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  1. 1. By Yadira De La Cruz
  2. 2.  Many have attempted to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the inclusion of technology in the classroom. Unfortunately none of the information collected has been able to support one specific side, positive, or negative even whit the variety of applications (Tsantis, Bewick & Thourenelle, 2003).
  3. 3.  Giving children an head start on computer to get a jump start on success. A 30 year investigation on educational technology has identified a clear link between computer use and children’s learning  Their verdict: “We believe that when used appropriately, technology and interactive media have tremendous potential to nurture early learning and development,” said Rita Catalano, executive director of the Fred Rogers Center. advice-for-parents-and-teachers-from-a-truste/
  4. 4. 1. Create a support group with people that have a vast knowledge in technology, and developmentally appropriate integration. 2. Select developmentally appropriate software and web sites. 3. Select a computer that supports selected software and easy to keep up-to-date 4. Provide staff with training on the use of the computer, appropriate integration of computer in to existing curriculum. 5. Integrate computer resources to classroom
  5. 5.  The interactive media can be a positive tool to will support children's’ learning just like building blocks or play dough would support their development.  from-a-truste/  We must keep in mind who is presenting the information what are they presenting, and why they are presenting the information before we can truly consider the benefits of computer use in Early Childhood classrooms. *(NAEYC) National Association for Education of Young Children
  6. 6.  The myth that computers will not promote social interaction and will outshine other classroom materials is false (Tsantis, Bewick & Thourenelle, 2003).  Some consider that not all media is going to provide children with social development opportunities. One-on- one interactions are important in young children because they learn best when immediate feedback is given.  Some people have concerns that technology will take away the opportunity for talking and interacting with the others.  truste/#sthash.Joi8eyDN.dpuf
  7. 7.  Research has shown that children are now spending up to 32 hours a week using screen media.  It is the teachers and parents responsibility to limit the child’s screen time  The recommendation of screen time for preschoolers is of 15-minute maximum.
  8. 8.  As educators we should make every effort to use technology as a tool that empowers the students. A instrument that adapts to their needs, fit many learning styles, and expands the classroom to any part of the world.
  9. 9.  Tsantis, L., Bewick, C., & Thouvenelle, S. (2003, November). Examining some common myths about computer use in the early years. Retrieved from nTechnoMyths.pdf  on_statement  stories/entry/technology-in-early-childhood- advice-for-parents-and-teachers-from-a-truste/