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To create a successful focus group
follow the following format...
Firstly, what are y...
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Focus Group Flowchart


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Focus Group
Target Audience

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Focus Group Flowchart

  1. 1. >>>> FOCUS GROUP and TARGET AUDIENCE To create a successful focus group follow the following format... Firstly, what are you trying to determine? Write this below: The aim of my focus group is to find out what my target audience would expect from the type music video I am creating and their opinion of my narrative. For example I will try and determine if the narrative I have depicted from the lyrics is suitable for the song and whether the techniques I will include will help or hinder the narrative being conveyed. Overall the main task for my focus group would be whether my target audience will watch my music video. Ok, now you need an introduction task that is FUN and PUNCHY. This must QUICKLY get you some IMPORTANT information and keep the audience awake! (e.g. What do you need to determine? Is there a quick way to go through the first three points?) Write your idea’s below. My introduction task will be a quick matching card game to get my focus group thinking along the topic of music videos. Each group will have different cardsort which will be one of the following: Genre of music with artists; type of music videos with genre; where you watch music videos with statistics; characters with narratives. I will split my focus group into pairs or threes and they will have five mins to pair up their cards and then will have to take it in terns to feed back to the rest of the focus group. After each feedback the other groups can add their own opinions and viewpoints. Remember one member of your team must make notes, use the back of this handout to help. After you have gained the basic information now comes the tough part - what sort of story would most appeal to them on Radio? What types of story are there? Would they like a cliffhanger? Where would the titles best be? Where would it be set? What props will you have? What do the audience EXPECT from your drama? What else do you need to know? Write idea’s of HOW you will gain this information from an audience that may be difficult to control or please! Think about what your teachers might do! In order to collect the important information from my focas group I will create a quiz game so the focus group will have to work as a group to answer each question. This will avoid people talking over each over when answeing each question as they will have to come to a final descion. Also it makes collecting the information less like an interrogation and more informal so the target audience are relaxed and more likely to be more responsive and put their ideas forward.