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Smartphones in the classroom


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Smartphones and the benefits to education

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Smartphones in the classroom

  1. 1. Smartphones in the Classroom: A Smart Move Justice M. Stamps 2014
  2. 2. Purpose of this training • Introduce M-Learning (Mobile Learning to the classroom) • Teach Educators about the benefits of Smartphone Technology • Create a resource for teachers of successful and useful smartphone apps for the classroom • Teach educators how to utilize two effective technology tools: Edmodo and Pollanywhere • As we go along, please text your questions to be answered in our Q & A Session
  3. 3. Log onto Remind101 • Teachers can send or schedule reminders, assignments, homework, assessments, or motivational messages directly to students' and parents' phones. Interactions are safe because phone numbers are always kept private and messages are one-way only. Teachers, students and parents can see messages from all classes in one place. • • Please log onto remind101 to send in questions for the Q&A session to be answered further along.
  4. 4. Mobile Learning • What is Mobile Learning? • The 2008 Mobile Learning Report defines it as “any activity that allows individuals to be more productive when consuming, interacting with, or creating information mediated through a compact digital portable device that the individual carries on a regular basis, has reliable connectivity and fits in a pocket or purse” (Wexler et al., p. 7) • The idea of mobile learning touches on just about every subject that any technology addresses: social media, digital citizenship, content-knowledge versus skill-building, Internet filtering and safety laws, teaching techniques, bring-your-own-device policies, school budgets (Barseghian, 2012). • What Is Smartphone Technology • A smartphone (or smart phone) is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones.
  5. 5. Smartphone Technology in the Classroom • What does it do? • Capitalizes on student motivation and gets them to buy into the learning process- STUDENT- CENTERED LEARNING PROCESS • What does opportunity does it create? • Anytime, anywhere learning • Changes the learning environment from passive to active. • What can it do? • Can synchronize with students preferred learning style. • Why can it work in your classroom? • Students are comfortable communicating in this manner. • Less expensive than laptops and other technology with similar capacity.
  6. 6. What teachers think Smartphones in the classroom will look like…
  7. 7. What Smartphones in the classroom really looks like…
  8. 8. In a Nutshell…….Smartphone technology in the classroom is SMART.
  9. 9. What can students do with Smartphones?• Give instant feedback to their teachers on a topic of study • Ask questions • Students can use their cellphone calendar as their daily agenda • Listen to audio books or audio material of items studying in class. • Read e-books. • Access homework assignments online • Do CRAZY research • Take photos of white board lessons for future reference or as a writing/scribe accommodation for students. • Create a blog • Take photos of hand outs/assignment sheets - then if they get misplaced the student has a copy they can download to their computer and reprint. • Collaborate with their peers on assignments • Use it as a calculator
  10. 10. Question and Answer Session
  11. 11. Part Two: Smartphone Applications • Smartphone applications that are beneficial to teachers. Lets take a look: • Teachers will engage in familiarizing themselves with Smartphone apps that are presently on their phones. • Tomorrow we will focus on two particular applications: Edmodo and PollAnyhere. • Please take the time tonight to peruse these websites as tomorrow’s workshop is strictly application.
  12. 12. CHECK-IN; CHECK-UP Let me know how its going thus far. Take a quick survey Homework: • Take a look at the 50 recommended smartphone apps for Education. Choose a few that you would like to learn about. •