Treatment Dykeenies


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Treatment Dykeenies

  1. 1. TREATMENT FOR THE DYKEENIES MUSIC VIDEO<br />Artist: The Dykeenies<br />Song: Stitches<br />Director: Anthony Panayi<br />The lyrics for The Dykeenies’ song Stitches are deep and meaningful, as they invoke powerful emotions within the audience. Therefore, in order to do the song justice the music video needs to reflect this, which is why we wish to produce a performance/narrative music video based upon the theme of domestic violence. From our research, we believe that this will appeal to our audience because this mix between performance and narrative is a commonly used format for Indie music videos. Moreover, our idea is quite anti-mainstream like the Indie genre itself and many members of our target audience are bound to know someone that has been either directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence, which would make it appeal to our target audience as they will thus be able to relate to it.<br />For the narrative element of our music video, we will depict a poignant example of domestic abuse within a young couple’s relationship, as ultimately the narrative of the music video will show a young woman trapped in a confusing and violent relationship with her boyfriend. Throughout the video, we will illustrate the female’s varying emotions regarding her boyfriend in order to reflect the what victims of domestic abuse really go through; for example, at one point in the video she will be crouched down in a corner contemplating leaving him with tears down her face. The video itself will include scenes of moderate violence and will capture emotionally intense moments where the couple are aggressively arguing with one another. However, much like the song, the music video will end on a positive note to show that even in the most traumatic situations there is hope, as it will end will the female packing her bag and leaving her abuser so that she can start a new, happier, life.<br />Within the video, we wish to establish varying mood throughout the video, in order to take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. Initially, we will set the mood by using certain colour schemes, as for example, we will use colours such as black and grey in the most emotional scenes to show the despair felt by the victim. Furthermore, during the music video we will make the female actress appear to be vulnerable by having her making her outward appearance be ‘unkept’, which make the audience more sympathetic towards her as her appearance will be a reflection of her mental state.<br />In the performance aspect of our music video, the band will be seen performing on a roof to show their rebellious and anti-mainstream ethics. Ultimately, by including a performance element we will be able to include lots of close ups of the band members playing their musical instruments, which will allow us to establish their image as a cool, authentic Indie band that have pure musical talent.<br />