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Research and Similar Products

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  1. 1. SEMANTICS Research and Similar Products
  2. 2. Semantics is the study of meaning. It typically focuses on the relation between signifiers, such as words, phrases, signs and symbols, and what they stand for.
  3. 3. Within music videos in particular there are semantics woven in the visuals and lyrics to give us as an audience clues to the narrative or characters.
  4. 4. For example there are hundreds of semantics within Paloma Faith’s music video for “New York”…
  5. 5. Identify Meaning Words ‘Bleeding’ Brocken heart Phrases ‘Poisoned his sweet mind’ ‘Fell down a deep black hole’ ‘Diamond girl who could talk for hours’ New York introducing him to another girl Depression New York Signs Tyrone (bowling ball) New York – glitter – woman’s bum ‘Paloma[ on back of her top Tattoo Doves x2 Choir His half of relationship Blonde, guy looks at her back, sexual attractiveness. Her looking means to Paloma Faith as New York (Hate) Placed on the bum as he has fallen in ‘love’ with New York Freedom, not being free, trapped (Still images) Symbols Bowling ball, pins Trophy Bowling ball bag Pretend baby Sitting in the alley Black dress – pins gold Green top The relationship Journey Where she wants the relationship to go Jealousy – beginnings of jealousy In between/ In the middle/Obstructing
  6. 6. Extra Notes on Semantics in example music video: - First time she throws the ball – strike – then she has him – he is the prize – she is better – gold trophy. - Dress from green to green with gold – infection/bacteria – gold/love/money infecting the jealousy. - She holds his head whilst they kiss – she is in control. - Hand movements – strangler/stabbing gesture - Expression really important
  7. 7. - Hand = heart – symbol – pumping – two people separate = bleeding. - Bowling ball goes down alley don’t see it hit the pins – relationship not over yet. - Things changed –he is now a player in a team – blue for boys – masculinity – his bowling ball know down pins – he destroyed the relationship – New York still in the background - Taxi – passage of time – transitions - He turns away from bowling balls and alley – not looking back on the relationship. - Obstacles – Walking across the bowling alleys – crossing the obstacles