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Creative that cracks the code, Sameer Agarwal, HBR Article


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Published in: Marketing
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Creative that cracks the code, Sameer Agarwal, HBR Article

  1. 1. Creative that cracks the code
  2. 2. Examples of a bad advertisement Just checking, if anything sticks!
  3. 3. Are ads narrowing down to 1. Search based ad Servers 2. Real Time Media Bidding 3. Location based ads for mobile devices 4. Filter defying product placement 5. Well……..Yeah the list goes on! Only Embraced by ROI –obsessed Marketers
  4. 4. But, Consumers needs to be persuaded!
  5. 5. We look at clever advertising campaigns That make us believe that creativity of advertisements Will never cease!
  6. 6. 1.Variation on meme:Wonderful Pistachios
  7. 7. The campaign started out conventionally, using celebs, and was highly successful: National TV spots in its first year yielded a 233% increase in sales. But now the ads includes memes, such as youtube's infamous Honey Badger and Secret Service agents partying with prostitutes!
  8. 8. Why jump on the meme bandwagon? People don’t ignore subsequent versions!
  9. 9. 2. The ad as a game : Coca Cola China Though the whole procedure was complex, it came together beautifully, leading to 380,000 downloads within the first month!
  10. 10. As advancing technology makes this integration more easy, many marketers will build on this start, surprising as to how Rapidly creative talent comes back to fore!
  11. 11. 3.Collaborating with the crowd : Oreo Cookies Sharing of Oreo’s facebook page rose by a Whooping 4,400 % !
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing is a way to get fresher, better ideas! If used in a proper way, its can have good results. But, the default way gets more customer engagement may be because the approach is more focussed! Oreo’s campaign was a perfect blend of both the techniques!
  13. 13. 4. Just Enough Humor : Kia Motors America “That’s how we roll”
  14. 14. Really?
  15. 15. They are funny but not uproariously so. Researchers suggest that might be the key to their product selling success. The campaign is credited with spurring multiple years of double digit growth in Kia’s U.S sales.
  16. 16. 1.Excessive amount of humour can lead to unpredictable and disastrous results ! 2. Timing counts to. Entertainment evoked before the consumer is aware of the brand being advertised reduces purchase intent. 3. Its difficult to provide a rule to humour, but yeah you will always see it here and there.
  17. 17. 5. A new social movement : Marks and Spencer Shwop is to donate one for every one you Buy!
  18. 18. Marks and Spencer are the leaders in clothes selling. I think this is the best. 1.This is the core of marketing. 2. Even though people believe that they are discouraging people to buy. 3. But, persuading the customer is what advertisement do. 4. M & S knows that their campaign will eventually hit it off because it takes into account social responsibility.
  19. 19. Looking into the Indian Context of Creativity, Marketing and Advertisements!
  20. 20. The famous “Mauka Mauka” Ads during the World Cup 2015 had just Enough humor!
  21. 21. It was one of the most successful ad campaign in the country 1.It was eagerly followed for its subsequent versions. 2.Other brands jumped on the same “Mauka Mauka” bandwagon to promote their products. 3.It had 10 million views on youtube and trended heavily on twitter. 4.Star Sports charged Rs 20 lakh for 10 seconds of air time for the ad.
  22. 22. This was the perfect example of ad as a game as well as crowdsourcing 1.There was a cash prize to the winner, VIP ticket which made its all gamified. 2.Pepsi got tons of ideas in terms of consumer’s feedback, their perception and what is the overall perception of their product.
  23. 23. Humor : Vodafone Zoozoos
  24. 24. It is the most memorable ad campaign in India. It was low cost and had high outreach. 1.Vodafone India added 7.68 million subscribers in the quarter. 2. An increase of 23% in revenue in revenue at constant rates. 3. Vodafone was recognised by zoozoos.
  25. 25. The campaign had some negative impacts 1. Zoozoos became more popular than Vodafone. 2. Too much Zoozoos had a repelling effect on the customers.
  26. 26. Expedia : Your Booking Matters
  27. 27. This is one the numerous CSRs that the companies in India are carrying out today. 1.CSRs, currently in India are about placement. 2.If two products of same quality are lying next to each other, the consumer will prefer the one with CSR. 3.India has a long way to go in socializing a marketing campaign.
  28. 28. In the current scenario in the country-: 1.People only appreciate what they get. If it’s a great ad it will be appreciated, but this does not guarantee the sale of your product. 2.Only a short lived campaign will be successful, given the vast inflow from all over the world everyday. 3.People crave for products which are branded as scarce. ( Flipkart’s one day sale, 2’o clock mobile sale, etc.) 4.The scene in the country is like the algorithm generated ads on the internet, you don’t know if it will stick or backfire.
  29. 29. Disclaimer Created by Sameer Agarwal, NIT Jalandhar During an internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow