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The digital self


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Published in: Business, Technology
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The digital self

  1. 1. THE DIGITAL SELF Image By: Ricky Montalvo
  2. 2. Image by Codmastersnake,Flikr
  3. 3. The creator of Facebook Mark Zucherberg (Time Magazines person of the year 2010, is both a product and architect of his time, connecting 600 million people instantly.Facebook alone has nearly 600 million users. “It is theconnective tissue for nearly a tenth of the planet.”Source: Time Magazine Article: Person of the Year 2010 Image By Leandro Agro , Flikr
  4. 4. Our capacity for friendships and socialconnections is developing at a rapidand unimaginable pace Image By: Andrew Feinberg, Flikr
  5. 5. With mobile technology,communication is instant, it iseverywhere we are.Image By: Kamshots, Flikr
  6. 6. However, despite its growing levelof convenience, We should notonly question the impact socialmedia has had on interpersonalinteractions, but also, its impacton the self Source: Tamara Hicks, Psychology today Article “Take Time away from Technology” Image By: Olle Svensson, Flikr
  7. 7. How has the nature ofindividuals changed as a resultin this evolution ofcommunication? Image By: Nkoyued, Flikr
  8. 8. Image by: Andrew Galoida,Flikr The convenience of online communication has potentially had a concerning contribution to such things as Narcissism, insecurity and an empathy deficit in people. Source: Keitth O’Brien, The Empathy Deficit
  9. 9. Remember when toddlers grewup with security blankets, stuffedanimals ,and imaginary friends?These were their source ofsecurity and safety. Image by: Abby Batchelder, Flikr
  10. 10. As adults, we now share a communalsecurity blanket: Technology. Withoutit, We are lost and feel withdrawn fromthe world.Image by: Edlyn Canillo,Flikr
  11. 11. Image By: Las- Initially, FlikrWithout constant use of technology to communicate ,the self experiences Separation Anxiety, which leadsto the question:Can one relax when they are not immediatelyaccessible?Source: Tamara Hicks, Psychology today Article “Take Time away from Technology”
  12. 12. Young people continually sharewhat they are feeling throughoutthe entire day, in an addictivemanner. They rely on otherpeople’s feedback to understandand know how to perceive theirworld. Image by: Will Lion, Flikr
  13. 13. People search for validation andeven self esteem through theirpresence online. Image By: CogDogBlog, Flikr
  14. 14. Their online profiles area way of feeling likedand being popular. Theimportance of quantityof “friends” couldpotentially besurpassing theimportance ofmeaningfulrelationships. Image By: FindYourSearch, Flikr
  15. 15. People can control their imageselectively and create a presencethat they want others to see Image by: Electric_Kitty, Flikr
  16. 16. According to a study on young people today andtheir sense of empathy, “today’s students aregenerally less likely to describe themselves as“soft-hearted” or to have “tender, concernedfeelings” for others.” This may be attributed to the Image By: WROTE, Flikrfast rise in online usage and social media.Source: Keith O’Brien, The Empathy Deficit
  17. 17. “They might be constantly awareof their friends’ whereabouts, butall that connectednessdoesn’t seem to be translating togenuine concern for the world andone another.”Source: Keith O’Brien, The Empathy Deficit Image By: Ifraud, Flikr
  18. 18. What does this lack of empathyThis growing lack of empathy and about people saynarcissistic usage of social media today andis becoming an unconscious part people of theof our interaction. future? It is a substantial concern with the use of technology and it is clear that people as individuals are changing in nature.
  19. 19. Despite its use as a connectorbetween people, is social mediaactually separating people fromface-to-face interactions? Image By: PhotoOptik365, Flikr
  20. 20. Image By: Maxwell GS, FlikrWith this growing need for This is theapproval, this lack of emphasis onmeaningful relationships, and this digital self ofgreater sense of narcissism ,the today.fear of being alone grows alongwith it.