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Question 2

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Evaluation Question 2 Notes

  1. 1. How effective is the DigiPak? Front Cover: - Eye catching/unique image. - Dancers on front image reveal to the audience it’s a dance album. - Large text – artist and album name clear to read. - Text font – block lettering link to urban/dance theme – stands out/hard hitting. - Colours – bright – eye-catching. Back Cover: - Nicely framed image. Vignette on image draws attention to the center of the image. Font and colour matching the front cover – continuity. Track listing placed in an appropriate place – easy to read. Includes legal conventions such as copyright and barcode. Logo of record company – branding. Inside Cover: - Mid close up of artist – connect with audience – direct - Image opposite – shows both characters together, represents the dream world part of the music video. - CD Disk – colour matches the blue on the artists shirt – continuity – text same font as rest of DigiPak. Overall: - Eye-catching - Clear theme - Follows conventions of a DigiPak
  2. 2. How effective is the Magazine Advert? Colour: - Simple background – block colour – focal point is the text and images. - Text colour – bright – yellow and blue. - Images colour – bright and contrasting e.g. the red rose and the grey bridge. - Black and white image at top – although not in colour it stands out due to not being in colour and the darkness of the background colour. Text: - Font style is bold and eye-catching – still readable. - Includes the general elements of a magazine advert – the album name and artist name is center of advert – clearly informs the audience within seconds so they can make a decision whether to carry on looking at the advert or not. - ‘Exclusive’ suggests to the viewer that they are getting a bargain or something unique – personal - ‘New’ implies that the album is something they have never heard before – intrigues the audience – persuasion. - The website at the bottom – allows the viewer to look at the artist’s work further – find out more information – continues the artist brand – links to merchandise – drawing the viewer in to becoming a ‘fan’. - The release date serves the purpose of informing the viewer when the album can be bought. Images: - The album cover on the front of the poster – large size – stands out – main focus point – similar with the website – connects the poster with the album – viewer /audience will now recognize the album when shopping online or in shops. Reinforcing brand through repetition – passive audience. - The top image of the guy dancing – informs the viewer clearly the genre of music being advertised is dance. - The bottom image of the girl and rose implies there is more than just dancing – a narrative perhaps – the face not being
  3. 3. shown intrigues the audience to find out who the person is – persuasion to watch the music video – also the fact there is no clear identification of the girl means the viewer if female could identify with her or if male (main target audience) identify in terms of the girl they have liked or like. Overall: - Persuasive. - Informative. - Follows conventions of a magazine advert. How effective is the Music Video? Mise en Scene: - The urban location – street scenes – interesting in terms of being filmed during the day – general public around – looks more natural – fits with narrative – audience able to associate with the storyline more. - The natural location – forest and castle ruins scene – location isolated – not all green colour like expected – the browns and greys make location more interesting – as it’s an isolated location makes it more voyeuristic as if the audience are the only ones watching. Editing: - The shots being cut in time to the beat of the song keeps with the conventions of dance videos – keeps the pace – also when the music beat does slow down it makes more of a point/emphasis and highlights key points in the narrative. - The creation of the dream-world effect with the use of glow and romantic filter as well as the out of focus shots – intrigue the audience – adds more to the location. Camera Shots:
  4. 4. - Variety of camera shots make the music video more interesting – as the shot count is huge – this was necessary to avoid boring the audience. - The use of Dutch angle shots in the dream-world sequence in order to portray a dream or non-reality – keeps the audience engaged – the narrative becomes clearer. Overall: - Unique/ not traditional - Follows conventions of a dance music video. - Follows conventions of a music video.