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4Projects work with some of the largest companies within the energy sector helping them with capital development delivery. Manage Stagegate processes, coordinate assets and collaborate with disparate teams.

Whether you are in Oil & Gas, Renewables, Power or Environmental programmes, we can help.

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4Projects Energy Sector Brochure

  1. 1. Collaborative SolutionsEnergy Sector
  2. 2. 4Projects is an award winning provider of the benefits are tangiblecollaborative software. We provide a secure, Our clients come back time and time again because our solutionon-demand SaaS (Software as a Service) works; it delivers real cost and time benefits, giving you full visibility of your project and portfolio, including the ability to delegateenvironment which helps clients to manage management control.anything from a single project phase through to 4Projects work with many organisations that utilise some form ofan entire project portfolio. ‘Stage Gate Process’ to streamline the decision-making process. 4Projects Workflow Manager can map these processes in aOur capital project delivery solutions will help number of ways allowing reviews to be handled without the needyou manage every stage of the product for inefficient data collection, consolidation and review.lifecycle such as; feasibility, planning, FEED, The 4Projects system ensures everyone has access in ‘real time’EPC, and O & M. The product can be tailored and facilitates confidence in project leadership. Integrating seamlessly with financial, planning, instrumentation and controlfor projects using the ‘Stage Gate Process’ and systems, each member of the leadership team is able to makethe 4Projects solution can help you manage fully informed decisions. This keeps the focus on ‘outcomethe entire project lifecycle effectively and decisions’ rather than ‘process decisions’ through consolidation ofefficiently. information and the use of formalised decision making processes. It is also simple to deploy and easy to use with no costly ITWe are providing our award winning platform infrastructure; just access to the web.to some of the largest energy brands in the UK our experienceand around the world. We connect people, 4Projects is a pioneer of cloud based collaborative software.information and processes. Our web based We have been providing our Software as a Service (SaaS)software allows you to standardise and model for over 10 years.optimise your processes, communication Our software has helped deliver everything from one off builds toand documentation while collaborating with multi-billion capital delivery programmes to ongoing managementdisparate stakeholders, teams and suppliers. of assets and facilities. Our experience spans several sectors including oil & gas, power & utilities, and renewables.
  3. 3. building a reputationfor saving you time,money and resourcesDIRECTORY VIEW, MARK-UP & COMPARE COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT APPLICATION INTEGRATIONInvite unlimited individuals from any organisation to collaborate View, mark-up and compare any document or drawing including Issue, manage and track tasks, RFI’s and change requests. Our system also has the ability to integrate with other applications.within the project. Access and permissions are easily controlled. BIM data within the system without the need for the original software. Resolve issues and create open, auditable communication. Create seamless data exchange with other legacy systems.CALENDAR SEARCHING & REPORTING WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT MILESTONE MANAGERProject dates, meetings and events can be organised within the Search for and report on documents, discussions, RFI’s, technical Optimise your project by using our workflow manager to automate Automate and control management of your milestones or stageProject Calendar which integrates with Microsoft Outlook. queries, project instructions, emails and variation requests. workflow processes, documents, forms, tasks and RFI’s. gate process giving you full visibility of deliverables.DOCUMENT MANAGER EMAIL INTEGRATION FORMS MANAGER CONTRACT MANAGERUpload, catalogue, distribute and control revisions to your own Integrate with any email system. Capture and store not only Create custom forms to help capture data, automate processes Control, standardise and automate processes, forms andprotocols: Multi upload, batch printing and Windows integration. emails themselves but their attached content. and manage your project the way you want. programmes involved in contractual relationships.DOCUMENT GROUPING BIM MANAGEMENT TENDER & PROCUREMENT MANAGER ASSET and O&M MANAGERCreate static or dynamic grouped containers to enable fast, Facilitate management, communication, viewing, control and Manage and securely control your tender process and ongoing Manage your capital assets by sharing key information withsimple and automatically updated transmittals. collaboration of BIM data. procurement communication with suppliers. stakeholders, suppliers and contractors.
  4. 4. building relationshipsOur focus is on delivering a viable, cost effective collaborative capital programmetool for our clients. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure our system not onlymeets but exceeds expectations. But don’t just take our word for it.Case ProfileLANDSVIRKJUNLandsvirkjun is a state owned energy development company providingenergy infrastructure for ‘energy intensive’ industries as well as domesticsupply. Established in 1965 Landsvirkjun have increased Iceland’s energyproduction capacity from around 90MW to approximately 1900MW today,helping the country to generate large amounts of foreign investment fromenergy intensive industries. 4Projects was selected to facilitate and streamlinethe management of a 690MW 4600GWh/year hydroelectric power projectwith 4 dams, 72km of tunnels and 6 Francis turbines. The largest of which had acrest height of 193m making it the highest of its kind in Europe.Project Statistics: Organisations 48 | Users 347 | Countries 10Uploads 38,155 | Downloads 180,707 | Discussions 833 | Threads 11,200 Case Profile E-ON UK 4Projects was selected by E.On to assist with activities associated with asset development and project execution. E.On required a collaboration tool to allow them to manage their FEL (Front End Loading) Project Gate process. 4Projects has been deployed across multiple projects and gives E.On greater control of asset option selection, technology, engineering design development, management, asset procurement activities and construction management. Additionally 4Projects e-Tendering application has been deployed by E.On to manage all tendering activities for capital equipment and services procurement. This has been utilised on a number of occasions from capital to outage projects associated with the ongoing asset management phase. Project Statistics: Organisations 489 | Users 1,245 | Uploads 48,130 Case Profile E.ON UK/ODE Downloads 136,169 | Drawings & Documents 68,833 Case Profile 4Projects is currently involved in working alongside E.ON UK and ODE CENTRICA ENERGY on a project comprising of the development of sixty 3MW turbines 12KM off the coast of the UK. This includes all offshore engineering, installation works, associated subsea cabling an offshore substation Centrica Resources Ltd use 4Projects on the Grove Extension and Seven Seas gas field and onshore works which are all co-ordinated through the 4Projects developments in the North Sea. The project included drilling and completion of new extranet. The collaboration solution is utilised to enable the owner/ wells, subsea tiebacks (pipeline, umbilical’s) and amendments to existing platform operator to review and disseminate information to relevant package installations. The 4Projects collaboration solution allowed Centrica to review and contractors in line with the ‘Works Management Contract’. Due disseminate information across both internal and external interfaces in an effective, to the sensitive nature of some information all key project data is timely and efficient manner. The 4Projects platform provided full visibility across all project uploaded to a pre defined module enabling security controls to be activity and ensured all work was carried out with full regulatory compliance through its deployed for effective workflow management. workflow management module. Project Statistics: Organisations 23 | Users 201 | Uploads 18,870 Project Statistics: Organisations 17 | Users 205 | Uploads 17,762 Downloads 96,678 | Drawings & Documents 14,442 Downloads 28,168 | Drawings & Documents 22,384
  5. 5. TMtalk to uswww.4projects.com Contact: Other offices:We know we can save you tel: +44 (0) 845 330 9007 United Kingdom - Londontime and money; helping you email: info@4projects.com 10 Bedford Street,to deliver projects on schedule London, WC2E 9HE Headquarters:and within budget. The Teleport, Doxford Canada - Calgary USA - Washington DCLet us prove it to you. International Business Park, Western Corporate Business 1700 K Street, NW Sunderland, SR3 3XD Centre, Bow Valley Square II, Suite 720Contact us for a free face to #700, 205 5th Avenue SW, Washingtonface demonstration or webinar. Calgary, AB T2P 2V7 DC 20006We are confident that we cansave you time and money.