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Damian Madray, Hunie, Warm Gun 2012


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Damian Madray, Founder, Hunie at Warm Gun, Nov 30th, 2012

Published in: Design
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Damian Madray, Hunie, Warm Gun 2012

  1. The Problem Designers getting constructivecritiques on the web from peers suck.
  2. Empowering creatives to learn.Hunie is a platform that allows creatives to learn and improve their work through peer-to-peer critiques that are constructive. Think StackOverflow for Creatives
  3. How it works Annotations Karma Karma is obtained through constructiveCritiques are given through annotations and critiques that are determined by your peers. because of this has more context. As a Karma serves as your reputation. Good result, critiques can be short but Karma allows user to submit designs and constructive. request critiques.