), botulinum toxin therapy and surgery. Beyond ITB, the neurosurgical options covered include procedures focusing on the peripheral nerves, dorsal roots, Dorsal Root Entry Zone and spinal cord. Based on surgical experience collected with more than a thousand patients, the book gathers the most important aspects of our present understanding, presented using a practical, educational approach. It stresses the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, including neurologists, pediatricians and rehabilitation specialists. Close collaboration with other surgical disciplines like orthopedic surgery and neuro-urology are also outlined. Sindou Marc 5/1/2014 9783709117705 106.99 EUR PO RABACIE: 97 EUR Springer Verlag -10%
  46. 46. 47 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Stereotaxic Neurosurgery in Laboratory Rodent Stereotaxic neurosurgery in rodents is used by a variety of people working at research laboratories (research staff, technicians, students at animal facilities...). The present handbook presents all the steps necessary to complete a stereotaxic neurosurgery protocol in accordance with current animal welfare guidelines. This book will guide surgeons step by step, from anesthesia to the post-surgery recovery procedures, including asepsis of the surgical tools and surgical zone, analgesia, correctly identifying the reference points on the skull and brain targets, etc. In keeping with the current international trends, the authors above all focus on the following points: the consideration of pain and how to best treat it depending on the type of surgery; and ensuring asepsis. This book will serve as an important reference work and valuable guidebook for the scientific community. Ferry Barbara 4/1/2014 9782817804712 106.99 EUR PO RABACIE: 97 EUR Springer Verlag -10% Oxford Textbook of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease Stroke is a major health concern worldwide, and the epidemiological data is staggering. One in six people will have a stroke during the course of their life; it is the second most common cause of death; and stroke also ranks second among causes contributing to the global burden of disability. However, the burden of stroke can be alleviated: it is potentially preventable, treatable, and possible to manage long term. Despite continuing advances in our knowledge about this disease, there is currently still a large evidence-to-clinical practice gap in all regions. The Oxford Textbook of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease is a comprehensive textbook on clinical stroke, covering all major aspects of cerebrovascular disease including epidemiology, risk factors, primary prevention, pathophysiology, diagnostics, clinical features, acute therapies, secondary prevention, prognosis, and rehabilitation. It makes use of current pedagogic principles, and includes not only aspects on management in the acute hospital phase of stroke, but also public health issues, prevention, long-term management, and silent vascular disease (which is becoming increasingly epidemic in the general 3/1/2014 9780199641208 99 GBP PO RABACIE: 90 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is generally understood to be an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. While we still are not certain of the root cause of MS, research results suggest that unknown environmental factors and the presence of specific genes seem the most probable targets. MS causes an inflammatory response in the central nervous system leading to neurodegeneration, oligodendrocyte death, axonal damage, and gliosis. Over the past five years ongoing research has greatly expanded our understanding of the pathogenesis of MS, detailed insight into the epidemiology and genetic factors related to MS, the introduction of new technologies and tests to better diagnose and predict the future course of the disease and the introduction of new treatments targeting MS. This collection of review chapters provides a comprehensive reference into the science and clinical applications of the latest Multiple Sclerosis research and will be a valuable resource for the neuroscience research community and the clinical neurology community of researchers and practitioners. It is a comprehensive tutorial reference Douglas Goodin 3/1/2014 9780444520012 170 GBP PO RABACIE: 153 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10%
  47. 47. 48 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Neuroimaging of Traumatic Brain Injury The main purpose of this book is to present emerging neuroimaging data in order to define the role of primary and secondary structural and hemodynamic disturbances in different phases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to analyze the potential of diffusion tensor MRI, tractography and CT perfusion imaging in evaluating the dynamics of TBI. The authors present a new MRI classification of brain stem and hemispheric cortical/ subcortical damage localization that is of significant prognostic value. New data are provided regarding the pathogenesis and dynamics of diffuse and focal brain injuries and qualitative and quantitative changes in the brain white matter tracts. It is shown that diffuse axonal injury can be considered a clinical model of multidimensional "split brain" with commissural, association and projection fiber disorders. The book will be of interest for neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and others with an interest in the subject. Potapov Alexander 3/1/2014 9783319043548 53.49 EUR PO RABACIE: 49 EUR Springer Verlag -10% Neuroprotection and Regeneration of the Spinal Cord Neuroprotection and Regeneration of the Spinal Cord comprehensively covers the most recent research in the field of spinal cord injury. The first part of this book focuses on the latest animal models and clinically oriented work, providing extensive information on morphological factors and, biomechanical analysis, in addition to the mechanism of functional recovery. The book goes on to provide information on clinical relevance introducing analysis of spinal cord injuries using MRI and PET. Edited by renowned experts in the field, this book will provide clinical physicians, basic researchers, and postgraduate students with valuable insight into the cutting-edge research and progress in the field of spinal cord injury, treatment, and repair. Yoshiaki Toyama 3/1/2014 9784431545019 149.79 EUR PO RABACIE: 135 EUR Springer Verlag -10% Neurologic Aspects of Systemic Disease, Part I: Part I Systemic disease involves several parts of the body or the complete system. Neurologic Aspects of Systemic Disease, a two-part volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, focuses on the specific neurologic aspects of systemic disease. Part 1 includes detailed coverage of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary diseases, renal diseases, and rheumatologic and musculoskeletal disease. Each chapter provides a complete introduction to the neurologic aspect and provides best known diagnostic and treatment practices. The collection is a valuable and trusted resource for clinical neurologists, research neurologists, neuroscientists, and general medical professionals; a first stop for a focused review of the state of the art for understanding the neurologic impact of each covered disease. It offers a comprehensive introduction and overview of the neurologic aspects of systemic disease. Each chapter focuses on the neurologic aspects related to a specific disease presentation. Jose Biller 2/1/2014 9780702040863 155 GBP PO RABACIE: 140 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10%
  48. 48. 49 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Neurologic Aspects of Systemic Disease, Part II: Part II Systemic disease involves several parts of the body or the complete system. Neurologic Aspects of Systemic Disease, a two-part volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, focuses on the specific neurologic aspects of systemic disease. Part 2 includes coverage of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary, endocrinologic, and metabolic diseases, as well as nutritional, environmental, and hematologic disorders. Each chapter provides a complete introduction to the neurologic aspect and provides the best known diagnostic and treatment practices. The collection is a valuable and trusted resource for clinical neurologists, research neurologists, neuroscientists, and general medical professionals: a first stop for a focused review of the state of the art for understanding the neurologic impact of each covered disease. It offers comprehensive introduction and overview of the neurologic aspects of systemic disease. Each chapter focuses on the neurologic aspects related to a specific disease presentation Jose Biller 2/1/2014 9780702040870 155 GBP PO RABACIE: 140 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10% Neurologic Aspects of Systemic Disease, Part III: Part III Systemic disease involves several parts of the body or the complete system. This comprehensive reference focuses on the specific neurologic aspects of systemic disease. Part 3 includes coverage of oncologic disorders, organ transplantation, infectious diseases, tropical neurology, pregnancy, neuroanesthesia and other diseases and disorders. Each chapter provides a complete introduction to the neurologic aspect and provides the best known diagnostic and treatment practices. The collection will be a valuable and trusted resource for clinical neurologists, research neurologists and neuroscientists and general medical professionals as a first stop for a comprehensive and focused review of the state of the art for understanding the neurologic impact of each covered disease. It is a comprehensive introduction and overview of the neurologic aspects of systemic disease. Part 3 covers of oncologic disorders, organ transplantation, infectious diseases, tropical neurology, pregnancy, neuroanesthesia and other diseases and disorders. Each chapter focuses on the neurologic aspects related to a specific disease presentation. Jose Biller 2/1/2014 9780702040887 155 GBP PO RABACIE: 140 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10% Brain Injury: Applications from War and Terrorism Brain Injury: Applications from War and Terrorism is a single-authored book written by a world-class neuroradiologist with extensive experience in traumatic brain injury (TBI). It features six graphic-intense chapters depicting and expounding upon the complexity of TBI. Culled from nearly three decades of studying civilian TBI and five years of intensive study of TBI sustained from combat, terrorism, and natural disasters, this work is an exhaustive and innovative authority on the current approaches and applications of civilian and combat TBI. The text is sectored into six chapters based on pathophysiology, each augmented with numerous images and illustrations. The book gives special attention to neuroimaging, but is reinforced with relevant clinical correlation. This monograph is unique because it is first in class as an omnibus for the radiologist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, emergency physician, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, and the rehabilitation team. Accompanied by detailed high resolution illustrations with meticulous annotation, Brain Injury: Applications from War and Terrorism contains over 500 curated radiological and Gean Alisa D. 2/1/2014 9781451192827 67 GBP PO RABACIE: 61 GBP Lippincott Williams & Wilkins -10%
  49. 49. 50 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA The OMICs The OMICs:Applications in Neuroscience summarizes the state of the art in OMICs applications in neurology and neuroscience, attracting neurologists who are interested in the progress of this field towards clinical applications, and neuroscientists who may be not familiar with the most recent advances in this ever-changing field. The book will include an overview of most relevant high-throughput approaches (collectively known as 'OMICs') and how they relate to neurology and neuroscience. The explosion of high-throughput assays has introduced large datasets, computational servers, and bioinformatics approaches to neuroscience and medicine in general. The reader will be provided with an overview of the application or method, a perspective on the current and future applications in neurology and neuroscience, and a few published examples illustrating possible practical use. Emerging topics such as ethical issues related to personal genome sequencing, epigenetics, network analysis, and role of peripheral biomarkers in disease diagnosis and follow-up will be covered as well. Giovanni Coppola 1/1/2014 9780199855452 59 GBP PO RABACIE: 54 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Pituitary Apoplexy Pituitary apoplexy is a rare and life- threatening complication that occurs in 0.6- 10.5% of all patients with pituitary adenomas. Unfortunately, pituitary apoplexy is often misdiagnosed before surgery. Furthermore, in spite of all the advances in imaging techniques and therapeutic methods, its optimal management is still controversial owing to the limited individual experience and the very variable clinical course of the condition. This book provides an in-depth review of knowledge of the management of pituitary apoplexy, with an emphasis on clinical and neuroradiological findings and treatment modalities, medical and surgical. In addition, it supplies clinicians and investigators with detailed information on current evidence and considers future areas of investigation and innovative therapeutic philosophies. Both the editors and the authors are leading international authorities in the field. Mehmet Turgut 12/1/2013 9783642385070 149.79 EUR PO RABACIE: 135 EUR Springer Verlag -10% Peripheral Nerve Disorders Disorders of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) are the cause of prominent neurological symptoms including weakness, sensory loss, pain and autonomic dysfunction associated with deficits, morbidity and mortality. These disorders may be primary hereditary or cryptogenic neurologic disorders confined to the PNS or part of the pathology of both the central nervous system and the PNS. Most PNS disorders are secondary to other system disorders and may be responsive to treatment of the primary disease. Important advances have been obtained in several areas including molecular genetics, biochemistry, immunology, morphology and physiology that have enhanced our understanding of the causes and consequences of damage to peripheral nerve. Understanding of both these groups of PNS diseases has greatly expanded over recent years and has led to important advances of treatment both to protect and to repair damages of peripheral nerve. This volume provides an overview of the state-of- the-art of examination, diagnosis and treatment of these very diverse disorders and will be of interest to both the research and Gerard Said 9/1/2013 9780444529022 170 GBP PO RABACIE: 153 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10%
  50. 50. 51 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Sleep and Movement Disorders Sleep and Movement Disorders is the second edition of a successful book that was the first of its kind. Since its publication in 2002, significant progress has been made in our understanding of motor control in sleep and the relationship between sleep and movement disorders. All three editors are authorities on the subject and have assembled expert specialists for their chapter authors. The topic is very timely, the latest edition of the International classification of sleep disorders (ICSD-2, 2005) included a separate category of 'Sleep Related Movement Disorders' emphasizing the increasing awareness of sleep-related movements and the importance of recognizing sleep-related movement disorders for diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment. This is a comprehensive resource, including all findings from the last 8 years of research. All the previous chapters have been revised with new materials and references. Several chapters have been added to address recent advances. For instance, new sleep-related disorders have been classified and diagnosed, including catathrenia, alternating leg muscle activation (ALMA), propriospinal myoclonus Sudhansu Chokroverty 8/1/2013 9780199795161 88 GBP PO RABACIE: 80 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Neuroparasitology and Tropical Neurology Neuroparasitology and Tropical Neurology, a new volume in The Handbook of Clinical Neurology, provides a comprehensive and contemporary reference on parasitic infections of the human nervous system. Parasitic infections are varied and some are resolved by the host's immune system, other infections may become established even though unnoticed, and some cause severe disease and death. In our modern world, neuroparasitoses are no longer geographically isolated and these infections now appear worldwide. Outside of a very few well understood pathologies, most parasitic infections have been neglected in the neurological literature and most neurologists have never diagnosed such an infection. This volume details how, with the advent of modern neuroimaging techniques, improved diagnostic applications of molecular biology, more accurate immunodiagnosis, and minimally invasive neurosurgery, human nervous system parasitoses are now diagnosed and treated, with increasing frequency. The book is divided into six sections, and begins with an introduction to the mechanisms of infection, diagnosis, and pathology of parasitic diseases. Herbert B. Tanowitz 8/1/2013 9780444534903 170 GBP PO RABACIE: 153 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10% The Stroke Book Designed for use by busy professionals who need quick answers, this revised and updated second edition of The Stroke Book is a concise and practical reference for anyone involved in managing critically ill cerebrovascular patients. * Covers a wide range of common conditions such as ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, subarachnoid hemorrhages and intracranial aneurysms * Provides focused protocols for assessing and treating stroke patients in the emergency room, intensive care unit or general hospital setting * A new chapter summarizes key clinical trials for stroke therapies * User-friendly format * Packed with algorithms, tables and summary boxes for immediate access to key information * A color plate section illustrates key pathology and diagnostic imaging Written by experienced contributors from leading stroke centers, this is an essential companion for navigating stroke-related clinical situations successfully and making informed decisions about treatment. Review of previous edition: 'The Stroke Book is concise, well-written, and easy to read ... with excellent sections on basic stroke entities that may be encountered by healthcare professionals ... Michel T. Torbey 7/1/2013 9781107634725 38 GBP PO RABACIE: 35 GBP Cambridge University Press -10%
  51. 51. 52 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Atlas of EEG Patterns Atlas of EEG Patterns, Second Edition The electroencephalogram (EEG) is essential to the accurate diagnosis of many neurologic disorders. The Second Edition of Atlas of EEG Patterns sharpens readers' interpretation skills with an even larger array of both normal and abnormal EEG pattern figures and text designed to optimize recognition of tell-tale findings. Trainees will benefit from hundreds of EEG figures, helping them spot abnormalities and identify the pattern name. Experienced neurologists will find the book excellent as a quick reference and when trying to distinguish a finding from similarly appearing patterns. Organized by EEG pattern, the Atlas orients you to the basics of EEG, helps the reader identify the characteristic EEG wave features and leads you to the EEG diagnosis through a table that organizes all of the EEG patterns according to their wave features. The Atlas includes the full range of EEG patterns from the common rhythms to the rare findings, and it also includes numerous examples of artifacts. New in the Second Edition...Solution Site with full text and image bank. An extensive table guides you from EEG Stern John M. 4/1/2013 9781451109634 111 GBP PO RABACIE: 100 GBP Lippincott Williams & Wilkins -10% Barr's The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint This classic well-illustrated textbook simplifies neuroscience content to focus coverage on the essentials and helps students learn important neuroanatomical facts and definitions. Among its many distinctions are its organization by region and then pathways into and out of the nervous system, which permits students an integrated view of the anatomy and physiology; level of treatment suited to increasingly shorter neuroanatomy course hours for medical and allied health students; and the author's succinct writing style. Rajakumar Raj 4/1/2013 9781451173277 27.95 GBP PO RABACIE: 26 GBP Lippincott Williams & Wilkins -10% NeuroPET - Authors are all experts in the field; Herscovitch is head of PET Imaging at NIH. - PET is becoming dominant technology for diagnosis in Neurology; books have not caught up. NeuroPET is ahead of the curve. From the reviews: This is the most comprehensiv Herholz K. 4/1/2013 9783642622830 85.55 EUR PO RABACIE: 77 EUR Springer Verlag -10%
  52. 52. 53 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Atlas of Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography Beautifully and lavishly illustrated, Atlas of Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography demystifies the major conditions affecting peripheral nerves and provides electrodiagnostic strategies for confirming suspected lesions of the peripheral nervous system. Building on the success of the landmark Atlas of Electromyography, this new text is divided into sections based on the major peripheral nerves. It contains detailed illustrations of each nerve along with a discussion of its anatomy, followed by a thorough outline of the clinical conditions and entrapment syndromes that affect the nerve, including a list of the etiologies, clinical features, and electrodiagnostic strategies used for each syndrome. Routine and special motor and sensory nerve conduction studies are shown in an anatomical illustration. In addition, each muscle supplied by the peripheral nerve is illustrated showing the root, plexus, and peripheral nerve supply to the muscle and is accompanied by a corresponding human photograph. Written text provides information about the nerve conduction studies, muscle origin, tendon insertion, voluntary activation Leis A. Arturo 3/1/2013 9780199754632 65 GBP PO RABACIE: 59 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Osborn's Brain: Imaging, Pathology, and Anatomy "Osborn's Brain: Imaging, Pathology, and Anatomy" is the much-pleaded-for successor to Anne G. Osborn's 1993 award winning book "Diagnostic Neuroradiology" (a.k.a. "The Red Book"), which became one of the all-time bestselling neuroradiology texts. In this highly anticipated 1,200-page volume, Anne Osborn applies her special touch to make complex topics visually appealing and easy to understand. It wraps the "must know" aspects of brain imaging together with spectacular pathology examples, relevant anatomy, and the most up-to-date techniques in brain imaging. "Osborn's Brain" is organized for curriculum-based learning. Osborn begins with emergent topics, such as trauma, to help the reader learn in the order that is most practical for a resident or practicing radiologist. Indeed, this volume helps readers learn how to think about diagnoses, types of diagnoses, and the various pathologies that can affect the brain. Even as Osborn "takes readers by the hand" to introduce them to the world of brain imaging, she includes new concepts and diagnoses that will intrigue the most sophisticated neuroradiologist. Osborn Anne G. 12/1/2012 9781931884211 229 GBP PO RABACIE: 207 GBP Amirsys -10% Epilepsy: Treatment Part II "Epilepsy, Part II, Treatment, Volume 108", provides a full description of epilepsy pathology and etiology, antiepileptic drug treatment, the approach to surgical evaluation and alternative procedures to be considered, in both children and adults, as well as brain stimulation and diet treatment. Economic and psychosocial issues such as stigma are fully covered. The special problems of epilepsy treatment in the developing world are described. Chapters are authored by internationally respected neurologists with varied perspectives insuring depth to the content. "Epilepsy, Part I, Basic Principles and Diagnosis, Volume 107", establishes the scientific and practical diagnosis of epilepsy. The volumes will be a very important resource for basic scientists, clinical investigators, and all health professionals treating patients with epilepsy. This is a volume in the "Handbook of Clinical Neurology" series, which has an unparalleled reputation as the world's most comprehensive source of information in neurology. It offers international list of contributors including the leading workers in the field. It describes the advances which have Stefan Hermann 10/1/2012 9780444528995 155 GBP PO RABACIE: 140 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10%
  53. 53. 54 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Migraine Brain The Migraine Brain, edited by David Borsook, Arne May, Peter J. Goadsby, and Richard Hargreaves, makes a major contribution to the field, addressing the increasingly sophisticated neuroimaging techniques that have allowed researchers to begin to define functional and anatomical characteristics of migraine and other less- common types of headache. Of particular focus is how imaging is changing the way we understand migraine. This includes changes in function, structure and chemistry of the migraine brain. Included are sections that focus on particular aspects of migraine, for example the migraine aura: those symptoms that cause visual sensitivity (blinding white light), sensory difficulty (loud noises, painful touch, and hot/cold spells), slurred language, and motor dysfunction. Extensively illustrated throughout, The Migraine Brain provides a general overview of the history of migraine, its pathophysiology, as well as in-depth details on the Clinical Perspectives and the different imaging techniques in use (MR, fMRI, DTI, VBM, PET, fMRI, and MEG). It also includes details on modulation of the brain using such techniques as TMS. The book concludes with a discussion of David Borsook 7/1/2012 9780199754564 94 GBP PO RABACIE: 85 GBP Oxford University Press -10% The Behavioral Neurology of White Matter Behavioral neurology is founded on lesions of cortical gray matter, but recently the contributions of cerebral white matter to cognitive and emotional dysfunction have also attracted attention. The Behavioral Neurology of White Matter surveys this broad and fascinating field from a clinical perspective. Stimulated by recent improvements in neuroimaging, white matter has been carefully studied, and its role in the operations of cognition and emotion clarified by correlations with clinical observations. The relevance of normal and abnormal white matter to behavioral neurology is apparent in every context where this question has been examined: in development, aging, and in a host of diseases, intoxications, and injuries. Since the first edition of this book in 2001, steady advances have been made in understanding the neurobiology of white matter and its clinical significance; this edition provides a comprehensive update on this rapidly expanding field. Every chapter has been extensively rewritten, including a comprehensive revision of the account of the neuropsychiatry of white matter, a particularly challenging area. The syndrome of white matter dementia is Filley Christopher M. 6/1/2012 9780199743261 48.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 45 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Stroke Rehabilitation Stroke Rehabilitation: Insights from Neuroscience and Imaging informs and challenges neurologists, rehabilitation therapists, imagers, and stroke specialists to adopt more restorative and scientific approaches to stroke rehabilitation based on new evidence from neuroscience and neuroimaging literatures. The fields of cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging are advancing rapidly and providing new insights into human behavior and learning. Similarly, improved knowledge of how the brain processes information after injury and recovers over time is providing new perspectives on what can be achieved through rehabilitation. Stroke Rehabilitation explores the potential to shape and maximize neural plastic changes in the brain after stroke from a multimodal perspective. Active skill based learning is identified as a central element of a restorative approach to rehabilitation. The evidence behind core learning principles as well as specific learning strategies that have been applied to retrain lost functions of movement, sensation, cognition and language are also discussed. Current interventions are evaluated relative to this knowledge base and examples are given Carey Leeanne M. 6/1/2012 9780199797882 88 GBP PO RABACIE: 80 GBP Oxford University Press -10%
  54. 54. 55 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders This new volume in the "Handbook of Clinical Neurology" presents a comprehensive review of the fundamental science and clinical treatment of psychiatric disorders. Advances in neuroscience have allowed for dramatic advances in the understanding of psychiatric disorders and treatment. Brain disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia, are the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is estimated that over 25 per cent of the adult population in North America are diagnosed yearly with at least one mental disorder and similar results hold for Europe. Now that neurology and psychiatry agree that all mental disorders are in fact, "brain diseases," this volume provides a foundational introduction to the science defining these disorders and details best practices for psychiatric treatment. Aminoff Michael J. 6/1/2012 9780444520029 170 GBP PO RABACIE: 153 GBP Elsevier Science Publishers -10% Myasthenia Gravis and Myasthenic Disorders Myasthenia Gravis and Myasthenic Disorders, Second Edition is a thoroughly re- written and updated version of the highly successful first edition published in 1999. The current edition begins with an overview of the anatomy and molecular architecture of the neuromuscular junction and the electrophysiologic diagnosis of its disorders. The introductory chapters are followed by a detailed exposition of the pathogenesis, natural history, diagnosis and therapy of the autoimmune myasthenias, the Lambert- Eaton myasthenic syndrome, and the increasingly complex and fascinating diseases collectively referred to as congenital myasthenic syndromes. The acetylcholine receptor is a major target of both autoimmune and inherited myasthenias and a separate chapter reviews its structural and functional properties. The book also describes disorders that often target terminal nerve segment near the neuromuscular junction- the syndrome of peripheral nerve hyperexcitability and the Guillain-Barre syndrome. Comprehensively written by leaders at the forefront of research, not to mention thoroughly referenced throughout and Engel Andrew G. 4/1/2012 9780199738670 88 GBP PO RABACIE: 80 GBP Oxford University Press -10% The Case for Mental Imagery "This volume is the most important if not the final word on the great imagery debate. It examines issues critical to all cognition. For example, whether the brain is a general purpose computer and if the brain's structure imposes limits on what can be represented in our minds." Michael I. Posner, Prof. Emeritus University of Oregon |k No "The Case for Mental Imagery is destined to be a classic text in psychology. [the authors] present an in-depth, philosophically sophisticated, and empirically supported argument that clarifies and settles many of the most contentious issues in the longstanding, decades-long 'imagery debate'...This is an impressive achievement and an outstanding example of the way controversies can be addressed through a combination of sophisticated theoretical concepts paired with expertly conducted scientific research programs."-- PsycCRITIQUES |k No "This is an outstanding book that presents a roadmap of the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying mental imagery. Kosslyn Stephen 11/1/2011 9780195398977 17.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 17 GBP Oxford University Press -10%
  55. 55. 56 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Medical Neurobiology This single-author text introduces the student to the fundamentals of the nervous system as it relates to the practice of medicine and human health. The workings of the nervous system are communicated in easy to understand language. The text emphasizes the contribution of the nervous system to diverse and common medical disorders, some of which are primarily neurological in nature (stroke, Parkinson's disease, hearing loss) and many of which are the domain of non-neurological specialities such as ophthalmology, ear-nose-throat, cardiology, medicine and the like (myopia, hearing loss, hypertension, sleep apnea, and asthma). The writing style is simple, clear and literary. Chapters can be read in a single sitting. Important concepts are presented both clearly and thoroughly, rendering this textbook appropriate for both the student who is learning about the nervous system for the first time and the student with previous knowledge of neurobiology. Medical Neurobiology is wholly concentrated on the human nervous system. Subjects without clinical relevance such as invertebrate neurobiology, cat or leech locomotion, or sound localization are not covered. Mason Peggy 7/1/2011 9780195339970 41.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 38 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Diagnostic Imaging Brain 2e In this Second Edition of the bestselling "Diagnostic Imaging: Brain", each 'original' diagnosis has been revised to include the most recent information, updated references, and new image galleries. Moreover, the book features more than 100 new diagnoses. You'll find thousands of new images, all crisply annotated to reinforce the most important points. Richly colored graphics pop off the page, and both typical and variant findings are lavishly illustrated in more than 300 diagnoses. This updated volume will surely become the new standard reference textbook for neuroradiologists, general radiologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons. A new companion eBook offers the fully searchable expanded text, hundreds of additional images, and extensive linked references. "First released in 2004, this book quickly became the must-have/go- to reference in neuroradiology. This second edition, similar in format with increased authoritative author input and updated content, is the new most accurate, up-to- date neuroradiology reference. The most notable change is the addition of 1-2 pages of text at the beginning of the chapters. "Through the addition of thousands of new Osborn A 12/1/2010 9781931884723 235 GBP PO RABACIE: 212 GBP Lippincott Williams & Wilkins -10% Meg Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is an exciting brain imaging technology that allows real-time tracking of neural activity, making it an invaluable tool for advancing our understanding of brain function. In this comprehensive introduction to MEG, Peter Hansen, Morten Kringelbach, and Riitta Salmelin have brought together the leading researchers to provide the basic tools for planning and executing MEG experiments, as well as analyzing and interpreting the resulting data. Chapters on the basics describe the fundamentals of MEG and its instrumentation, and provide guidelines for designing experiments and performing successful measurements. Chapters on data analysis present it in detail, from general concepts and assumptions to analysis of evoked responses and oscillatory background activity. Chapters on solutions propose potential solutions to the inverse problem using techniques such as minimum norm estimates, spatial filters and beamformers. Chapters on combinations elucidate how MEG can be used to complement other neuroimaging techniques. Chapters on applications provide practical examples of how to use MEG to study Peter Reinhard Hansen 7/1/2010 9780195307238 64 GBP PO RABACIE: 58 GBP Oxford University Press -10%
  56. 56. 57 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | NEUROLOGIA Simultaneous EEG and FMRI One of the major challenges in science is to study and understand the human brain. Numerous methods examining different aspects of brain functions have been developed and employed. To study systemic interactions brain networks in vivo, non- invasive methods such as electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have been used with great success. However, each of these methods can map only certain, quite selective aspects of brain function while missing others; and the inferences on neuronal processes and information flow are often rather indirect. To overcome these shortcomings of single methods, researchers have attempted to combine methods in order to make optimal use of their advantages while compensating their disadvantages. Hence, it is not surprising that soon after the introduction of fMRI as a neuroimaging method the possibilities of combinations with EEG have been explored. This book is intended to aid researchers who plan to set up a simultaneous EEG-fMRI laboratory and those who are interested in integrating electrophysiological and hemodynamic data. Ullsperger Markus 6/1/2010 9780195372731 81 GBP PO RABACIE: 73 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Central Nervous System The Central Nervous System: Structure and Function, Fourth Edition continues the tradition of one of the most respected textbooks in clinical neuroscience by providing medical students the knowledge and understanding of neuroscience as a basis for clinical thinking. While remaining concise and easy to read, the text encourages reflection and critical thinking of established facts and scientific conjecture and will be of interest to medical, graduate, and undergraduate students alike. Prof Per Brodal provides clear descriptions of brain structures and relates them to their functional properties by incorporating data from molecular biology to clinical neurology. The numerous full color line drawings - based on the author's long experience of teaching undergraduate students and new to this edition - make it easier to understand complex structural and functional relationships. Thoroughly revised, this fourth edition goes further in integrating material from all fields of the neurosciences. Now divided into 8 Sections with a total of 34 Chapters, each chapter is introduced by a brief overview of what the student can expect to learn. Brodal P 3/1/2010 9780195381153 55 GBP PO RABACIE: 50 GBP Oxford University Press -10% From Development to Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System This book provides current information about the three areas mentioned in the title: Neuronal Migration and Development, Degenerative Brain Diseases, and Neural Plasticity and Regeneration. The chapters about brain development examine the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which neurons are generated from the ventricular zone in the forebrain and migrate to their destinations in the cerebral cortext. This description of cortical development also includes a discussions of the Cajal-Retzius cell. Another chapter provides insight about the development of another forebrain region, the hypothalamus. The remaining chapters of this section examine the clinical relevance of brain development in certain disease states in humans: neural tube defects and the normal and abnormal development of human electroencephalographic recordings during the first year of age. The second section on degenerative disorders of the brain begins wtih details about the dopaminergic neurons in the substantia niger and their loss in Parkinson's disease. Two subsequent chapters describe changes in brain aging, including changes in the numbers of myelinated axons. 12/1/2008 9780195369007 58 GBP PO RABACIE: 53 GBP Oxford University Press -10%